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As requested recently by a reader.

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  1. Hey, I was just wondering, does AS range staff allow properly holstered pistols on the firing line?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      A loaded pistol on a gun range?, you’ve got to be kidding. Betcha they don’t since there’s so many newbies, including some of the instructors.

      Our old range master here is now dead, bullied one too many people.

      • Yeah, the guy who finally had enough and offed him was a little quicker on the draw. Got acquitted too as I recall.

    • Only for instructors. Sorry, it is a safety issue as the muzzle is pointing opposite of the target line when the shooter is in the prone.

    • That has been a rule for a long time about not having concealed firearms or any other firearm for that matter. I don’t know whether this a rule or if it is an insurance mandate, but either way I agree with it. One less thing for minimal volunteer staff to worry about.
      The consequences of an ND with injuries in our organization could very well be the end of the program. Whereas with a gun club, it might only shut down that one club.
      Lots of people have gotten butt hurt from this rule and left shoots or posted bad feedback about the program.

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    I took a friend along to a shoot at Worland WY in July ’05. ( He and I had already been to a couple NRA highpower shoots in Lander earlier that year. I had just rebuilt him a beautiful .308 M-1 Garand) To this day he tells me he learned more at that shoot than any other we’d been to. We shot out to 600 yds in 107′ heat with winds so hard they blew the targets from the frames, by the end of the day we were sunburned and sandblasted and had a wonderful time. Bought a couple books from Boston T. Party and then headed home.
    Later found out Worland was a prototype shoot, and the rest is history.

    I highly recommend anyone that needs shooting instruction to look into this, it’s the first step up to learning to hit what you shoot at. Unfortunately most guys won’t go, since they already know it all, despite never having had any professional training.

    • I think that Worland event was in ’06. First event was just before Halloween ’05 on a large and nice private range which was run by a former Royal Marine, it was southwest of Ft Worth. One person qualified on the full-distance AQT course of fire.

      Fred asked my bud that day in Worland in ’06 when the targets were going to be raised. Bud said, “they already are.” Oops. Nice weathered F11 Ivans, in an environment where it takes newbs some time to figure distance and perspective.

      And as you say, the rest is history. Written by the winners on both sides of the fight, the truth lies somewhere in between various versions of events.

      • July 05 Worland; planned at Boston’s shindig up in Nw WY May 05

        Oct 05 Texas Hill country;safety brief included an admonition by the RM owner to “keep my range tidy” or we’d find out how they built the berms

        Jan 06 Somewhere in frozen KY; shooters included a tough redheaded schoolmarm who was six months preggers and going hypothermic but would not leave the line until ordered

        National launch April 06

        Ancient history

        • Some people never forget and never forgive.

          • Understood.

            The post was requested.

            Hope all good in FB land.

            • Appleseed is alive and well. Roughly 140,000 Americans have been to one. Fred is semi-retired, but still shows up on occasion. An Appleseed Operating Committee (AOC) now keeps things on track. There are 25 meter Appleseeds, Known Distance (KD) Appleseeds, Unknown Distance (UD) Appleseeds, Ladyseeds, and Libertyseeds. Still going strong, what, 12 years now, from the start. Well worth the effort to get out to one.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Boston autographed my books July 16, 05.

    • “Bob 210” and I went to Worland. Got my first patch there.
      Long drive for a Great Experience!
      I remember “Fred” interrupting the line asking
      “Who brought this ‘special’ m14e2 that’s resting back here behind the line”?
      A nice dinner party and Fun times with some new friends…
      I just came across a couple of Free State Wyoming coins from Boston that night
      We got things started up on the Left Coast after that trip.
      My daughter Holly hit 210 before she turned 11. My “Eagle” sons and
      Lots of young Boy Scouts got their first exposure to rifles and History!
      I need to take my young nephew’s Scout Troop out to Piru one of these days.
      This Volunteer Organization provides Great introductory shooting instruction and a foundational History lesson, seldom found by today’s youth.
      A good building block for the future “politically-aware freedomista”.

  3. just plain todd

    i highly recommend it. i was never Mil, and didn’t know where to get any basic rifle instruction. i got my rifleman patch first try 2 yrs ago. i also recommend taking the appleseed KD course after a basic appleseed. leave your ego at home, and show up all ears.

  4. Northern Gunner

    Great course! Highly recommned.

  5. With regards to your personal history Ca, I highly commend you for posting this.

    Good on you.

  6. Started five years ago?! Been a whole lot longer than that. My first one was oh, 12-13 years ago. Fred from Shotgun news opened up my eyes to Appleseed. I think I’ll head over to the site and sign up for another, it’s been too long since I last attended.

    • Abram,
      Thanks for the reminder of “Fred”.
      When I think of Appleseed, I think of Fred.
      I’ve never been to an AS shoot, but years ago friends and I had our own shoot using targets from Fred.
      When i used to get the Shotgun News regularly, Fred’s column was read first. Knew appx where to open the SGN to find the column.
      Good times.

