Buppert: Government Is Cancer

Not just the current government.

How much omnisurveillance and resultant force threatened against you by your Lessers do you need in your life?

And who is surprised by this?

USA Today: The U.S. bought weapons for Syrian rebels — and some wound up in the hands of ISIS terrorists

WaPo: ISIS stole U.S.-supplied rockets weeks after they arrived in Syria, report says

23 responses to “Buppert: Government Is Cancer

  1. Until the only true and beneficial government gets here I am afraid we are fucked . The final true government is as a Father . Get it ? Theocracy !
    Isaiah 9:6 -7 and Isaiah 22:21 Merry Christmas Men of the West ! I’m cuttin’ a tree this morning for the girls to decorate .

  2. “man’s government is cancer”
    Could it be, that is what we are to realize?
    There is a Higher Government.

  3. Here we go.

    Question, why hasnt Trump spoken about the Daniel Shavers execution by a pig 1033 recipient?

    • What’s an innocent drunk “shot like a dog” dead guy here in Arizona to “The DONALD”?..

      Yet he couldn’t wait to exonerate a jackboot shitweasel in the form of Joe Arpaio with a ‘pResidential pardon’….

      Yes, the oligarch with the dead orange dyed squirrel on his scalp is a copsucker…what, you didn’t know it…

      “Drain the swamp” indeed…..you really expect him to do ANYTHING for any of us dirt people?


      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. this is how “christians” treat the elderly.


    merry Xmas.

    300 million.

    • The Shipping Mangate speaks!

      Rofl. He’s a millionaire
      Who spends his days cutting and pasting
      Other people’s ideas ( and vacation pictures)!
      On someone else’s blogs
      To announce his superiority
      That the lesser beings be educated

      I grow bored of abusing you Tfatt. Perhaps I’ll see you in a few months
      if I fancy it.

    • bureaucrats!
      burrcats – indifferent
      burrdogs – helpful, barks a lot
      burrchristians – ?
      burr as a prefix.
      Current forecast: Timid, with chance of slave labor camps
      In other news:
      by R.L.Kocher

