On The SWAT-ing Murder By Police In Wichita

The body-cam vid.

What’s important is that all LEOs and their dogs went home safely at end of shift.

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  1. Note this was NOT a 911 call.
    It is very difficult to dial 911 itself.
    Every SWATting has someone calling to the front desk number and NOT 911.
    That should have been a red flag
    911 has all kinds of “beyond” caller ID stuff – the police respond to hangups.
    The front desk doesn’t.
    How could the police have known? That they didn’t call 911 was the first big red flag.

    • A lot of front desks get routed to the same places. They track all the calls, and ambulance and fire and everything else. They won’t even know it was someone calling the official number and not 911

  2. Prepare your Samson Option ! It won’t be pretty .

  3. Jack Hinson their sorry asses.

  4. Deadeye Dic

    When are the PoPo going to be held responsible for their actions? All too often they pull the trigger first, then ask questions. Remember guys n gals we are guilty until proven innocent.

    • they and their ultimate Jew paymasters will be held responsible when and if FreeFor wins the coming civil war/Race War.

      not until. And now, a confession. I used to scorn M’s and t-faT’s “we have to kill them all” attitude toward the blue bastards.

      not any more.

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  6. Jesus Christ they didn’t even give him an opportunity to follow directions!?!

  7. Roland Deschain

    If you that afraid of an unarmed man when you are across the street and behind cover you should be a greeter at Walmart, not a cop. No offense to Walmart greeters. I don’t think even Bob Munden would even had a shot. This slaughter has got to stop. Those behind the thin blue line need to clean out the bad eggs.

    • Because of their silence, even the ‘good’ ones are bad cops. Anyone serious about cleaning up the police dept needs to first require every PoPo have liability insurance, their cost.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. A comprehensive list of “bad shoots” by LEOs on a county by county basis with officer names over the last 10 years would be stunning to all. You can leave off St. Michael though in that list. His was a good shoot.

  10. One pig is dead and 4 others wounded in ambush style attack. Awesome stuff there

  11. The premeditation here says it all. That “he reached for his waist band”.
    These psychopaths with a badge & a gun know beyond a shadow of a doubt when the Dan Love and his murder for hire gang shot LeVoy Finnicum in the kidneys with foam bullets to make him “reach for his waist band” so they had plausible deniability, it was an instant nation wide license to kill with total impunity, all filmed and doctored to burn it in the minds of the Normies forever and a day.

    The only way this sport murder ends is Blood for Blood Eye for an Eye, and there’s no question where that road leads.

    • ‘zackly.

      The po-po are willing to bet they win before they’re all killed on general principle.

      Sucker bet.

      These last couple of incidents are going to make average people treat ambushing police like tipping cows and egging houses.

      And TPTB don’t have enough MRAPs for patrol when IEDs stop being a SWAsia-only problem.

      These @$$clowns are pushing for the same war Antifa is, whether they know it or not.

      • Mountain Cracker

        “The po-po are willing to bet they win before they’re all killed on general principle.”

        I’m stealing that. It is indeed a sucker bet. Every incident like this draws them in further.

      • Yeah, its the largest best armed criminal gang when you look at it that way.
        Sometimes I seriously wonder if they don’t suffer from a particular form of Cop Normie-ism. In their own way they are barn blind, can’t conceive the dynamics of demographics outside their comfort zone.
        I’m serious on that.
        An excellent example of that happened in WV last year when we went Consteetoothshunall Carry. The night of the senate vote I was up my neighbors house, we where watching the whole vote and ceremony after. Went to a station break with a live interview of the WV State Troopers, the Chief was this blood spitting psychopath pissed off, the vote went down for CC. There was 5 of the top ranking troopers at the podium in the news conference, the chief looked right in the camera, live remember, and told us West Virginian’s this was their state, they run it the way they decide, and one day we are who controls what happens when the SHTF.
        It wasn’t those precise words, real close to it. We all’s jaws dropped and looked at each other asking did we just really truly hear & see that? We stayed up all night having a parley, flicking between channels to see that news conference again. Never showed up. Down The Memory Hole. Guys at the mines where all talking about seeing it.

        It was a once in a life time expose into the minds of these cops running the state Troopers. And when I say they where pissed off, you had to see the derision and carefully contained fear posing as bravado from these guys. It was as candid as candid gets. Their anger got the better of them and they told on themselves. Which is considered a manly Taboo you do not cross in this rural Appalachian culture. Your considered with pity and disgust if you tell on yourself like that. Big No No. Ultimate cuck/gamma mangina shit.

