TL Davis: Bad Cop. Good Cop?

TL on the crisis in American policing.

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ZH: FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond What Was Previously Known; Comey, McCabe, Strzok Implicated

It won’t change.

Their paymasters like it this way.

And their colleagues don’t believe the hassle is worth the trouble that will follow.

49 responses to “TL Davis: Bad Cop. Good Cop?

  1. No such thing as a good cop.

  2. i stopped reading at Good Cop,…

    is a dead cop… – and even better if their entire family dies with them.

    just to be sure.


    • Northern Gunner

      Hey tFat,

      Shows us hows it done donkey boy keyboard commando. Everyone is a tough guy bad ass on the Inter-Tweb. My guess is that you live in Moms basement and play alot of Call of Dut 😂😂😂

      • Randall Flagg

        “After being treated in the hospital, police charged McNeil with felony resisting a police officer. … [It was] explained that police brought the felony charge against her to force her into taking a plea deal for the domestic misdemeanor charge to which she pleaded no contest. The felony resisting charge was then dropped.”

        BTW, the police do not bring charges; that’s the job of the prosecutor. And what you’re witnessing here is not only police brutality, but prosecutorial misconduct. These things go hand-in-hand, and happen on a near-daily basis. And if you think cops get away with a lot of stuff, prosecutors get away with even more.

    • Had you continued, that was the point. The good cop is a myth.

    • A world without mercy, forgiveness, justice?
      This is what many are calling for. So in fact you and others are simply doubling down on what we all ready have.
      Lawlessness multiplied by you.
      Kill them all, kill their families?
      Do you hear yourselves? You are them.
      Your killing is murder just as is theirs. men who simply murder are those who are weak. men who murder out of fear,and hatred are weak.
      Kill them all, Aesop (and others) should love this for this is the crusades.
      Let God sort them out?
      Well could it be He is sorting them out right now?

      • THERE




        freeing your mind from the shackles of lies, includes freeing your indoctrination of religion. the biggest disappointment i have ever suffered was realizing faith in an ideal is fruitless. take for instance the murkin flag… or hoping the check is in the mail on its way to you… i only have faith in my abilities to adapt and overcome. no god is going to purify my drinking water, make fire, zero my rifle, harvest an animal, or build shelter… use some critical thought on this subject. peepol ponder everything else and want facts, but blindly follow a thing with absolutely no evidence “because that’s how i was raised”- muh religion.

        your god will always let you down, and you will always forgive him for it- the very definition of a dysfunctional relationship.


        • Oh, you are so wrong, there are many gods.
          Alice in Chains? i prefer

          • all gods are make-believe, conjured up in twisted minds for the sole purpose of control..

            if you like your god, you can keep your god.

            just don’t ask for any help from me. ask your god to help you.

          • Randall Flagg

            “…there are many gods.”

            And the polytheist heretic reveals himself.

    • Actually dead white people are good people. This is part of delegitimizing White America. De-valuing life, family, property. history, liberty. White cops killing White Men, exoneration for the White cop reinforces the narrative. It is revising history one dead White guy at a time. White people aren’t human beings, they are objects of scorn & hate.
      What Vegas is about. Whoops sorry. Nothing mattered there, all those White people gunned down, move along, nothing to see here. Not worth even a mention never mind an investigation. See what they did there? It no longer is important, White people that is.
      See where this is going?
      It’s pogrom employed so white genocide slides down like arsenic coated in honey.
      Think about it from another angle, there’s nothing in the fake media about any non white crime, murder, robbery, cop shootings, its all dried up now the make all whites guilty of racism stage is over. Brown people are angel’s. They are the perfect human being. They will replace all whiteness.
      You watch, it will be non-stop 24/7 White this White that crime and trajedy.

      Its the stages of neo-bolshevism we are being subject to thru the 5th column fake media, while the 5th column academia brain wash the next wave of red diaper babies en mass. They are sexless, faceless, legacy-less, no traditions, no history, blank slates with a trigger signal trained brain who are utterly dependable to obey their masters bidding, automaton’s.

      Out in the frontier of fly over nation, hardly anyone notices these things in their normal activity. It is all an illusion by a mere relative few who orchestrate this all encompassing meme & narrative about Whites as evil incarnate. I live in what’s called Niggerless County WV. Its not a pride or bigot thing, its a fact thing, a thing people are grateful for. Rightfully so as history proves in no uncertain terms. The county is like a tribe, everyone knows everyone, work with everyone logging, coal mining, support industry. These mountains and hollows are a civilization, deeper than White, its the dirt people of The Men of The West, they went into the feared frontier over the Allegheny mountains and set up an entire culture separate from the entire world deep in these ridges.
      The point here is all across this enormous piece of geography of America, there’s tribes and communities, little civilizations, and new ones are being created right now. Spent a month in Payson AZ, its a whole culture there, it is separating itself from the encroachments of the Neo-Bolsheviks efforts, and it has a satellite culture in the high rim mountain desert rats. Self sufficient, intensely independent, grass roots, the two cultures are symbiotic.
      This is another America that exists outside the construct foisted on us.

