Z Blog: Lessons Of Indentity

“Who, whom” through the lens of tribe.

If everybody else is playing tackle football, those dressed and equipped for badminton are at a significant disadvantage.

Especially if the badminton team’s neighbors and families consider them to be dangerous radicals.

Forest brothers, anyone?

16 responses to “Z Blog: Lessons Of Indentity

  1. StBernardnot

    So, if I say I’m afraid, & blast a cop, I’ll walk? Yeah, right. They’re armed, too. That makes me really really afraid!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. robroysimmons

    Hezbollah I’ll mention them again. And I only use them as an example as a scorned maltreated bunch of misfits till they weren’t. Skip the muslim part, fuck that goat fuck religion but they are an example of becoming the porcupine.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Having external sources providing you with major funding and a serious arsenal can make any reasonably organized and disciplined group into a pretty credible force.

  4. I am so tempted to make some of those signs and put them up, but they’re just too destructive; would probably put up religious signs with a cross instead; much less divisive.

  5. Sometimes you gotta ask.

    More Food or More Ammo?

    • As long as there are cops and feds, we will have plenty of ammo and automatic weapons. And now suppressed ar15s thanks to the Tacoma Washington PD. Just wait till they are doing paperwork or eating in their units or follow them home….. And ask nicely….

    • lastmanstanding

      I alternate…last week food. This week ammo. Sportsman’s Warehouse annual ammo sale until the 20th.

      Next week probably both. I really like them both…a lot. 🙂

    • Both….really, both.

  6. Food is just as important as ammo, as 90,000 now dead, but starving wretches at Stalingrad would have told you, if you understood German, in Feb of 1943. But in the scheme of total strategic sense, food is more important. Lack of it will cause you to be weak physically, and this will in turn make you less lethal, psychologically. A starving man will defend, but not attack. The ones who were weak in the beginning of the lack of food will be dead, wounded or sick. The men of the Army of Northern Virginia were armed and carrying ammunition, but by 9 April 1865, having starved all winter at Petersburg, they were in no shape to continue. All through history, starving a group will yield results, like disease and surrender, given time. It is better than burying a lot of your own dead. It’s also how the Yankees took Vicksburg. A man who is well fed can still fight, even with no weapons. A starving man well armed is less than half as effective. Every once in a while, I fast, just to remind myself. You can stash freeze dried food just about anywhere, in quantity. If you learn as much as you can about ammo, you’ll never have problems having some. Buena Vista, RockStar22.

  7. SuperCop there is the one who is fucked.


    “Trump will be impeached or voted out of office.” That is almost a given at this point. He is nothing more than several months or breathing room for those of us who get it. Let’s hope he doesn’t start WW III. Bleib ubrig.

    • Bull…he’ll go eight fucking years…BFYTW.


        You may be right, but I doubt it. There are billions of dollars floating around out there to buy votes, rig elections and eliminate any opposition to the Deep State agenda. Look what just happened to Roy Moore. Look at the persecution of the Bundys, and the murders of LaVoy Finicum, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, Seth Rich and many others.
        Keep in mind that support for the POTUS is disappearing because the honest, well-meaning people who supported him actually believed he would build the wall and make other things right. It is NOT happening. Instead we get Kabuki Theater between him and Kim Flung Dung while his sleazy ((( son-in-law))) and that war-mongering psychopath McMaster sell us out to the highest bidder.
        The Marxist/racist/globalist infection of the Amerikan body politic has metastasized into every corner of this country. The University of Wyoming just pulled the funding from a student organization who dared to sponsor Dennis Prager to give a talk on the evils of socialism. WYOMING! For heaven’s sake! And do not kill the messenger just because Prager is a Jew.
        There is no turn-around coming. The serfs will be dancing in the street because the latest “tax-cut bill” will give them maybe a few hundred extra bucks in their pockets. They will be nigger-rich and think everything is okay. Hannity will tell them so.
        But the “refugees” keep coming, the debt gets bigger, the false flags get more numerous, and the sheeple are still clueless or in denial. I am grateful for one thing. Mr. Trump has given me more breathing room to further prepare myself. Rawles Land will eventually become something out of Selco’s essays. Count on it.

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