Another Gaze Into The Future

From a reader:

Look at failed states, and see how they fail.
Nothing, and nowhere in history, does a gigantic black hole form that sucks all of reality down into itself.
Some areas are relatively unscathed, at least by violence.
Others are apocalyptic hellholes.
Most fall somewhere in between.

Expect the same in any future difficulties where you are.

Baltimorons, Chicongo, Bahstun, DC, and NYFC could expect a rather rough time. Dallas, Miami, Buffalo, not so much.

I doubt we’ll see anything like a civil war, as such.
What we’re liable to get is things working less, or not at all, especially in areas where the margin between functional everyday life and disasterpiece theater is thinner than others.

There will be shortages. Areas that can’t be served by the central government, federal or state, and require more of that 24/7/365, will degrade.
Areas with lesser reliance on Big Brother will fare much better.

Human interactions and governance is called politics. Politics is getting along with everyone else, to the maximum extent possible. War is a continuation of politics, by other means.

Everybody lately likes to yak about DeepState. That’ll be every federal, state, and county employee, in all likelihood, not to mention the dependents of same, and retirees tied to their pension paychecks.
That’ll be every retired cop and firefighter, and every former bureaucrat, every retired teacher and administrator from K-Ph.D.
That accountability list is getting pretty fucking huge at this point.
Add in all the people (snowflakes, airheads, useful idiots, entertainment do-nothings et al) who don’t think like you do, and it’s approaching 50% of everywhere. Or worse.

Those of you in tax-haven Red State heaven may find you have one helluva lot more pension teat-sucking fifth columnists than you imagined, all of whom have, as their first interest, the maintenance of the entire status quo, who won’t be subscribing to your newsletter, marching in your parade, and will likely dime you out given half a chance and any enticement from TPTB.
And they’re in your AO, and they all get a vote too; either at the ballot box, or via Rule 308. You have a limited option-set for accommodating them or exterminating them, and every choice has its pros and cons.

Functional society lives in a very narrow pH range between totalitarianism and anarchy; anyone who thinks they’re going to yank the lever very far in either direction and fix everything by killing everyone who disagrees with them will pull the walls of the trench onto their own head, whether we’re talking political power, legitimacy, or getting zipped into body bags. Which all tend to be fairly correlative, especially in sportier times.

There ain’t gonna be no Grand Strategy where you carve out a Redoubt, a New South, or a Flyover Paradise.
Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

Ask a Milosevic what happens when you try.

If you’re very lucky, you may have a coherent state (as in One of the Fifty), and one that has your best interests at heart. Worst case, it’ll be coherent, and want you dead, gulaged, re-educated, or whatever term of art applies come the day.
Most folks will have a county, or a few counties, with roughly similar interests. Large counties, with geographic barriers, may devolve to civilizational outposts, surrounded by No Man’s Land areas or varying functionality.

In short, things are liable to look more like the Wild West than the Walking Dead.

Things will become better, and worse. Rougher, simpler, meaner, and more focused on your choices and day-to-day existence. There will be bandits, savages, and brigands in the wastelands. They’ll all want to come to the bright lights of the city for all the reasons folks do now, and did then.
But there aren’t likely to be front lines; scores will be settled far more personally, in back alleys or bar room brawls. Some people will try and build industry and commerce, and the order of civilization and prosperity.
Others will try to burn it out, rob it, and subjugate it. Like always, everywhere.

This, boys and girls, is why we study history: lessons from Deadwood, Tombstone, or the South Side of Chicago circa 1930 will have as much to do with reality then as now.

Expect devolution, not revolution.

This is why how big your ranch is, and how many ride for your brand, and our host’s none-too-subtle reminders of local, Local, LOCAL should be your guiding principles.

If you’re in unfriendly territory, you aren’t going to take down the next Hitler or Stalin. But you damned sure better know how to get around the local goon squad, know who your friends and allies (and the collaborators) are, and plan for monkeywrenching bad things and bad people to the extent of your capabilities.

Or, be prepared to hide, and ride things out.

A nighttime partisan (or twenty) can make it through.
A known outlaw, enemy of the state, or a refugee, is one step from a cattle car, and oblivion.

Plan accordingly.

As an added bonus, the ability to get along in rough times confers a lot of skills and capabilities that also work if, contrary to likelihood, things do go all apocalyptic at some point.

Nobody survives on a desert island unless they’re actually that isolated and alone.
Everywhere else, you have to deal with things slowly getting shittier.
If people really wanted things to get that way, they’d either cut the cord now and withdraw, or start instigating the collapse.
Neither of those are in any evidence, to date.

