Buppert: Cold Zero – No Weapons Laws

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  1. If infringers could just grasp the simple truth that criminals don’t obey the laws and no amount of additional attempts to restrict the freedoms of law abiding citizens will ever change that fact.

    Perhaps an oath to protect and defend the concepts in the Declaration of Independence?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They grasp that fact most intimately. Indeed, they count on it. Their plan is twofold: (1) disarm society; (2) failing that, create rules which can be used at will to deal with people they don’t much like.

    • Oh but the infringers do grasp criminals. They are themselves made from the same cloth. Thats the grift. The only rule is there are no rules. For Them.
      For who violates their own “laws” with impunity?
      The discernible difference between these two kinds of criminals is one doesn’t hide behind it’s own rules in order to protect themselves from the wrath of those they foist such man made contraptions of power.

      The infringers are now at the stage where they must do everything to survive their own illegitimacy. Their entire construct of raw naked power is in a crisis. They being at a stage in this crisis of legitimacy have all but wore out every instrument if centralizing that raw naked power to themselves. They have reached a point where the use of threat of force is now the use of mass violence in order to maintain their subjects compliance to the illusion of power.

      There is a very large problem underlying their efforts to impose their power.
      It is very simple.
      We have guns.
      Lots and lots of guns.
      In particular the wildly popular musket of our day, not to denigrate in any way all the other very fine small combat arms, is the finest instrument of small citizen infantry tactics conceivable. A remarkable weapon in its adaptability, ease of modification, lethality, accuracy, portability and handling, its practical effective range, and the abundance of ammunition magazines and sighting options it has created like no other weapon ever devised. The AR15 combat carbine.
      The AR along with the Russian concept of small infantry weapon, are called “Assault Weapons” by the power elites because they are conscious that everything could indeed boil down to these fine small combat arms used to “assault” them for what they are doing to us.

      For everyone concerned events have evolved into a Mexican standoff. Make no mistake about. There are many of us who understand perfectly what is at stake, ironically something we share in common with the infringers. They can not risk open revolt by small arms. Once that pandora’s box opens their is no stopping what comes out till it decides to stop.
      Everything going on is about guns underneath the illusions and subterfuge. It all revolves around guns. Because guns are the great equalizer. Like the handy AR15. It is a game changer, the physical manifestation of the ultimate expression of power of withdrawal of ones consent in the hands of the person who wields this small combat rifle.

      It still does not change the dynamics of the gun in all things. The combat rifle is politics by other means, just as war for the infringers is politics by other means, or I should say extension and expression of that raw naked power.

      What it boils down to is not what laws are just or unjust, but who has the power to enforce or power to reject man made law. Natural law is just that natural. It can not be changed. Only denied by those with the power to do so. And those of us who refuse to comply to those man made laws.
      Thats is the battle of our time. It actually has been the battle since the ink was put to parchment creating that instrument of centralism and new born regulatory fiat & tyranny.

      So here’s all of us every day Joes & Jetta’s with our “Assault Weapons”, stock piles of ammo, gear, and small unit infantry training. Our mindsets, our knowledge, our hopes and fears, our precepts of liberty our ideas of freedom, and how to live and prosper by them, keep our loved ones safe, our property secure, our very lives not forfeited to the whims of the infringers.
      We are legion. We haven’t quite reached the stage where we could be called a political entity, because for a myriad of reasons, we do not exist, only as white mad men going full on postal with our “Assault Weapons”. The very idea we are decent thoughtful, conscious people who only really want to be left alone, not too much of the fruits of our labors extorted from us, and at least that prosperity is spent on good things which contribute to a good safe happy life.
      Its not much we ask of ourselves.
      And then we pick up our combat rifles, rack the bolt to check our chambers, put this pinnacle of infantry weapons up to our shoulders, look thru our sights, and we wonder, is today the day I have to use this instrument of liberty, and pull the trigger.

      But nooooo. The humble hopes and desires to only be left alone to our happiness, even that is turned into a crime by some insane twisted circular logic it makes us The Enemy.
      Now convenient.
      Now if we did not have this property, and that right there is the first thing, our rifles are our property, property just like, no more no less just like our homesteads we worked our butts off for. if we did not have this property, our combat rifles, does anyone really believe we would be here today? Right now? Free to speak our minds, share our concerns, exchange enlightening perspectives? In a word exercise, our freedom of congregating and expressing ourselves?
      Would WRSA exist?
      Would you, or you, or I exist?

