Speculation On A 21st-Century American Civil War

More than a bit optimistic.

Make sure to also read the comments by Bracken, John Ross, and others.

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  1. White Blue Collar Redneck

    Since you choose to censor, unless it’s nigger this and jew that: John Kelly Meets With Pro-Amnesty Senators – http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/12/19/john-kelly-meets-with-pro-amnesty-senators/

    Merry (Fuckin’) Christmas!
    Now, you enjoy that tea, you hear?!

  2. Read some of the comments appended to that “American Thinker” piece.

    Everybody’s got such a lot o’ fight in ’em.


    • White Blue Collar Redneck

      You are correct.
      That’s how our side tactically responds
      to the offensive (real world) crimes of
      the communists and their foot-soldiers.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Must maintain the moral high ground; can’t stoop to their level; we’re better than that……

        Repeat as needed until sufficiently soothed.
        – Right Wing “leadership”

  3. I think the American Thinker article misses a few probable events and downplays the left’s craftiness. For example they wouldn’t fight with just a pool of their “metrosexuals and social justice warriors”, they are globalists and would have no problem calling in the UN or inviting other foreign militaries to do their dirty work.
    Also we all know their concerns for many of their causes are just lip service. Their celebrities are champions of the poor right up until it involves them donating their own money or having to live near a refugee camp (see George Clooney and his family fleeing England this year as an example of the last comment). So they would NOT concern themselves with building “eco-friendly weapons” or “culturally sensitive farms”, as a matter of fact they would probably be the first to use slave labor in the form of straight Christian white men (because they deserve it after all right?).
    Don’t EVER discount your enemy or they might just surprise you.

    • The cities are indeed the key. The weaponized hoards of “humanity” are concentrated there and notice how they behave with the slightest unrest.

      This is why gun control, focusing on semi-automatic rifles, has been such a big deal. These force multipliers maintain a balance. Take away that balance and a highly motivated (read angry) hoard can do the necessary things. Look at all the Christmas “white genocide” wishes on Twitter for example.

      They have their slavery now, check your paycheck. Look at this relatively minor tax cut we “get” and their associated anger. Know what they can’t say? “That belonged to us, you belong to us.” They’ll say that right after complete disarmament.

    • Perhaps that is the REAL reason the Cook Co. Il commissioner wishes to invite the UN into Chicongo.

  4. (This is a reply to John Ross, author of Unintended Consequences, who very generously mentioned my books and essays in his comment at American Thinker, which is the top comment.)

    Thanks, John Ross.

    I’ve written five novels and many essays on this very subject, so it’s great to see mainstream Conservatism Inc. finally opening their sleepy eyes to one of the many elephants in the room. My novels have sold over 100K copies, with over 3,000 Amazon reviews, with a 4.7-star average rating. Not bad for a self-published guy with zero publishing industry connections, no friends in high places, and no MSM appearances.

    Just one essay link, if I may be so bold to post it in American Thinker, which has rejected every one of my column submissions over the past few years:

    “When the Music Stops: How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence” (2012)

    Why do I publish my essays at Western Rifle Shooters Association? Because mainstream “Conservatism Inc” (for profit) websites like American Thinker would not touch my tainted brand with a barge-pole, and I have the rejection emails to prove it. I suppose this is a consequence of being too far ahead of the curve for the polite bow-tie conservative crowd.

    A quick look at my Amazon page might convince readers of this for-profit website that I’m not to be lightly dismissed. As a gesture of my sincerity, I’ll set my Anthology of essays and my Enemies Trilogy (3/4 of a million words) on an Amazon Kindle free run starting tonight. If I’d known in advance, I’d set them to be free today, but I can only do it for a following day, beginning at midnight Pacific (Amazon) time. The Enemies Trilogy and the Bracken Anthology will be free to download all of Thursday.
    Merry Christmas.

    My Amazon author page:

    • With broad brush strokes one may fairly characterize all history as God’s people versus Satan’s people. Simple, but not simplistic—accurate.

      While the paucity of God’s people (a.v., faithful and moral people who live according to God’s instructions as best they can) is daunting, we do know how this ends.