You can assume that means people either like things as they are, or would prefer them to be better.
Work to make them better, while preparing for them to get worse.
And don’t get all butthurt when your wildest fantasies don’t happen.
You won’t get what you like, and you won’t like what you get.
Invest what you have to in order to get to the other side of bad times, and invest what you can spare to stave those bad times off for as long as possible.

We had about 50-60 years where that wasn’t so much the everyday struggle it was for the other 6000 years of recorded history.

Coffee break’s about over.

Just remember:

When the ground transportation lines get cut to starve out the Reds (or the Reds cut them to blame on the “patriots”), everyone is gonna be hungry, angry, scared, and mean.

Use what time remains to bump your odds higher in such a situation.

73 responses to “Another Gaze Into The Future

  1. After a couple of huge ambushes set up in warehouses, the various three letter agencies will cease their explorations in certain areas, most of the southern states (sans Atlanta and the like) for example.

    It will have to happen some, like the near future sinking of two or three US aircraft carriers deployed where they’re not wanted.

    • Randall Flagg

      Speaking of Atlanta… WTH happened at ATL the other day? 11 hrs of no electricity, because of some electrical fire, and not a single photo available showing at least some smoke? I call BS. And what about the talk of there being a single flight that just happened to take off somewheres in the middle of this so-called blackout? EXFIL?

      • Years ago, when I was an air traffic controller, I worked with a man who’d been ATC at Hartsfield (ATL). They had a power outage, from some sort of contruction, which killed the radar for ATL. This was in the late 1970s.

        He and several others drove down to Atlanta Center which is near Griffin, Georgia, and used their radar. Center radar is long range and turns much slower than terminal radars do. He said it was excruciating to wait for the sweep to come around so he could see if the aircraft had taken his instructions.

        There’s no such thing as “won’t happen again”.

      • ambiguousfrog

        Exactly. What’s the purpose of redundancy if it’s co-located? I learned that in the software I support. There’s a lot of construction going on at the periphery of the airport, that was my first thought when the lights went out. Someone hit a cable? Terminal Diversity or a casualty of? Use each of these events to learn something. The news cycle is so fast it’s getting to a point we never circle back around for the end result. Vegas anyone? Some of it I feel is by design because it has a negative/positive psychological affect on you. Is it designed to wear us down because it’s so rapid and overwhelming. Airport blackout and Tacoma train derailment, you almost can’t keep up. Its becoming desensitizing on a daily basis.

    • Who will kill and kill
      again, if they can
      not see a political
      solution/end to this

      Western Civilization has
      only a crust defense,
      if it broken it is game

      Unless Trump has
      a few bright ideas.

      But is Trump a
      leader, or just
      a real-estate

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    now that I know a lot about the nice stuff the reader mentions, when can I learn a lot about any bad stuff coming down the pike ((sarc))

  3. just plain todd

    sure don’t see much to disagree with. sounds about the best estimate yet of what is, and will probably be.

  4. “Or, be prepared to hide, and ride things out.”
    There is no place to hide and riding this out is not an option.
    The end will leave untold collateral damage behind laying in pools of blood.
    There will be a civil war the world has never seen, and never will see again.

    I agree, “coffee break is over.”

    • I’m talking about hiding in plain sight.
      As opposed to thinking you’re going to win the war in one volley, or by Christmas, and then everything afterwards is roses and cake.
      The nail that stands up gets pounded down.
      Blend as long as you can.
      Be ready for fight or flight, if that becomes no longer a (literally) viable option.

      If you have a Zombpocalypse Secret Doomsday Bunker, totally self sufficient for years and unfindable, good on you.
      For reference purposes, the Soviets ran things in Eastern Europe for nearly 45 years. The ChiComs are still a going concern over 65 years later. That’s a lot of crackers, salt pork, and toilet paper to cache.

  5. One 16 year old French girl, and three of her school chums, drained the oil out of the trucks under every third rail car in her AO, and froze the French rail roads for six weeks. 500 men simply building large fires at the right spot could stop all road and rail traffic over an entire state, and maybe several states. Two men armed with sniper rifles could shut down most airports. One guy with the right rifle could shut down the power grid for decades with less than 200 rounds. The US Army says that there have never been more than 1000 active Afghan fighters at any one time; 25 years and counting later. For 90+% of America, You have seven days from the last delivery of food/fuel/water/medication. Even for PREPERS you only have till the TP, ammo, and noodles run out, then it is every dog for himself. It DOES NOT TAKE AN ARMY to fuck up modern civilization, and once broken Government “authority” (services) is/are damn difficult to restore. Be careful what you wish for. None of you are in any way ready for the shit storm that an actual breakdown would bring on. Look around you. Everything you see could be gone in 14 days, and it would only take a handful of crazy to do it.

