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  1. A picture of Oprah Winfrey giving either the “aok” or “you’re an asshole” hand gesture, depending on the country.

    Well there’s 30 seconds of my life I won’t get back.

    • Or she’s showing that she wants to hold the new “1st wookie” gold coin so she can claim some ‘bling in da hood’ to her peeps.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Given that it’s Oprah, isn’t it the “O-tay!” sign?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Orca Windbag. If Americans elect that bag of shit.I will be moving to the Outer Hebrides.I will raise sheep and eat mutton.
    It is a really bad drive-in movie.The sound is poor.The plot is thin.No name actors who are quite bad. Drinking mass quantities of alcohol makes the movie palatable plus your date gets better looking. We are so fucked.

    • If orca windbag is drive in movie fare, she’d definitely qualified to be MST3K bait..time to dust off and power up the ‘bots.
      Tom Servo, Crow, guys ready?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, but it’s a Harvey Weinstein production, so it will win awards and get him some strange.

      • “Yeah, but it’s a Harvey Weinstein production, so it will win awards and get him some strange.”

        Is this “strange” enough for him?

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  4. But… didn’t we already vote for a celebrity?

  5. She’s not a politician by trade, she doesn’t have the evil mind for it. I hope she wins, would be fun to see an attempt to do central planning in the midst of a budget crash caused by previous central planning. Go on, implement wage and price controls, you know you want to. Raise the minimum wage. Print more stimulus. Free college for dogs and cats. Meanwhile the spending on unstoppable military money pits will continue, planes and ships that don’t work. Can you imagine a lip-quivering, tear-dripping speech where she cuts off welfare to the Blacks? Neither can I. Worse, better.

  6. Just spitballing, but I thought she was flashing her IQ there.
    Somewhere between 00 and 6, far as I can make out.

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  8. Okay, one more time. You will be tested on this too.
    Good history lesson in audio, which I suggest the
    reading impaired listen into:

    Eyes & Ears Open
    A Dios


      Gee, thanks a bundle ‘pard’,..just what I needed after getting home from work and sitting down to breakfast…NOT!!

      Now I have to go wash my eyes out with both hydrogen peroxide and bleach…There’s no unseeing that hideous image.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • And what the pic doesn’t show is the mooslima slaver Linda Sarsour capturing the young albino female and branding her for the glory of allabushit.

  9. Imagine what she would do with the kind of power just ready for a throat slitting sex slave trafficker like oprah of the Oval Office.
    I say it is absolutely no coincidence whatsoever she is being presented. Remember the stink she made about sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House?
    Pizzagate Redux.
    Perfect cover.
    Far superior cover than the pantsuit psychopath.
    Think of the slobbering useful idiots who vote for this black supremacy con artist.
    All the elements of grand Kubaki theater.
    All the dog whistles, from feminism to diversity.
    Black. Wymins. Celebrity. Household name recognition. Poor black girl narrative embedded in the public mind for decades. Hollywood pure as driven snow african amerikan opposite of Dolly Pardon. Champion of the poor and down trodden brown people who have been terrorized for all history by the White Cis Privilege Racist Slavemaster. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check…and Check.

    Obama for as bad as he was, can’t touch the potential of this throat slitting ultimate racist dressed up in “The Color Purple.”
    You think Bill Clinton is a sexual predator who used his position & influence to advance his power and derived psychotic satisfaction from victimizing his conquests? There is nothing that comes close to the psychopathy of a woman with the unlimited power within her grasp the White House would provide. We witnessed Hillary’s total abandon as she committed every crime there is a law for and some that we don’t because nobody has ever seen that kind of evil.
    Oprah would be a fully sanctioned usurpation because of the connections to the hedonistic insanity of the Intelligentsia/5th column controlled entertainment and media complex. Its cultural marxist grand central. And with the blind adoration of the programmed masses, imagine the level of propaganda and social engineering possible.
    I think it would provide the platform for the ultimate history revisionist period in America.
    The deep state could re-coup everything it has lost and is about to loose on one stroke.
    Its actually a brilliant move, somebody is trying to set up running an exquisitely cunning Manchurian candidate for president.
    Already they are publishing poles she beats Trump. So the narrative is already under way.
    Then there’s these…things…it’s…WTF’s…They where desperate for Hillary. Oprah? Seriously. Imagine the militancy what with that big sweet as white arsenic innocent face of oprah’s on the prime time news sending out the go sick em virtue signaling.
    The ranks of the SJW’s would be electrified with ideological fervor the Bolsheviks would be proud of.
    I’m saying all this because all these “diverse” groups exist for a reason far more deadly than their own virtue signaling. They exist because we have too many guns. The way around our guns and what they represent is to overwhelm us with these unarmed ideological fanatics, because its much more useful and practical to cause us to use our guns first in defense of the principles and culture of our White Christian Western Culture, which the same Intelligentsia behind everything have also shrouded the truth of our history and legacy in do much doubt and half truths, if we use our guns against this homogenous circus of virtue signalers, we look like exactly what we have been stigmatized as through decades of anti-white narrative.
    Its a real pickle. The Kulaks where caught up in the same trap. Now we get to be the Kulaks.
    Regardless. The thing which counts is we do have guns, which is the only thing that saves us. But we have to be the winners. Decisively. There is no half way measures. There is a war of extermination being waged against us. It has the very real potential of becoming total war. It is one stage below that state. And it requires the illusion of legitimacy such as Oprah as POTUS would provide because she is seen by most as a generous angel uncorrupted. A view so ingrained as to be fanatical belief.
    Personally, this sleeper agent of cultural marxism is the single most dangerous threat to White America which could be contrived by the red diaper babies. Its brilliant.
    The potential for kinetic class war could be at Def-Con 1 the moment she is an actual running candidate, she doesn’t even have to win, in fact if she lost, she is just as useful, because Hillary was cheated out of her crown. The ranks of useful dupes and wymins fanatics would loose it totally. Hard to say how the brown & black people would react. They are there for the systematic vote fraud and gerrymander. I think the white guilt race card will be the predominate dynamic her. Oprah is palatable to so many cross sections of America, she is adored by millions, she has the unbending loyalty and ear of millions who literally could not comprehend the sinister truth of a Winfrey Regime. Think about it. Hollywood ends up with a seat in the Oval Office. It was bad enough the legacy media of the obama regime. And we are seeing the unlimited treason of the media collusion with the pantsuit’s deep state in waiting.
    Lord Help us please.

    • Mooslima cunts or clit looking for a nicking is my take on that pic..if they’d been wearing the pussy caps that would have capped it off (pun not intended).

      Femen would be orcas boobyguards.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  10. Please spread this far and wide.

    • Orca is only upset because she can only strut around with a silicone willy and she really wants an actual all meat weiner to use on HER fans…plus shes and coproach enabler.

      What a hipocritical cunt!..and she puts the hippo in hipocritical!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  11. Anyone remember this:
    Hiligula checking out Christina Augiler’s “breastworks”…where’s her “little mooslima” Huma..waiting behind the curtain?

    And speaking of “breastworks”, remember when madona exposed an Australian female teen fan’s breasts during a concert in Brisbane?

    The young lady on stage later defended madonna saying, “It was the best night of my life!” ( wonders how she’ll explain that verbal goof to her husband the night after their honeymoon..if she gets married).

    madonna and others are EXACTLY the kind of people that orca will surround herself with..including the harpies like whoopi fartbag from the “spew”.

    Disgusting doesn’t even begin to cover it!!…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  12. They’re the best damn players on our team. Don’t make too much noise, let those fuckers work.