      Ultimately/eternally the winners will not be people who worship themselves, money, parchment, private interpretations, and/or their genitals. Neither will the winners be those who transgress, edit, and nullify the Torah she bich tav http://judaism.is/torah.html and the New Testament http://judaism.is/neo-pharisees.html , not even those who cry “Lord, Lord,…” while contumaciously disobeying Him.

      Among the greatest difficulties facing God’s people will be making moral decisions while Satan’s fires rage in every quadrant.

      “And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:”
      Luke 22:31

      • Like the Kol Nidre prayer?

        “All vows [], obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”

        No matter what you’ve been promised by The Tribe, this prayer (which predates The Inquisition by 500 years), of which the above is a snippet, annuls any obligation to those not of The Tribe.

        And, yes, that means even shabbos goy…

    • Not bad at all, sir.

      I’ve purchased a couple of your books and taken advantage of the freebies a couple times, too. Great work. I think ‘Tet, Take Two’ is potentially one of the most important essays that most people will ever see. So thanks for everything you are doing. I’d love to send you a copy of my book if at all possible, or an electronic version if I can figure out how to gift them on kindle.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • American Thinker banned me for pointing out the utter hypocrisy of some of their columnists and commenters with respect to Israel’s immigration and deportation policies vs those of America, so I only skim them occasionally to see if anything worthwhile got by the censors…

      • Straight from the mouth of God Himself:

        Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15

    • thesouthwasrght

      FWIW Matt Bracken if you ever want to go catch some reds out of an airboat up around Cedar Key hit me up. That would be a worthwhile day.

      To the person who said the left would invoke the UN, I don’t doubt that in the least. I also doubt even less the horrors visited upon them once they got here.

      • You provide the entertainment I will provide the lodging. I have a home on canal in Homossassa Springs if Mr. Bracken so desires to use for a week.

  5. …Jesus …. an article right up our Canadian’s neighbors alley. Someone, somewhere must be wetting their pants waiting for violence on this scale to break out. Those who have actually seen and lived through such a thing probably think otherwise: torn bodies, starving people (kids in particular), destroyed homes, killing someone (another human being) ‘just because’ etc. leave a lasting indelible impression. But in modern parlance, it’s always easier when someone else either gets to do it or does it ………..

    • pffft.

      just another day in detroit.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      True believers in a cause rarely have problems committing atrocities in the name of the cause. After all, it’s for the greater good, and the people who get shithammered are evil because they stand in the way of that greater good.

  6. Well IMO It would break down so quickly that the first things most would see are: Mass starvation as the fuel runs out or is “confiscated”. A MASSIVE die off of all the chronically sick/weak/addicted/criminal/welfare dependent , starting in the first weeks of conflict. MASSIVE isolation as fuel stocks vanished and bridges were destroyed to keep out “marauders” ,and all communication fails that is more advanced than pony express. Like the army’s of the middle ages, both the government and “rebel” forces would devolve into looting rape gangs before the first year ended. Murder, rape, slavery, genocidal race murder, torture, theft, and general lawless, thuggish brutality would be the common coin of the land. It would become gangs of young men, led by old men, doing all the evil and perverted things that they could not do at home; And all that before the radioactive clouds from the ruptured and leaking Plutonium reactor fuel rod storage sights dotted across 3/4ths of America, REALLY turns things to shit. The nightmare STARTS with civil war and only gets worse from there. If “CWII” ever does break out. It will not be gentile. It will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy it; And you and yours are highly unlikely to survive the first year of it.——Then the SMOD will strike. Yellowstone will erupt. Everybody will launch everything at everybody else lest they get the chance and shoot first, and the devil will Laugh as he fucks TFAT up his ass for eternity.

    • IMO a civil war could only occur after an economic breakdown, and would be a regional ragtag affair. The dirt people could simply cut off the food to the cities, and would probably be forced to do so to avoid starvation themselves…Likely there would be chaos all over the world by that time, since only a handful of countries can exist without imported food.