  7. This first: tefaG, I have more rubbers in my pocket than you’ll ever use.
    End bullshit.
    Appleseed is great stuff, especially for kids or first time shooters. Take your .22, dont take a damn CETME for your first day like I did. :). Have fun, meet some people.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The guy next to me at Worland had a CETME, poor guy couldn’t hit shit since it was one of the Century abortions with crooked rear sight.

      The whole concept of 25m shooting with .22 rifles is the way to start, how many of us here started out in high school ROTC with those fine WW2 .22 target rifles? I learned to make tiny holes in tiny bullseyes and when I later shot M-1’s and M-14’s I had already mastered the fine art of marksmanship. Rifle Expert badge (M-14) in Boot Camp!

      • 2nd paragraph ^^ This & ditto. And grateful many times. A memory that keeps on giving if a person can slap their ego upside the head when needed. 🙂

    • Good recommendation.

      The first time I attended an Appleseed I had recently read thru Boston’s Gun Bible and figured I ought to learn how to shoot my battle rifle (M1A). So I stocked up on 7.62×51 and signed up for a two-day. One of my bigger problems was that trying to get my old eyes to shoot thru iron sights with all of that going on turned out to be not so easy. By the end of the day I was getting to the point where I couldn’t even focus.

      It was hot out, I was out of shape, still had the flu – and that one day beat the living hell out of me.

      The next time around I got a little smarter and brought an AR with a red dot on it. I noticed that probably half of the people there were shooting something in .22LR. I made it thru both days shooting the AR with not much of a problem.

      As previously mentioned: Good on you CA for posting this. It’s something that should be brought up with regularity just to remind people it’s out there. Fred has put a lot of work into getting Appleseed going and keeping it going.
      We may not be able to really have militias in the form they were originally intended – but if there’s a base of training out there – it would certainly help to keep the tradition (somewhat) alive.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Our gracious host here was one of the founding members.

        I don’t know any of the facts about the ensuing arguments so I can’t enlighten, but as he said, ancient history.

  8. Pingback: A FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN, so too the largest organized crime syndicate on Earth, we once called “OUR” government. – Dirt People

  9. Anecdotal: Neighbor took step-son (think early-20’s wandering compass type kid) to an AS event last year. Just took their 10-22, hunting sling & some ammo & maintained open-ears. They had a great time, as the kid relates, and he learned a bunch & got some sacred assumptions kicked to the curb.

    The collateral benefit that I’ve noticed, as well as his Dad, is that since that time – for some reason – he has more direction, will look you in the eye, helps out around the place more and can articulate a view in a manner that indicates he’s put some thought behind his words. The change is as valuable as 40-gr pills on target. File in the “ya never know” category.

  10. When they charge everyone the same price i’ll get involved again. Why should I subsidize to mil, popo, disabled, someone else’s kids.?

    • Taxes are due in April
      I’m guessing you put gas in your car, too? So you’re already subsidizing. Subsidizing a metric shit ton of people that I’m going to guess would make much poorer neighbors than damn near anyone you’ll meet at an Appleseed.
      Welcome to that White Priveledge that they like to whine about.


      Speaking of the popo, I was aware of a rumor from the early 2000’s that F-troop routinely trolled the AS site events writing down license numbers. They were seen at one such event in Medford, OR. And, a friend of mine, who retired from the CHP after being nearly shot to pieces by gang-bangers, caught a former colleague, who was working for the DEA, in the parking lot of a gun show in Grants Pass. The rat was writing down license numbers.
      I do not wish to rain on anyone’s parade. I will be attending the one in Lewiston this May. However, forewarned is forearmed. The Leviathan and its satanic minions never sleep.

      • I’ve heard those rumours also. Especially the one about writing down license plate numbers at gun shows.

        This is a good example of how I think the “conservatives” and alt-right (etc.) – are retarded.

        When the Leviathan is doing crap like this the way you defeat is NOT to skip events like Appleseed – but rather to keep going and make sure you get as many people you know to attend also.

        As I’ve said here before : Alinsky works for both sides – and as we’ve discovered , the left can’t meme.

        So if they’re going to keep lists – make sure it’s a big fucking list. And make sure all sorts of “normies” are on the list too. Dragging them to an Appleseed is good way to plant your government fearing neighbor’s minivan license plate squarely on the government radar (IF they are actually monitoring). Then when they come around and start gathering up people – what you get is a LOT of pissed off people.

        The Germans discovered this during WW2. They started out with friends in some of the conquered territories – but after burning down a town here and there and shooting a few partisans – pretty soon everybody was against them.

        So bring your ignorant friends to an Appleseed – make sure they drive the mini-van. Then bring some more. Make sure the list keeps getting bigger and bigger.

        Sooner or later the list wins – for our side.

      • Drop a counter-surveillance team in the parking lot to watch for said activity and take notes.

        Although I have to wonder, why have an operative walk around a parking lot in an obvious manner copying down plate numbers when it’s easy enough to emplace a hidden camera at the entrance and record all vehicles entering the location? Or a team off with a spotting scope in a location where they won’t be readily noticed?
        Ahh, the vagaries of HUMINT, CI, and PSYOPs.