      How about you tfA-t, the UP probably has an indigenous White Culture which wants nothing to do with the Fabian Construct?

      Made this below to send the message whats happening:

      • Dead white people could also refer to the zombies. Zombies come in many colours.
        i live in fly over country, we seem to have niggers (as you put it) in all colours. all sexes, all occupations. We seem to see news reports of meth heads tweekers and murders, sex offenders pedophiles daily, (all colours.)
        We seem to see misguided vigilante justice taking place also. (all colours.)
        Some of us have the good sense to see colour & organised religion does not = angel status.
        i agree with many of your comments, am also an enduro,& hare scramble veteran.
        Many of us share common ground, finding it can be challenging.

  3. Dirty Cop just like his silent brother cops.

    • Add to that prosecutors and judges.

      “All prosecutors WILL be violated!”
      -Zombie Doc Sarvis

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Didn’t get to you in time to return your comment the other day NG.
        Couldn’t agree with you more.
        Well said.

  4. I remember the days of Adam-12. Much has changed. Good is not destined to last.

  5. Qui tacet consentire

    It’s becoming apparent that “good cops” are at a level commensurate with the ratio of “moderate Muslims”. (And headed for the same ultimate end-state, in all likelihood.)

    Neither of which can be detected with existing instrumentation.
    When the Blue Crew starts bringing the heads of their own guilty to city hall ahead of the Mob, I’ll believe in their existence. I’m waiting for one such.

    Until then, they’re the Easter Bunny.
    Inoffensive in theory, but never actually seen in real life.

    I figure it’s roughly two thirds/one third: one third are exactly the amoral thugs seen in this latest example, or will be at some point in their career, like the fired nurse-beating douchebadge from Salt Lake City. The other two thirds are just there for the paycheck and the pension, and aren’t willing to risk either by rocking the boat much. They won’t do anything bad, they just won’t do anything good, because buttered bread tastes better than hunger and the enmity of their peers for defending archaic concepts like justice, honor, truth, and all that rot. They’re not barbarians; they’ve just gotten the memo from Don Michael Corleone, and they’ll never take sides against the Family, ever, because that current is too hard to buck.

    And so, they’ll make sure that order is preserved, and the trains run on time; they just don’t much care who gets put into the boxcars, if they take any notice at all.

    • “Neither of which can be detected with existing instrumentation.”

      Sure they can.
      Got a properly working eyeball?
      If it collects a gov’t paycheck of any kind it is your enemy.
      Yes, it will sell you out in a nanny second to save it’s income, it will even make shit up about you if it thinks it can gain favor.

      “The enemy is ALREADY inside the house, so stop staring out the windows for the coming assault. Ready your blade for the wetworks.”
      –gs, 2099

    • Sounds like you are feeling better….hitting on all eight.

  6. WA Rep. Matt Shea: BLM Whistleblower Explains Why Feds Wanted Bundy Case Dismissed

    • Thanks for that.
      Dan Love was completely out of control. I wonder where the Feds have hidden him.


      Thank you. Representative Shea also called out the Sheriff of Spokane County back in 2015 when this Obama-worshiping ORC Sheriff had all of his MRAPS and other military hand-me-down toys on display at the Spokane Valley Mall. It seems that one of his Deputy Orcs gave an interview while decked out from head-to-toe in all of his GI Joe wannabe gear. This cretin told the interviewer that his department obtained all these toys to fight terrorism, specifically: “TEA PARTY TERRORISTS.”
      If I did not watch the interview with my own eyes and hear those pearls of wisdom from this “dedicated public servant” I would not have believed it. The whole: “us-versus-them” meme which started in police training circles as a result of Poppy Bush’s WAR ON DRUGS has morphed into a full-scale war between the police agencies of this country and the Amerikan public. The casualty lists are still quite lopsided.

  7. Deplorable B Woodman

    “Bad Cop, Bad Cop”
    There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

  8. “1960s TV show with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.”

    that would be 77 Sunset Strip.

    probably means The Untouchables, with

    Robert Stack.

    these days, facts are as scarce as good cops.

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  10. Re: “I figure it’s roughly two thirds/one third: one third are exactly the amoral thugs seen in this latest example, or will be at some point in their career, like the fired nurse-beating douchebadge from Salt Lake City. The other two thirds are just there for the paycheck and the pension, and aren’t willing to risk either by rocking the boat much.”

    That’s the crux of the matter. The focal point in how law-enforcement agencies and their personnel operate is to be found in who signs their checks. There are very few people willing to bite the hand which feeds them, even if deep-down they know that the bosses they serve are far-from being as pure as driven snow.

    Ensuring the loyalty of members of the military and law-enforcement/public safety is critical to the viability of the deep-state enterprise. The powers-that-be need to know that the firefighters will put out the flames consuming their home, and that the police will come down hard on anyone who threatens them. Likewise, this loyalty is why no one may become a flag or general officer without the approval of Congress. The denizens of the deep-state want to keep all their eggs in one tidy, little basket.

