RRW: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society lawyers “save” Somali from deportation

Your feel-good story of the day.

As Ms. Corcoran notes, HIAS is one of nine agencies helping turn America into the Third World:

Church World Service (CWS)
Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) (secular)
Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
International Rescue Committee (IRC) (secular)
US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) (secular)
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
World Relief Corporation (WR)

How many of these fine humanitarian groups are operating in your area?


Who works there?

Where do those compassionate people live?

Inquiring minds should want to know.

51 responses to “RRW: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society lawyers “save” Somali from deportation

  1. Columbus Ohio is already a “sanctuary city” in all but name.
    What’s a few more Somali’s?
    It’s not like some have been here so long they’ve reproduced (in some cases so have their kids) and have no intention of ever, ever, ever going home, right?

    • George Washington made his bones mapping Ohio.

      That is some serious terrain. The woods are THICK.

      For real though. What a couple thousand more.

      14 Million Illegals in California.

      • 14 million Mexicans, maybe. Other third (turd) world counties are in competition to out populate one another. CommiePornFornia has about 40,000,000 – 28,000,000= 22,000,000 immigrants and aliens of every status.

        Check out the Mexican population of Oregon and refrain from “OMG.” exclamations.

  2. OMG! WRSA has given a HUMINT assignment! Begin the shaming!

    Shame on you CA for inferring that readers should learn about activities in their AO. They might have to go interact in (shudder) meatspace.

    Shame on you. I’d find or make up a .gif of some SJW wagging their finger at the viewer if I had the inclination, but it might take 30 seconds away from my crypto-porn time.

    Sweet Baby Jesus on a pogo stick, what vile smut are you gonna run next? Telly Savalas in a leisure suit?

  3. Africans: Can’t live with ’em and can’t live with ’em.

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      • I came up in the thick woods of the Buckeye . Moved into town at 9 years old and lived with ,my Grandpa and Grandma . We were the only white family on North State Street . Had big mean assed dogs all over our place . It was a sanctuary . For some unexplainable reason our dogs all hated them some black folks . Couldn’t wait to tear out a jugular vein or two . Never did have any theft . Damn Shepherd bitch would never growl . She just waited for them to get into where she could get a bite on their face . Never could break her of face biting . She disfigured a few folk and you could tell who had met our Gypsy Lou . I still have big mean assed dogs all over my farm . Don’t have much theft either .


          bopperman: I have had people tell me that the dogs can detect the black people by their scent. Back in the 1960’s. the LAFD had dogs at two of their fire stations. One in the East LA barrio and the other in Watts. The Watts Station dog was a female Dalmatian. Her official name was Champ but the firefighters called her “Mutha” for obvious reasons.
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          Dogs know. Growing up in Granada Hills, CA, our shepherd mix would not let them on the property. We did not train her. She just perceived danger. Far be it from me to second guess man’s best friend.

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  4. as my late father said us jews should not draw attention to ourselves as certain actions will incite more hatred he also stated that they bring it apon themselves

  5. White Blue Collar Redneck

    Two pro-amnesty GOP Senators are admitting that their politically risky offer of a huge slow-paced amnesty is not generous enough to satisfy a Democratic group’s demand for a bigger and faster amnesty.


  6. I used to work with a Somali dude, many years ago. Nice enough guy. Was a Christian, family oriented, fairly smart. Only problem was he would eat all his lunch with his hands. He ate a lot of rice, which was very gross to watch. If we reminded him he would eat with a spoon. Name was Jabrill, but we called him Gerbil.
    I have a question for the group.
    What is our duty to respond?
    Do we have any?
    If I am standing in a gas station and a Dindu walks in and sticks a gun in the face of the clerk, demanding his cash. What is my duty to assist? Do I have a moral obligation to assist the gas station in defending its property or the life of the clerk? Should I draw a concealed weapon and kill the bad guy, risking my life and the future of my family for the few hundred dollars in the till that do not belong to me?
    Of course if we are witnessing something that so shocks our conscious, there is no question that we will feel an obligation to assist, but I am talking about something different. Much lower on the continuum.
    Now extrapolate that to a national level.
    Do we still have a duty to respond?
    If we see a situation in a foreign country that has devolved into wide spread civil and humanitarian disaster, are we morally obligated to assist?