  5. The great white dope is not so black and white? Shall we identify the politics? And, of course you should buy precious metals, lead and brass. Then the comparison, if anyone is interested, the stock market is doing pretty good in comparison to the welfare state participation rate of those that do not have a 401K or any savings to speak of governmentally conflicted of problems best swept under the rug. Kept there until they can be lied to again for the vote of hope that never comes. The real issue is of those that feel a need to ask permission of those in authority that is what they voted for. The tax plan a mere blip on the radar screen, yea team for the theft reduction plan, the withholding evidence the plan of giving from the takers. Atlas Mugged! So, my question is what are we paying for? Is the tax to pay for the products of the FBI, CIA, CYA, DoE=DOE, LBGT, CDC, ATF, DNC, GOP, DHS, DHS and off course the DHS and off course don’t ask, don’t tell, is of course, I don’t UN CAIR bout the NSA, or USA for that matter, or the up and coming alien invasion to entertainment value of war of the worlds. The only answer is nobody knows, not even them, yet it is the paycheck protection program them you pay for that is taxed, not including SaLT. The short answer appears to be welfare for the NOT poor, foundationally speaking. And so I write of that because F U that’s why!
    The Y? Because yes you tube can be an American and have whiter teeth if you use this tooth paste, smart ass mouth washed out with soap and or lose all your teeth in the stock market and take the whiteness test with toilet paper, lose seven inches of ugly political belly fat in seven days if you buy neutered system, and you can live longer by taking overpriced sugar pills if you believe it works and give to that very special charity and get wrapped up in a logo blanket all comfy and warn fuzzy feelings and everything to make yourself feel good about yourself if you remember to take all your drugs and ask your doctor about all the other drugs you should probably have that make you feel neutered, buy American, PETA Meat from the Warren Buffet table of brain dead cows in Omaha, ha, ha, ha, and you get extra hamburger meat with free shipping a $239 value for only 59 bucks worth sales pitch, buy meat, buy meat, buy meat the message says, just like what’s on Warren table where is the beef, so he can add to his portfolio of dead cows… But then remember to log on, sign up, create an account and become a user with passwords backward, pins and enter your data so it can be stolen by hacker which are the employees of what you signed up for to twit your twitter on book of personal identify cry I IS faces and search for Google’s meaning of life, tracked ever key stroke while them swipe your debit card info, activate invisible hidden cameras watch your every move to include you non gender specific preferences bathroom joke, yet the message cares about you middle class banking habits with interest where they create an account in your name without you knowing about it, thanks Mr. Bank man, and you IRS 401KKK hooded lynch mob is doing great, if you have one, while socialist insecurity says you are worth 2% more on, anything less would be an insult, I suppose. YES, it’s great to be an American that can do all of that and you get free shipping for your free stuff while them laugh at you for falling for them cruel joke bird flu in chicken coup da, ta, ta that one flew over in catch 22 got cha, cha, cha kind of ways to be mean, but then you can always have Happy meal and just maybe if you are really lucky there is some real beef in it made of who knows what, or at least processed in china and on occasion served up by an Asian HOT, but most often NOT it is some black chick, or perhaps a teeny bopper with dirty fingernails of odd colors and nose rings that does not know how to make change and you can get extra benny’s in the govern meant to do the right thing in government drug store and sell you some more on cheap crap program with paid training, but only if you are not white and are not from here in the insane asylum illegal MY GRUNTS, Yanky go home, if I had one that was over priced, under water over taxed and off course the bank owns and can kick your ass out anytime it wants by declaring it wet land by eminent dominance of you domicile with back taxes over due to the penalty which pays for UN der education and brain dead kids of the commoner core values programmed communist propaganda in them mush brains of multi-cultured cow pastures and diversity with pie that use to be American, but not so much any more on, it is just US crap . And then you can be shot dead in the hall way of a motel, on your knees, crying for your life by a deranged cop that just wants to go home when his shift is over and plan his next adventure into the cow pasture and pick another victim. Hand UP, Don’t Shoot? Oh, almost forgot, black live don’t matter, if them did you would not have to protest, ya know?
    Welcome once again to the new abnormal of WW X-3 with New Yorker gut bombed and de-groined and one can only hope hope and change his diaper live along unchanged and miserable life with depends continues without taxpayers expense, isn’t that right Billy? Then on to the twenty something police orfice-er that made holey the exterminator, exterminated him for not properly following overly confusing instructions shot a man on his knees in the hallway of the hotel California. The young Mad Max Insane Clown Cop with a badge training of the jack booted thuggery school of the authoritarian, my training made me do it and I would do the same to you, citizen. Lesson up people we have major issues with just exactly who is training the POLICE. This idea that we pay them so them can give US payback for their paycheck has to stop, by random acts of killing kindness, Corp cop Rot. When they say assume the position, everyone is a nail and they believe themselves to be the hammer, WE have a problem. The first problem is this individual was not weeded out and further instructed in the proper use of intimidation by the INSTRUCTOR, or the people that hired him for being proficient in the tactic and then for the lawyer for not caging this animal!!!!!!! Moving RIGHT along down the yellow brick road which is the highway to hell, to Al OBAMA gangland and his forty thousand thieves paid for by you tax money, again belted by the Bible is the state of the politics that off course tick me off. As I may have indicated, you cannot vote yourself out of this mess created by political parties. You wan to know why> OK Joe gonna tell ya, you ain’t a part of the party, that’s why. You gotta learn how to party on the taxpayer’s dime and not do time. Even if you are a card carrying member of the party and vote the party line, you are expendable. That is the way it works and you will see no mercy if you don’t do as you are told, got it? Note to team SWAT armor up, you just painted a bigger target on your backs of the police state. You want to fix it? Start doing your job, weed out the rotten apples and arrest the lawyers, the courts, the law maker, and of course who hired you! Read on for more on of the Great Mistake.
