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  1. So far I’ve admittedly read the first several paragraphs only, but the authors thinking revolves around NK leadership being rational. What if NK leadership is NOT rational?

    We have all been witness recently to a great deal of pronounced irrational thought and behaviour, to a degree which I suspect most of us have found unfathomable. And that behaviour has occurred in the west, among a large group of people who have been told their entire lives they are special snowflakes. What do you think the leader of NK thinks? Does he think “regime change” is even possible? It only takes one nutbag at the top to cause a shitload of pain, as America has repeatedly demonstrated. Rummy told us the people of Iraq would welcome us as liberators, remember?

    Is Kim simply playing the unpredictable nutcase in order to gain leverage (something Trump clearly is doing himself)? How many tens of thousands of other people’s lives are collateral damage?

    Anyway, back to my point. Trump Derangement Syndrome is as much evidence as anyone should need that there is a disturbing level of fuckedupness lurking just below the surface in many many people. Does Kim give one fuck about the possibility of regime change?

  2. I have been telling everyone for years that North Korea is a “paper tiger”. Their military is antiquated. 75% or MORE of it having been manufactured before 1970. There is NO proof that they have working nukes as it is easy to fake an underground detonation. The much ballyhooed “170000 cannons” are again, almost all pre 1960 , and no one knows if the ONE THIRD of them manufactured before 1945 (some before 1940, several hundreds before 1920) actually fire. Basically, North Korea would last four to seven days, IF they don’t fuck up and release WMD and get nuked by the US with full UN approval . Then it is “all over but the crying” on day? when the bomb(s) go off .

  3. In 1972-73 I spent 13 months with the US Army on the DMZ northwest of Seoul. I was air crew on a UH-1 and we did lots of of patrols up and down the DMZ as well as providing taxi service for the ground troops. I’ll first of all say that was the coldest winter I’ve ever spent. Second, it’s extremely mountainous. The area is practically straight up and down with narrow valleys that would limit moving equipment to very narrow channels. Even using aircraft, attacking mountain side emplacements would leave the attacker vulnerable. It would be an infantry war and there’s no telling how that would go. Not sure what the best answer is but the Norks would be a tough nut to crack.

  4. Hey, dump…
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