      • Who has more numbers the city or the country? Unless you have a physical barrier between you and said city that can be defended with a few against many then you will be overwhelmed and your stuff taken…So don’t count on that plan keeping you safe from hunger…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The dirt people could simply cut off the food to the cities”

        Wishful thinking at best. The term “coastal elites” exists because the cities that are the seats of power are on the coasts; i.e., they can be readily supplied by sea, and there’s pretty much fuck-all the rural communities can do about it.

    • oh fuck you.

      the devil?

      same as goD.

      doesn’t exist.

      what exists are bad and good.

      like night and day.

      that’s all.

    • Free State Paul

      Ray, you are projecting your own incompetence onto the Government. It is much more capable at maintaining order than you are able to imagine.

  7. Seraphim of Sarov

    Depends how far we are into economic collapse when the transition is made from where we are now (Where are we now? By analogy, we are right before Bloody Sunday in my opinion). At the peak it will be Bosnia x Rwanda except unlike with Selco, there won’t be pallets of food parachuted in every week and a half.

    Probably not a lot getting done in cammies and fire teams. Probably more arson and Dexpan/Ecobust (Google it, or rather DuckDuckGo it) than ANFO (good luck detonating it without supplies from FedGov or a chemistry degree).

    You’ll be eating a lot of squirrels, and guarding your squash and potatos most of the time with your little tribe of rural neighbors.

    Offensive operations will be 400 meters plus. Defense will be CQB.

    If you’re not asking the wife for beans and rice for the The Feast of the Nativity According to the Flesh of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, then you’re wrong.

    • Those are interesting substances you spoke of. Thanks for helping me learn something today.

    • Amen on that unless of course you were smarter than the average bear and built a Community that was able to withstand the chaos by being wholly self sufficient…But that sounds to much like work for most of those here so most will be doing exactly what you stated if they are lucky…

      • and that’s why living on an island full of self sufficient folks is the best way to go. we don’t need outsiders and we don’t want them.. they are NOT welcome. it’s pretty obvious if you ever happen to ferry ride over here.
        the crew on deck already know you don’t belong here- as they all live on the island too. i keep logged on to fakebook’s island page because the crew always instant messages what’s on its way over… cops, feds, agents….

      • Lineman, when one thinks about it, if “building a community able to withstand the chaos…” is “too much work” now, while the sun shines, the birds sing, and relative freedom of association mostly ensures relatively peaceful and productive days…well, then one would know how to separate the wheat from the chaff on that basis alone…now…while the chaff still has someplace else to be. Right?

        I don’t see this circumstance as negative…this is a positive….knowing now, with whom one may form alliance, based upon first and foremost, work ethic. If they won’t do it now, we surely do not need them anywhere near our AO’s now. Right?

    • Cool stuff. Thanks.

  8. White Blue Collar Redneck

    Amnesty for Illegal Aliens – An Update
    20 Dec 2017
    Washington, D.C.
    In a comment to the Hill, Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) said a group of House Republicans and Democrats were swiftly crafting an amnesty to push for passage either this week or at the beginning of the new year. “We’ve had very good meetings here with the Problem Solvers Caucus — [Rep.] Will Hurd [R-Texas] has been working on a potential compromise with some Democrats as well, so we could see something as early as tonight,” Curbelo said.



    Anyone who would claim that they have cornered the market on human behavior in a crisis is naïve, to say the least. An opinion was offered here not too long ago that the biggest threats to our survival lie within five miles of our homes. I would agree.
    Second point which has been discussed here many times: DO NOT underestimate your enemy. Yes, a few of these ANTIFA types got punched in the nose. Then, we were seeing photographs of them toting AK’s and learning how to shoot. And, we saw how the Leviathan’s Orcs and Orcettes stood by and did nothing at Charlottesville. They will follow the diktats of those who pay their salary, regardless of their “oath” to “defend” the constitution.
    My opinion has always been this: the FUSA will continue to lurch on as long as the debt bucks keep flowing, the SNAP and EBT cards get loaded twice a month, and there are no major interruptions to the comfort zones and conveniences of the Sheeple. What happens when the music stops, is anyone’s guess. I just do not want to be anywhere near a Blue Hive when that happens. Bleib ubrig.

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    I don’t think this evaluation is overly optimistic at all.