    POP TARDS, group personal pronoun, singular-POP TARD, an individual or group that is popular and retarded particularly in the academic and intellectually little circle jerks of politics… that of course tick me off. POP Tards generally gravitate to a political party, usually for lack of any real self identity and tend to prefer circle of jerks that define them as being them. Them are not limited to one party but, any party will do, the party is what them do. The appropriated term for them is the herd, party animals. Professional affiliation, or blue collar tradesmen too those with neither, belong to the party, as was previously stated for self identity of the herd mentality, animals. Such is Democracy, or as I like to say, Demo Crazy, which is either , but not both, side of them brain, either left or right brained, which by any other measure is still half brained, defines them. Is that clear? POP TARDS, reside on all rungs of the economic ladder, it is not a matter of economic classification or intelligence of having two working brain cells them are on the same side, but usually persist in some sort of political purpose, ill defined. I define them, that sing songs and carry signs the mostly say WHO RAY for our side whichever side them brained or and regardless of any real mental capacity, none of them are rocket scientists, I AM pretty sure of that. I could be wong. As wong is the guy that got the stolen computer drive from US. I suspect for a price which we are not privy too. Be it known there are sub categories of the POPTARDS which are the smarter of the little smart asses wits half still, only dirty, mischievous manipulator of minorities pixilated (assume the position of color here) or not that there is anything wrong with being white, yet it is a non color and so not approved for continuation in sub humane facsimiles in US ha ha ha haa ha ha Ah, the supposedly WE, as in the people, yet not because them are POP TURDS of the derisive diversity in the university, da delusional collision of the intrusion them impose, twitter twits, has well the socialists of media, damn communists!
    An example in an order of magnitude may be time, as time is money, yet neither is defined. A simple question is, what is time. Too, what is money? Time is not money, for the simple fact is you cannot buy time, at least not for very long because it will eventually run out for you and everybody yoy know, the grave yards are full of them that time ran out on. Now to define time and them money, I X plane. Time is round, not a straight line, I mean other than then the radii that radiates from the center of time itself, like where it began, the everyday standards seems to MPH, DPH, CPC, and so on, such is miles per hour=speed, dollars per hour, wages, and cycles per second, Hertz not the rental car however billed for time, yet it could be, but rather radio frequency, right up to your light speed, right down to the pregnant pause being an eternity, which at time it is from here to, eternity. Time measurement is also standardized for various purposes such as the starting gun that starts the clock to time the sport, or perhaps the realization that time does not end even if you do. Money, on the other hand which is usually sleight of hand, as is the two for one deal where you could have purchased one at half the cost, or two for the price of two, what a deal? Now, imagine, if the Federal Reserve were to regulate time, which it does about as well as money. Time would lose 97% of its value. In other words the Federal Regulation of you time which is money would now be devalued to about 3%, not adjusted for inflation. Yet the pregnant pause is time inflation, in similar faction to being on hold, air time, which costs you and is an eternity. The simple solution to the hold time it seems simple, rather than the, all or our operators are assisting other customer, (hint here, I don’t give a shit about your other coustomer) for which I will no longer be one (customer) if you don’t hire some more damn operators to answer the damn phone! Deflation of time and money is the realization that time is UP and you certainly cannot take it with you! Interestingly, there is no clearly defined measurement of time nor money without reference to what it is being used for. Except perhaps call Shirley for good time, however it will cost you. The cost is dollars per hour for Shirley’s time, labor and favor tipped. Now you may ask what does time and money have to with anything and the simple answer is everything. You see in the theory of everything time is still money and eventually they all run out, or perhaps bleed out?
    If a person living in America, never learned what America was and is, how will they know how to be an American. Simply because they are in China does not make them Chinese, just because them live there does not make them American. Them are alien. So, what is it to be an American? The simple answer is to first read and compare the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights to the government WE the people have today. As intended was never to be, rewritten mostly due to political parties tinkering and of course exploitation of power unconstitutionally assumed, mostly for personal gain, not for the good of the country. As Ben said, if you can keep it, for which we have not. I think he had an idea of the people of the time and predicted the people of the future being more ruthless with better technology.
