Niko Niko

(Dr Hiroaki Tanaka – 2:38 marathoner in the M50 category and niko niko inventor)

Slow jogging.

You will need more cardio endurance than you presently have in order to be most effective in the Coming Excitement.

Start doing more now.

Before you must.

(H/t Maggie’s)

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Many thanks, CA! Melikes this “slow stuff.” Much better for us “Seasoned Citizens.” Ain’t the PT fanatic I was 50 years ago.

    • Exactly!!

      That or just walking at a moderate but steady pace will do wonders for both body and mind.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  2. you cant outrun a mob. if you live in a good size city, you’ll make it on luck over fitness imo.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Very informative, looks valuable!

  5. Slow running is good if one uses duration over intensity, a fast run is good when one can sustain it for two miles.

    I ran two miles daily in 13:56 in my thirties, under 15:00 in my forties, 16:00+ in my fifties and now I try to keep it under 18:00 now that I am sixty.

    After running, stretch hamstrings, calves, quads, inner thigh, hips and lower lumbar. Wake up with NO cramps!

  6. Airborne shuffle.

  7. Hit 60 this year. No more running for me at all. Even some of the low impact running machines will cause excessive back and neck pain. ( sometimes debilitating). Why? Two reasons, one is the Army wear and tear the other I loved to run. Ran so much I wore my parts out. Funny though I can still use my Nordic track without a issue.

    Think I will give this a try, what the hell.


  8. For awesome time try trail running. Builds more muscle, endurance and agility

  9. For awesome time try trail running. Builds more muscle, endurance and agility

  10. Didn’t Max V cover this with “Tabbing”? Covered it correctly, I should add.
    It’s more fucking work to run slow than it is just to fucking run. Especially in any kind of snow or wet ground.
    Some experience that I used after reading Mosby, DTG, JCD and MaxV.
    Get your battle rattle shit on and get outside. Do sprints, best speed for 300 or 400 yards. You’ll suck wind at first, bad. But you’ll work up to where you can “rest” while walking. Use your terrain, tab when you can, sprint when you should, take fucking knee and overwatch and get your breath. Build yourself up and then mix in some crawls, some bodybuilders, or an alternate route up that leaf littered Big fuckin hill. Then mix in a full ruck. Your survival load on top of your battle load. For me, it damn near doubles the weight with the full winter kit, adds roughly fifty pounds to the sixty five already there. Don’t run with all that shit on, that’s the very reason your Alice has quick release. Use it a few times to fully enjoy the experience of putting that shit back together in freezing weather after a 300 yard sprint. Hint: take your gloves off, it will save you time and aggravation in the long run. I promise you this will suck, so take a buddy or two to make fun of each other when you decide to quit. We alternate point, gives everyone experience and it’s a game to surprise the others with the shittiest route selected. Duck walking under stands of evergreens, stopping for beans and motherfuckers, or getting damn near the end of a circuit and then determine using are always crowd pleasers.
    All this shit will have the additional benefit of your kit getting lighter, because you’ll decide right fucking quick what’s essential and what goes.
    Go in any weather: it was 6 degrees a week ago here and today it’s 58. No shit. That really gets you to working through gear combinations, as frequently hammered into your thick heads by our previously mentioned blog hosts. In the winter because of work our walkabout is in the dark. Get some eye protection that works and wear that shit, because nothing is quite so fun as a branch or a peckergnat in the eye when it’s blacker than old Coles ass out.
    Now quit your typing and get your ass in gear, you’ll bitch plenty on the move. If you can spare the wind.
    As ever,
    The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

  11. LFMayor, now I know at last what your moniker means. And your comment it on the button. My name, Sean, is an American name, and our names don’t mean shit.(props to Bruce Willis). Can’t run a lick myself, and maybe looking at leg surgery, soon. Who knows? Mebbe I can wave that cab down…..Esmeralda Villalobos? Okay, drive.

    • Don’t denigrate yourself brother, do everything you can without self damage and get well. Then get better! There are shit tons of skill sets and knowledge needed besides being able to sweat down your ass crack. The mind is the primary weapon.

      I’m no freaking SF candidate… I’ll be 48 soon and if I didn’t have buddies to let down and be ribbed by my lazy ass would be on the couch. I will get good grades for my age group because of them, and I won’t quit. Because of them.

      That’s another thought… cold, heat, wet and quit. Those extremes are more a mind game. They take practice too though. It’s all easy in your head up to the point where you ask yourself why you’re doing thisshit! Build those callouses.