    • wendystringer48088

      “When they charge everyone the same price i’ll get involved again. Why should I subsidize to mil, popo, disabled, someone else’s kids.?”

      A regular civilian (not active duty military or law enforcement) non-disabled adult gets to pay full price.
      Under 18, Law Enforcement, Active Duty Military and Disabled gets to pay 1/3 price (15 vs 40, 20 vs 60, 30 vs 90, 40 vs 120 and 50 vs 150).

      I don’t see it as that much of a thing to get worked up about.

      I assume the Under 18 price break is to encourage parents to take their children, the Active Duty Military price break is because they can be making less money, be deployed and they only get so many leave / vacation days a year, and the Disabled price break is because they have a harder time making it in life in general.

      The Law Enforcement price break is simply a good will gesture because if you are running a gun club / gun range you want to be on good terms with law enforcement. At the gun club and range I am a member of the local township police shoot for free. They also get to use the back range for their tactical practice with handguns, shotguns and MP5s. The local residents then call the local police saying they are shooting machine guns over there and they tell them “Yes, that’s us training over there.”

      Being on good terms with law enforcement is a very common interest and desire among those who run and are members of gun clubs and gun ranges. When going to an Appleseed (or any other organized shoot) you have to leave any bad attitudes / strong political expressions at home and just focus on the shooting aspects.

    • Subsidizing the military and police rubs me the wrong way too, BUT if they attend and hear the stories and meet the people, isn’t there a much better chance that they will be on the right side of things if it all goes sideways?
      Don’t you want to encourage kids to experience these events, rather than have thier nose in Facebook for the weekend?

  11. Dry fire, positional and barricade work, manipulation drills, draw and presentation, and ranging practice can be done at home and about throughout the year. A good air gun and home range also keeps the skills fresh or humbles the lazy. Non-lethal force on force with an uncooperative and crafty opponent in a distracting environment is pretty humbling as well. Anything that instills good habits and mindfulness in digestible doses is worth doing and frequency builds the base for performance under stress.

  12. Ben Richards

    You know you are in good territory when your local Sheriffs host these classes.

  13. That image of some of the Appleseed instructors was taken at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, near the racetrack. A very good friend of mine is kneeling, just to the right of the Garand stone in the picture.

    I’ve been to the range there, and the statement that it is the most advanced shooting range in the US is, if anything, an understatement. I didn’t shoot a full Appleseed series, I was sighting in several rifles, but will at some point.

    I will go to that range again. Y’all should see the Pro Shop they have, too.

  14. CA, whatever happened to the WRSA associated AS spinoff classes? You know, the ones without the AS nonsense…

    • Ended in 2007-08 due to economics. Not enough takers, and everyone lost money.

    • After the initial AS course, which has teaching rifle marksmanship down to a science, they have various “known distance” long range training and competitions. Is there anyone here that can’t use some long range work?

      They don’t just end the training with the initial course work.

      In the words of one of the athletic shoe makers, “just do it”.

  15. Raymond Amash

    I want to encourage all members and readers of this forum to attend an appleseed event and take your children. Me and my 13yr old daughtr have attended twice here in michigan. Its a great daddy-daughter or father-son weekend event they will long remember. Dont need anything besides a pair of .22s and expectation to learn history paired with learning shooting skills

  16. This reminds me, I need to dig out the rimfire trainer I put together for the first Instructor Boot Camp (Sept 2006?). It became the prototype for what they call (or at least used to) a “Liberty Training Rifle.”

    Ah, those good old heady days of 2005 til early 2007, before The Great Purge.

    WRSA Plank Holders Concerned American and Quietus are on here. Maybe one or two others I’ve forgotten in the busy, crazy decade since then. Good people, good times, good ideas. Ahead of our time.


  17. Few have done more to promote 2A and marksmanship in this Country than Jack (commonly “known” as “Fred”). He recently sold most of his M-14 wood and synthetic stocks to Treelinem14 in part to devote more time to Project Appleseed (, but he’s still in business with now reduced inventory. Good guy. And the author of “Fred’s Guide to Becoming a Rifleman” which every beginner should buy and READ.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You’re preaching to the choir.
      See above comment by Atlas, several of these guys started the club.

  18. NW Florida is sorely lacking in, well, everything.

    Survival training companies. Appleseed events. Tactical training. Hell, I’ve had trouble finding a NRA instructor that is able to certify other NRA instructors. Can’t find any type of significant training in this area. I see plenty of people with DTOM decals and three percenter decals and all that stuff, but they must just be people who think that way, because I haven’t been able to locate or identify one single GROUP of like minded people anywhere around here. They’re either well hidden or they don’t exist.

  19. Bonaventure (fka Randall Flagg)

    I’ve got several Ruger 10/22’s fitted with Tech-Sights and slings ready to go. Free ammo too.

    Only thing I don’t got is takers.

    Apparently there’s hockey practice.

    C’est la vie.