Why Pretend?

Good question.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Excellently and succinctly stated, glad that he didn’t hold back with his disgust and said what had to be said.

    Voting is the applied anasthetic that the parasite class utilizes to make you think you have a choice while they steal your wallet and bend you over..and they’re not your proctocologist…

    TINVOWOOT…except by Rule .308!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  3. “Its not the people who vote that counts… its the people who count the votes” didn’t Stalin say that…. and its true…..


  4. do you understand yet?

    I knew it was over when the red and blue hair idiots showed up on the scene back in the 80’s… the 90s gave us the Clintons… 9/11 by .govco and friends in 01… the police state… the bail-outs in 08… ohomo in 09… more financial theft … dozens of False Flags and mass shootings… and now a fucking orange jew puppet president… talk about a slippery downhill ride….

    and the peepul cheered and waved their cheap flags.

    • “…People carrying this kind of ongoing, underlying stress find ways of coping with it; in America we’re doing it with self-medication, compulsive behaviors and distractions. Consider the following examples of the way we cope with the ever-present stress in our lives:

      Drugs – Our country is awash in drugs, both legal and illegal, that keep us numb. In 2014, there were 245 million prescriptions filled for opioid pain relievers. The number of deaths from drug overdoses has risen from around 30,000 in 2005 to 64,000 in 2016. And communities across the country are being devastated by the opioid epidemic, as explained in this in-depth reporting by Cincinnati.com.
      Drinking – People don’t only use drugs to self-medicate; drinking does the trick as well, and we’re doing a lot more of it than we used to. According to a new study in JAMA Psychiatry, overall drinking in the US increased by 11% between 2002-13, while high-risk and problem drinking rose even higher: high-risk drinking rose by 29.9%, while problem drinking rose by 50%.
      Mental Illness – In 2015, 17.9% of adults held a diagnosis for a mental disorder, while a 2010 study found that 46.3% of children ages 13-18 had a mental disorder at some point in their young lives, and the majority of those adults and children are given prescriptions. This includes a dramatic increase in ADHD diagnoses for children: According to SharpBrains, “Among children aged 5 to 18, between 1991-92 and 2008-09, rates of ADHD diagnosis increased nearly 4-fold among boys – from 39.5 to 144.6 per 1000 – and nearly 6-fold for girls – from 12.3 and 68.5 per 1000 visits.”
      Obesity – If drinking and drugs aren’t your thing – or even if they are – more of us are coping with stress by overeating, and it’s showing up on our waistlines. From 1990 to 2016, the average percentage of obese adults increased from 11.1% to 29.8%; when you add in the number of people who are overweight but not obese, it rises to more than two in three adults.
      Sleeping problems – Sleep has a significant impact on our physical and mental health, and in America we’re not getting enough of it: The CDC states that 50-70 million American adults have a sleep or wakefulness disorder.
      Media Usage – Is there any better distraction from life’s problems than media? We certainly spend a lot of our time being passively entertained: In 2016, Americans consumed an average of 10 hours of media per day, compared with 7.5 hours per day globally. Nielson reports that lower income adults spend much more time with media than do affluent adults, with adults in households with include under $25,000 watching 211 hours/month of television, versus 113 hours/month for adults in households earning $75,000 or more. (The trend is similar across other media as well.)
      The Disease of Debt – According to the New York Fed, household debt reached a new peak in the third quarter of 2017, at $12.8 trillion. Part of our debt problem comes from the compulsive shopping we do as a distraction; the other results from denying the reality that our wages aren’t keeping up with the increase in the cost of living, meaning that we use debt to plug the gap rather than reducing our living standards to align with our reality.

      We’re collectively doing so much damage to ourselves, solely to protect our psyches from the reality that the America that used to be is no longer the America we have. And who does that help? As you can see from the points above, it doesn’t help us: Instead, it helps the rich and powerful who are subverting the system. They’re corrupting everything this country once was, and by willfully refusing to acknowledge that reality, we’re inadvertently helping them to do it.

      The best thing we can do – for our mental and physical health, as well as for our country – is to open our eyes to what America has become, not what we wish it still was. It’s time to face reality and take action….”


      • OOOppps!!

        Just for a second there I thought tFlatulence was having a lucid and productive moment…

        Then I realized it was just another c&p.

        Can’t deny that drugs are a problem…

        Just wondering what drugs tFlatulence is on.

        • My personal favorites are when he publishes another CutPaste novella as the first reply.

          Had some pinheaded shade tell me “.22 goes straight to the heart” on a train once. 143 times. But always in 3 or 4s. Lends credence you see. Like an opera, or maybe Iambic Pentameter?

          A Negro Sonnet is a terrible thing to waste.

        • There he goes again… another fact-free comment from the guy shooting blanks.

      • quoting you tfa-t, ” talk about a slippery downhill ride…. ”
        I hate to be self centered but we all are to some or much extent, but every western country has or is following a similar path, so it was inevitable that the usa would. the only thing that concerns me is that I may be entering my “golden” years and living thru the worst of it with socialism in full effect and the govt seizing anything from you they want leaving you to literaaly live off of dog food or resembling much like present day venezula; as those days are coming and they are not 100 years away.

    • Sure is taking a long time. You really sure? I mean, ya say you knew. But it’s kinda taking a while.

