Fellow FUSAns, Demand Total Surveillance Now!

WaPo: Beijing bets on facial recognition in a big drive for total surveillance

That’s because those dopey ChiComs don’t have a Consteetoosh….uh, wait

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  1. jimson weed

    So what do I do if I’m boarding a plane, I’ve made it through all the security checks, and then on the ramp right before I actually step on the plane there is an Air Marshall and an Iris Scanner, and I know that the Iris Scanner is databasing my irises without my consent, and the iris scanning is probably illegal. I haven’t encountered this yet but it is being rolled out in major airports, I have read online. Do I say ‘hell no’? Can one opt out of airport iris scanning at this point? Or is it mandatory?

    • Getting in the boxcars was mandatory, too. Will you? Is there anything you will actually refuse to do?

    • Don’t fly commercially?

      You can’t go to a walmart or a mall without having cameras that record your face, sex, mood, time you notice advertisements, etc.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Jim: you raise a good point. Here in the Buckeye State November voting follies, we’ve just shifted over from paper ballots to “scanners.” It’s a little dojigger or whatsit that TPTB simply scan your driver’s license (with your face, of course) which immediately “handshakes” with the state BMV computers to see if you-is-really-you. Facial recog? OF COURSE!

      In my precinct of 661 voters–one guy–one stinking guy objected to having Leviathan scan his mug without his consent. One guy. He finally caved and produced his driver’s license for a scan so he could “vote.” He said he had to quickly “get to work” to pay for his bills.

      I work the polls just to see what the hell is going on; it’s fun–from 0500 to 2200–lots of coffee and donuts and I get to see what these scammers are up to first hand. Did they get my mugshot? HELL NO!

  2. But wait…Don’t all Chinese look alike?

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    “That’s because those dopey ChiComs don’t have a Consteetoosh….uh, wait…”

    Hell, the USSR had a constitution that gave its citizens civil rights greater than those recognized by the US Constitution. The Soviet leadership just ignored them even more than US leaders did, and do.

  4. Now they can crack down on all those side of the road shitters!
    China still a net importer of food?
    Yeah, that.

    Trouble with these days is that we don’t have any respectable enemies. BLMattah, Those unwashed hipsters at Antifa, etc.
    None can be relied upon to do a tenth of the shit they promise.
    And sorry to piss on your Red Dragon campfire, but Chinamen aren’t going to be invading any place except Vancouver. Even if Tfagg lends them all five boats a la “invasion USA”. So get those sugarplum dreams of rot versus laaw out of your heads.

    • Goddammit. Here’s a perfect working example. Rpg vs laaw. Autocorrect code was written by Chinese. Or by some miserable little brown people. On the cloud.

      Entropy coupled with our own tolerance of sub performers is our greatest enemy, men. Gonna be a day when using rifles to fix this shit would seem preferable. And that’s after all the tut tutting and lamentations about civil wars recently.

  5. Say, we do live in interesting times; “staffed by graduates from top American universities and former employees of companies like Google and Microsoft, who seem cheerfully oblivious to concerns they might be empowering a modern surveillance state.” Of course they don’t care. The little bastards think that it is never going to apply to them. That they will always be, the good little boys & girls, where everyone gets a trophy, everyone makes lots of debtbux, and life is a multicolor rainbow. No-that was you coming down off pain meds after surgery.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting-if “the cloud”, of any ilk, simply didn’t exist? There is a lot to be said for old school. All of this surveillance plainly makes criminals of normal citizens and lets the real government criminals play God.

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