    • “”Two men armed with sniper rifles…”
      Could do a lot of things, all of them very disruptive in a given geography.

      Twenty such teams could tie up the entirety of the gun-carrying federal enforcement machine. Indefinitely.

      Two hundred such teams could, by themselves, make demands upon the federal establishment which could not be ignored – for political and economic reasons of overwhelming import.

      Those 200 teams, with 500 to 1000 partisans actively supporting them, could completely paralyze the enemy establishment at all levels, and flip the political equation for an entire generation.

      What could we do in a generation to restore sanity and liberty? I’ll leave that to your healthy imagination.

      As for taking down the grid – touch it not, or our world will surely go, not with a bang, but a whimper.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        “Two hundred such teams could, by themselves, make demands upon the federal establishment which could not be ignored – for political and economic reasons of overwhelming import”

        FYI–in such a scenario, there will be many more that ‘two hundred teams’ —there in fact will be literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands (at the minimum) of “Militias Of One” (or two or three) out there wreaking havoc upon THUGFOR. Bracken’s “What I Saw At The Coup” comes to mind with the lead character describes how ‘their side’ was targeted by the ‘men with rifles.’

        The III% Movement will actually become more like a 5% to 8% movement…. so figure this percentage out of 350 million. Also figure this percentage out of California’s population of 39 million–and they say that these “blue areas” would be difficult fo overrun and control.

        The targets of FREEFOR’s venom will include figures from the political (local and higher up), media, Hollywood (and all their physical installations BTW), radical legal-types, radical activists and so on down the line.

        In many areas it will be uncentralized and uncontrollable (by THUGFOR) by any means, even will all their high-texh, force multiplying gizmos and computers–even with the introduction of foreign troops (very unlikely).

        This is how it will unfold at first–then more and more focused organization (political and military) will come into play with FREEFOR.


        • Jimmy the Saint

          And, of course, there would be no reaction the other way – it’s not like the Provos and INLA were matched blow for blow by the UDA, UVF, LVF, RHD, etc., to give but one example.

        • Agreed. It will start small, but it won’t stay that way. And once the ‘growth spurt’ takes hold, there will be nothing THUGFOR will be able to do about it – as with any Partisan movement (Ireland, The Balkans, Pakistan/Cashmere, etc) there will be no central authority against which to easily apply their force-multipliers of mass surveillance and overwhelming manpower. And so the more they try to make nails of us, they more they will prove that they are nothing but a very big, very dumb hammer. And the more collateral damage they cause, them more people will turn from a passive simmering hatred to actively warring against them.

          The table is already set, the guests all seated at the table. The forthcoming meal, though it will be a horror, is inevitable; because neither side is willing to leave with an empty stomach.

          The time for detente has long passed, the time for bloodshed not yet upon us. Each side waits, poised like lovers – or like murderers – in that vast undefinable moment between the desire and the spasm. As T.S. Eliot plainly spoke –

          Between the idea
          And the reality
          Between the motion
          And the act
          Falls the Shadow

          For Thine is the Kingdom

          Between the conception
          And the creation
          Between the emotion
          And the response
          Falls the Shadow

          Life is very long…

          Life is indeed very long in this moment. And men, like dice, cannot read their own spots. But still they roll for the sake of chance and destiny.

      • I was not suggesting that someone SHOULD. But that someone COULD ,if they knew what and were , take down the grid. It is an unguarded target and anyone reading the FREEFOR comments in these many blogs would know that there are more than a few who comment herein that shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.

  6. While good points were made.. I belive there was at leats one thinking error in this essay….I for one will not be tied to TPTB despite a gov’t pension. At some point who you are matters most….. the vast majority vets who receive a pension will not be “5th columnists” for evil just because they get a pension. Bribery only works if the recipients looks at it as a money for his loyalty. Most of us dont.

    • My question is how does one receive one’s pension if electronic systems are down and the mails don’t run??

    • Here’s a point of disagreement for me with the OP:

      “Human interactions and governance is called politics. Politics is getting along with everyone else, to the maximum extent possible. War is a continuation of politics, by other means.”

      The purpose of politics / government is looting. Please cite me an example of a government which didn’t function primarily as an agent for looting the masses. There is no “we can have a good government. There is no good government. Government is by its very nature corrupt, and the reins of power will always be sought by corrupt / corruptable men, sociopaths, etc. As soon as there are “leaders”, these “leaders” exempt themselves from the “laws” which are enforced on everyone else. “Leaders” make it possible for you to be forced to pay other people to live.

