“The Wall” & The US Military

One word: NORTHCOM

And the reason it is not being used is because the American Elites do not want it used.

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  1. After five-plus years catching human smugglers and dopers on the border, the reason there’s anything crossing at all is simply because TPTB want it to continue. Period.

    That’s been true since Eisenhower was president.

    We were able to shut down 3-4 miles of border perpetually with just 4 guys. We could see everything in that AO, and call in what wasn’t crossing onto the property we were sited on to BP. We took a property that had experienced 100K crossers in a year (based on sightings and footprints actually counted) and whittle it down to 0 crossings any days we were on site.

    We saw everything in our area, and other than a couple of coyotes who abandoned their groups and fled south for another day, we caught and turned over 100% of the crossers who tried to get by us.

    That extrapolates to 200 guys (plus a certain number to transport and warehouse the catch) to shut down the entire CA-Mexico border, and 2000 or so for the entire southern border from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. All we did was sit on the border and watch what happened, 24/7/365, and improve our position by filling human gopher holes under the pathetic border fence, and add concertina and rebar on the property line where appropriate.

    CBP has over 45,000 officers. Even with three shifts/day, that wouldn’t take even 15% of their total manpower to shut the southern border down forever except at official crossings.

    You figure out why they’re instead mostly grouped up on unconstitutional highway checkpoints 20-50 miles away from the border, instead of sitting right on the line on high points, watching for attempts, and swooping in on them when they happen.

    It also became rapidly apparent that with air resources (which CBP has, and we didn’t), they would be able to follow a dope load into the US from altitude, track the transport vehicle(s) that picked it up, follow it to safe houses in S.D., Phoenix, Vegas, L.A., El Paso, etc., and in a week’s investigation, roll up entire dope smuggling networks, seizing dozens of properties under RICO, and hundreds of vehicles and mules, shutting it down for months to years. They don’t do that either.

    The only reason that’s the case is two-fold: a percentage (my guesstimate is up to a third) of the field-level guys are absolutely on the take with the cartels; and because the office guys have been told from on high not to go and do that, because people up to the US Senate level are similarly on the cartel’s retainer in perpetuity, and/or they want either the voters, or the housemaids and dishwashers for cheap labor for their corporate cronies.

    We stopped doing what we were doing when our videos, regularly showing up on Lou Dobbs on CNN, invariably right after POTUS would tell everyone the border was secure and amnesty should be considered, finally motivated an Oval Office phone call to get the CBP and Corp of Engineers to build a 20′ steel pole/rebar/concrete-filled fence and anchored 8′ down, impassible for anything but jackrabbits, and birds for 10 miles across the sector we were working on.

    Nothing short of an armored brigade or an engineer company with high explosives could penetrate that sector now, and nothing can get through in less time than it would take to reinforce and apprehend anyone attempting it.
    And they’d still need the high explosives, or a crane, just to get to where they could attempt it.

    That’s why a proper wall will work, and preclude the shenanigans that have taken place on the border since Eisenhower’s day.

    Pedro goes from a Mexican, to a Mexican’t, and the cartels can’t do what they can’t do.

    You could shut down the entire border with, at most, a couple of battalions of infantry using IR and thermal devices, and boots on the ground, and turn over 100% of the catch to civilian authorities. The units could be rotated in and out randomly, to preclude anyone getting comfortable, or going on the take, and border crossings would only be possible by sea or air, both of which are much harder to hide in and pass through, and easier to defend, given that’s what the Navy and Air Force do 24/7/365.

    It doesn’t happen because, from POTUS down, no one really wants that.
    And we could figure that out in about an hour, a decade ago.

    When TPTB want that border closed, it will be closed.

    The only other thing that’ll work, would be an overwhelming number of folks along the border deciding it’s open season on Pedro, and they start putting literal heads on poles, and are willing to do the same thing to anyone from CBP who interferes or does anything but make arrests of crossers, and start taking out the enablers putting water points in the desert and such.

