Coulter: Fuhgeddaboudit

Original title: “It turns out Bannon was Trump’s brain.”

How’s that PT coming along?

You’re gonna need it.

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  1. Im afraid annie is losing her mind….

    • If you have a completely different take on what came out of that meeting I’d be interested to hear about it.

    • Ok Boomer.

      All of us who get it are so pissed and frustrated that those who depend on us are lucky we continue to heroically get out of bed each day.

  2. Sometimes you burn the mark quickly and sometimes slowly because you didn’t get all he had yet. Somebody’s being played here. I’m beginning to fear Trump didn’t come to drain the swamp but to run it. And no one here knows the quid pro quo.

    • But why burn down your home?

    • lastmanstanding

      No we don’t share quid pro with these psychopaths…and for good reason. Someone has to put up some opposition. How and when it shakes out, who knows. Just get your troops/tribe ready.

      Better to just accept that drump is one of them. Neither he or any of the 535 traitors will lift a hand to help any of us. Supreme Court, DOJ…laughable. Hearing after hearing after hearing…stalling, less than nothing produced, endless diversion.

      There is no justice…just us.

      Just wrap your head around this not to mention the seditious acts of those in gub. They are exempt if they tow the line. Just a show to keep the right/left pendulum swinging…back and forth, back and forth. Bread and circus.

      Tic Toc.

      The other night, something just struck me…Mueller?…Mueller? Where have I heard that pricks name before? Iran-Contra…1991…still fucking things up, great salary, benny’s, huge pension and massive stock portfolio provided by insider trading to boot. Awesome.

      Here’s a good bone to chew on… Cliff notes or long version.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • “Better to just accept that drump is one of them. Neither he or any of the 535 traitors will lift a hand to help any of us.”

        They’ve had since 2004 to effectively deal with a far greater threat to America, the catastrophic loss of our electrical grid from EMP. What have they accomplished since then where hardening and defending the grid is concerned?….

        (Crickets chirping….)

        Put the “wall” aside mentally for a moment. If we loose the grid for a year due to either nature (solar flare/CME) or man made (nuke EMP, cyber attack, vandalism), tfA-t gets his wish because over 90% of people in this country WILL be dead within that year! Think about what that means to you in your AO..imagine 90% of the people in your town gone..knowledge and skills with them.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III


          NG: The crickets are chirping for serfs like me. The FEDGOV elites will have their comfy bolt holes to hide in while I am stacking up the zombie bodies on my front lawn. The way things are shaking out, it looks like I will die over a pile of spent brass, holding a brandy bottle in my left hand and with a Lucky Strike in my mouth. Bleib ubrig.

        • Unless your Community already has a plan for that and then they will be the hub/commerce center and be able help those around them…

    • Randolph Scott

      I honestly don’t think Trump came to drain the swamp. Just to expose the swamp and its corruption.

      We are all aware of the magnitude of this corruption and evil. This evil and corruption infects every branch of government in every agency, department and commission at the federal, state, county and city levels. What we are witnessing is that there is not a single elected or appointed son of a bitch anywhere that is seriously trying to end this corruption.

      The election of DJT as POTUS has only exposed this traitorous sedition in all of government, exposed the out of control murderous police state at every level, and exposed corrupted judicial system that continually rules against Constitutional law and the BOR. Their lawlessness and evil has been exposed.

      The evil corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, judges and left/progressives are laughing at every working person, every honest person, every Christian, every homeowner, every taxpayer. Yes they are laughing their asses off at you, me and everyone else.

      Why? Because they know they can.

      • Exactly right and can you blame them…Look at us, always fighting, being stupid, no organization, don’t want to build or win…

        • I do not think one can accurately assess the state of freedom-minded people across the USA simply by the traffic here at WRSA or similar sites.

          I am completely supportive of candor as to the state of affairs, and it is not anywhere near good – but anyone of any utility has an online and and offline POV/action list.

          My guess is that the most capable do not bother with the online world, save for black-humored comic relief.