      We cannot fix this by fixing the government. Government cannot be fixed. It can be destroyed, and then we can start over, knowing full well that eventually we will have to destroy it again before it destroys us.

      The purpose of politics, as sold to the average Joe, is to enable people to get along. But that is not its true purpose. Its true purpose is looting, enabled by an absurdity known as “the legal monopoly on the use of force”. Can anyone imagine such power existing and NOT being abused? To even suggest such is inexcusable. Politics is the OPPOSITE of getting along with everyone else. Politics is me using my vote to point a gun at you and take your shit. Period. That’s not what I’d call “getting along”.

      War IS the continuation of politics, violence-backed looting merely on a larger scale. Why did we invade Iraq? So we could loot it; Rumsfeld said as much. What was the first thing the Germans did in France? They looted it, they stole literally everything.

      Proponents of government = proponents of looting.

      • You live mentally in AnarchyLand, a land that has existed nowhere and for no era in history to any good effect, nor for long enough even for anthropologists to study it.

        Government is civilization, because the two immutable laws of history are that
        1) people only prosper under mutually agreed upon rules, and
        2) some people at all times, and all people at some times, never work and play well with others.
        If you disagree, show your work.

        Anarcho-Utopia has never been, and never will be, because of human nature.
        Hence the caveats “That government governs best which governs least.” and “Government is fire; a dangerous servant and a cruel master.
        But fire is ever a needful tool, since the mists of pre-history.
        Hence the fireplace bricks, and the burner dial on your stove and furnace.
        You will figure out a way to live without any government at all about the time you figure out how to live without fire to warm you, cook your food, and forge the things you need to live.
        IOW, never.

        Like Oscar Wilde negotiating the price for sex with a lady, the fundamentals of the arrangement are no longer a topic for serious debate.
        The point is how little and circumscribed a government you can manage and tend, in order to secure you a viable civilization, without letting it grow like kudzu into The Monster That Rules Your Every Waking Moment.
        The last century plus (or so) has been an experiment on what happens when the monster gets out of the laboratory flask.

        Cue the raving rabid fantasists like Jim Klein, et al, who would deny those realities, but can’t deny the consequences of denying those realities.

        An anarchist is simply a madman, and rabid dogs get put down by the prudent since time immemorial. If you want to retire out of range of civilization, like to the uninhabited tundra or the Siberian forests, to practice such anarchy in a state of nature, be off with you, and good luck.
        Hobbes assayed your lifespan-to-be well with the phrase “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”
        Any attempt to interact with society within rifle range without walking on your hind legs and accommodating the local custom like a human will be treated like a wolf roaming free inside city limits. Judging purely by all recorded human history.

        • A masterful summary. I would simply add that that Libertarian Theory of the Person, namely an atomic, irreducible individuality, is used strategically by the Left for open borders: Individuals are everything and have every right to go wherever they want in search of opportunity. There are no Peoples – and of course that means there are no real nations either, but that is left unsaid. And of course, the Leftists don’t really believe in the Individual as such, but they are masters of using anything that advances their Cause. And that it happens to be an idea completely contrary to their real beliefs and more, actually coming from their opponents, simply sweetens the pot.

        • You’re no different from any other swamp-creature.

          You would have a world in which it is YOUR preferences which are imposed at gun-point.

          Don’t worry, all will be well, when “Aesop is made King”.

      • Libertarian “corrections” about every dialogue that involves the word government have reached the level of tedious public masturbation.

        Humans are herd animals whether you like it or not.

        You might as well go and explain the non-aggression principle to a bear.

  7. I agree 100% with the above, and this view is the shitty devolved “semi-dystopian” future I’ve been writing about in my novels.
    My short story “Alas, Brave New Babylon” is a worst case scenario. Your reality will fall along the spectrum. Review the CW2 Cube, and consider moving to a safer corner, should things sideways.

    • “.. and consider moving to a safer corner, should things sideways.”

