Swamp Dredging?

Or maskirovka?

You make the call.


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  1. Hi CA and all, freenorthcarolina also
    posted more chain evidence of the
    RATlines gathered here:

    Thank Goodness this info is gathering. Huge Sea Change!

    Eyes & Ears Open
    Tyrants and their cling-ons do not quietly go into the night.

    • By all means, after reading all the evidence provided,
      I think GW is correct – avoid being encircled by their
      loops and don’t get boxed in:

      Hindsight is foresight:

      Remember the history of East China Company?

  2. StBernardnot

    I read the whole thing. There is hope. There may yet be law & order at the (so-called) upper level.

  3. Pig hunting season rapidly approaches if the treason and sedition continues unpunished.

  4. Randolph Scott

    They are just starting to uncover this shit. It’ll take several years to get half way through is cess pool.

    • …and by then a SJW will be in the White House and Congress will be at least half-Democrat.

      • Yup, Ophra is ALREADY making noises about a 2020 run…wouldn’t be surprised if “the 1st Wookie ” was picked as her running mate, or may Linda (the cockroach) Sarsour (to apease the moslems).

        The disfunctional mooks that the parasite class picks for the kabuki puppets…shhesh!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  5. Investigation.The term has the same amount of credibility as being called a racist.There was a post a while back documenting the number of ongoing”investigations.” A crock of shit.
    Not one fucking person besides Weiner and Martha Stewart have been sent to jail.I will admit that while Martha was locked up, I felt safer knowing that she couldn’t break into my home and redecorate without my permission. Weiner ,I would drive his spine through his asshole with a Wild Bill Longson piledriver.
    Do not expect anyone to do time.There will be reassignments and early retirements.That is all.

    • It’s impossible to be too cynical, where government is concerned.

    • Awesome post! I almost fell out of my chair when I read the comment about Martha and your personal safety.

      I agree with your simple statement, “Bullshit!”

      The conviction and imprisonment or execution of a single treasonous politician would be the only material sign of reduced corruption in DC. And BITH parties are complicit.

      Two different hookers in the ame whorehouse.

  6. Sessions is plainly compromised. For all I know he may be the dirtiest sonofabitch in Washington. No doubt in my mind he’s the AG to prevent any real clean up.

    • Sad to say, I tend to agree with your stance at this point. He is without a doubt the biggest disappointment of this entire administration. When he signed on to Trump early, I thought better of Trump. Sessions always seemed to be a straight shooter. But his refusal to prosecute obvious felonies, his “jail potheads,” and “moar asset forfeiture” has completely changed my opinion.

  7. Centurion_Cornelius


  8. Actually, THIS:
    would have probably been the best way to “drain” the Swamp, if used appropriately. Sure is a shame that it’s no longer available….

  9. Would they dare expose all of this and then do nothing?

    Remember Sep 10, 2001 when Rummy announced the $2 Trillion missing, then we were immediately given a reason to fuggeddaboutit? This is what I expect will happen.

  10. Gee, this government is as nasty inside as the totalitarian governments of the mid-20th century. Golly, what a surprise. I thought our magic government document magically kept all the bad people from working for government. You know, just like the PRC, USSR, Nazi, GDR, Romanian, etc. magic documents did for them.

  11. Y

    watch out, demoncrat knaves, fools, and traitors

    here cumz the republiscam knaves, fools and traitors

  12. Just got this.
    Has The Deep State Overstepped? Dr Jerome Corsi, Doug Poppa, Matt Bracken & Alicia Powe

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  13. There’s another key moment nobody is saying much about. Remember when Trump Fired DOJ interim AG Sally Yates ass? Turns out Yates wrote a 58 page memo which prohibited Horowitz’s audit and investigation, informing him he had no powers to investigate the DOJ under current circumstances.

    That’s the same time CIA coup leader James Clapper tried to get Admiral Rodgers fired because he stopped the illegal FISA Warrant collection of cell text, phone conversations, computer and email data of members of Pres. Trump’s administration.

    Anyone notice the regular deep state mouth pieces like Shumer and Polosi, never mind the pants suit psychopath and her child sex slave raper husband have been real circumspect or uncharacteristically mum.

    I’m waiting for a sudden vertical increase in timely deaths of participants in the Clinton Crime Syndicate beyond the housecleaning of the last few weeks. Thing is the Clintons are in a serious pickle. They can’t kill everyone, and there is the paper and money trail. The money trail is in the billions. How do you launder that kind of money. Its too large a pile of cash, takes too many people to disappear the trail.
    The paper one is the preserved Federal records that exist. I get the impression these deep state actors where so confident HRC was the next regime leader they had no need to cover their tracks. And now its too late.