    I don’t have a specific answer for either of these scenarios, and I think it is more than likely a case by case judgment. I do however strive to be consistent so I think that some matrix of conditions would be desirable that would provide some guidance on how we should respond.
    On the one hand, allowing an endless flow of all the worlds people who are suffering oppression and injustice on its face seems like a moral response, but on the other hand we are already faced with a population that natively has lost its foundations and cannot maintain the cornerstones of our society. Further dilution of our culture would continue to erode those foundations.
    So does our moral high ground know no limits or is it in point of fact a hill fort that offers us superior advantage but can only hold so much?

    • It really boils down to what is Noble and what is Foolish.

      Assuming that guy is just gonna get robbed(which he does every day) I would just be cool and let it slide.

    • “On the one hand, allowing an endless flow of all the worlds people who are suffering oppression and injustice on its face seems like a moral response…”

      How so?

      Are not their problems, THEIR PROBLEMS, and better addressed/solved THERE? By them?

      Why is it supposed that importing practitioners of an hostile, alien culture into this environment, inflicting turd worlders on ones neighbors is a moral response?

      • That’s the question.
        The moral response is to help those in need. Many even extend that operating principle to include those that poked holes in their own lifeboats.
        I phrased the question in that way because most people here are gun people. Many gun people feel an obligation to “take out the bad guys” when in point of fact, no such obligation exists.
        The very religious among us tend to believe that they are doing the lords work when they openly provide all manner of aid to foreign people when those people are by and large responsible for the conditions that they are fleeing.
        Many people feel an obligation to help all those who are in need, when in fact no such obligation exists.
        It is perfectly acceptable to help others, its a good thing to do, but there are limits.

      • Exactly, and very morally, correct.

        Want a better life for Mexicans (whoever)?

        Encourage them to make a better life for themselves in THEIR OWN COUNTRY… by not encouraging them to come here. No freeebies, no handouts, no ‘dreamer-shit,’ no ‘pathways to citizenship,’ no anchor babies and, most especially, no money to NGO enablers enriching them selves at the common financial and social expense.

        If “we are not the world’s Policeman,” as the left has been screeching for fifty years, we are surely not the world’s sugar daddy/halfway house for vagrants, criminals and terrorists either.

        • Northgunner

          There was a debate between two other anarchists on youtube regarding “open borders vs closed borders”. Here’s my response to both individuals:

          First, stop calling the flood of physically fit combat age men flooding into Europe and America “migrants” or “refugees”. They’re neither, they’re INVADERS!! An overwhelming majority of them are mohammedans and have a duty under the death cult known as islam to travel to the ‘Dar Al Harb’ (literally “House of War”, non-islamic nations) and settle there to colonize said nations for Islam with the goal of turning that nation into another islamic country (see Dr. Bill Warner’s instructional videos on islam as regarding this as well as David Wood’s and read Ann Corcoran’s book, “Hijra”).

          Second, if one has an unalienable right and duty to protect one’s home and person against invaders of any sort (and one does, under Natural Law), each individual has the moral and ethical right to defend their nation and culture against an invader.

          Where moslem invasion is concerned, the wisest choice is NOT to allow ANY of them in whatsoever, as it is their stated purpose to come to the West not to assimilate but to come and dominate via “civilization jihad” (read the Muslim brotherhood’s own documents discovered through the “Holy Land” terrorist funding trial).

          Third, gov with the aid of “volags” (voluntary agencies) are importing round the clock jetliner loads of these invaders to America via money stolen from the American people via taxes. See Ann Corcoran’s website “Refugee Resettlement Watch” for up to date info on how these 11 religious (in name only) organizations are working against the American people (and earning obscene profits from it).

          The mohammedens they’re importing and resetteling are NOT assimilating into America; they’re growing and enlarging their own islamic micro-nations while being funded 24/7 with welfare payments of all sorts.

          ALL welfare MUST be atopped immediately!!

          Finally, as a fellow anarchist/voluntarist, I respect Larken a great deal but on this issue he’s woefully under-informed/ignorant…I doubt that he’s made a study of mohammadenism as thoroughly as I have, so he is unaware of the critical threat that mohammandenism is to Western Civilization.

          I can just imagine that the above will be driving the sjw’s and other collectivists on youtube into 4 alarm spasms of apoplexy.

          Hopefully it red-pilled a few more people.

          Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

          • Very fine remarks, NG.

            Libertardian “open borders” folks have their ideology opposed tor Reality, kinda like having the ocular nerve wired to that of the anal sphincter!

            Good job.