      Right! Leave it up to the Chinese
      and Russian Governments to
      carry forth the torch of
      individual rights into
      the next 1,000

      Trump successfully invaded
      the White House, and
      STILL, the best plan
      wrsa writers can
      come up with
      is retreat
      to the

      “Today the Russian rulers are inhuman realists. Communist ideology, thanks to Lenin’s instrumentalist vision, has both feet on the ground, though its soul is as black as cinder. Therefore, in the struggle for power, victory is still open to the communists because they know how to subordinate all other considerations for the sake of winning. But look at what wins: total nihilism, total destruction, and a government which crushes all human values under its heel. And what of our side? What of the Americans? We have an evil eye for victory and place many frivolous considerations high above it. This merely illustrates the danger for those who place phantoms like absolute good and evil, humanity, love, or ideal peace, at the center of their world-view. What never occurs to the absolute moralist is that an unrealizable good, at the center, castrates the whole. This can be avoided only if good intends victory by means of a judicious collaboration with lesser evils. Man must adopt a somewhat blemished, compromised standard, which is the best that can be arrived at under the circumstances.”
      Jeff Nyquist

      You CAN vote your way
      out of this, start in 2018
      and leave the bigger
      victory for later.


    • “The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” – Sun Tzu

  8. hmmm. looks like a highway map of the carolinas with distance between major towns. would be useful for a lot of planning scenarios. east-west interstate meets north-south interstate in that region. along with communications and pipelines. can you still get those at a gas station/truck stop?

    • Maps? Maybe, at mom & pop stations, truck stops have road atlas’s which have a lot of useful Intel/info.

      Disuse has befallen because of “Google maps.” And “Map Quest.”

      • If you, your wife, or neighbors are members of Triple A, you can get very good, up to date maps. There are some city maps available, too.

  9. Seraphim of Sarov

    Aesop is spot on.

    As an aside, I wonder if the Williams brothers featured above are going to be actual G-Chiefs in the actual Republic of Pineland when the actual shit hits the fan?

  10. On one hand things look pretty dicey. There’s a hell of a lot of federal actors looking over the precipice of going total tyranny on our arses. On the other hand is that guy called Donald Trump who saved us from having to wage a civil war against the Leviathan run by a psychopath in a pants suit over our rifles and penis’s. It was pretty close.
    I count my blessings.

    Its the federal actors which concerns me. Gary Hunt’s posts are rife with the Lawlessness of the armed badged leg breakers literally making laws, changing truth to fantasy, on the fly, changing everything and anything to threaten coerce imprison and kill all who refuse to comply.
    Its about power & fear.
    They walk this walk, talk this talk, have an entire permanent deep dictatorship behind them, which enables and justifies their every action.
    But here’s the thing.
    Civil war is going to start with these fed actors with guns. Every agency has a “law enforcement” division. They are above any law, they are fabulously equipped, the fact they run lawless to begin with says they have absolutely a fucking shred of care who they imprison or murder.
    I’m thinking because they are crazy enough to kill so many American’s from Ruby Ridge to LeVoy Finnicum, they are crazy in the way they might just try to create their own government. Because once your literally putting political hits on enemies of your power, whats starting your own little banana republic?
    Sound far fetched?

    Read Gary’s posts. They are numbered for easy reference. The one thing which stands out is the scale of lawlessness in these fed departments of “law” enforcement.
    And remember, just who it is and why, they are enforcing the diktat from on high.

    I think the deep state is like an octopus, it’s tentacles are in everything. That these sociopaths and psychopaths are just going to stop being such?
    Murder is a cold bitch. Once you commit it there is no ever going back. When entire agency’s sanction it the cover it up, well if that ain’t enough ficking crazy and insane, I don’t know what else would be.

    They have the means, the mentality, the reasons and motivations. What was all those billions of rounds of ammo for? The thousands of “PDW’s” with short barrels top notch mil spec optics and select fire stockpiled for? Imagine what other preps when budgets are all but unlimited?

    A civil war, where at the end you come out top dog is the natural outcome of what do men with power want?
    More power.
    They don’t care about who they imprison and kill now.
    Why would a civil war be any different.
    Just more killing.

    • 23 years of reporting “the misdeeds of government” would make a shockingly large body of work, I think.

      Interestingly enough, Gary Hunt, Matt Bracken, Aesop share a common perspective. I wish I had a label for it, but it is more an impression than a specific, nameable thing. They each have a kind of faith in government, or at least the idea of what they believe government is, has been, and can be again.

      I have referred to it as “optimism” in other posts. I don’t think it is optimism, any longer, but rather a less informed view of government’s aspirations than should be. Don’t get me wrong…I have spent many hours proof reading for Gary, appreciating Aesop’s majestic wordsmithing, admire and support Matt Bracken, especially in more public forums like H and H, and CTM. I like each of them, and have learned from all of them.

      But I cannot agree in total with this reader’s prediction, nor do ringing endorsements of same cause me to reconsider…no…those endorsements cause me discomfort…because some of the best among us have either missed or omitted critical insight into the tactics strategies and acts of those who mean to rule.

