TL Davis: After The Fire

Ain’t no way out but through.

‘Cuz the system, as discussed here, is FUBAR.

Got several plans, with provisioned and rehearsed fallbacks when Plan A shits the bed?

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  1. POd American

    I said this earlier…Where are the indictments Mr. Sessions for the BLM, FBI, Harry Reid, and et al? Where?

    • according to VoxDay and his herd of Trumpaholics, there are “9,000 sealed indictments” just waiting to be unsealed.

      (…distant laughter…)

  2. Northgunner

    What was it Claire said years back?…
    “To late to work within the system but too early to shoot the bastards..”

    First, the ‘system’ is wholly owned and operated by the parasite class. It was NEVER meant to “work for/represent us” any more than it was to ‘protect’ us (unless one means protection in the way a farmer/rancher protects his livestock). If one (who’s not employed in some manner by the parasite class) gets any “benefit/justice” from it they’re either a remora living cannibalisticlly off of productive folks (the ‘benefit’ part) or its blind dumb luck that they get “justice” (on a par with getting a $100 win from a $2 lotto ticket).

    The win by the Bundy’s is a notable exception, not the rule. Ask Lavoy Finicum, Jack Yantis and Daniel Shaver how this works…

    As for shooting the bastards I think we’ve passed that point a long time ago (since say, the 1860’s if not 1913 and certainly with Frank (the gimp) Roosevelt, but everyone’s on a different calendar so YMMV…

    Time to channel ‘Ol Jack Hinson and ‘put the skeer in ’em’ permanently!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  3. The great awakening.I hate the smell the most.
    Mere mortals,don’t go getting any fucked up ideas in your head.You will be squashed like a cockroach. No half-baked stupid shit.
    Being fucked. It’s a way of life. It has been for quite a while. Difference now is, access to the information to tell you exactly how fucked you are.Folks that are realistic,intelligent,well-informed and paying attention have known the degree of fucked for a long time.This is not a new development. Witness the decay.Be stunned and amazed at the level of human incompetence,corruption and slovenly behavior.
    “I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

  4. NG,
    Met the man who wrote the book on “Ol Jack Hinson” at a SNCO PME, great man, very knowledgeable, and Jack wanted nothing to do with war, till his boys. We were done in at Annapolis and the sending of Jefferson to France as an ambassador, it all started there.

    • Northgunner


      You’re right on all accounts.

      Glad to hear thst you met the author, what a treat…bet you had some very worthwhile talk with him. Yes ‘Ol Jack and his family just wanted to be left alone but the parasite class of the day wouldn’t abide that and worse, they made it personal for him.. very bad and fatal mistake!

      Yes they had to get Jefferson out of the way for alex hamilton and his founding bankster/lawyer buddies/patrons to pull a coup and dump the articles for their contrived constitution. Definitely recommend reading Kenneth Royce’s revised version of “Hologram of Liberty” if you haven’t done so.

      Here’s a video from August 2012 where Ken gave a talk in New Hampshire about thE constitution and the looming10th Amendment crisis.

      I’ll definitely have to get the book about ‘Ol Jack. Do you have a link for it btw?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • NG,
        Jack Hinson’s One-Man War, A Civil War Sniper is the title, not sure if you wanted Amazon or not. Good old Boston T Party, he has some great stuff,Gun Bible is must have, haven’t read HOL yet though.

  5. An unfortunate conclusion which I came to long ago. There is no fixing this, it will eventually eat itself because that’s what evil does. Like VZ this is already in progress and not pretty. MANY still don’t realize their misfortune and remain transfixed on the beach watching the water go out like the aptly named Phuket tourists.

    High ground is your friend in all things.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      YO! Tom–you are on to it. We mortals are limited in the SPACE/TIME continuum. It’s just a matter of TIME before the whole rotten edifice collapses upon itself. When? Who really knows.

      Yet–look at American history. Start with Abe “Mass Murderer” Lincoln: he was pissing his pants in expectation and waiting for the CSA to “start something.” Something–anything. In fact, there’s proof he said: “We’ve got to let THEM start it….” Same with WW1, WW2, Korea and Viet Nam.

      It’s always been the mantra in FUSA: “But THEY started it! WE will end it!” which allows for unspeakable cruelties. How this will play out when, IMHO, the “trigger event” will be a financial collapse gets murky.

