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What’s This ‘Insurance Policy’?

The FBI’s Plot Against Trump

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  1. I was watching videos of Anti-Fa encounters and it occurred to me that in California the Anti-Fa May in fact be policemen and/or police academy trained operatives.

    Matt’s graphs guides this theory.

    • Antifa are the sons and daughters of professors, cops, politicians, lawyers, and traitors(probably involved importing cheap goods from overseas)

      They are the fruit of rotten trees who run the system.

      The cops are their paid goons.

      The trees haven’t been trimmed in 140 years.

  2. You know what I wanna know is, who are these guys that keep leaking this stuff on the deep state ? there’s apparently still a few good men left in this snake of a govt if this stuff keeps getting out. This shoulg have never gotten out.

    • Randall Flagg

      I highly doubt that whomever is leaking, they are doing so for the good of the country. Whether it be for personal or ideological gain, I guarantee that whomever is leaking has an angle.

  3. StBernardnot

    Lot of fn jewboys in that chart.

  4. His name was Seth Richards

  5. The whole set up proves what those in LA have always known: politics are for people too ugly and too stupid to make it in Hollywood. Example-Lisa Page has front teeth that you could open a beer bottle with.

    • She has choppers that even the late Jerry Lewis couldn’t fake!

      Hopefully stzok wasn’t having her take oral dictation during their “meetings”…something could have been ‘lost’ in translation…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Having seen a couple years’ worth of the crops of summer interns in DC, any statement about politics being for ugly people is wildly inaccurate.

  6. As much as I hate spending any time pondering the daily care and feeding of Leviathan, for fuck sake, how in the hell is this not sedition. Here we have agents of the secret police plotting the removal of a sitting president. Imagine the howling and demands for blood there would have been if Obama had been the target of this activity.

    And whatever is really going on, that asshole Sessions is in on it. He’s ether thoroughly compromised and being blackmailed into silence or he’s the biggest fucking pussy ever to draw a government paycheck. I’m having a hard time recalling any AG prior to this one who would have tolerated these shenanigans. Not even that shaky old man Reno would have put up with this.

  7. This is all fine to know, and all the sordid details with it, but please don’t anyone lose sight of this: Lois Lerner fucked people in their ass in front of the whole country, decided she didn’t want to talk about it, and retired. That is exactly what the fallout here is going to be. There is one set of rules for them, and another for us, and not one of these cocksucker is going to the wall or anywhere else for their shit. We might know all of this stuff one day, sooner or later, but it won’t make a bit of difference. They’ll all say, “So what?” and walk away into the sunset. Pay attention instead to what goes on in your county or parish. America as we know it is veloren.

    • <—Amen. And that is how this thing reverts to mean. You need to be a positive force in your AO. That is all. Leviathan is now a heaving deck full of pirates in mutiny and I'm quite pleased to see it. Our best bet is to correct our own AO's to the extent we can. Know your neighbors. Help your neighbors. Always be working. I love GOD and my country in that fucking order. I give not two fucks if Mordor on the Potomac burns to the ground. It is my opinion that this is the "role" Trump was selected to play. He's the pin.

    • lastmanstanding


      Taking steps to secure your own backyard is where its at.

    • Lois Lerner is Jewish, so Sean, that makes you a Nazi!

  8. Why I have gun’s, and ammo…xzactly what Matt Say’s.
    They are for killing these tyrants who would come for you & me soon as Trump is gone. If they chose to do this to our sitting legitimate POTUS, you and me are small potatoes in their 1 world order bullshit.
    Till we ain’t. Because our guns.
    Any doubts by anybody?

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    This is all UN-fucking-believable!!

    Trump should toss out every one of these FBI rats involved with the plot ASAP!

    • and yet

      he’s not.

      • exactly. no attempts have been made at any swamp draining.
        this ‘deepstate coup’ has gone absolutely nowhere, the government has essentially changed nothing besides being even more pro-israel.