    • Ran out of reply time on the other thread,
      tfA-t | December 14, 2017 at 10:09 | Reply
      i don’t understand.

      why do you work?

      what can possibly be your motivation to slave for .gov?

      and why are you grateful?

      honest questions…

      Reply: You worked to get where your at. Did you not? You say you cashed out early yet you still worked to achieve your goals. Why do you often openly mock others for doing the same?
      i do not consider myself a slave for the govt.
      i work because that is the way i was raised, i work to provide for my family and self.
      Grateful, because i have a job, and am still able& actualy enjoy what i do.
      i do not direct this gratitude towards man’s government( keep this in mind.)
      What do you think of others who are able but will not work?
      You can not have it both ways.

  5. Amen.

    I really don’t know how to get this truth to penetrate the thick skull of the average American


    sorry for yelling…

  6. Terry in Dayton, TN.

    tfA-t, keep prepping both in material and knowledge. You stand a better chance of surviving our self built destruction than theses fools who gladly sit and pretend that they can survive by blaming the enemy. The enemy no longer has to force us into compliance to their rule. Just by way of inaction on our part, we accept their terms of surrender. The few years of life (10-15), I have left will be spent in silent sorrow for the loss of America’s heritage. Those that come behind me, these future generation of fools, will if ever, realize that by not getting to the work required to keep their liberty, as set forth by our founders, they sign their own death warrant. There seems to be to many Indians and NO chief’s. They whoop and holler, put on their war paint and plan their plans, but they will have their ‘Wounded Knee’ moment soon enough. We have allowed .gov to grow to big and the point of no return has passed. The only vote left is the point of a gun, and those guns my friend, are pointed right at us…

    • those with soft hearts and kind words are the walking dead….

      “harden your hearts” actually means

      Harden your fucking hearts.

    • Well, Terry, if you have 10-15 years left, rather than spending them mourning “the loss of America’s heritage,” why don’t you man up, risk a few of those years, and actively resist those that will impose your worst fears upon “those that come behind me?”

      “We have allowed .gov to grow to big and the point of no return has passed.”

      Maybe it’s not too late, if enough awakened folks will risk it all… old men who have seen the elephant, with nothing to lose, who love their children and the legacy they should have been given, can be extremely dangerous if they will lose their fear and act upon their love and their loathing of the enemy.

      tFat, loves no one, not even himself. He seeks only to survive long enough to congratulate himself for being “right.” He loves nothing and no one enough to risk it all for the chance to beat the bastards into mud.He has given up and so, apparently, have you. Is their no one, or nothing, in your life for whom/which you would risk death?

      Compared to another 10-15 years of witnessing the destruction of all you once held dear?

  7. Shit even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. I gotta side with Tfat on this post. He (or whoever he copied) has it right. Also us peasants appreciate leaving the Ed Fitz II out of this post. Merry Christmas Tfat.

    • Yeah, Tom, except for this last para. in that c&p:

      “The best thing we can do – for our mental and physical health, as well as for our country – is to open our eyes to what America has become, not what we wish it still was. It’s time to face reality and take action….”

      That’s the part that puts the lie to anything tFat posts. He won’t do shit but cheer lead the deaths of the seemingly infinite millions by whom he measures his own worth.

      “Merry Christmas Tfat.”

      Good for you, but it’s wasted on a God hating atheist.

  8. lastmanstanding

    I’ve telling people this for more than 20 years.

    It’s actually worse than that but most of you (especially those of you that served) already know that.

    • Yea Brother but most people prefer comfortable slavery to dangerous freedom…I’m guilty in part of this as well…Most people get fed up with trying to wake people up and you can see this by how many blogs have gone silent over the years…When.I get to meet Pete he will be getting a little present from me for his fortitude in keeping this great site up and running… Merry Christmas to you and a follow up email will be sent your way…


    Yesterday I had to stop by Costco to pick up a few needful things. Every time I walk in that place I am stupefied by the abundance and variety of products. I am also appalled by the ignorance, stupidity and cluelessness of the customers. But they do dress and act somewhat better than the obese, tatted-up, abysmal white trash I run into at Walmart.
    Having read way too much Apocalypse porn by Forstchen, Rawles, Bracken, and others I am always asking myself: What would these ignorant, clueless sheeple do if this abundance vanished due to war or an economic disaster? If you factor in the amount of meds most of these pathetic fools are taking, I truly believe it would be a scenario which would make the zombie/disaster-movie genre look like a Sunday School picnic.
    I cannot speak for others. I can only evaluate my environment, my relationship with my small tribe, and the day-to-day activities I observe in my A/O. There is absolutely no turning back from where we are headed. Those fortunate to have the financial resources at their disposal have already established their bolt holes and enclaves either offshore or their own Galt’s Gulch. The rest of us will just have to be prepared enough to endure the unendurable. Bleib ubrig.

    • lastmanstanding

      “abundance and variety of products”…no shit.

      I was in a Sportsman’s Warehouse earlier this week and they had a bazillion yeti coolers. Just imagine how many of those have been produced world wide. Then, think about how many knock offs of yeti that there are. At least 8, that I have seen.

      It boggles my mind to think of how much of the earths natural resources, fuel and labor has been expended to make high end cooler.

      Then there are guns and ammo… 😉 😉 😉