          Meatspace, baby.

          Within walking distance of where each one is now.

          • You know of anywhere in the US that doesn’t pay property taxes, income taxes, or abide by no laws but their own local laws…The Kulak’s if they had internet would probably be doing the same things we are right now and it damn sure didn’t end well for them…Seems like a long time that meatspace has been advocated for and none of the above has even been close to accomplished…So the elites will still be eating caviar and drinking champagne and we will still be bickering about what we should do…You know my plan and I still think it’s our best hope of preserving Liberty….Hope your well Brother…

  3. If Trump means what he said, and signs an amnesty bill, America is dead, and so is Trump’s re-election campaign.

    • America is already dead. trump can kick out 11 million and it will still become permanent democrat/communist probably within 10 years.
      my predictions: recession once the fed starts really pulling money out in april as the tax cuts are overrated and the debtload of govt and by people is too great to have real growth, dems win big, a war starts with north korea, recession continues and the last two years are miserable and trump doesn’t even get the 2020 nomination.
      trump is one last lap around the track. anyone thinking differently really is not very knowledgeable.

      • The hell you say. Fuck those Elections. Still playing inside the confines set by the game that you want to beat.
        You can starve them
        You can burn them
        Quit thinking too big to move and instead figure out how much you can move.

    • “Look at me!!..Look at me!! We democracy NOW!!..WE get gibs, you pay your privilege now!!..if we not get AirJordans and DACA Amnesty, we tell world you waaaciss!!..You have one hour!!..Come brothers”.

      Assembled politicos: “Drumphy,..what are we gonna do!??!”

      Drumphy: “We..we..we’re going to uphold our sacred values to democracy…after all we wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re racist!!

      The Cruel Fate of Kekistan

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • White Blue Collar Redneck

      If Trump signs an amnesty bill, the least of America’s worries will be some bullshit reelection campaign.

  4. just plain todd

    who cares. whos surprised. trump is just a stall for us to prepare a bit more. thats all. see barnhardts rule about those who aspire to to run for any office. 4d chess my ass. told you fuckers before. we got them surrounded from the inside. no friendlies in sight , anywhere. your fields of fire are clear. as should be your consciences. best of luck gentlemen.

    • lastmanstanding

      Chesty Puller said something similar brother…at the battle of Chosin Reservoir.

      My dad was there. Tank commander, Charlie Co., 1st Marine Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division…written off for dead.

      Still kicking big time. Taught my brothers and I how to be good men.

      Staying the course in Montanistan. BFYTW.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Say hi to your dad. Those men were a legend in the Corps for what they accomplished under Puller.
        My last unit was C Co. 4th Tank Bn, last 2 years were as company armorer.

        • lastmanstanding

          Will do. Talk to him couple times a week. Still remembers everything.

          Still says they could have eliminated all this Korea/China bs that we’re dealing with now, then. But as we know now, it wasn’t the plan.

  5. Oh, well.
    Continue to prep for war.
    Encourage dems and their illegal pets to continue moving to the bi-coastal enclaves and the few, isolated islands in vast American areas.
    Carefully vet those around you.
    Check your local list. If you live in commiefornia, you already live in an entry-rich environment.

  6. When are we going to need that PT? It’s starting to feel like this sinking ship is never going to sink. How long are they going to keep the wheels from falling off of this shitwagon? When is this unsustainable economy going to collapse? When is the ever more bloated government going to reach the point where it’s too big and falls in on itself? When is this supposedly inevitable uncivil war going to kick off? This big unsustainable system is all supposed to reset itself, apparently, in a big way, so what the hell are they waiting for? Why isn’t it happening?

    • White Blue Collar Redneck

      Are you serious?
      You’re waiting for your enemies to
      spoon feed you answers.

      • Are you serious? You’re waiting for your enemies to spoon feed you answers.

        Ha. Haha. Bwaaaahahahaha. Ha. He-he. Ha. For short… hilarious.

