Culper On The War Of American Dissolution

Read it and think.

Do you have enough armed, trained, provisioned friends with hard hearts and brains?

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Google Memphis mayor statute.

    • The south was right. In part.

      Libtards: we were founded as a white country.

      May every white person responsible for bringing African slaves to America burn in hell. They committed the crime of the Millenium. The victims of that crime are the white people alive today. My children and I are the victims.


    • Bringing African slaves to America and then freeing them was a horrific crime committed against all white people living in America today.

      Just imagine what we could be in a 100% homogeneous white country!!!!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Just imagine what we could be in a 100% homogeneous white country!!!!”

        Even that’s pretty fanciful. Whites have been pretty good at slaughtering each other for religious and cultural differences. Hell, just look at how well the English, Welsh, Scots, and Irish have gotten along throughout most of their history, both as to their own and as to each other.

  2. To answer your question, no.

    I’m fucked.

    • We are all fucked. The Africans infest every city. We can’t divide by states or regions anymore.

      A different solution might be needed.

  3. murka needs to be nuked into the stone age.

    • Dumbass.

      If you get your wish, the whole world goes with it. Enjoy your descent into barbarity and madness. And the unseen but ubiquitous radiation, everywhere, even in your imagined island haven.

      You’r worse than the enemy. You know what’s happening and you won’t do a thing to oppose it but cower under the bed and fling monkey shit at the wall. How you think you can stand outside of it all and survive is beyond comprehension.

      If you don’t expect, or wish, to survive, why appear here in every damned thread screeching about it? Envious that some of us have other plans? Like making our present lives and out inevitable deaths count for a little something… y’know, apart from money and pussy?

      You really are a pathetic, soul shriveled little coward.

      C’mom now, genius….devastate me with, “Go lay down old man,” or another of your hackneyed cliches. Show the boys watcha got……………

      You come make me, dickbreath.

      • you’re just a scared frail old man.

        light this fucker up and see what happens.

        that’s what i say.


        • Yet you’re the one running way, who thinks he can hide from the terror he invokes on everyone else.


          • you’re just a broke ass stuck in the middle of it.

            i can see the writing on the wall.
            murka will get what it has been giving for soooo long….


            keep preying to your fake goD. it won’t do a thing. some god you have there. lol

            be sure to thank the troops for protecting your freedumb.

  4. There is some pretty good discussion in the comments section of the referenced article. Both John Ross and Matt Bracken are active in the discussion.

    I too disagree with the author more on focus than on content. I don’t think he really touched on how internal conflicts become a race to the bottom with both sides committing brutal acts that would likely be much less prevelent in a conflict between “regular” militaries.

  5. Look at failed states, and see how they fail.
    Nothing, and nowhere in history, does a gigantic black hole form that sucks all of reality down into itself.
    Some areas are relatively unscathed, at least by violence.
    Others are apocalyptic hellholes.
    Most fall somewhere in between.

    Expect the same in any future difficulties where you are.

    Baltimorons, Chicongo, Bahstun, DC, and NYFC could expect a rather rough time. Dallas, Miami, Buffalo, not so much.

    I doubt we’ll see anything like a civil war, as such.
    What we’re liable to get is things working less, or not at all, especially in areas where the margin between functional everyday life and disasterpiece theater is thinner than others.

    There will be shortages. Areas that can’t be served by the central government, federal or state, and require more of that 24/7/365, will degrade.
    Areas with lesser reliance on Big Brother will fare much better.

    Human interactions and governance is called politics. Politics is getting along with everyone else, to the maximum extent possible. War is a continuation of politics, by other means.

    Everybody lately likes to yak about DeepState. That’ll be every federal, state, and county employee, in all likelihood, not to mention the dependents of same, and retirees tied to their pension paychecks.
    That’ll be every retired cop and firefighter, and every former bureaucrat, every retired teacher and administrator from K-Ph.D.
    That accountability list is getting pretty fucking huge at this point.
    Add in all the people (snowflakes, airheads, useful idiots, entertainment do-nothings et al) who don’t think like you do, and it’s approaching 50% of everywhere. Or worse.

    Those of you in tax-haven Red State heaven may find you have one helluva lot more pension teat-sucking fifth columnists than you imagined, all of whom have, as their first interest, the maintenance of the entire status quo, who won’t be subscribing to your newsletter, marching in your parade, and will likely dime you out given half a chance and any enticement from TPTB.
    And they’re in your AO, and they all get a vote too; either at the ballot box, or via Rule 308. You have a limited option-set for accommodating them or exterminating them, and every choice has its pros and cons.

    Functional society lives in a very narrow pH range between totalitarianism and anarchy; anyone who thinks they’re going to yank the lever very far in either direction and fix everything by killing everyone who disagrees with them will pull the walls of the trench onto their own head, whether we’re talking political power, legitimacy, or getting zipped into body bags. Which all tend to be fairly correlative, especially in sportier times.

    There ain’t gonna be no Grand Strategy where you carve out a Redoubt, a New South, or a Flyover Paradise.
    Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

    Ask a Milosevic what happens when you try.

    If you’re very lucky, you may have a coherent state (as in One of the Fifty), and one that has your best interests at heart. Worst case, it’ll be coherent, and want you dead, gulaged, re-educated, or whatever term of art applies come the day.
    Most folks will have a county, or a few counties, with roughly similar interests. Large counties, with geographic barriers, may devolve to civilizational outposts, surrounded by No Man’s Land areas or varying functionality.

    In short, things are liable to look more like the Wild West than the Walking Dead.