      • Aesop predicting that anarchy will never work because it never has before is like predicting in the 1950’s that man will never walk on the moon. When before in history could half the humans on Earth pick up a phone and talk to each other? Do you think that has military utility? How much tax is going to be collected when drone swarms are cheap enough to be Christmas toys for preadolescents?

  11. 173 Viet Vet

    Kudos to “F” for stating an obvious but overlooked fact in this otherwise important article that gazes over the horizon (into the future).

    Guv-meant pensions will be of no value because when the SCHUMER-Hits-The-Fan, our inflated fiat currency will rapidly hyper-inflate and be of no value for anyone. So loyalty to the guv-meant on account of receipt of pension is a red herring, a non-sequitor, an irrelevant fact. In fact, the failure of guv-meant pensions to buy what one thinks they ought to buy will become the catalyst starting the rioting, rage, rampaging and raping. And once ithe conflagration starts, inflation will skyrocket along with violence.

    I do agree that receipt of guv-meant pension during economically prosperous (or the appearance of economically prosperous times) does make the sheeple more subservient to the guv-meant diktat and media propaganda. However, the thrust of this article is about what is to be expected during times which are not economically prosperous…

    • True enough.
      Tell the class about the country where currency no longer exists, and for how long such a state lasts.
      Germany never abandoned the mark, even at the depths of Weimar collapse, and even Venezuela and Zimbabwe have currency. It’s just worth jack and squat elsewhere.
      So as long as the government is delivering some value to those with nothing otherwise, to that extent, those with no other income option be beholden, to whatever degree, to those who dispense such largesse.

  12. A valid assessment of whats to come.

  13. A new development likely to ruin some Christmas holidays of nefarious players as well as message giving heads-up to others needing purge…

    • Randall Flagg

      And not one American on that list. Granted, if they did, it would be about ten times longer.

      • I could be wrong in my thinking, but I believe many on this list come back home with familiar names connected. Could be a distinct message to those involved. We could likely name them with unsurprising accuracy….

        This could be more revealing than we think.

  14. We can always count on Aesop for vibrant thought and backup ideas. A trip from LA to Huntington Beach may be impossible in the near future. Time to up our thinking.

  15. I disagree only with the likelihood of gulags and rail cars. There will be a perpetual shortage of food in this dystopia, and it will not likely be wasted on enemies….I strongly agree that monkey wrenching will be the way to go against the forces of tyranny.

  16. The Walkin' Dude

    I know some rail lines and bridges in my AO that will be cut off when the time comes to starve the GMDA (Gibs Me Dat Army) and their coproach protectors.


    The folks on pensions are definitely a factor, especially in the Blue Hives. Yes, you will find some, such as yours truly, who have never followed the herd and have planned for trouble. Some vets and a few retired cops, firefighters, and paramedics can be counted on. The vast majority, not so much. And, if you factor in all of the “educators” both retired and working, you have the deck stacked against you. I found that out, to my regret, after I settled up here in Rawles Land.
    Social and economic resets have happened throughout history. Human beings survived. Some even prospered. No one here in the FUSA can accurately predict when or to what degree the meltdown will happen and how bad it will be. Planning, prepping, and situational awareness are as essential as breathing. And for those of us who do follow the Good Book, the trust in Divine Providence is also a factor. I have witnessed this in my life on numerous occasions. Merry Christmas to all. And, God Bless Us. Everyone.

  18. Ray, Matthew, and above all, Culper, hit it right on the head.

  19. If you haven’t seen this yet, it is worth a read. It explains why leftism is so popular, even (or especially) in “our” own government. It explains a lot, actually:

    • Status of White Males
      – is not translating into
      a population explosion
      of intelligence.

      Thanks for link though.


    • Splendid piece.

      And, I figure it extrapolates nicely into the areas of Military and Law Enforcement.

      When the whole of your status and privilege depends upon your loyalty …. well, it doesn’t take a genius to predict how you will behave.

  20. Misses key points, like the blessings of diversity, the effect of technology and the unique psychology of the situation. The really mind blowing crossroads here are the mass psychological effects of unlimited information through technology. The rest, we’ve seen before. When uncle Sam’s checks won’t clear, it will be a power grab. The same thing happened in Russia, ex-KGB walked away with the best stuff.

    The top guys only care about getting the keys to the vaults. They’ll let the little people Kosovo x Rawanda each other all day. The Zombies Apocalypse is still on, as is the new Mexican-American war.

    • Russia works in Russia.
      Not so much in a country with upwards of 600M firearms in private hands, and a culture attuned to using them, given a proper invitation.
      Which existed in Russia never once in recorded history.