    We were about at that point in 2004, with 9/11 still fresh in people’s minds.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      They claim it will take at least 10 yrs to complete the wall.
      And how much concrete did Hitler’s Todt Organization pour in just 2-3 yrs?
      The American public is addicted to swallowing lies, and believing it too.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        And never mind the fact Germany was the size of Texas, with nowhere near the resources the US has today.
        In a war time situation, it could be done in a year. But today they have to figure out how to drag it out as long as possible and how much in kickbacks goes out from the overall budget, kinda like running a modern war on terror.

      • lastmanstanding

        Halliburton and/or KBR, etc. can’t make any money if they have to rush.

    • Uhh you can walk right across through a physical checkpoint and have your ‘creds’ checked for the right amount and connections. That is how the pros do it and do it often. Network grasshopper.

      Sometimes this fails (rare) and people get nabbed. Check out the ones that get caught and see what they are doing. They are not walking thru deserts. Note they have done this more than once, but didn’t get caught.

      A wall will not work. However it would be expensive forever. May as well make mexico the 51st state. Will a wall work in Florida too? How about chicago and New York. Plenty of illegals there that are not Mexicans. Polish, Ukraine, Russians, etc.

      Make it where these illegals can’t work in the USA unless they are documented and approved for no more than a 5 year work visa. If an employer is caught employing someone without a work visa, min 250k fine. After the 5 years the visa expires and they must go home.

      • So, one can assume that since walls and entries don’t work you have no property line fences, and no locks on your doors, because it’s a waste of time?

        Sh’yeah, I thought that sounded like someone talking out their other end.
        The wall is also “buy once – cry once”, not “expensive forever”.

        Once it’s up, we should deport the whole mother-loving lot.
        You fix the holes in the boat first, then you bail it out.

        But shutting off the job gravy train is easier.
        On Monday, you raid all the businesses in town that start with the letter “A”.
        Tuesday, you do the “B”s.
        Wednesday, you deploy the state police to expedite traffic headed south on I-5, I-19, I-10, and I-35, because the backups from self-deporters will stretch north to the 36th parallel.
        Thursday, you pick up where you left off, only now you can focus on European and Asian types, which is a much smaller pool.

        If you find one to five illegals, you arrest them and deport them.
        If you find five to twenty, you arrest the head of HR, and seize his home and assets under RICO.
        If you find more than twenty at the same business, you do the same thing to the CEO and CFO, and seize the entire company as well.

        By Friday, you’ll probably close the federal budget deficit.

        By the second week, US employment is 100%, and you start evaluating which occupations need temporary workers on visas.
        You sort by IQ, skills, and English proficiency.
        You issue them visas for no more than six months, and they have to check in monthly with immigration. If they fail to do so, or break any laws but minor traffic citations, they get deported, and made persona non grata for life. No return: Forever.
        At the end of the six months, they have to return home for six months, and you re-evaluate the need for temp workers annually.

        If anyone completes four such visas with no problems, they are allowed to get at the back of the line for immigration as resident aliens leading to naturalized citizenship, if they desire such, with the usual trimmings and background checks.

        Anybody in that status who goes on the public dole for more than six months gets revoked and deported.

        And as long as they never break a law and never go on the dole, they can come here for six months and pick fruit forever on temp visas, as long as we can document needing them.
        If unemployment goes above 5%, all temp worker visas are shut down.

        You also refuse visas to any woman who’s pregnant.

        Getting caught here illegally, either by illegal entry, or visa-overstaying, even once, becomes a lifetime bar to future return, under any circumstances, ever.
        Second and subsequent violations become automatic 1-year-at-hard-labor federal prison sentences, with the sentence doubling in length with each subsequent offense, followed by deportation. Summers will be in SoCal/AZ/NM/Texas, hand-shoveling asphalt to fix roads. Winters will be served from WA state to Maine, hand-shoveling snow and mud off roads. If the roads are all clean, they can pick up all the trash on beaches, and help drain swamps.
        While wearing striped prison jumpers and leg irons, pink underwear, and eating green bologna sandwiches and living in military tents.

        Immigration problem solved.