        I’m a NH born raised Yank through & through, I love it here in these mountains. Couldn’t get me and my family out with a stick of fucking dynamite. I listened and watched everyone I know, because brother, word of it spread like a brush fire. There’s some thing I’ll never understand, and I’ll never be more then a Yankee here, but I do have a great tribe of friends, we all respect each other like family, very important.
        So watching the dynamics of that event was a very informative thing. The state Troopers lost a tremendous valuable amount of respect. And these guys in these mountains, they never forget. But the other thing too was along with that, the troopers earned the one thing you don’t want, thats getting what I call the Hillbilly Fuck You. Its not contempt in the usual sense, its more being considered never redeeming. Cultural Exile.

        But the one thing stands out, this applies to WV, there’s so many places that don’t see “The Law” as its called for months, even years at a time. The geographical/rural nature of the state makes it impossible for the number of Troopers, and County Sheriffs to a certain extent, to patrol WV in the back roads. You have to see it with your eyes to understand. There’s hundreds of square miles where you have zero cell service, radio is totally dependent on repeater stations. Assistance is 15 to 30 minutes away, more depends on if there’s any short cuts through vertical hollows and ridge lines.
        How these Troopers figure they will be the ruling power as they stated makes you laugh at the ridiculousness of such a claim. Not for nothing, things went truly south, and that end of things as we know it happens, these chest beaters would not last but a couple of weeks. They go up one of these hollows to show whose boss, they would never be heard from again. End of story. Even coming in on APC’s and main battle tanks wouldn’t make much difference. They have to get out of them at some point. And its so steep, these one lane dirt goat paths are the only way in our out. There’s no cross country but for small unit infantry on foot.
        I’m dead nuts serious.

        Max Velocity’s Patriot Rising series touches on some of this terrain and tribal nature of the Allegheny range runs down WV’s eastern spine. If you been to his Romney WV compound, take those hollows and ridges you take your training in and double the depth of the contours and elevations, then add a doubling that. in some places so steep you literally can not walk up or down, you need climbing gear.

        My point here Aesop is the lack of the circumspect on cops part is instructive. You look at any cop operation and they always come in a squad. Its their strength when the law abiding aren’t shooting back, and their chillies heel when they are receiving hostile incoming fire. They are not small unit infantry. They are square range flat ground mall ninja SWAT Tactical mindset. The moment they are in a small unit infantry fight they come apart. Again it goes back to mindset. Shooting defenseless civilians is easy. Point and pull the trigger. Theres a world of difference between that and 4th Gen warfare. No matter how much up armor gear they get from the .mil.
        And what was it Mike V. always said about cops and all their nice toys?

        Bet half the cops these days in part are in it for the advantages in gear, training, and last but not least, early warning of SHTF, Would it be an unreasonable assumption 25% would bug out ASAP?
        So right there they at 75% man power. Half of that are administrative, the 25% who booked, where probably the smarter cops.
        And who or what protects their families. Any guys here that devoted to your job you would leave your family with their ases in the wind while you go to work for the political class’s interests?

        And here’s another thing. Are police forces scraping the bottom of the barrel of the eligible work force?
        Want kind of men these days become cops compared to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s?
        How much political class interests are served before any other type of policing gets a priority?
        Looking the other way, like as in diversity, and poor slobs who where in the .mil combat meat grinder and discarded like weekly trash?

        And What haven’t the political class touched they corrupt or destroy?

        • Northgunner

          “..And here’s another thing. Are police forces scraping the bottom of the barrel of the eligible work force?
          Want kind of men these days become cops compared to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s?
          How much political class interests are served before any other type of policing gets a priority?..”


          Think of the individual psychology/mental state of folks that WILLINGLY choose to ‘take the king’s shekel and be the king’s man’..the ‘us vs them’ training in the academies…then add onto that the AA/’diversity’ hires of somalis/moslems by Minnesotastan and other AO’s.

          Nothing good ever comes of such…and the ‘hollers’ are lonely and deep..never to be heard from again from those that trespass…

          I’m yankee born too..but definitely Southern in my mind and heart.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • Damn ya make that sound good down there Forge. Thanks for the post.

          The other thing about that region is that the folks there take their word and their honor seriously. There’s very few places left where that’s the case.

          It was 6 below here last night, with a wind chill double digits below 0 which tends to weed out the pussies but that said I wish I was where you are now. Sounds a lot like where I grew up.