      I will state for the record, NO.
      No, if for no other reason I believe it is exactly because so many of us own one of these fine combat arms and have the rational notion with all we see going down with the absolute utter disregard for law and order, the unparalleled lust for raw naked unlimited power, the hubris of those who would deny me my rifle the moment they knew it was possible without starting the mother of all armed civil uprising, that is there any question really, one day our rifles will be used to deny and destroy the enemy of our prosperity and Liberty.

  2. I would suggest but one requirement — that the owner of a given weapon demonstrate to a recognized expert that they are proficient in its use of given type. i.e. practical display of use. Written tests mean squat in this situation. No other regs.

    • Competency. Similar to physical “driving” test. The thing is
      who is doing the testing, best – examination?

      Two thousand eighteen, coming right up 🙂

      New year resolution – MOAR alert and crispy,
      after all, we love snap, crackle and pop.

      Love & Teach one another – The Good News
      “God loves, but also rebukes”

    • Why?

      The only one that has to prove proficiency with any personally owned weapon is the owner of said weapon, and that is to himself or herself alone. He/She DOESN’T need to do so with any “official” of any nature to be able to own or use whatever he/she has, as it’s not up to a second party what an individual may own.

      One DOESN’T ask ‘permission’ to be Free and to own the tools to keep one Free.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The world is full of boneheads, and as we’ve already seen thru the drivers license testing, getting licensed does not mean you’re a proficient driver. I don’t like the idea of being shot by an idiot any more than you do, but yet we get in our cars and drive the roads with idiots every day, including the so called experts.
      I have refused to ask permission for decades, why start now?

    • Who regulates the regulators and “judges” of
      Oh yeah…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Think of all the shyster lawyers and judges, quack doctors and dentists, hack contractors, etc., that are out there – they’ve all been licensed as competent by “experts”.

    • joe tentpeg


      And squeeze.

      There. Fixed it for ya.

    • So you want us to go back to asking permission? Wait, I’m a little confusious here……..either I have Liberty or I don’t. Either I make the decision to own a gun and protect me and mine or I am back to “Please Sir! May I have another bowl of porridge??” I will stand up for training as that makes a gun owner more proficient, accurate, and educated. But, if the same gun owner wants to wait until the SHTF before trying to load his weapon…….well that is the gun owner’s choice. I live in California, where we have more “experts” per millimeter than any other place on earth; except Europe. And these experts are no neither “recognized” nor “proficient”. But for a few hundred under the table, you can get “expert status” too!

      • Never mentioned anything about permission, nor that the govt be involved. There are professions all over that set standards of competency that do not involve government. Like say the PE stamp that engineers possess.

        So why even bother? To eliminate the truly incapable. Either by mental of physical defect you can’t operate the weapon without blowing your toes off. No it won’t eliminate criminals, or psychopaths, as they would find some way to bypass the process.

        So what would be the incentive for a gun owner to do it at all? I can think several but I will leave that for the reader as a exercise.

    • Gun safety needs to be taught. Youth programs are a good place for teaching proper gun handling. All of the laws are an attempt to correct problems with society. Having children taught the right thing from an early age will fix the problems.

  3. I go so far as to say that we should not have a class of people in this country called “ex-felons”. If criminals are sentenced rightly, those that return to freedom should have “paid their debt to society”– IN FULL. They should at that point be treated legally as though they had never offended. I have said that the man freed after serving a sentence for armed robbery should get his gun back.

    My response to those who disputed me (“we can never trust someone like that with a gun again”) is, “Well then, we’ll have to make armed robbery a capital offense.”

    Since armed robbery involves at a minimum displaying a weapon and threatening harm with it, I’m OK with that….

  4. “And no, a Federal national reciprocity law for discreet carry is not in the interest of private small arms ownership. Even the JPFO is getting this wrong.
    No law is. Ever.”

    Hey, I get that they don’t have the right to dictate it. I’ve been doing it regardless of laws for a long time and it just happens it’s legal now everywhere I go. But I don’t get how having CC everywhere in the country is worse than what we have now. Am I missing the point here?