        Considering the evidence or lack of, I’m tempted to use the saying ‘a disbute between rabbis’

      • ….not…..yet.

        But knowing and seeing what is going on with these clowns, I say let’s continue to watch the house of cards fall. I believe Trump knows way more than we think he does. Patience while watching the enemy self-destruct is always a smarter choice than publicly headbutting them for a minimal gain.

        In the mean time, continue to organize and train within your AO. We go live very soon.

        • “Patience while watching the enemy self-destruct is always a smarter choice than publicly headbutting them for a minimal gain. ”

          Or to paraphrase Napoleon:
          “Never interrupt or correct your enemy when he’s making a mistake”.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Please lay out, in detail, the exact method by which he is supposed to do so. He’s not a king or emperor with absolute power, so his ability to directly do anything to any FBI employee is rather limited.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s never made much sense why any GOP president, taking office after a Dem, would not, as his first act, *immediately* fire absolutely everyone from the prior administration that is within his purview to fire, and instruct his appointees to do the same with anyone they can fire.

      • “It’s never made much sense why any GOP president, taking office after a Dem,…”

        because they are two wings from the same bird.

        the scavenger and thief known as the ‘murkin eagle’…

        • Jimmy the Saint

          To some extent, yes. But I suspect a lot more of it is based on the fact that GOP presidents always play the king like someone else is about to play the ace.

      • Jimmy, it seems that Trump doesn’t know that he’s the President.

    • Trump’s giving them all the rope they need.
      Doesn’t have to do a thing.
      He said he would drain the swamp.
      Looks like it might implode.

  10. Not only am I hoping for an it’ ok to be a white Christmas, It’s a nice day for a White Wedding, any day. Because we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  11. In a sad turn of affairs, Christian Poland has permitted a Jew to not only hold office, it has permitted that Jew to become Prime Minister.

    Big mistake.

    • not a mistake, as per my remark @ OccDiss:

      the Jews were unhappy about that big WN demo in Warsaw

      so they rattled Poland’s debt-chain.

      result: Jew PM.

      so far, even the E. Europeans don’t understand that they can suck off the EU (((bankster debt-tit))) or they can have a White nation with borders.

      Not both.

    • It isn’t possible that the Poles are smart enough to choose the PM who’s best for them without your help, right? LOL

  12. why are these CRETINS not in PRISON ???? WHY are they still walking around ?????

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Sure looks like treason to me.
    I can’t believe the Swamp was unaware of all this Treason. There is no way a den of cons thieves and felons don’t know something of this magnitude was going down. I call total bullshit. In fact I’ll wager it isn’t being called treason because almost every one of the fuckers knew this bullshit was going down.
    It’s not treason when everyone is covering their arses.
    Its why everything is being slow walked.
    Everyone of the fuckers in that swamp are dirty.
    Maybe some citizen who has enough will off one of the bastards. Right between the eyes. Bet that would start a stampede of ass saving of biblical proportions..

    Lamp posts & 13 knot neck ties Lady’s and Gents.

    • Well, some Patriot lives in the same AO’s as these traitors. Someone lives on the same street as Lois Lerner. Is not one a Patriot willing to
      send her to her justice? Some Patriot parks close to Mueller’s parking spot, why not use a fresh blade in a box cutter? Tannerite can be acquired too. Is everyone such a coward that nothing will happen to these criminals?

      • Their comeuppance is coming. The entire statist-quo is facing its worst enemy, itself and crisis of its illusion of legitimacy. Be patient, the day is coming when giving these traitors & scum what they so richly deserve. They are already scared shitless of the withdrawal of consent & its color revolution on 11-9-16.

  15. Those of us that are racially aware need to call out those, that appear to be among our ranks who refuse to call out the Jew.