          • It is a good place with good people. Got that right on your giving your word.
            I’ll always be an import down here, but my word is solid, and that is everything. I have family/tribe like I never had before moving here. You get adopted here too. People make you extended family. Its that White Christian Western heritage thing, wonderful. You really understand why it is so critical genocide of White Men of The West is being attempted. You can’t break the bonds of people who value such faith and tribal/family spirit. Its foundational indomitable heritage & history.
            We have never looked back.
            Its reasonable cost of living here, and if your at all industrious and have like 5 acres, you can raise a super garden, long growing season, lot of crops that can stand a light frost you get 2 seasons, fertile soil, plenty rain. Raise some meat critters, and you save quite a lot of money.
            A bunch of us along the ridge got together and had our 1st annual everything from the garden & woods barbecue last summer. Oh Man! It was a great success. Many brought their prized heirloom seeds to share with others. I been growing cane last 2 summers, gave away about a quart of seeds. I get so much deer meat I made a huge pan of deer tenderloin pastry pie for the cookout.

            Deer season lets you bag about 7 deer from the various methods & hunts, plus my farmer/friend & I got kill orders to knock back the deer eating our crops. We can most of it with garden taters & carrots, it worked out to 75 quarts of deer meat stew this year. Thats good eating let me tell you. You don’t realize how many bucks you save doing that till you do it too. Plus all the dog food my wife cans up from the lesser cuts of venison. It all adds up fast.
            There’s not much for work but coal mining and logging and related support industry so there’s that. Yet then again, the cost of living is so reasonable hardly matters if your frugal and can live Agrarian ways. There’s an entire underground economy. II bet its been the same from when the Scotts Irish jumped over the Monagahela Mtns. We trade for all sorts of stuff, firewood to beef. Got a small weld/machine/metal fab shop, welded new teeth on a flywheel for a fellow got a fork truck he uses for his metal scrap business. Big old monster of a fork truck, to R&R a new flywheel had to about take the whole machine down to parts. I built up new teeth through the starter hole, sat there filed the weld beads into teeth. Might taken me 2 hours. Asked me how much, I said don’t worry, we are tribe, what goes around comes around. Regardless the man gave me two nice used chainsaws, handful of new chains, and had us over for a lasagna feast his wife cooked up.
            That stuff is just the way of it.

            Funny you said that about where you grew up. At least where we live it is very much like it was up the north country in NH when I was a kid also.

      • These @$$clowns are pushing for the same war Antifa is, whether they know it or not.

        Spot On!

    • lastmanstanding

      Sorry that I haven’t followed this case in depth, but is this true about the use of foam bullets?

    • Northgunner

      They (the copraches and the parasite class they support/protect) started this dance, we didnt.

      Let them all pay for every bit of it with extreme prejudice and interest!

      Eye for an eye indeed, draw the blade and cast the scabbard down!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • The question is, at what point does the equation change, when do these individual murderers begin to receive suitable payback in return?

  12. I find it sad and amusing at the same time that the dog in that picture is laughing his ass off at us because his life is worth more than yours or mine in the eyes of the state and yet no one wants to be bigger than the state which is the only way you can make the state leave you alone…

  13. wendystringer48088

    When I first heard of this I had thought it was a bunch of cops stacked up in front of the front door and a cop was startled when the guy opened the door and shot him from something like three feet away. Or something close up and sudden like that.
    I was shocked to see that they were across the street, far away and behind cover with rifles. It’s not like they were in any immediate danger that I could see.
    At the 00:06 – 00:07 marks in the video at http://www.kansas.com/news/local/crime/article192229414.html it looks to me like he was raising his hands after momentarily dropping them.
    I screen captured the moment he got shot:

    I just don’t see what the guy could have done any differently to avoid getting shot by the cops.

    • Not opened the f***ing door and stood in it.

      When they come up to the door to talk like men, knock on it, and stand on the porch to talk, they’ll get talk. Through the door.

      When they set up to assassinate residents from across the street, they’ll get return fire, and one helluva lot more accurate incoming on them than outgoing from them the minute they open the ball. Self defense is still the supreme law of the land.

      And if they’re really, really lucky, it’ll only be coming from the house they’re lined up on, and not the entire neighborhood. 😉

  14. White Blue Collar Redneck

    Get ready Bitches, you’re gonna get it.

    ‘A Presidency-Defining Moment’ Looms: All Eyes on Donald Trump as DACA Amnesty Deal Lurks in January Spending Fight


  15. White Blue Collar Redneck

    Get ready Bitches, you’re gonna get it.

    ‘A Presidency-Defining Moment’ Looms: All Eyes on Donald Trump as DACA Amnesty Deal Lurks in January Spending Fight


    McConnell on DACA: We’ll Vote in Jan, If Negotiators Make Deal

    A bipartisan group of senators have been making progress and hope to have an immigration bill done before Jan. 19.