      The “top guys” here will play ball with everyone, or they’ll get the bat shoved up their @$$#$. Followed by a tumbrel cart ride to a noose on a Liberty Tree (or convenient lamppost substitute version). I have yet to meet the human neck that was immune to a little therapeutic stretching.

      Those who acquire a taste for tyranny should go somewhere else, because we in this nation have a distinguished history of ending such, sooner or later, and with finality. Those who ignore that reality do so at their mortal peril.

      Those who think some other sections of the country somehow removed from this truth should ponder the medium upon which the diversity right here accords with that truth, and similar ones have done likewise going back some three to four hundred years.
      Despite attempts to water down the bloodline, we remain the people that came here because we were thrown out of every decent country on the planet, because we wouldn’t knuckle under and kowtow.

      That’s not a bowstring a wise man would pull back thoughtlessly.

      • Still not getting it,

        Diversity + Proximity = War

        The USSR was able to dissolve relatively bloodlessly because of Stalin’s National-Communism. He didn’t create “melting pots” and left nations as they were, for the most part.

        From Wikipedia;
        “Yugoslavia was a STATE CONCEPT among the South Slavic intelligentsia and later popular masses from the 17th to early 20th centuries that culminated in its realization after the 1918 collapse of Austria-Hungary…”

        Yugoslavia was a multicultural proposition nation dreamed up by college professors that abruptly lost its socialist nanny state when the USSR dissolved. Sound familiar?

        Every city, state and almost county in the USA is a multicultural “melting pot.”

        Diversity + Proximity = War

  21. I’ve never seen a group of people such as those who post here who are so consistently wrong. I’ve been saying this for years that your little scenarios are not going to happen in our lifetime. All of you keep forgetting that they can print and print and print their way out of this mess for decades.

    • Wiemar x 1,000,000.

      Or is that a trillion????

    • The Feds can, in theory, States cannot. More and more States are essentially bankrupt and will not be able to pay police and fire fighter pensions. The Fed would have to double it’s debt load to temporarily bail them out.

      The USD might not be the first to go. The Chinese real estate bubble could burst. Eastern European countries may leave the EU and the Euro could collapse.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “All of you keep forgetting that they can print and print and print their way out of this mess for decades.”

      Assuming nothing else changes, they can do it for some time, yes. But that’s the thing – the world is a dynamic place, and sooner or later there will be a system shock of some kind – the classic black swan event. True, it may never come in our lifetimes, but then again, it could come tomorrow.

  22. Great comment. My only $.02 FWIW would be to replace every instance of “there will be” with “there are now”. It’s real in many of the hives, most of the plebes slumber on but if you’re switched on you should be leaving. Hell you should have left if you can. Prayers for those who can not. May God protect you.

  23. The nature of South Dallas will not make that particular city immune to urban violence. Coupled with the pension mess, the LEOs would probably just say ‘F it!’ and walk off into the woods.

  24. Lt. Greyman, NVA

    If I may respectfully disagree.

    Dorn is the model, plus what we learned in Iraq. A single man with a rifle can utterly lock down a large city. Dorn was pursued by every officer in L.A county at a cost of 2 million a day (overtime and extra) not counting Federal Authorities.

    Using Washington State as an example, imagine a hundred or a thousand Dorns locking down a city for months, forcing exhaustion of the local authorities and a complete collapse of the local economy. Think chemical explosive railroad derailment as in Tacoma multiplied with a small amount of Uranium or radioactive waste mixed in the ANFO on every major rail line, bridge and Port, plus IED’s at critical locations.

    Entire container loads of ANFO going off in the Port Customs waiting area. Super expensive military aircraft suddenly developing 50 caliber holes, forcing a repair/rebuild. The entire western half of the state cut off, while simultaneous explosions cut power lines coming over the Cascade mountains.

    White Men have many options

    • Dorknob actually had multiple counties tied up, but that was only because his escapades lasted barely a week, and he was minimal concern to average folks, his beef being with The Cops.

      And hundred or thousand assclowns start taking down power grids and road systems and planting IEDs, and the average citizen will take to hunting them to the last man, with a passion and efficiency the police state can only wet dream about, and in about that same week, there’ll be 1000 dead @$$holes’ skinned hides mounted on barns and garage doors from hell to breakfast, and their teeth will be sold at roadside stands as souvenir necklaces. If the former owners are lucky, they’ll be dead before the removal begins. And they won’t be too finicky about worrying over collateral damage, or getting some innocent along with the guilty.

      The guerrilla swims in the sea of the people.
      The guerrilla who shits in the people’s fish tank will be served for lunch the same day.