    This is an initial list:

    1. David Codrea
    2. The late Mike Vanderboegh (aka St. Vanderboegh)
    3. Matt Bracken
    4. T. L. Davis

    I’m sure there are others. My question to them all is, “What are you afraid of”/

    • What you really mean is that you exercise an unhealthy phobia/obsession on the issue of race. Wonder how that leaves you any time to eat, sleep or get your laundry done?

      You know what Pat, you forgot to add ME on that list of yours because there’s NO way that I’m falling for the “everything would have been great in the world if it hadn’t been for those meddling Scooby Joooos!” brain dead bullshit.
      By plying that garbage you’re also helping the parasite class/oligarchy as well (divide & conquer).

      I’d consider it a badge of honor to stand with David, Matt and the others. Unfortunately you probably also didn’t care for the late Aaron Zelman and all the good work for Freedom and firearms truth and advocacy that he and others brought forth via his organization, Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

      When you, haxo, Al and others spout off non-stop about the “Scooby Joooooos”, especially if you do it out in public, this is how you appear to everyone else.

      Please do try to get some professional help, it is available out thrre.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Gee, as a Southerner, it must really chap your hide that men like Judah P. Benjamin and countless soldiers and officers loyally and faithfully served the Confederacy as Southerners who happened to be jews…

        Can’t have it both ways!….

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Add me.

      And to your question:


      • yes.

        it is your pitiful god that stops most people from doing what needs to be done….

        i prefer a strong empowering god, not a pathetically weak pacifist.

        the (((tribe))) out did themselves with that lie.

        the greatest ‘story’ ever told. yup, and the suckers fell for it.

        christians will be hunted to extinction.

        300 million delusional murkins…

    • Matt Bracken

      Get help.

  16. and then you have these whack jobs working to protect the system infected with those whack jobs…


    300 million- not 1 less.

  17. Richard Boykin,Cook County Illinois Commissioner, has requested UN troops to police Chicago. This is getting better every fucking day.

  18. Northern Gunner

    Meatspace baby !!

    Yesterday we put the steal out to 500 with a nasty cross wind. Maybe 12-15mph left to right.

    Kicked all of our asses and we all ate humble pie for dinner. Only had 10-12 percent hit ratio.
    Not to mention it was 10 degreas above zero for the temp.

    Side note. If you live in the “North”. All you need to do is survive the first winter. Could you imagine these little BETA cucks and SJW’s when the electricity and natural gas doesnt work in January in the MN/WI region

    • 10 degrees above zero…

      you guys have a heat wave come thru?

      -10 here.

      • Northern Gunner

        Its negative zero with windchill T-Faggot

        But thanks for the assign comment you twit.

        • oh. you’re one of those windchill idiots.

          yeah, but with the wind and everything.

          how’s it feel to be one of the 300 million?

      • My dad could beat up your dad. If you knew where your dad ran off to when you were nine.

      • Haha! It was a balmy 60 here 2 weeks ago when I was poppin soda bottles at 500 with a 20 mph crosswind. We call that a calm day unfortunately. Pesky hand loads did give me little trouble though.

      • Randall Flagg

        -10 in your AO? It ain’t even that cold in Prudhoe Bay. Unless you’re talking Celsius.

        Oh, and is your Indian boy is still plowing your fields in December like you said he was doing just a few days ago?

        Just like listening to ‘ol gramps, your tales get bigger and bigger with each passing day.

  19. heh… public figures have a tendency to loose their cool
    when they begin to get starved of their power.

  20. The Usual Suspect

    Fuck Off Tfattee,
    First you pissed me off !
    Then I laughed at you, your so goofy !
    Now you just bore me !

  21. Ain’t nobody gonna do a fucking thing. That’s why this is happening. They’re not afraid. They’ve been doing this shit for decades.They do exactly what the fuck they want. Once they make you a minority in your own lands, then finish you off, they’ll just saunter on to setting it up the way they really want it to be. Just like they tell you on the Georgia guide stones.

  22. “Every man to his family and his belongings”