        What? Isn’t it OBVIOUS that the answer is a resounding YES?

        • White Blue Collar Redneck

          You are an astoundingly deluded asshat.
          Thankfully, you are far from being the best that White Western Culture has to offer.
          Idiots like you are as detrimental and destructive as spics, niggers, jews, illegals, and all third world ferals.

      • Huh. Seems no one else is wondering how they’re able to keep the big unsustainable machine not only limping along, but moving at a brisk enough pace to stay ahead of us freedom-lovers, who presently aren’t any closer to even agreeing on who are than we were twenty years ago.

        It’s all supposed to fall apart, cracks are supposed to be appearing everywhere, but all I see is business as usual.

    • Patty o’furniture

      When you’re running away from a group of people who want Your can of beans and you’re in a gun free zone.

    • Mayhap it is not they who rule time?

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. I like what Trump is doing in the culture war. His policies, however, prove his loyalty to the billionaire class. Trump owns 10 billion worth of our current real estate/stock market bubble. If Trump were to drain the swamp, the bankers would take the economy with them. The Bush/Obama bailouts were basically extortion, “bail us out or the whole economy dies.”

    Trump is too vain to save America at the cost of his business empire.

  9. White Blue Collar Redneck

    Just in case anyone in this sphere still believes otherwise: The lesson to be learned, the U.S. Supreme Court will not save us.

    No one is coming to save us: not the courts, not the legislatures, and not the president.

  10. Bannon was Trumps brain? Well then lets be grateful the two have parted ways. Many were warning of Bannon from the beginning.
    Also Ann Coulter???
    No matter who, discernment is needed.
    Discernment comes from above.

  11. Donald Trump, “Rise of the Despot Lion”

  12. I do not agree with Coulter. George Webb thinks that Bannon’s career is likely one of laundering money for the Navy’s smuggling operations. Intelligent Bannon may be, but attacking Trump’s family at the point where Trump is seen to vanquish his Deep Swamp enemies was an instant loss for everyone against Trump, to zero gain. As public an example as Trump could hope for.

    As for ‘permanent Democrats’, Jake Morphonios had a video in the last couple of days with talk radio discussions on black, inner city, stations where people were talking about why they switched to Trump, how the Ds had abandoned. Youtube has many Mexicans who support Trump.

    Reality is a powerful argument. The Deep Swamp is being drained. That guarantees a decade of headlines for Trump and his chosen successor.

    Trump is winning bigly, is on his way to being America’s Greatest President. Yes, he will make many mistakes, but cleaning up voting procedures, voting rolls is far more important than DACA or the wall.

  13. Tully Bascombe

    Settle down ladies, no need to get your panties in a bunch. save your vitriol for something that has actually taken place.

  14. Bannon is an idealist.
    Trump is a realist.
    Sometimes the thing you want to do is not the thing you can do.
    You have to eat the elephant one bite at a time.

    • Indeed. The term “quid pro quo” was mentioned above. One possibility – just spitballin’ here, n=1 – is that DREAMer amnesty will happen, along with E-verify & the other chain migration constraints, etc. The Dems are going to still posture about it because it’s not a “clean” DACA bill but they also want to be able to say to Latinos “Look what we dun fer you, making that evil Trump bend to our will.” They want that for later this year & generations to come (think LBJ-style machinations). It’s in their war-plan.

      On the other hand, Trump can say “Look at the deal I brokered for you! And, oh by the way, I’ve got the proof on film that it was my idea, not the Dems.” Either way is a win or a kluge depending upon one’s investment in watching such events. For me, as CA mentioned, little on the internet other than the odd email twixt family & handful of good friends if of much import ultimately.

      Well, maybe news of reloading component sales or something… 🙂

  15. Yes, things look grim. Remember your training. Remember your people. Remember that to be a leader, means to keep your wits while all about you are losing theirs. Stay loose, stay flexible. It’s liable to get a whole lot worse, and then what will you do? Make plans, and have back ups for the back ups.