  7. Our Tax Dollars at Work: free housing, free food, discounted utility bills that will never be paid because-discrimination. And of course, that means more little Mo-Mo’s & Lakeisha’s to help the process along. The fact that most American Citizens are struggling to get their needs covered is dismissed in the name of “Diversity!” The work horses and large mules are dying of old age. I wonder if the Elites think that “My Little Pony” is gonna be able to pull their golden barges away from shore? A Clydesdale cannot be replaced by a pet.

    • I had to quite my last job because the blacks were so fucking annoying and worthless. They are also paranoid as fuck and invent outright lies based on slights.

      All they talked about was women, sports, and hating trump (Which was just public code for hating whitey)

      When I was like 17 some skin heads told me that Blacks are genetically stupid and immoral.

      I was like “Yeah, Whatever you say weirdos”

      Now I am a skin head. Most of my friends are Hammerskins or Traditional Workers.

      We are so fucking ready. You wouldn’t believe how many people I have trained.

      • Not stupid, because first world Blacks operate smart phones as well as Whites. Not immoral by genetic disposition, because English soccer yob Whites behave the same way as American ghetto Blacks. Actual problem is people have been ruined by socialism, which has been imposed by majority middle class White voters, not Jews. If you can’t tell who your enemy is, your battle plans won’t work. Stop blaming groups who don’t have the vote counts to win elections, those are people you know can’t have done it.

        • “First World Blacks” have an average IQ of 85, just enough to learn how to read and write, the only skills needed to operate a smartphone. My 10 year old nephew operates a smartphone better than my 60 year old mother.

          Behavior is genetically influenced. You see this very obviously in dog breeds. All are 99% genetically identical, yet, pointers point, retrievers retrieve, etc. Every piece of data available shows blacks to be among the least altruistic genetic populations on earth.

          80% of Jews consider themselves socialists. 80+% of Jews voted for Obama, twice. The Jewish people are the driving force of Socialism/Communism throughout the world and always have been. This fact is well documented.

          In a universal democracy, power rests in the hands of people who can sway masses of voters, not in the individual voters themselves. My single vote is virtually worthless, but if I can influence hundreds, thousands or even millions of individual voters, I have real political power. With that in mind, 99% of all media is owned and operated by Jews.

        • They are stupid.

          There are dozens of studies to support this.

          And I am well aware of what happened to whites. They adopted a fake culture invented by Jewish Subversives. That is mainline history.

        • kay_de_leon


        • You enter that same crap comment at every opportunity. Them someone comes along and asks you how many i-phones (or moon landings) have black cultures ever invented/produced?

          And you refuse the answer because you know the number and it doesn’t suit your purpose.

          “Actual problem is people have been ruined by socialism, which has been imposed by majority middle class White voters, not Jews.”

          Another classic obfuscation: Middle class white voters, those who do the actual producing and try hard to live decently and by the rules, have been lied to, sold out and suckered by politicians of all stripes, the media and academia, all of which are controlled and over represented by

          the Jews.

          “Stop blaming groups who don’t have the vote counts to win elections,”

          You mean those groups too dumb to resist the lies and manipulations of the aforementioned political,media,academia alliance? The balkanized, psyched and suckered blacks, mexicans, illegals of all kinds, sjw-ed college “students,” and, yes, the well meaning but cucked middle class not to mention the wealthy do gooder/progs? Those voters? Oh, and who is it counts the votes?

          One would have had to sleep through the last election cycle, or be in deep denial, to be unaware that a vast majority of white, middle class decent folks suddenly woke up and took responsibility, much to the delicious consternation of the prog cabal. That leaves our enemies and their dupes pretty clearly defined. I’d say you have ID ed yourself as well.

          So fuck you, you lying tool.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          You’re really, really, really, really, really, really (you get the picture) hung up on that smart phone trope, aren’t you? You can stop beating the horse now – there’s not even cytoplasm left.

  8. Connect the dots.

    February 13, 2010, Under cover of helping Haiti, Caribbean “Elder Brothers in the Faith” Under Investigation for Child Trafficking, Sex Slavery

    January 28, 2013, Scandal breaks, Israelis force female Black immigrants to take birth control
    Israel admits Ethiopian women were given birth control shots, By Talila Nesher, Haaretz 1/27/2013

    “Some of the Turks and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.”
    Maimonides, Judaism’s “greatest” rabbi, the “Great” Rambam, explaining who is not fit “to participate in the world to come,”
    Guide for the Perplexed, Book III, chapter 51 cited in Israel Shahak, Hebrew University Professor, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years. London: Pluto Press, 1997. p. 25.