    If we the people want military, police and fire personnel whose loyalties are to us and not the ruling class, then we’d better devise a system whereby we are the ones paying them, and not the deep-state. The present system is the worst of both worlds; our dollars are confiscated to pay them, but the people have little-to-no say-so in how these organizations are run. Cue the deep-state: “Heads we win, tails you lose”…

    In that alternative universe, who knows what arrangements will exist vis-à-vis the military, law-enforcement and public safety personnel, but whatever system exists, we the people must be in charge of it – and not the ruling class. If we fail to wrest control from the deep-state mandarins, then we’ll only be hitting re-wind. Einstein was correct; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insane.

  11. Two Kill Lists From Bundy Ranch Verified

    • Kill list, it would seem kill list are looked down upon. Should either side have a kill list?
      expose the evil of both sides.

  12. Remove the political labels and contrived opposing ideologies. The rotting carcass, of a hijacked and stolen country is evident for anyone to see..if they are willing to look.The abomination, called the USA is long gone.
    The FBI was always a player.Hoover,who looked pretty fucking good in a French maids outfit, built the entire apparatus on dirty secrets and blackmail.Business as usual.Nothing to see here.Move along.

  13. You want to be a cop in this day and age, you are either an idiot or a control freak. Either way you are a threat and target. You cannot make a better world. It is over. Get over it. Let us deal with the problems. You can help if you want. This goes for the feds protecting the scumbags. Take care of your families. We will throw out the trash……

  14. One look at this guy and you know he’s a psychopath–so naturally the PD hired him.

  15. CorditeChris

    My sympathy for law enforcement has all but disappeared.

  16. God bless and protect SA Wooten and Rep. Matt Shea.

  17. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years telling my kids cops are the good guys. I don’t do that anymore.

  18. You say that you’re damned
    You say that your life isn’t fair
    What’s right and what’s wrong
    You’ve got your needs and you just don’t care
    On and on we drift
    Back to where we were before
    You can welcome me in
    I will not walk through that door
    Oh, no, no.

    I may be blind but I’ll find my way
    Like a lost prayer on stormy day
    Oh, stormy day

    You can carry your grudge
    I’ve severed these ties
    And I’ve cut you free
    Keep your war to yourself
    I buried what was, and my sympathy
    On and on we drift
    Back to where we were before
    You can welcome me in
    I will not walk through that door.
    Oh, no, no
    I may…

  19. The “Oat Keepers” and the “3%’ers”, and the “Patriots” should be descending on D.C. any day now right!?……….right? LOL!, no, they wont do shit! Like chickens in the hen house, they cluck and carry on when the fox enters EVERY night a grabs a chicken. Its laughable at this point. Sad little men playing army. They’ve had a reason every day to take matters into their own hands since JFK was murdered in broad daylight!!!
    Do you notice how quite these groups have become? It becomes pretty obvious that when MULTIPLE STORIES BREAK EVERY DAY of reasons to address these violations of the LAW that places every American in harms way from their acts of TREASON, and nothing is done, its because nothing will be done.

    • And you, all knowing warrior/sage are doing what? Banging that keyboard with a vengeance.
      Show us the way and kick start this motherfucker.Take out your sword of virtue and lead us cretins out of the darkness into the light.We await with baited breath,your divine intervention and leadership.
      “Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move,fall as a thunderbolt.” Sun Tzu

  20. You camouflaged douche bags!…. You will do nothing!….these are REAL MEN!
    The Order Tribute – Bob Mathews

    Robert Mathews ~ Call to Aryan Warriors

    • Blind leading the blind. That is what comes to mind when i see such hatred.
      evil exist in all factions. evil in any group serves the physical one world order.
      He who sins less is not the automatic” winner.”

  21. Its all prolog.
    This is not an aberration or isolated behavior.
    This IS government.
    Guns are and where the only power the State has ever had.
    The power to use force and violence.
    Look at it through the lens of the federal government:

    Here’s the thing. Not 1 person has been perp walked, charged, arrested, indicted by a grand jury regarding the FBI and the left in their attempted coup on Trump. The word Treason has not been uttered. Big fat Zero. Go back past Lois Lener and the IRS, big fat zero. How many Clinton associates who held key info or where material witnesses have died just in the last year?

    Its a circus. The crimes, felonies and treason committed and still being committed can not be much worse. Never mind the scope/scale of it all. Not one person busted. Amazing. Doesn’t that say everything? Fuck a duck, everyone in that swamp knows what is going down, who did what, where the skeleton’s are stored. Everyone is playing cover my ass, stone wall and slow walk, feed some juicy tidbits to the listening public. Next is some big false flag shiny object distraction so everyone can switch chairs, after a week or so, it all fizzles out, bust maybe one small time sacrificial lamb, and they are good to go to continue the permanent government.

    There will be no resolution to these crimes & treason.

    Its rope & lamp post time folks.
    That is the only justice we will ever see.

  22. Also, looks like good people are going to start getting
    16 inch pizzas and start using as Dog Targets – Dominoes.

    The firing line is ready – Ready on the right, ready on the left.
    Righty tighty – lefty loosy

    “Every man to his family and to his belongings”

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