Selco: On Sleep

Sleep plans.

Make ’em.

Enforce ’em.

Or reap the consequences.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Daniel K Day

      Interesting report, RS, but what is the connection with sleep scheduling?

      • When 130,000 Americans go to the Middle East during an emergency, the Left loses their collective minds.

        Bring 200,000 Puerto Ricans to Florida, 200,000 Chi-Coms to California, 200,000 Mexicans to Virginia, or 200,000 Muslims to Dearborn, Michigan and you have “diversity”.

        That doesn’t cause you to lose sleep?

        Hell I bought an M1A and Ten Mags.

    • 200k more Democratic voters.
      Florida is in the Blue column from here on out.

  2. Had no end of trouble with this, almost all of it due to officers, in the Army. My first experience though, was my own and the driver of our APC (M113). Around 1976 or so, we both had had only an hours sleep in the last 72. Roaring down the road and maybe 30 mph, he was asleep in the drivers hatch, and I was asleep in the commanders hatch. The track ran off the road and completely through one of those half rock, half wood barns that are prevalent in Germany. The bottom half is rock, to fortify its foundation, and the rest is regular barn wood, from about four feet upwards. All I knew was I woke up, real sudden like, to hay and chickens and wood and whatever flying everywhere. Didn’t get in any trouble, but finally got some sleep, by order of the polizei. Taxpayers (US) picked up the bill for maneuver damage, Hey, you send me to where ever, and I get orders that allow me and the crew no sleep, you gotta pay the freight. Worked out to over 40,000DM, because in Germany, you pay for all the eggs those chickens would have ever laid, the meat their hatchlings would have provided, etc, etc, etc. The officer involved was my shit-head lieutenant, that wouldn’t let anyone ever take a break. He got a break though, right over to S-4, to supervise the pills and bean count. No German Volk were injured in this escapade, but the barn owner and his neighbors were very amused.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Verfluchten Amis!

    • Very amusing indeed…

      Bet you were thinking of Hudson’s line after that:

      “How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?”…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • That same year, 1976, while I was stationed at Wildflecken Germany as a demolition specialist I did a TDY stint as a medic for awhile. Got a call that a 113 had crashed out on Range Rd and I was supposed to take the Crackerbox out to it. The right side had locked up on the APC as it was going over a small bridge and when it went off the side it landed upside down. 2 guys were in the top hatch, 1 was thrown clear, and the other was killed instantly when the large hatch door slammed shut on him. Inside were 3 SSG’s and each were screaming about severe back pain so I had to treat them as if they had spine fractures, that means 6′ backboards. The vehicle was a mess as all the equipment that had been strapped in place had come loose and was strewn all over the place. It was quite an effort to get all 3 strapped in and out of that thing by myself. All of the injured soldiers rode a DUSTOFF to the Wurzburg hospital and the guy that was killed came back to the dispensary at Wildflecken where he was prepared for the ambulance ride to Wurzburg. At that time he only a few months left in this man’s army. Most unfortunate.

      • Froze my nuts off at Wildflecken 1968 for 30 days and nights. Could have been worse. Could have been Nam.

  3. I burned down a chicken coop.Zirconium sponge is the real deal.NAM .Good shit.I would recommend it to any aficionados of the incendiary round.

  4. Good contribution form JCD. I crossposted it.

  5. Former Para...

    A wise E-7 once told us Cherries: “why run, if one can walk, why stand if one can sit, why sit if one cal lay down and why stay awake if one can sleep.”

    Truer words were never spoken and i tried to abide by them as i made my way thru the various stages of: Basic, AIT, Jump School, Pre-Phase, then Phase 1, where sleep was precious commodity, especially the week in the Uwharrie with yourself and a rabbit or chicken….

    Sleep deprivation kills and reduces ones performance…period..

    It’s not a matter of if the effects will hit, but when and how bad…

    If all one can do is combat naps, eyes closed, knowing someone else is standing watch, those magic minutes are priceless….

  6. Nothing quite like hallucinations viewed through NVGs due to sleep deprevation. One of my more fonder memories of high op tempo training in the Army. Those desert shrubs spun, danced, and then morphed into monsters reaching for me while I was in the gunner’s hatch of a STRYKER. I actually laughed when I realized what was going on.

    Coffee, smokes, chew, rip-its (or any other sugar gorged energy drink), and rage. That’s what fuels most combat arms and combat support folks.

  7. have a full day of mental accomplishment and PT, and you

    will sleep like a hibernating bear.

    I do.

  8. White Blue Collar Redneck

    I was off by a few weeks, but I told you Santa
    was putting gift wrapped Amnesty under your yrees this Christmas.
    I know.…
    I know.…
    All of the beautifully blinding glitz of Christmas
    blinded y’all, and that’s why you’re
    getting caught flat-footed.

  9. Wuts NutinFancy doing on WRS?

  10. i stayed up for 8 straight days and nights- once. 🙂

    hookers and blow.

    i finally made it home, crawled into bed not expecting to wake-up. i slept for nearly 2 days.

    after that i learned to just say no!

  11. For 3 years I worked third shift. I was a young fellow at that time. Work week was Sunday night at 11 till Friday morning at 7. I would stay up on Friday morning till that night to get back on a regular sleep rotation. Well that was the plan anyway, recall I said I was a young fellow at the time, 22 or so. What that meant was that I would leave work on Friday morning at 7 and generally be awake until Saturday morning at about 1 or 2 when I got home from a bar. That was most weekends. I probably took more than a few years off the other end of my life and surely used up some of my luck. There were mornings that I could not remember how I got home from work. I would simply come to be aware that I was sitting in my driveway and could not remember a single thing about driving home.
    The ability of the mind to function in a semi-conscious state is amazing, but it does not function at peek levels. Its a two edge sword. Knowing how dangerous it is, I cannot for the life of me understand why we push medical interns to work shifts that demand sleep deprivation. There is no wonder that so many people die due to errors and malpractice in the ER.

  12. No sleep, no food or water, plus extreme exertion for days equals hallucinations and injuries for the squad. No comms and no evac. The last RLI training class 1978. The Rhodies had already lost and they didn’t know it. They didn’t give a crap about trainees. Step on snek, you die. Too bad. No shortage of sneks over there.