  5. Since most of reference rant was a bunch of simple assertions without any logical structure, I assume I can do the same. I assert that the number of laws is proportional to the morality of the populace. A strict full on perfect Christian population needs no laws as they follow the law of Christ. A population of Islamics, atheists, fallen Christians or Jews and libertines will rapidly create hell on earth if somebody isn’t behind them with a gun to enforce their behavior because they can’t do it themselves.

    • ghostsniper

      Hopefully, this will be the saddest thing I read today.
      Cuck much?

      How in the world did people become so spineless?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Oh my, aren’t we the holy one.
      Religious fanatics also fall under the heading of nutjobs with guns.

    • Northgunner

      “A population of Islamics, atheists, fallen Christians or Jews and libertines will rapidly create hell on earth if somebody isn’t behind them with a gun to enforce their behavior because they can’t do it themselves.”

      All you’re doing is callin for the creation of a group of power hungry sociopathic narcissists as a gang to supposidly protect you from the aforementioned group you fear (the islamics ARE a existential threat, I’ll agree – I as a Neo-Pagan anarchist AM NOT a threat..unless you attempt to aggress against me and mine..”Don’t Tread On Me” and I won’t have to “strike” you with my Fn-Fal..live and let live…simple right?).

      Creating a “Free society” by coercing them with a gun…sounds like something mao or stalin or lyndon larouche would think of…along with gulags and killing fields. pol pot tried that too as did che…

      Creating abother coercive parasitic ruling class to replace the parasite class ISN’T very smart, let alone common sense..

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • your goD is going to get you and yours- dead. 🙂

      I have faith in my abilities and preparedness and that is all.

  6. Have I “Got A better Idea?”

    Oh yeah bet your sweet bippy I do. I belong to the Honorable Resistance.
    Once I joined it all became clear to me. The best idea is that it all begins with each of us to be the kind of resistor where everything you do is an act of defiance and withdrawal of consent.
    If we become a body of men of the Honorable Resistance, we become not indomitable men, but we create solidarity of an indomitable legion of men.

    We all in our own ways search(ed/ing) for some secret to freedom, some magic thing where we become free, an ingredient long lost yet to be re-found, a panacea where we win.

    When really all it is, get busy living free or get busy being a slave to the state. secession from tyranny begins in the heart & mind. Thats the honorable Resistance, thats Because Fuck You Thats Why, when you spit on your hands and raise the Skull & Bones, your Don’t Step On Snek flag and start living. How you ever gonna be free if you are not living every normal day as free as possible?

    The virtues of prudence has everything to do with Liberty. Being a prudent man is being wise and practical about living freedom, in a world where prudence has been forgotten. the absence of prudence in so many activities is the great conflict of our time, it lies at the heart of the fundamental issues of the day.

    Prudence applied by itself alone cuts through and negates so much bullshit of our day, the guy who puts it in a spray can will be the richest man on earth.


    • Deadeye Dic

      Thank you sir, for saying what we must do succinctly. For me, your words above are to live by. May you n yours be blessed.

    • “How you ever gonna be free if you are not living every normal day as free as possible?”

      By saying you are, of course. Ask Lee G. Sure they won’t BE free, but they were also taught that everything’s only what you think anyway. See the connection? Lol, it’s all epistemology.

      Dovetails nicely with your great prudence stuff, since reality alone dispatches those consequences quickly. Don’t be prudent, don’t live…in the free world anyway. It’s the toughest point to express that you understand—there simply is no answer except for a man to choose himself to live freely. To CHOOSE the NAP, which BTW is complete for all social interaction…it is both necessary and sufficient. Easy peasy except you gotta do it yourself and you gotta defend the choice.

      Oh, what the hell. And the moral is the practical. That’s why even if a tiny percentage of folk chose that, it would create a more than large enough gang. Everyone’s looking for the gang outside of themselves to join, and the irony is stifling…their own choice would create a more powerful gang than they ever could dream of. You know this because you’ve lived it.

      Very intellectual of those others—skip right by the choice that creates what they seek, and instead believe it’s everyone else on whom it depends. It’d be funny if it weren’t so deadly. Happy New Year, Inspirator.

  7. No requirements. If you’re that afraid, stay at home.

  8. Milo Mindbender

    2nd amendment is the only right in the bill of rights anyone wants to license or require a test for its use, kinda curious isn’t it.

  9. the whole of society must collapse and a massive die-off must take place. without such an event nothing will change- for the better…

    Oh Great SMOD in the sky hear my pleas. vaporize that foul and rotten land mass called Fusa.

