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  1. robroysimmons

    I got booted off some BS peak oil site for merely asking what the consequences of their policies would have on the poor, so yep that tweet is correct

  2. Xlnt. Just happened to be having that discussion with someone the other day. Vocabulary always welcome.

  3. Excellent use of a picture of the most worthless Canadian in decades

  4. Michael Dean Miller

    Canada… it just sucks in all the gayness.

  5. Who is this guy again? Really, a legitimate question…

    • That would be the Prime Minister of Canada, quite possibly the most sniveling, virtue signaling, fragment of fecal matter, north of the 48th, parallel.

      • ummmmmm……might have some disagreement here on this site. If not the ‘most sniveling’ in Canada, at least number two ……….. and you know who I’m talking about ……..

        • But, but it’s -56 degrees there. And he’s rich. And the island natives adore him, name their papooses and boats after him then give heap big tributes of venison.
          That guy?

  6. Justin is a mattress stain at best. That the Canuck’s elected that shit weasel shows that heading north over the border is NOT an option. I pray that like our own nation, them Canadian hills hold many polite folk who disagree with this commie and know how to kill things.

    • Lots of annoyed people here, and they’re not located in the urban centres,

      • I here ya robins…we here in Alaska are considering building a border wall (😁) expecting a mass immigration surge of Canadians fleeing rampant Trudeauism. We’ll only except Yukoners, Albertians and NW Territoritorians who’s Provinces we plan on annexing when the time is right to do so.

        And just for the record, we Alaskans cherish global warming and want more of it. CO2 is considered Holy.

        MAGA…make alaska great again!

  7. And yet, and yet, these morons walk around still, breathing our air, and breeding.

  8. Roland Deschain

    A pic of Bill Nye, the Fake Science Guy would also be appropriate.