    A fine example of the Great Mistake of Mini Snow ta, tat, a, ta. Because of Global Climate Change da Snow Job appears to be just that, the past performance is indicative of future trendy practices is Al Boy the funny freakin Franken will be Governor of the Great Mistake, just us reward like past mistake of bought and paid for politicians Mark Dayton Senate record of stupidity. Further mistakes a local city consul meeting erupted in tears due to the fact several white people rolled eyes at a members call for justice of all intendance to acknowledge them WHITE PRIVLAGE, to which one rejected the notion of acting like Al Jolson, in black face. Mammy! OK, truth be known black lives don’t matter much in Mini Apple IS, I mean except for them vote. If they did they would not shoot each other at an alarming rate, particularly in Chicago, my kind of town? And no I AM a racist of the human race and color has nothing to do with it Even more dismissing the missing charge against Mini Apple IS police officer, which just happened to be of the darker precaution, need I say Moose Limb and shot a WHITE young lady that was from Australia in the Mini Apple IS, I AM sure it was just a case of mistaken identity, justifiable homicide has not been forthcoming, in fact nothing, no word from the prosecutor, nope nothing. A bit of a hot potato I presume, boiled perhaps, in oil like a French fry. And who can forget the butch bash between the Mayor of Mimi Apple IS and da feme fatal chief of police the apple of her eye, butch dike wars, or perhaps party whores? One never really knows, until them open them mouths and prove it, ya know?
    The creep state the cruel joke, them that would be the lying King, the Queen of denial. And, so this is Christmas? Tis the Tree Son? The politicking time O bomb a is about to go boom, boom, boom gonna shoot you right down and pop one of the POP Tards into the old Joe toaster and heat it up to see the nutritional goodness of cardboard flavored fake fruit cakes baked, a few will be sacrificed, laid at the altar of the great deception, a gift from the church of the emasculated inception of the Glow Billy, C. Just a reminder of the remainder, the Climate change started in 92 with Billy and Al Goring it’s high priest. Give Billy the gift of water boarding and perhaps he spills his guts on all the Glow Bility of whom is influencing whom and just exactly where all the funny funds went in our fraud fueled Eco no money. At another time and another place, big bad John, perhaps I eRoRR Twas the Knight before not Christmas present but of Christmas past the gift, Billy! King John and Elinor: Bastard
    Madam, by chance but not by truth; what though?
    Something about, a little from the right,
    In at the window, or else o’er the hatch:
    Who dares not stir by day must walk by night,
    And have is have, however men do catch:
    Near or far off, well won is still well shot,
    And I am I, howe’er I was begot.
    It was not really Christmas as far as I know, yet the present presents of her to him seems somewhat fitting to our Planned Parenthood trap, the deduction of the child, need I say production of the casting couch, and off course the crack whore welfare Ma Ma receives payment for production like a bad Hollywood sud chapter B rated movie, still not be a beating heart which is the child support, isn’t that right Billy? A ruse by any other name still stinks, isn’t that right Billy? Has you should know the government lawyers in the Ruse law Firm where government goes to be represented, isn’t that right Billary? So, my question is what is the body count up to? I mean, not to not include the spring time fling of the A Hab the Arab in the land of gun running for favors the few forgery fueled the migrant masses. All the while the X pot US works the art official of the deal of the Russian inclusion by dialing for dollars. Still the O bomb a man shows his true colors of them United notions, just thought you should know the Demo Rats for what them are, little more than POP Tards and way to FU US and UE. Couple that with a couple of bush whackers and more war makes more money and I AM Still P O ed because the proper response to the first WTC O Bomb a should have been vitrification of the offenders. Then years later we declare a war on terror which is terror itself, instead of the offender, the friend of my enemy is the enemy of my friend which happens to be business partners, the least them could have done is hostile takeover, but no we give them a boat load of money to prolong the ruse. Bas-tard, yet popular POP BAS TARD, interchangeable with a U, as far as I AN Rand concerned?
    Brother, adieu: good fortune come to thee!
    For thou wast got i’ the way of honesty.
    Exeunt all but BASTARD
    A foot of honour better than I was;
    But many a many foot of land the worse. 185
    Well, now can I make any Joan a lady.
    ‘Good den, sir Richard!’–‘God-a-mercy, fellow!’–
    And if his name be George, I’ll call him Peter;
    For new-made honour doth forget men’s names;
    ‘Tis too respective and too sociable 190
    For your conversion. Now your traveller,
    He and his toothpick at my worship’s mess,
    And when my knightly stomach is sufficed,
    Why then I suck my teeth and catechise
    My picked man of countries: ‘My dear sir,’ 195
    Thus, leaning on mine elbow, I begin,
    ‘I shall beseech you’–that is question now;
    And then comes answer like an Absey book:
    ‘O sir,’ says answer, ‘at your best command;
    At your employment; at your service, sir;’ 200
    ‘No, sir,’ says question, ‘I, sweet sir, at yours:’
    And so, ere answer knows what question would,
    Saving in dialogue of compliment,
    And talking of the Alps and Apennines,
    The Pyrenean and the river Po, 205
    It draws toward supper in conclusion so.
    But this is worshipful society
    And fits the mounting spirit like myself,
    For he is but a bastard to the time
    That doth not smack of observation; 210
    And so am I, whether I smack or no;
    And not alone in habit and device,
    Exterior form, outward accoutrement,
    But from the inward motion to deliver
    Sweet, sweet, sweet poison for the age’s tooth: 215
    Which, though I will not practise to deceive,
    Yet, to avoid deceit, I mean to learn;
    For it shall strew the footsteps of my rising.
    But who comes in such haste in riding-robes?
    What woman-post is this? hath she no husband 220
    That will take pains to blow a horn before her?
    O me! it is my mother. How now, good lady!
    What brings you here to court so hastily?