    FYI–the up-and-coming fight will center mostly on the west coast of the current USA (to be dissolved post civil war BTW). Defeat and over-run the leftist areas on the west coast and the leftist strongholds all the way to the Appalachian Mountain will assuredly collapse.

    Defeating the west coast centers of stupidity is the key to CWII.

    Here’s what will need to be crushed–and it will assuredly be crushed easily….

    • There is no data-based reason to assume that the needed mass of trad Americans will be willing to murder enough Reds and their sympathizers – virtually none of whom will be in “enemy uniform” – so as to achieve victory.

      If there are data to support such a conclusion, please share same.


      A sad realist.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        This is what happens when you have a nation of self professed Rambo’s with AR’s. Exceptional arrogance does not an army make.
        It’s always the continual simian chest beating, until the reality sets in that you have to exterminate 1/2 the population, even your own neighbors and family, before the odds will work in your favor. And somehow, people can’t wrap their minds around that fact.

        • And it is why the Reds of both parties are winning.

          There is no credible threat to their power.

        • And an army can’t be built with random individuals scattered all over the place either…Men have to trust and train together for that to happen… Bringing us back around to what I’ve said for years now… Community is what we need to be building…I’ve been trying to do that and only a few have answered the call…We need more without a doubt but seeing the landscape I’m beginning to wonder if that hope is even possible…Merry Christmas Brothers…

          • I’m in. I live in the Texas Gulf. I have blue collar skills, college and military backgrounds. Now what? Meet for coffee? I travel for work and I am on my way to CommiePornFornia this week and may be there Christmas.

            I am a “labor organizer” in the classical German sense.

        • It’s been done before SemperFi, 0321. I remember reading something about some Loyalists being flame broiled with their families. Also hung and shot dead. That was sometime around mid 1700’s. Just saying, what was can be done again.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Keep holding your breath and hope things get better, I don’t have that much faith in my fellow man anymore.
            Human behavior pretty much stays the same, but then again, where have we ever seen such stupid and spineless behavior as we have today? Even among the much vaunted NRA/hunting masses, most don’t have the backbone to actually use their weapons against other humans, that’s the NRA’s job! It’s all based on talk and money, not hard action.

    • lastmanstanding

      Love the map Shinmen T.!

      Missoula Island…went thru that commie shit hole today.

  11. Heads Up:

    Nothing is a coincedense…

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Listen to a two hour interview with Robert “Cody” Snodgres at Caravan to Midnight.com. on December 5th. OMG…I can hear the howls from the hallowed halls of patriot myths, just thinking about what was stated in that interview.

      Seems as though me and thee run in similar circles.


      • A day or two ago on The Hagmann Report too.
        Iceni26AD, you did hear the newest video above right?
        I once heard it is good to have bad ass angels checking in.
        Paranoia is good, if kept under check.

        Then again, nothing like the full armor and shield of God

        • I am listening to it now. I have caught a few interviews with Ole Demmagard on CTM. He has quite the operation as well. So far, he has been able to stop about 10 or so “terrorist” actions, by making public the clues left at prior actions. His record is better than all the alphabets, since the only ones they “catch” are the ones they recruited.

          I hope Cody is the first of many “bad ass angels checking in.” At this point they have a better chance than ever before, since I believe there are more “ports from the storm” available now, than ever before.

          This is going to reach a crescendo…from what Cody has said, he’s not paranoid…he’s a realist.

          That armor and shield is without compare.

          • your god is worthless.

            you could pray to take a shit and it won’t deliver.

            pray all day and all night everyday of your life, and still nothing….

            but, you morons still believe.

            there is no hope for the human rats.

  12. Ray, I think the phrase you were looking for is, “it will not be gentle”, gentile being anyone who is not Hebrew. Ayee. Anyway, I HOPE that’s what you meant. I agree with your analysis. By the type of humor you used in your comment, I believe you are some kind of ex-GI. But a good comment, and accurate. No one DOES know. And I too think it will be horrific, no matter what side you’re on. Those that clamor for cruel war and all it’s attendant horrors have neither seen it, nor are they willing to participate. And I also agree with Ross, it will resemble the Spanish Civil War.