  10. Just keep in mind that ALL gun laws, every friggen one of them, were a knee jerk response to a CRIMINAL ACT committed by someone who doesn’t give a rusty $%^k about ANY law.


      Word. And, the street criminals and thugs(along with the badge-carrying Orcs and Orcettes) will always have their firearms. Just watch this whole “ammo law” in the Kalifornia Soviet Republik turn into a circus. After I left that socialist wetback paradise in 2002, I would routinely ship banned items to friends and family under the labelling guise of: “ceramic statuary” and “machine and/or auto parts.”
      I know there was some risk involved. I was relying on the naivety and cluelessness of the shippers and the daily volume of work involved in shipping packages. It can be done. If I lived closer, I would be smuggling it in.
      And, as an aside, the folks in CA are all primed now for their “recreational marijuana”. It will be in wine and foodstuffs. That state will truly implode, given time. Keep prepping. Watch and learn. The Washington Soviet Republik is already starting to reap the whirlwind. I am not condemning this. It is spilling over into Rawles Land. It occupies the Orcs and Orcettes. It keeps them away from me and mine. Bleib ubrig.

      • Laws are an attempt to fix societies problems. Legalizing pot is saying the government can’t fix society’s issues. Where California is screwing up is forgetting the lesson learned by pot. Sacramento ignores failures in society. They ignore the issue of lower IQ criminals, because statistics show the minorities are the problem. Instead of facing problems head on, the bar is lowered. Exceptions are made that force minorities into jobs or schools. Society isn’t able to fix it’s self. Selective enforcement of laws keeps the prisons balanced, because if Progressives had all minority prisons, their image is damaged. But what is a justice system that has a second scale of balance? Why must image reset the balance of society. When government is used to balance society, the only answer to the unintended consequences of laws, is more government. So there will be more marijuana laws. There will be more gun laws. There will be a law for everything, and laws ontop of laws.

        Please don’t forget the lesson of regulation.

  11. ghostsniper

    “Got a better idea?”

    I own stuff, and I own me…..

    I wear clothes, and I have stuff in my pockets and on my belt, I have vehicles and buildings and I have stuff in them too. I sometimes transport stuff I own to different locales. Just about all other people are like me in that regard.

    I don’t care what other people have in their pockets or vehicles or buildings.
    I just don’t care and neither am I curious about them. As long as they are respectful and/or nice to me we can be friends. I will leave them alone and expect they will treat me the same. That is my natural default modus operandi.

    Notice what’s missing in those 2 paragraphs?
    A small percentage of people that are curious about what I have in my pockets, vehicles, and buildings.
    ALL of that small percentage of people are criminals.
    Part of their reason for living is to cause me and people like me, harm.
    They want to take my stuff.
    The reasons WHY they want to take my stuff are meaningless to me.

    My stuff is the results of the efforts of my toil. I exchanged my time and my efforts for all of my stuff and did not take any of them from anyone else.
    Some people want to take my stuff for reasons that make sense to them but make no sense to me. From my perspective these people are not in their right minds.

    It is my natural right and my sacred duty to prevent other people from harming me in any way using any method I choose and that includes preventing them from stealing my stuff. There are no exceptions here.

    You don’t get to steal my food to feed others that may be hungry.
    You don’t get to steal my garments to clothe others that may be cold.
    You don’t get to steal anything of mine for any reason.
    My natural right to ownership of all of my stuff supersedes your assumption that you can take my stuff, just as your natural right ownership of your stuff supersedes my assumption that I can take your stuff.

    See how that works?
    Treat me as you would like to be treated.

    ….and nobody gets to say anything about it. Ever.

  12. “All of them.”

    Great post, thanks. Comments are worth reading too.

  13. No requirements, period.
    In my humble opinion, any citizen should be able to go to their favorite weapons establishment and plunk down the cash for anything from a .22 chipmunk to an M1 Abrams tank.


    • Northgunner

      Damn right!

      As Vin Suprynowicz once said, “In a truly FREE society, a teenage girl would be able to enter a pharmacy or a hardware store and buy with real money, a pound of pharmaceutical grade heroin or a select fire battle rifle and ammo WITHOUT any paperwork or the merest raised eyebrow”.

      That’s FREEDOM!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

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