SLL: Children Learn What They Are Taught

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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings…

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  1. An interesting essay. Okay – so not voting our way out, not ‘revolting’ our way out (for a multitude of various reasons most of which if one reads web sites like this are obvious) and not ‘with drawing consent’ in anyway shape or form. What is left? The only thing in my humble opinion (not that it matters one way or another) is if the financial ‘system’ (primarily) fails. At that time maybe just maybe there will be a reset – or in the esteemed words of a Canadian neighbor who posts here from time to time – the die off might just be the answer. What comes next is anyone’s guess but it will not be nice for anyone left where ever they might be …………

    • FinCol, yes. I would also think that indentured servitude will make a comeback in a big way. People selling their souls for a daily morsel of grub.

    • “What is left?”

      Withdraw. Learn to live on less. Eliminate frivolous debt. Save enough to buy a parcel of land and work to make it self sufficient. Farm. Learn a useful trade and how to do it off-grid. Stack silver and lead. Meet useful people locally and make friends. And get training to protect it.

      • Jesus fuck. Not doable for 99.999% of people with a women and children in our lives. Our women inhaled the (((poison))).

        I’m so fucking sick of reading this shit from boomers. Fuck. Off.

        • “Our women inhaled the (((poison))). ”
          Been there. Yes I had to walk away from the woman. You may have to make that choice as well. Ask the SO — “When is enough, enough??” If the answer is near abouts ‘never’, then leave. She will never be satisfied no matter what you do. Do you want to lead what is left of your life like that?

          And yeah I am a Boomer for the sake of transparency.

        • Then it looks like you won’t make it. Doesn’t seem like much of a loss to humanity.

          Also, not a boomer.

      • OT: but Nathaniel Macon is probably the most famous Tar Heel you’ve never heard of:

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        BAM! Agreed. Do all that ncscout, and one will be livin’ the dream! It’s not hard to do. Local-local-local. btw–precious metal–pb–at market lows–git sum.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Withdraw. Learn to live on less. Eliminate frivolous debt. Save enough to buy a parcel of land and work to make it self sufficient. Farm. Learn a useful trade and how to do it off-grid. Stack silver and lead. Meet useful people locally and make friends. And get training to protect it.”

        Or just take a page from history, let some other guy do that. While he’s doing all of that, form an army – even a small one. Then go take the farm and kill or enslave the guy who built it up, along with his meager band of friends. Repeat as necessary until you’ve got your own little kingdom – or big kingdom, if you’re good enough at it.

        Towns, and later cities, arose for a reason – it’s much easier to defend your stuff if there are a lot more of you than there are of the other guys. It also lets some work, while some defend, and others rest.

        • Not so sure.

          In days of yore, a soldier needed to train-at-arms every day of his life, pretty much.

          Add the firearm … anyone can be an effective killer with a few hours’ training.

          A motivated swarm generally wins out, I think.

          Interesting debate to be had, perhaps.

        • Army’s are always collectivist in nature though Jimmy so Freefor could never do that so it will be someone else that wins the day…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      An economic reset might not be that bad – there would definitely be a period of hard times, but it could get the country to start making use of its actual, factual wealth again. Farming, mining, energy, industry – all could rebound fairly quickly (assuming some degree of competence, which may be a bridge too far) as all would become much more economical.

      The guys who’d get really shithammered in an economic reset would be the countries dependent upon international aid – which would quickly dry up.

      • “An economic reset might not be that bad …”
        Your observation maybe right but I don’t think you have plumbed the level of disaster that occurs. ‘Americas First Great Depression” lays it out pretty hard. Not a single top level bank would remain. Credit would be nonexistent. Retail sector would disappear. The govt would attempt a debt holiday to get the economy cranking again.

        But then this should have happened in 2008.

    • Yeah, reading this and many other freedom based blogs leads me to believe that there is apparently nothing any of us can do besides cry and complain. Anyone with any steadfast beliefs is mocked and anyone who tries to take action is mocked as well. The ones who do little are mocked for inaction. We have no identity. We have no plan. We have no cohesiveness. Anyone who tries to organize is seen as a fool. Anyone who tries to plan has their plan picked apart. One might begin thinking that many of these freedom based bloggers are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      • You know my plan Brother and it’s slowly coming together…You could be a part of it…We all have a choice and what we do with that choice will determine our future…

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  3. “Functional MRI”
    Where your local school
    has a MRI operating
    on your child’s brain
    WHILE, the kid is
    “learning” the lesson.
    Just to make sure
    the parts of the
    brain that
    be lighting up,
    ARE lighting up.

  4. CA its almost like this


  5. My PT goals are to lose a bit of weight, keep pumping that iron, stay on the treadmill (it’s out of action right now with the Christmas Tree in its spot), keep doing push-ups, set-ups, and dump some more meds I’m currently taking. Keep the range thing going (mental AND physical PT) working things out with my diet regarding exercise, and work on making my vision work better. Going to try a little jogging, if those old broken ankle bones cooperate. I have this great idea for a game I call “Jump to Conclusions”. It’s……..oh, never mind.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I know some mtn trails that need packing down in the spring. 🙂

      I’m already planning some more backpacking trips thru YNP next summer, with lots of training hikes before that. It kicks my ass constantly, but you know the alternative all too well my friend.

  6. “Children Learn They Are Taught”
    As an instructor I experience empirical evidence to the contrary. 🙂

  7. When the SHTF and at the time of your highly anticipated “fail” you all should expect seriously armed warlords to come visit you. They will define who you are and they will make the current statists look like pansies. The natural state of man is to live under the cruelest of dictators. If a crueler man existed he would be dictator. Think Saddam Hussein. Be careful. We will regress to the mean. What will come is not what you think and you will pine for the old screwed up America. Work in the system to save it while you can. You will not like your warlord and he will not care how well you prepped.

    • Any self-styled “warlord” comes poking around may eventually triumph.They will pay dearly.A war of attrition.
      Hive dwellers with little work ethic,discipline and training make for a target rich landscape. The hives will strangle with severely interrupted flows of goods and services.The cannibalism in the hives will keep the warlords covering their own ass. Depictions of scenarios by most pundits are not accurate. Selco is the closest to reality. Wiping chunks of humans off yourself and vomiting while suffering from dehydration,dysentery and malnutrition will help get your mind right. A large percentage of the population will be incapacitated and useless because their cell phones won’t work.Until you have smelled, tasted and inflicted really have no fucking idea of what you are in for.

  8. Good quote, CA. IIRC it finishes thus:
    “…the Gods of the Copybook Headings with Terror and Slaughter return.”

    “…I never pay ANYONE Danegeld, no matter how trifling the cost,
    for the end of that game is oppression and shame,
    And the Nation which plays it is lost!”

    State run state funded public education is NEVER about education.
    It is NEVER about learning the truth or the facts.
    It is ALWAYS about indoctrinating the young to support Statism.

    John Dewey said so in so many words.

  9. When they scream “Tell me what democracy looks like – This is what democracy looks like,” the sadomasochists mean it.

    The time is ripe to tell them:
    “So Long Suckers!”