      How does one ID “the enemy,” when the guilty are thousands of miles away?

      Don’t get me wrong–there will be plenty of targets of opportunity in your AO, but how do we END the constellation of evil in all its iterations? It’s a global Hydra. Find–fix–finish for starters, wash/rinse/repeat.


  6. From TL’s site:
    “What we have now is absolutely corrupt, dangerous and ultimately likely to join together with other globalist powers to decimate the human population of the planet. That the only salvation is to seize control of this nation, or at least to keep it sufficiently unmanageable and unwieldy to be put to any greater use of the globalist cabal.”

    Here is where i believe many have it wrong.
    The “Globalist powers” have been joined together for some time. This is not some future event, this is past and present. The Global political and church have been combined for some time. It is not something that is going to rise from the ashes in the future.( that is the trap) It is here. imo if you will.
    Salvation is found through the Son and God only, not by seizing control
    of any nation.
    Before you go crazy i do see TL is talking about salvaging the nation etc. does any one have a clue what happens if by some chance there would be an uprising and D.C. was crushed? What and how would the global cabal react?
    You see Repentance is the only path to a restoration. And as it seems many do not yet seem to see a need for repentance.

  7. White Blue Collar Redneck

    President Trump Invites 23 Hill Leaders To Argue Amnesty on Tuesday

    Jeff Flake Admits GOP Establishment Working Against Trump’s Popular Immigration Agenda in DACA Meetings

    Todd Schulte

    BREAKING IN THE HOUSE: “Pair of lawmakers unveil bipartisan DACA plan.” This is a BIG breakthrough from @HurdOnTheHill (who has more border than any Member) and @RepPeteAguilar (CHC whip)
    2:57 PM · Jan 8, 2018


      A bunch of grinning greasers on the dole, eating up my and my family’s sustenance and tweeting for more. what’s not to like? Anathema sit.

  8. Northgunner

    Oh it get’s better DtW,

    Not at all surprised that the moslems are riding the coat-tails of this issue..most likely they’re telling the protesting ‘yutes’, “Your battle is OUR battle, you are ‘palestinians’ in the land that was stolen from your people…we are all family in this battle against the white oppressor!”

    The fun will begin when the ‘Azatlan’ movement people (M.e.C.H.A.) start teaming up with the ‘Muslim Student Association’ (muslim brotherhood front group). M.e.C.H.A. is definitely involved in the DACA protests as can be seen in the picture in the article below (male at the left corner of the picture of the march is wearing a M.e.C.H.A. shirt; outing himself as a member).

    Just imagine…mexicans and moslems linking up for temporary mutual benefit…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  9. Anybody else notice the doom so thick around here, it makes the air stink? Yup, things are FUBAR, never doubted it for a long time now. Yup, we been betrayed and butt-slammed. Yup, the Deep State and all the politicos have a death grip on the Power, and that probably means a death grip on a lot of us. Yup, our kiddies are brought up at school with a lot of Marxist drivel, I know, one of my sons is still full of that crap. Yup, it all looks as grim as fuck all. So, get your shit together, best as you can, stay loose and be flexible, and do what you can to not have you and yours swallowed by Leviathan, Fed, State, or local. Watch what goes on, and note what is NOT being said. Know that you won’t live forever, and that every day you do is a gift, and see how much you can prepare to help your family to survive, without you, or after you. Despair is the handmaiden of defeat. I’m going to die anyway, so I’m going to screw up the plans of my enemy before I do.

    • Northgunner


      Don’t forget to get ready to brace for the “double whammy” that’s hidden around the bend….

      The Coming (in 2020) of Ophra – Stefan Molyneux

      (Yeah…the same Ophra that said old white racists need to die)

      SgtReport – Why there WON’T BE 8 Billion People Alive in 2024 – What They WON’T Tell You About The TOTAL Food Colapse

      Prepare..prepare and get ready!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • My wife told me not to sweat the small shit..I said,’Why is that sugar pie?” She replied,”All the pain and injuries you have weathered and endured,hardened you.” Living life. Fighting,sports,racing,construction/demolition,LRRP,ranching,mining and not taking shit from anyone.I don’t care if you are Godzilla fucking up my Japanese neighbors.You make your enemies regret being born The side that wins,is the winner.No rules..