      Peruse a few videos of Antifa jackholes blocking traffic, and getting used as bumper toys by pissed off motorists getting to work or home for the day, and then imagine that level of retaliatory rage on crack and ‘roids the day you fuck with their A/C and a fridge full of food for your agenda.
      They’ll have a license from God to kill anyone culpable, and then go after their wives and kids, just to drive the point home, and the authorities won’t interfere until after they’ve had their fun decorating local bridges with the body parts of the deceased. If then.

      You shoot at a black and white, or take out the power lines to city hall, and most folks will leave you to your own fate.
      You take the food from their kids and the power from their homes, and they’ll track you down with torches and pitchforks, and laugh at you while their dogs pull your throbbing intestines out of you while your still living eyes watch.

      The only monkeys that’ll get wrenched will be the unpitied jacktards who forget that lesson. Even if they have to burn down the entire rural half of the state to be sure of getting you all.

      Best pick your fights a helluva lot more carefully than that.

      Ask the residents of Dresden circa the mid-1940s how that whole “bombing London” and Vengeance rocket programs worked out for them.

    • You mention Improvised Explosive Devices, but fail to note the version of one-shot “guerilla artillery” being provided by the Iranians recently: Explosively Formed Penetrators. Max range can be 1000x the diameter, and a spear of metal plasma does a nice job on standard plate armor. The Persians send this kind of tech because it’s cheap, fool-resistant, and was developed by Germans and Americans during the era of actual effective military research when the smartest guys worked on weapons, not on Wall St.. 2 will fit in a school bookbag (#10 can size) and can have any kind of aiming and firing system. Who needs .50BMG, unless extreme precision and follow up shots are essential?

  25. There is a factor that will change everything. Maunder minimum approaches and Cold is coming. It will shred society as the Northern and Midwestern part of the US becomes desolate. Crop loss, and famine will effect everyone. The cities will be a kill zone, and marauders will be on the move. Massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions add to the misery. By 2025 it will be apparent to everyone.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yes, the cities are T-totally fucked, which is why they’ve only lasted about 10,000 years. Cities have weaknesses, yes, but they also have strengths.

    • actually no, this isn’t going to happen. I’m not a climate alarmist and do not believe that human produced CO2 is having any effect; but I have been watching this sun’s cycle since it started and it has not had a big enough effect for the amount so far to turn this into an ice age. the winter’s should be getting increasingly bad and crops should be increasingly worse, but that is not happening except in isolated cases.
      eventually the sun will affect life seriously here, but that is not going to happen in this cycle or it would not be able to be denied already.

  26. “Those of you in tax-haven Red State heaven may find you have one helluva lot more teat-sucking fifth columnists than you imagined…”

    True, but most of them leave Alaska on retiring. Over 88% of the people who move to Alaska, leave by the seventh year living in the State.

    So that Alaskan “fifth column” is or will be in your AO aseop.

    But look at the bright side…we are one of the happiest States.

    • True enough (although I suspect most returnees from AK settle in the PNW, not down hereabouts).
      Except for every resident there being automatically on the government’s nipple since forever.
      The only saving grace is many of them are, of necessity, a good bit less pussified and/or socialist than a lot of folks in the Lower 48 to begin with, even with that.

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  28. ‘Ol boy in his excellent piece of thoughtwerks here just described modern-day Black America and the places that they have overtaken with their numbers, culture and dependency to an absolute TEE.

    What his piece then suggests (to me anyway) is that hardship, scarcity, deprivation, tensions, politics, sorrows etc. could eventually drive America’s current sustainment population (the people who work, think and play by the rules because they’re better off doing so) to devolve into the kinds of people who are currently butchering each other by the bucketful in Chit-cago and St. Louis on a daily basis.

    And if THAT is the case, out current ghettoes will then have to sink even further on the civilizational and evolved socialization ladder; perhaps to the point of modern-day Moghadishu or Tripoli???

    Either way, once WE sink so low that we cannot produce enough here to maintain even the veneer of modernity….something worth preserving order within…it’s over. But the savages among us who are already at an apocalyptic-level day-to-day existence will still be breeding, will still need to eat, and will still come after us to round-out their grocery lists.

  29. late to this pessimistic post party but anyone who has read about the downfall of rome can see the usa and western civilization is following the same patterns. corrupt govts, debasing currency, immigration changing the country and over extended military defenses.
    you would think all these smartees in DC would know about rome’s fall and guard against it, but I suppose it was much like roman’s elites; as long as they get theirs; the hell with the everyone else.