  13. CA, I know what you’re talking about, all it takes is some one with the will strong enough to do what needs to be done.

    • Top, I hope trad Americans have the stuff. Gonna be a lot of bad dreams for a lot of people.

      God bless you and yours. Keep getting stronger. Merry Christmas.

    • And with enough men to accomplish it Sean… Without that it doesn’t matter how great a leader is…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s also going to take someone who can lead, and when necessary, restrain; plus thousands who can provide supplies and shelter. It will also take thousands/millions who know how to keep a society functioning, both during and after.

  14. Sorry @Sean, That was what my wife refers to as “another godawful pun” . It makes reference to the old testament. Where G_D commanded the warriors to bash the babies heads on stones “It will not be gentile” I.E. Biblical genocide like that committed by the Hebrew’s against the Cannanites (spell?) And Yes The military did warp my humor somewhat. It is a defense against the horror of discovering that war is all the things that you were taught as a child were evil, and you are REQIRED to join in.

  15. Not sure what we on the “good guys” team are calling ourselves today (only to have that label mocked tomorrow), so for now I’ll stick with the “right vs left” monikers. If y’all don’t know what I mean by those, then we’re fucked, because not only are we not organized, but we can’t even communicate using the same language.

    Anyway, the “left” is likely to fire the first shots in whatever war is coming, because they are WILLING to do so, while the “right” is usually not willing to. So the left waits and plans, plans in order that their first shots need to be their only shots. They have a lot of federal agents, state police, county deputies and city cops who are, above all else, order followers. They will knock on your door and take your stuff, and if you resist, they will kill you.

  16. Who don’t have civil war on their minds?
    Vox posted about the possibility.

    Civil war in the USA

  17. Free State Paul

    IMHO, the leftists in big, coastal cities will have a huge advantage should Civil War Two go hot. Why? Because most big coastal cities are ports.

    It’s insane to think the rebels will have any sort of Navy. While individual sailors might defect, crewing rebel ships of any size/complexity will be impossible.

    With control of the seas, government forces will be able to import all the food, fuel, weapons and allied soldiers it needs from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Government priority will go to keeping supply lines open to inland cities.

    Likewise, it’s insane to think rebels would be able to keep any hi-tech aircraft operational for long. “Fly-Over Country” will be just that.

    I’m presupposing the leftists can keep their inner city colleagues under control. If they can’t, a rebellion might have a chance. Otherwise, Big Brother wins.

    • No quite as easy as it seems for the Feds either. Large portion of refined fuels originate out of TX/LA and overland by pipe. Much of the supply chain for aircraft parts is southern. Blow up a Very Large Gas Transport tanker and it will be like a mini-nuke going off, the terminals flattened. By whatever means deny access to the Mississippi River and much of midwest industry will dry up in short order.

      The other consideration is foreign meddling. It might be highly advantageous for the Chins to support the insurgency with the expectation of getting better deals down the line.

      • Free State Paul

        Chinese will back the US Uniparty government 1000%. They already do now, why back American patriots who hate them?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “It might be highly advantageous for the Chins to support the insurgency with the expectation of getting better deals down the line.”

        Might want to run that theory past the Polish Home Army. Any foreign power looking to come into CONUS would either side against any rebels, or stand by while any rebels got wiped out. Let all the folks with the will to resist (and all the leaders of any sort of resistance) get themselves nice and dead before they come in, rather than having to do the job themselves after.

    • Ever cross your mind as to why the Navy has been deployed far away from their home ports for the last year or so?

      Can’t be that big of a threat from the North Korean 1st, 3rd, 9th and 23rd High Seas Fleets, nicht war?

    • Northern Gunner

      Cut the power and it does not matter if “they” have the coasts or not.

      • Free State Paul

        You obviously don’t know anything about coastal cities or the US power grid. What are you going to “cut off”? Especially when the full might of the US military is protecting it?

