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Here’s An Urgent Message For All Of The Boys And Girls In The Fusion Centers And Across Federal Law Enforcement Tonight…

From Ms. Attkisson above, and from Mr. Bracken below:

Dear Mr. Security Agent

Bonus, from the POV of someone in the SES who chose poorly:

What I Saw At The Coup

(Via Twitter)




(Twitter; see also related)

Fast Rifles

Civil-military action.

50+ years ago in the RVN.

Or 50 months from now in the former USA.

Powerline: The FBI Has “Grave Concerns”? So Do I


See also:

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‘Cuz I Need Somebody To Loathe

Everybody wins!

Virginia Freemen: The State Of Dissolution

A look back, then ahead.

Miles to go before we sleep.

Keep getting better.

And consider, per JJ’s rec, supporting a fellow American businessman.

The Browning Of America Is Good For The GOP

Discuss the following thesis, along with first/second/third order consequences:

“…[T]he Democrat nomination now runs through non-whites, and specifically through blacks…”

Sorry, Uncle McBadTouch.


Source above and below:

Bracken Sends

Via Twitter.

Z Blog: Somewhere To Run?

A possible non-catastrophic ending.

Premised on an end to bi-partisan voting booth stuffing and indigenous voter replacement.

A big “if”, IMHO.

Especially in light of this statement of enemy intent.

SLL: The Other Conspiracy Against Trump

The fiscal arithmetic?

It doesn’t care.

Using the cancer analogy, is FUSA Stage 3?

Or worse?

Current Era

Via Kenny.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

JPKIII Debut Review

Via Gab.

The excuses begin…

Insty sez “drool”.

LARPing, Neckbeards, & The Future Of The Alt-Right


How is your behavior in meatspace changing or confirming existing POVs?

Are you credible?

Bovard: Robert Mueller’s Forgotten Surveillance Crime Spree

But…but…he was protecting the nation!

Just Might Be

Via Gab.

Barnhardt’s take:

When Lawyers On The Right Start Talking Like This…

Twitter above and below:

Dreamers & You – A New Series

Houston Chronicle: Illegal Immigrant Convicted Of Murder In Beating Death Of Former Classmate

He seems nice.

Other Dreamer Stories from your areas welcome.

VDH Explains The Extent Of FBI/DOJ/Obama/Clinton/Lynch/Comey/Mueller Corruption To Normies

Hillary’s ‘Sure’ Victory Explains Most Everything

Stand-Up State Of The Union

Stilton looks aheads to tonight’s entertainment.


I’m quivering over the possibilities when this barbarian starts her SOTU response on BET:

Diversiphiles can also choose between the latest whelp from the seething, venomous Kennedy womb:

or this charming heir to Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson:

Enjoy the circuses.

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