  16. Well, in the Cops’ defense, then man did “Fail to Grovel”. So, there ya go right there…

  17. These senseless killings have got to stop. Pissing and moaning here on WRSA, solves nothing. Pressure those who have the power to make effective change for LEO accountability.

    Let’s spell this out for you folks in Rio Linda, that’s state and federal elected officials. Not sheriffs, Chiefs of police, or district attorney’s. Their simply the fimders of facts, and the truer of those facts, not rule makers.

    The system hopes and prays that after the fact, those wronged will be remedied, or made ” whole” by cash settlements,,at the civil court level. Of course very detailed no talk clauses are incorporated.

    Those civil remedies could be civil rights awards, which means nothing to the dead guy. The system is rigged, they ” the system” understands that 98% of the people will take the money. Not seek LEO accountability.

    This case will go away, the officer was afraid,for his/her life, across the street, and hidden behind solid cover, from zero weapons the victim didn’t posess.

    I understand the frustration with the lack of LEO accountability, I agree it’s bullshit. All part of the big lie.


    • The only redress for premeditated murder of an unarmed man under recockulous pretenses involves severed heads on poles. I am not being metaphorical.
      The longer they wait, the greater the likelihood that will include severed genitals inserted in the mouth of same.

      Pour encourager les autres.

      Your call, Porkies.
      And if they wait beyond the “severed genitals inserted in the mouth” stage, pretty good odds their families become part of the bargain as a regular feature.
      Sauce for the goose, and all that.
      Vickie Weaver says “Hi.”

      Act now, operators are standing by…

    • “The system hopes and prays that after the fact, those wronged will be remedied, or made ” whole” by cash settlements,,at the civil court level. Of course very detailed no talk clauses are incorporated.”

      Yes indeed. In order to maintain “order” in our “societies” hush money payments are made so that the plunder may continue.

  18. Mountain Cracker

    It appears to be open season on the citizenry of the FUSA. Why in the blue fuck is every god damned interaction a SWAT engagement. All they had to do was send a plain-clothes by to act like a neighbor/solicitor etc. Fucking cops only have to remember one number, their IQ. It just so happens that their sperm count and age are the same number so bonus for these fuckwits.
    Remember, smart cops are not really wanted, they get bored sitting in patrol cars and with the tedium of the job.

  19. heh heh heh

    now onto those 300 million…


    • Randolph Scott

      The fucking nigger is getting what he wanted. I hope some of those in blue start getting what they deserve as well.

  20. Breitbart News: Colorado Cop Killer A Law School Graduate; No Criminal History.

  21. Stop opening your doors when there is a knock. Look out the window and see who is there. Or the eye opening in the door.
    But please stop! answering the blind knock at the door. No good has ever come of this since way before 1400BC. I whip the outside light on at night & peer out. If I saw an “officer of the law” standing there, I would politely ask-BEHIND A CLOSED & DEADBOLTED DOOR-what do you want? If they want entry, my next question is; got a warrant with that? And I am not standing in front of the door, when I say these things.
    Please quit assuming that these people are friendly, harmless, and good intentioned. I’d have less fear if I saw Santino Corleone standing there. At least I’d instantly know if I’d forgotten to pay my bookie.
    I don’t want to help, facilitate, or assist any court/police/law/news/government(s) yutz with any problem that they have.
    I love my vaccum. I know God. I donate to charity. Stop soliciting!

  22. …so someone calls a number other than 911 and says ermagerd, his nuts, grab ’em! Cats and dogs laying down together! EEEeeeeee!!!

    And this is treated as gospel. Cops roll and some random dude gets smoked.

    Would this happen if the call had gone to the fire department? Would ladder trucks respond and would someone’s house get sprayed down, even though there was no smoke or flames?

    I was about to ask – how stupid are these guys? – but I believe we already have an answer.

    I wonder what would happen if certain addresses were given – you know, like a community organizer’s address. Or someone known to be a member of Antifa or BLM. it would be a real shame if something like that happened.

    • You’re beginning to get the idea.

      If someone wants to put a stop to this shit faster, they would start swatting the offices of representatives, congressmen, city councilmen, county supervisors, etc.
      And their homes.

      Or tell whoever they had kidnapped Officer X and his entire family and was holding them hostage; every cop who’d taken a sick day and was unreachable would get the same response.

      All politics is local.

  23. The Walkin' Dude

    God save these pigs’ and their families when I find out I have terminal cancer or something 🙂

  24. Bagdes are for homos

    Statist bootlickers will still the support the blue,
    3pers wear badges, who uphold totalitarian system..
    U.S Freedom = when you have to ask permission for a right granted to you by God.