  18. JBryan you got it right, we are fucked. Well and truly.
    There is a whole mess of people that need the sweet meteor of death, and we are to timid to deliver it. It is a terrible thing that no matter how much we hate it, it has to be done. Like putting ole Yeller down. I dont want to do that.
    I think that I can do it when faced with it but I really dont have any thing to base that on.
    I marvel on a daily basis at the level of common stupidity. We all have our stupid moments, but for most of us they pass and we move on. I guess I have just been confronted lately by multiple people who have demonstrated a cascading sequence of stupid decisions that resulted in their “misfortune”. They were all left wide eyed and dismayed that it had happen to them…
    I shake my head and roll my eyes but I know that these people are representative of the mass of people that will die in the short term when the great correction happens.

  19. Jeepers there is a lot of piss and vinegar over in the comments there – and here.
    I spent 6 months in Sarajevo in the 90s, so I have a pretty goddam good idea what a civil war looks like. It ain’t pretty or civil in any way. I pray for peace on a regular basis and I hope that such things never happen here.

  20. If the US were fall into a CW then I suspect it will start CWs in just about every first-world nation, simply because all are on the brink of war. Clearly, it’s not a freak of timing and coincidence all first-world nations have the same serious issues at the same time. We can thank the globalist cadre and infiltrators at all levels of government, business, religion for that. But this is a different chapter in the same book. If global national CW breaks out, as mentioned by others, the economies would collapse. Who would pay for those shipments to the coastal towns? Nobody. What would remain of advanced societies (capable of maritime commerce) after the CW and collapse started? Certainly not an advanced society. Inviting the UN in would only work if the US CW were isolated, but again, I doubt this will be the case.

    Again, I think the reality is global, national civil war. Any thoughts?

    • Daniel K Day

      Agreed. I suppose it is less likely in the countries whose governments have the tightest hold on impoverished populations.
      I’m less afraid of the Chinese or Russians if events kick off a CW here than of the county and our immediate neighbors.

    • Randolph Scott

      This is a world wide issue.There won’t be any CW’s but rather Gang/Thug vs Citizen wars. The evil is world wide and those worshiping and practicing the evil want us to kill each other off. The point is to kill as many people as possible in each country.This looks like it will be population control, on a biblical proportion.
      We live in interesting times, the end times. We should feel blessed to have been chosen for this time.

    • Free State Paul

      European CW is a joke. Euro males are unarmed pansies. If US CW were to go hot, NATO would be intact and more than eager to come to US government’s assistance. They could probably recruit Moslem volunteers to help crush the Rebellion.

  21. People have to condition themselves for this. If you’ve never been in combat or haven’t been for a long time, Re introduce yourself to the horrors. A few places to look are Borderland beat and Blog Del Narco. Review some of the decapitations and dismemberment and execution videos. Don’t wait until you have to shoot some commie in the head and hurl all over your friends.

  22. It’s Santa season! Perhaps that’s why so many of these analyses claim the coastal cities will be able to import stuff despite a city tax base which produces only government-mandated paperwork and retail. No farms. No heavy industry. Noot anything a foreign land would want to trade energy or food for. Santa will deliver stuff without human effort to produce it.

    • Free State Paul

      The US Government would pay for food, fuel, arms and mercenaries with US dollars. The dollar may drop in value, but the US government would just print more. The US dollar is the only game in town when it comes to world finances.

      As long as the US government looked like a winner (which it would be) the dollar would be King.

  23. Paulo, thank you for the correction. I do appreciate it. CA, right back at ya, and Merry Christmas to you and yours and all who visit here. I mean it. G*d Bless you All.

  24. CA, The truth is that you are pretty close to right with your assessment, most will turn up their piss soaked bellies to whatever master comes next just to survive, real freedom means making hard choices and then living with them. If you haven’t read the book Defiance or the other name was Vandenburg, it gives a pretty accurate description of how easy most will roll over. Dated and not sure that we will be occupied by another country, but the attitude of the people is spot on. I have seen enough of war in the last 30 years to last me a life time, I wish only to homestead and be left in peace, somehow though I suspect that will not be the case.

  25. Some of our League of the South members just returned from a weekend of hard core self defense training Monday.

    I’ve been to two of them myself, plus combat handgun training by a Front Sight certified instructor times two.

    My neighbors, some of them that is, are on board with defending our AO with road blockades and rifle fire.

    Growing food and long term food stocks are laid in, water resources identified, and so forth.