    A very special tanks to Shakespeare online, the wit of the tragedy mostly caused by the Hillbillies that Billy predicted, isn’t that far right Billy? *0* All the world is staged! Well, now what to make of that, that is! Yuck, Yuck, Yuck I felt your pain among other things of inappropriateness, Billy! King John, perhaps? POP Tards into the old Joe toaster and heat it up to see the nutritional goodness of cardboard flavored fake fruit cakes baked then toasted.
    PS Hysterical and humorous UN funny facts and innuendo do more damn age than all the Zero’s in the world could explain, like a debt that nobody is concerned about. Heads should roll that talk base banality as if facts mean something in the gritty nitty, what a pity of the governments lawyers. The issue still is, what are you going to do about it? Stay tuned for more character assassination and assignation for those that lack character, yet are. R, the tax plan of the takers give, but not much. 777, seven, seven seven, of perhaps blackjack, or aces

    • Hey Teefaht, here’s a good, unabridged long ‘un for you to copy and spam paste.

      Makes you look euridite, ya know.

    • You should get your own blog. Also consider brevity as a worthwhe concept.

    • Randall Flagg

      Off the meds again, are we?

    • If you want folks to, 1) take you seriously and 2) let folks know what your thoughts are, knock off the wall of words. On the other hand of course, if writing is some kind of catharsis (a big ten dollar word) for you, keep it up but maybe just write and don’t publish. Just a couple of thoughts from someone who did want to wade through your ????? whatever it was that you attempted.

    • Oh for the love of Mike,..”joe” is back again and spewing all over the blog as usual!!

      It’s not that he has anything cogent to say in 3,500+ words, it’s more like an affliction. It’s as if he’s a mentally stunted 13 year old that has touretts syndrome and just discovered that he can monkey fuck a keyboard while drooling on his own lap.

      “joe” proves that he CAN spurt diahrera from BOTH ends in public..it’s almost like he has an obsession to do so…like a cretin who rants incoherently while masturbating in public.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  6. Like most people here, I paged down to get past your monstrosity. Write a book.

  7. Daniel K Day

    “JoeX” was brief this time, only >3700 words instead of his usual 4400-4800 spew. My guess is, most of the above text was computer-generated. Its only purpose is to waste our time.
    Your site, Pete, your rules, but the above load of crap looks like abuse of your free-comment policy, and I won’t blame you for banning the source.

  8. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Sorry, meant to post this video, the one above went out
      on the Braken thread:

      “Every man to his belongings and his belongings”

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