    “…the servitude of animalistic black Africans should be perpetual.”
    Isaac Abarbanel, 15th-century Portuguese Talmudic theologian, in
    David Brion Davis, “Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World” (Oxford University Press, 2006), p. 55.

    The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

  9. Deplorable B Woodman

    One easy solution, stop ALL FedGov aid to these “fine” and “charitable” organizations. It may not stop ALL the influx of third world ignorant shitters into this country, but it will definitely slow it down — a lot.

    • What you want to do cannot be done, at least by voting. These are money laundering operations for our politicians and their cronies. They ain’t never going to defund this travesty. Ask yourself, how can politicians legally fund their reelection campaigns and their bloated life styles (ask Bernie about that one, Bro) with tax payer (i.e. Federal) funds? And now you have the answer.

  10. When entered into google many pop-up with autofil of …Philadelphia.

  11. The Jew has weaponized the negro and the Muslim. Funding them all.

    • In Baltimore, the Jews run the blacks.
      They own the legal system, schools, hospitals, pharmacies… you name it.

      And they used it all do destroy the blacks.

      Every now and then they give 5 grand to some little black girl in HS so she can go to Towson University. But they neglect to mention how their cousins and uncles locked up all their family and took their grand mothers 10,000 house because they owed money bail bonds.

      Dead Serious. I used to work for some very wealthy and prominent Jews fucking over every black we could find.

      The cops were in on it.

  12. SemperFi, 0321

    More Jewish hypocrisy, in Israel they’re trying to force the blacks to move back home to Africa, including the black Jews. They want nothing to do with them.
    God’s Chosen People are now comprised of White European Jews, not the original tribes of the middle east.

  13. Pat Hines – you are correct sir

  14. White Blue Collar Redneck

    VP Pence Invites Sen. Flake To Lobby Trump For Amnesty: Vice President Mike Pence has invited Sen. Jeff Flake and other pro-amnesty Senators to meet with President Donald Trump next week as business-first advocates scramble to shift the president’s pro-American immigration priorities.
    The invite was leaked to Politico.


  15. 9 agencies working 24/7/365.

    Every day the numbers grow and ours shrink.

  16. White Blue Collar Redneck

    Fire the Great Purifier: Roy Moore accuser’s Gadsden home burns; arson investigation underway


  17. St.Maur1066

    Beautiful European Culture – Be proud of being white!

    • St.Maur1066

      Surely, God will not let this beauty pass from the face of the earth.


        Sir: God gives us free will. If this beauty passes it will happen due to national suicide. These photographs would be more telling if these lovely young women were posing with firearms, as they do on the Oleg Volk blog.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Well, we’re obviously suffering from a serious lack of Viking testosterone. I’ve made some dumb choices in my own life too, but soon folks will have to wake up to the fact that they will have to fight to preserve their white European heritage…..or not.

      • Forbid it, Almighty God. But…

        God helps those who help themselves.

        We’ve allowed it. We have to provide the remedy.

        I know you know what that is……..

      • Gosh, I must have missed some of the beauties from England with three rows of teeth and the Royal inbreds that look as good as a south end of a northbound horse.
        There’s a pile of beauties right here too, and some are from Asia and Mexico/So. America

    • Perhaps our biggest failing is a lack of pride. We tower above the other races in virtually every way, technology, compassion, beauty, athletics, etc. If God does have a “Chosen,” then it is us.

      Rather than humbly accept what God/nature has blessed us with, we take it for granted. We eagerly “help” the lesser races “achieve” a destiny that was never meant for them. We arrogantly claim God/nature’s hierarchy is wrong and “oppressive” and our completely imaginary notion of “equality” is correct and “compassionate.”

      We deserve to be punished for our ingratitude and defiance of the natural order.

  18. So the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has a Child Trafficking ministry. Of course they do… Thank you for posting these lists. I’m on it. All these sites have an ‘About Us’ tab. Useful info.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. Amen to that St.Maur1066… my wife and i had a good laugh together. I had to show her the damsel at 0:58 because she is a spitting image of her 15 yrs ago (we’re in our late 30’s). Raising our girls and boy into strong independent Americans (completely homeschooled) and the girls great at ballet and piano and the boy a Math whiz who hunts and rides MX w his old man. We have several families in our area raising good kids. And yeah, are proud of their heritage.