      • Work for an MS-13 isn’t something that is going to be slowed down by e-verify.

    • Take it easy. Your synopsis is classic Babyboomer. End of pipe solutions are cumbersome, expensive, never work well, and are nothing more than bandaids. A front end solution is required. Plus, since humans are involved there would still be issues, but much less.

      From your posts, you can probably aid in securing a green zone or Israel. But when civilians and regular usa society is involved, you should check your wisdom and experience before acting as subject matter authority. You may lack sufficient context on an issue or a even real problem.

      Babyboomers must wise up as they still have much power. The time has really past them. Their wisdom may not be sufficient for today’s and tomorrow’s, but no doubt still has utility.

      An forever expensive ‘wall’ that still would not remedy the situation would be a crown legacy of the babyboomer gen.

      What is gonna happen when there is real massive human migrations that would make europes seem rather small? How about migrations within the usa from economic or gov or environment or whatever…

      If there is a next, the next prez should be no more than 40s or 50s.

      • I believe it would really be in America’s best interest to deport all of it’s millennials. Including all that haven’t even been born. Us Boomers can live forever in their minds. Fuck the millennial scum. POS commies

      • Define the forever cost of steel-reinforced concrete.
        There are Maginot Line bunkers that work just as well today as they did 100 years ago.

        Maybe you could tell the class how much China spends for upkeep to keep the Great Wall from falling down.

        Securing the border has jack and shit to do with your generational hissyfit nonsense.
        It’s called locking the fucking door.

        If that triggered you, there’s a safespace available by pulling your head out of your ass. Puppies, teddy bears, and coloring books are available afterwards.

        • I know we do not have Castles in the US, but just as an example. The other night on History they visited a rather imposing fortress in France that began its construction in 980AD. Still stands, still owned and maintained by the family who’s ancestors originally built it. If one family can own and maintain a fortress for over 1000 years cant be all that impossible.

    • Like I’ve said before, stop ALL “welfare”, end the “War on (Some) Drugs” and deport those who don’t belong here and that will go a long way to solving the problem.

      The parasite class doesn’t WANT the problem solved though…doesn’t fit their goals.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  2. After reading this, I just realized that my enemies list is a lot wider than I previously thought.

  3. One word: GLOBALISTS.

  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/01/10/physically-fit-recruits-army-hard-find-especially-these-states/1016030001/

    ha ha ha

    fucking sloopy murkins.

    the only fight the average murkin can win is fighting their way to the front of the line at the Golden Corral.

    • Bonaventure (fka Randall Flagg)

      Hahahaha….. “Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia — had among the highest rates of recruits who become injured during basic training.”

      Hey, Pat Hines… ain’t these yer boys? You know, the ones yer going to use to build up ‘the South’ again???

      Buena suerte!

    • War on obesity
      War on opiates
      War on drugs
      War on illegal immigration
      War on Islam
      American Dream

      How’s it going?

      • With the exception of the war on islam, the rest are all diversions to keep people blind to the parasite class’s hidden war on white people.

        Of course all the others listed aren’t ever going to be “won”, they were never intended to be…they’re purposeful ‘fool’s errands’ to keep the sleeple compliant and docile..just like their indoctrination camps churn out.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  5. White Blue Collar Redneck

    ‘House Republicans News Conference on amnesty’


    ‘Senator Schumer Says ambesty Must Be Part of Must-Pass Spending Bill’


    ‘House Democrats’ News Conference on DACA’
    Spoiler alert: The House Congressional representatives are surrounded by illegals, but INS officers fail to arrest any.


  6. It’s more complex than simply deploying men. That’s what happened when the NG was deployed and they sat doing paperwork. I have a number of posts at my site where I showed that they weren’t under arming orders.

    They have to be under arming orders, they have to have RUF (rules for the use of force), ROE (rules of engagement), rules for what they do with prisoners, military tribunals, rifle qualifications prior to deployment, pre-deployment workups, etc., etc., etc.