    The real issue here is do the cucks choke? Do they make a token effort, sacrifice a few highly placed minions under the bus and let lie the rest?

    I hope they understand nothing short of the whole Clinton crime syndicate behind bars. The intelligence operatives and FBI actors tried for treason. To create any legitimacy never mind trust in the federal government. Not for nothing, I’ll eat my arm that everyone, like in Hollywood with their sex perversions, it wasn’t that this deep state crap was discovered, it was that it couldn’t be hidden from the public that matters to the political ass hats.

    Oh, and obama clearly implicated, in other words politically assassinated. Have to avoid martyring the sonofabitch.
    It would be superlative Holder goes to prison, along with Rice and Jarret. Better to hang those red diaper babies. Doubt that could happen through the courts.
    There are so many involved and almost everything is connected. From Waco to the fake Russian dossier on Trump. From the 5th column media to all the vote fraud of the last 40-50 years. Its all part of one big coup. A slow one, which came in stages, leading up to the expected installation of the 2nd Clinton regime, but a coup nonetheless.

    There’s another thing here too. For a spell anyways, hopefully long enough, the usual federal actors in various agency’s will be in a state a poor moral, in disarray, ineffective at stonewalling things like The Wall, sending millions of invaders back, a great opportunity for de-funding various agency’s as a backdoor way to get rid of hundreds of thousands of trough feeders on the federal payroll. Which Trump has been doing selectively for a year now. Crisis as a means MAGA style. Time to do things normally not possible. Is that a bit of revenge served cold delicious to see the targets of it try to swallow.
    Maybe even eliminating a few agencies?

    All in all I call whats going down pretty darn good to see. If we are to have some sort of secession from centralized administrative tyranny, got to start someplace. And who knows, MAGA could create an awakening towards that thing called limited government, a grass roots movement of size and motive power it becomes a serious political power. Consent is the only legitimate natural power after all.

    • Randolph Scott

      Oh, and obama clearly implicated, in other words politically assassinated. Have to avoid martyring the sonofabitch.

      No we don’t. Prosecute the faggoted son of a Bitch and when convicted of treason/sedition, hang the motherfucker on K street

      • For sure. Yet at this stage its not going to happen, there’s not enough shitlords with the political power to do as you suggest & I agree with.
        So instead of some cuck choke artist half way bullshit, best to politically assassinate the usurper rather than turn him into a martyr. Remember your Che’, they deified the dirty stinking commie prick with posters and T shirts.

  14. There’s always the rapid evaporation option if all else fails…


  15. And what of this dirtbag?


    I keep trying to figure out at this point what his purpose is for.
    His “investigation” is a total joke. Is he there to use his special counsel status as a cover for cleaning up particularly critical loose ends?
    At this point there is no way he could even pull of a fake rabbit out of his ass.
    Its got to be something very important. Because the sonofabitch is a main player going back years in all this.
    Something never added up with the story of special council. Its been one big nothing burger from the beginning. Are the deep state actors not caught up in the dragnet so far going to pull some retarded last ditch effort stunt and Mueller is hanging around for the plausible deniability factor?

    • The investigation is allowed to continue because it generates activity.
      If you shut the investigation down people in the deep state that oppose the administration will go silent or increase the masking of their activity. With the investigation going on you can use it to identify the leakers and deep state operators. You just need someone watching the investigation so they can do the work for you.

  16. Personally over here, I have given CPR to a young man
    with fathers assistance restoring the breathing, then another
    one brought back, but too late and now brain dead.
    64,000 opiod deaths, but that does not include the
    thousands left brain dead.
    Mostly all young men and women, of fighting age, not
    to mention marrying and having children in the future,
    which is now no more. Get it?
    The RATlines are murdering our own.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  17. Substitute your favorite CONgress critter for Mike Dowd and you’ll be on the right track. La Compania in this case represents every “constituency” in Merica. Seriously watch this movie and understand what is going on at your local PD and the nation at the same time.

    • Y

      So…and your point is?….
      The parasite class is composed of certifiable narcissistic sociopaths.
      The badged orcs and orcettes are their professional leg breakers and enforcers and they’re all psychotic sadistic bullies lower than rattlesnake shit (ask Lavoy Finicum, Justine Damond, Daniel Shaver, Jack Yantis and countless others about them).

      The mobs have more honor than the badge toting jackals.

      Sat parasite class!
      Sat cops!
      Every last fucking one of them!!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  18. Roseann Barr for President!

    Finally some real leadership stepping forward.