    Things will become better, and worse. Rougher, simpler, meaner, and more focused on your choices and day-to-day existence. There will be bandits, savages, and brigands in the wastelands. They’ll all want to come to the bright lights of the city for all the reasons folks do now, and did then.
    But there aren’t likely to be front lines; scores will be settled far more personally, in back alleys or bar room brawls. Some people will try and build industry and commerce, and the order of civilization and prosperity.
    Others will try to burn it out, rob it, and subjugate it. Like always, everywhere.

    This, boys and girls, is why we study history: lessons from Deadwood, Tombstone, or the South Side of Chicago circa 1930 will have as much to do with reality then as now.

    Expect devolution, not revolution.

    This is why how big your ranch is, and how many ride for your brand, and our host’s none-too-subtle reminders of local, Local, LOCAL should be your guiding principles.

    If you’re in unfriendly territory, you aren’t going to take down the next Hitler or Stalin. But you damned sure better know how to get around the local goon squad, know who your friends and allies (and the collaborators) are, and plan for monkeywrenching bad things and bad people to the extent of your capabilities.

    Or, be prepared to hide, and ride things out.

    A nighttime partisan (or twenty) can make it through.
    A known outlaw, enemy of the state, or a refugee, is one step from a cattle car, and oblivion.

    Plan accordingly.

    As an added bonus, the ability to get along in rough times confers a lot of skills and capabilities that also work if, contrary to likelihood, things do go all apocalyptic at some point.

    Nobody survives on a desert island unless they’re actually that isolated and alone.
    Everywhere else, you have to deal with things slowly getting shittier.
    If people really wanted things to get that way, they’d either cut the cord now and withdraw, or start instigating the collapse.
    Neither of those are in any evidence, to date.

    You can assume that means people either like things as they are, or would prefer them to be better.
    Work to make them better, while preparing for them to get worse.
    And don’t get all butthurt when your wildest fantasies don’t happen.
    You won’t get what you like, and you won’t like what you get.
    Invest what you have to in order to get to the other side of bad times, and invest what you can spare to stave those bad times off for as long as possible.

    We had about 50-60 years where that wasn’t so much the everyday struggle it was for the other 6000 years of recorded history.

    Coffee break’s about over.

    • My hat’s off to you if you got that done in fifteen minutes.

    • Not bad for a coffee break!

      That’s about as good a general overview and prognosis as I’ve ever seen, and relatively succinct as well. Covers the bases, common sensibly and accurately, skewering wishful thinking and sacred cows with equanimity and economy.

      Should be read, analyzed and assimilated by one and all. Spread it around, stand alone post, linked viral-ly.

      Thanks for another gem, Aesop

    • Majority of essay was spot on especially regarding the reoras that work for/subsist via the parasitism inculcated by the parasite class.

      “..Human interactions and governance is called politics. Politics is getting along with everyone else, to the maximum extent possible. War is a continuation of politics, by other means…”

      No, human actions, when they are NOT involved with the parasite class and it’s insanity isn’t called’s called anarchy/voluntarism and it happens all the time because it’s NATURAL for humans to act that way..any trip to your nearest grocery store or other business where people peacefully interact to openly trade for what they need or want in either goods or services proves such.

      ‘politics’ is the pseudo religious ritual activity that followers of the cult of ‘gov/authority’ utilize to give the world’s most dangerous superstition a toilet paper thick aura of legitimacy…which hold up about as well as dampened charmin when seriously studied and put to the test via critical thought and common sense.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    “Do you have enough armed, trained, provisioned friends with hard hearts and brains?”

    More importantly, do you and your friends have access to foreign supplier(s) for weapons – especially heavy weapons, munitions, and all manner of supplies? Do you also have significant reserves of manpower, enough to keep everything running while still putting sizable numbers of troops in the field? Because you’re really gonna need both of those if you want to have any hope of winning.
    – The Croats

  7. Waiting in line at Wally World..The National Enquirer beckons. The best print media coverage regarding the ongoing shenanigans of the Clintons,FBI and other sordid characters belongs to that rag.Men in Black was right.
    I was under the mistaken impression that the “game” of Dungeons and Dragons had unceremoniously entered the dustbin of history. It morphed into some fucked up(losers) game with costumed characters actually living in a matrix induced world.Trekkies on crack.Dipshits take it seriously.I asked them what they were.They seemed offended.This is too fucking easy.Back in the day, I had to put in some effort to offend people.
    A fair amount of the people were certified Walmartians. Nice enough..stumbling and mumbling through life. I hope to fuck it’s not contagious.
    Decades of dumbing down,propaganda,pharmaceuticals,bad parenting,shit diets,TV,alcohol,organized religion and slovenly behavior. The genuine hard-core realists are fed up with the horseshit. You will know when it is okay to fuck with the dirty commie bastards. Fire in the sky will be the messenger. Keep your eyes open and your powder dry.
    Holder,Obama,Maxine and the other agitating shiftless niggers are about to ramp this motherfucker up. The first people they are going to jailhouse ass-rape are the responsible black folk.Can’t have uppity niggers on the plantation. The spics hate the pavement apes.It won’t take much to get that pot stirred.Whitey better have his shit wired tight.Your skin is your uniform.

  8. want a colorful depiction of civil war, read or re read Turner Diaries. Anything short of that books content, is a simple purge.


  9. The timing of things will be a large determinant of the outcome. Right now, the timing of things in in the hands of our enemies.

    Have a merry Christmas, if for no other reason than because the new year is full of major uncertainties.

  10. If you surrender your spirit and embrace the gloom, then they’ve already won. Carry yourself like a 16th century outlaw pirate because whether you realize it or not, you’ve already been branded as one. Might as well enjoy the ride. My ancestors blew their faces off with grenades to avoid capture and to fight their enemies ability to track down their families for retribution. If that thought doesn’t fill your heart with good cheer I don’t know what will.

    Thanks for the post and Merry Christmas!

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