    Certainly doable. I’ve recommended that we deploy Marine Scout Snipers, Force Recon and if necessary some active duty infantry on the border and shoot everyone with a gun who tries to cross. Anyone else is immediately turned around. We could stop this immediately if we wanted.

    But … but … but … what about green cards? What about trucks delivering produce? What about field workers? What about Archer-Daniels-Midland and Monsanto and their revenue? What about roofers and lawn care workers and … and … and …

    And this is why America doesn’t want to do it. It’s a problem of will, not logistics.

  7. There are a number of Combat Brigades that are trained in urban combat, most of them have made their bones in Iraq and other places.

    What they don’t seem to know is that any activities on their part on the North American continent will immediately result in the acquisition of anti-armor and anti-aircraft weapons by the Freefor. Some of the Freefor are rumored to already possess those self defense weapons.

  8. As for equipment and materiél, just check out any of the varuous government auctions online.

    Everything from earth-moving equipment, steel and rebar, computers and office equipment, and tons of other useful items, all bought at top-dollar and sold to the highest bidder, was purchased with tax dollars already.

    Cuts a lot of the cost out, with soldiers cutting another cost out, the total would be miniscule.

  9. Because welcome to the Favela is going to be the national anthem soon.

    This is what Jeb want’s for your kids

    • That family’s country is a shithole BECAUSE of their parasite class dominating everything there and that the common folk either aren’t allowed to own guns or they don’t understand why they need them.

      Remove the parasite class and their enforcers and enablers and replace them with NOTHING!!

      Much better world all around for everyone!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • And never forget that jeb and all the rest of them ARE the parasite class.

        Lots of rats to trap and kill, best to start with those in one’s own AO.

        Sweep one’s own porch clean first…

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  10. Re: “And the reason it is not being used is because the American Elites do not want it used.”

    Precisely correct. The only reason the border isn’t sealed is because the powers-that-be want it to remain open.

    In other words, the “border problem” and all of the endless debate about immigration, legal and otherwise, has been nothing but political theater for decades. Likewise, the extravagantly funded and equipped Customs and Border Patrol and other agencies whose job it is to secure our borders – have been nothing but an elaborate display of security theater, one designed to lull the people into complacency that “something was being done” about the problem.

    One might even go so far as to say that the deep-state has been engaged in a decades-long psychological influence op against American citizens, one designed to deceive the public as to their true intentions while simultaneously keeping the enormously profitable national-security gravy train running.

    And in order to keep the gravy train running, the national security apparatus can’t actually close the border and attain the goals for which they are funded by the taxpayer – otherwise, where would next year’s budget increase come from? Perhaps it is time to change the perverse incentives that drive this behavior.

    Maybe the trick will be to tie the next fiscal year’s budget to actually closing the border and apprehending illegals crossing it; the better the alphabet-soup agencies do the job, the more funding they can count on. Conversely, the poorer the job, the more their funding will be cut.

    Of course, for common-sense reforms of this kind to take place would mean unseating the status quo in Sodom-on-the-Potomac, which says that mediocrity and underperformance are the best ways to get paid – not an easy task.

    • It seems that most of the problem with anything concerning the fegov is that the money isn’t being spent the way we think it should. So, why do the elites get to chose how the money is spent? It’s our fucking money. If they don’t spend it to suit us why do we keep sending it in? I don’t. And haven’t for years. I might file Zero taxes from now and then but my last filing was in 2010. I arrange my life so I don’t “owe” them anything. Its a simple thing anyone can do, even if all your money comes from an employer. Learn the tax code dummy. You don’t have to memorize all 172,000 pages, all you need to know is how YOU can avoid paying any taxes. I began learning this in 1972 and it all still applies today.
      Here’s a freebie. Do you work for a paycheck? Yeah, ok, do you ever stop at Office Depot on your way to work to get supplies for the job? You fill out form 2106 and write off all the milage. No one checks. If you say you do that it is taken for truth. Get it?
      Imagine how much your “Hobby” is a write off when it becomes a “second job”. Maybe you reload ammo. For sale? then its a business.
      Geez, I feel like I am writing to third graders here.

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