    While we only live 18 miles from Little Nigeria, they have no resources near my bunker.

  26. Cities will fall to siege warfare, same as always. Turn off the electricity and watch it drown in its own sewage.

    • Free State Paul

      Not coastal, port cities.

    • Wow, only one person here even thought of electricity as a factor but failed to realize that its loss would affect all sides.

      If your civil war “strategy” only involves your Chinese made generator and whatever gasoline you can siphon from vehicles in your AO, then you’ve already lost.

  27. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  28. There will be no civil war.

    Civil War is defined as two political powers contending by arms for control of the government.

    There will be no civil war in the US because there are no two political powers getting ready to square off. You have the government on one side, and then you have the musket rattlers, with no political organization, meaning no political power whatsoever by any stretch of the imagination.

    Russia survived the Soviet Union. France will probably survive its goddamned Republic. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that the US will survive its Constitution.

    If widespread violence breaks out in the US it will be nothing but brigandry and anarchy. It will be a breakdown in order — but that is all it will be. It will not be a civil war.

    Lots of talk here about violence against the “oppressive government.” [I hate this government more than you do… But I hate it in its core principles, you only hate it because it is not subject to your will.] Lots of yearning here for armed rebellion. Lots of bluster about how fearsome the “armed populous” is. Pff… Been hearing that shit for over 30 years.

    So, OK. Go ahead. Start shooting.


  29. Well, that certainly was a conglomeration of various opinions. Representative of course of 98/99% of the population. it’s gonna suck being the other 2/1%. BTW, when, and IF it happens, it will not be a Civil War. It’ll be a free for all conflagration.

    And I am really surprised, you of various opinions, can’t figure out how to limit, especially in the case of the coastal cities, their migration inland. Once you have that figured out, act on it, then draw back, mind your own business, and let the rest take care of each other. Let the die-out happen. As for the walkers, let them walk. They’ll either starve out, or cannibalize each other. Let the die-out happen and be a ghost as much as possible. Then, you can worry about your… worthy opponents.

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  31. All of you are wrong about massive conflicts.

    It would be Violence.

    Huge Time Out for everyone.

    Then people would have to retreat back to California, New York, and Return to the homeland. Like Mexico, China, Africa, Middle East, and South America.

    After that we would just be red necks in the hills. Then, in 10 or 20 years, the robots designed by people(former “Americans”) who hate Americans show up. With millions and millions of soldiers.

    China and the Middle East has completely empty cities, they were not built for their people, they were built for our “new Americans”(Paid for by them and us too) . They were also built as a backup for the liberals in New York, California, DC, Miami, Paris, London, and Berlin . In case of a full evacuation due to us being super, super pissed off. I also suspect the smarter, wealthy (less inbred and retarded) muslims are gonna kidnap women and take their newly minted war brides. The inbred retards will stay to fight. Same the the Hispanics.

    This is why the left wing, and deep state, is so fucking arrogant.

    Bracken was “right” in saying the plan is to light a match and walk away.

    He is also correct when he says we are entering a new Industrial Age, but he neglected the reverse colonial age aspect.

    Have no doubt. “Refugee” and “civil war” are terms they chose for a reason, and those reasons are two sided.

    Robots and Retards are the enemy.

    Buy AP 5.56, LR .308, .50 BMG, Buck Shot(Drones), Bird Shot(Drones) Seeds, Seeds, Grains, Grains, Salt, Salt, Sugar Sugar, Spices, Spices, Alcohol, Alcohol.

  32. What worries me the most is the “right” side bringing “God” into it. Few seem to possess the rational skillset to parse just how bringing “God” into it has exactly gotten us where we are. Until a critical mass of people are capable of reasoning through how (((they))) have captured and destroyed us, time after time, by just this “God” principle, there is not much hope here.
    Now, in a pinch, or a foxhole, would I prefer to have bible-thumper to a raggedy-arse hippy pagan, yeah probably so. But expanding out to the super-macro level, it just won’t get done with “God.”
    Better writers and thinkers than I have parsed all this and written it down, but, nowadays, you might have to search a bit to find it. Try R.P. Oliver and Ben Klassen for starters.