Ugly Truth

Despicable hatespeech.

Plus disrespectful of elders, to boot.

Criticize and then dismiss without reading.

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  1. Of course Jeb! feels this way-he’s married to a mexican who will not speak English. They are his people.
    As for us pale folks, we need to get as pushy, tribal, and self serving as the invaders.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Jeb is fine with the current number of his own people, and he may even want some more of them. The key thing is what he considers to be “my own people.” His people are the modern nobility, not the unwashed peasantry. If the peasantry must exist, he’d much rather it be quiet, knowing and accepting its place as a servitor class.

    • ” If the peasantry must exist, he’d much rather it be quiet, knowing and accepting its place as a servitor class.”

      Or to quote the Mel Brooks movie:

      “Sire!,..Sire!!..the peasants,are revolting!!”
      King: “Yes, yes they are…PULL..blam!!!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  3. Wow. “Boomercucks” from the author. “Nig-kike” from a commenter. What nice guys.
    I’m a separatist, myself. That’s a big reason for why I live where you hardly ever see blacks or La Raza.
    Still, I value people like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, so I guess that means I am not a supremacist. I’m a proud Boomer (Dad flew B-17s at 21, then B-52s after WWII), but I don’t think I have what it takes to be a “boomercuck”, let alone a “nig-kike”. Nor a “boomer-kike”

    I do come from a long line of “Canucks”, though, until great-grandfather emigrated to America and fought for her in WWI. Canucks weren’t especially well liked by the other inhabitants of New England. They were considered the “nigs” of New England. An old joke goes, “Do you know why God gave seagulls wings? So they could beat the Frenchmen to the dump.”

    • Bonaventure (fka Randall Flagg)

      “Canucks weren’t especially well liked by the other inhabitants of New England.”

      There were primarily two forces against the French-Canadian migration into New England (especially Maine). First, as most of this migration happened in the 20’s/30’s, they were competing for low-skilled jobs with other low-skilled populations already there (primarily the Irish and Polish).

      Second, and more important, New England was (and remains to this day) highly Puritanical and Protestant. ‘Les Canadiennes de Montreal’ who were coming into New England were very much Catholic, and therefore absolutely hated by the “blue blood” Protestants of New England. So much so, during that period the KKK was more powerful in New England than it was anywhere in the South.

      From about a decade or so ago, a documentary on the French in New England:

      For more info, see:

      This is just one example of the Protestants mistreating Catholics here in the U.S. There are many others.

      • But can you really blame them when Catholics today are represented by Pelosi and Biden and Kerry and Teddy “Swim, bitch!” Kennedy and Bergoglio?

        Just as Jews are today represented by Shapiro and Goldberg and Emanuel and Weinstein and Epstein…

        • Bonaventure (fka Randall Flagg)

          Pelosi, Biden and Kerry have each been in a state of objective mortal sin for as long as I can remember (and unless he had a death-bed conversion, the same can be said for T.Kennedy); they do not act as Catholics, but Protestants. Just like you.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Teddy Kennedy hasn’t been representing anyone for some time now, as he’s 100% occupied with pushing up daisies.

  4. “Bill of Love”….yeah, right….
    Obviously A LOT of cucking went on in that meeting…

    Guess who gets stuck paying the bill?….
    Welcome to Bantuland sporting a greasy moustache and a sweaty sombrero.
    Fred would feel right at home, cerveza in hand…

    The Ugly Truth About DACA – Stefan Molyneux

    Death by DACA – Stefan Molyneux

    “Soft amnesty” is STILL amnesty!
    DACA is caca!!!

    Wetbacks Raus!!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! Northgunner III

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    I am going to thoroughly enjoy the chaos that’s coming. It’s inevitable. Best learn to love and live it, or learn to cower and hide from it. The world is going to burn.

    • The world isn’t going to burn. It will just be under new management.

      While the western militaries become softer (being more inclusive of Muslims, gays, women, etc as seen in this upcoming British ad series):

      The Chinese emphasize men shooting things:

      • They still import food?
        And petroleum?
        Check with VonPaulus or Lee about the performance of starving armies.
        The Chi-ins have enough problems at home without borrowing any more.

        Our enemies are far closer than Asia.

        • China already owns real estate across the FUSA such as hog farms in NC, mineral rights in TX, and skyscrapers in major cities.

          And don’t kid yourself. Your local grocery store and gas station imports everything. The “army” most likely to starve next week if something happens is the Freefor militia of supersized XXXL multicammers.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “China already owns real estate across the FUSA such as hog farms in NC, mineral rights in TX, and skyscrapers in major cities.”

            Dole owned plantations in Cuba; hell, the Mafia owned casinos in Cuba, too. Unless you’re actively garrisoning a property, it’s only “yours” at the sufferance of the other nation.

          • “China already owns real estate across the FUSA such as hog farms in NC, mineral rights in TX, and skyscrapers in major cities.”

            Most of the harvested alfalfa (hay) in my AO is immediately bought up by the Chinese and shipped out, the Saudi arabs also buy quite a bit (they, the Saudis, also own a large amount of property just outside of my hometown).

            Wonder how much stays here to go to local daries, etc?

            Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
            Northgunner III

        • The Chinese will never, and I seldom use that word, invade the US. They may very well defend their interests in places that are providing them with resources, they were burned pretty bad by the EU/US invasion of Libya. The Chinese had long term petroleum supply contracts which were nullified by the invaders.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I never cease to be amazed over the number of folks still shouting about invasion by foreign armies, it’s laughable in fact.
          Our enemies are at the state and federal level, and most Americans refuse to address that issue. People don’t like to focus on things right at the end of their nose.

      • Love that video, makes me want to join the ChiCom military…yeah!

  6. ” Plus disrespectful of elders, to boot.”
    Yes, this is the same as blaming an entire generation. Dis honoring mothers and fathers.
    It would appear shaking a fist at the sky is not just for the left. Who is it they truly blame?
    Within this mast head is an answer:
    ” Everyone, by their words and deeds, is a teacher. Some teach how to behave; other teach how not to behave.”
    In this manner you can honor those who may have not been so honorable.

  7. “Nation is an extended phenotype of race.” That may be a sociological result but scientifically, as the term is used, it’s the other way ’round. Nonetheless, the point of the essay is there and the lines are drawn along the latter before the former can take hold.

  8. CA, You might want to pass the included link on to your readers. 700 days in jail is 700 days without work. Regards and my sincerest thanks for your help in the past.

  9. White Blue Collar Redneck

    26 minutes of ipecac: Lawmakers React to Meeting with President on amnesty –
    The bright shining moments of the first five, courtesy of Steny Hoyer, democrat House Congressional representative, Maryland.
    At 3:26, regarding illegals, “it’s their country.”
    At 5:12, “The President emphasized…as a matter of fact, that the wall meant different things to different people.”
    At 5:53, “Let me tell you what I think. I think the President uses ‘Wall’ for border security. I think he thinks they’re interchangeable.”

    A White Riot is needed.

    • White Blue Collar Redneck

      But, but, but……I’m too old to fight.
      I don’t have any swoopy mil spec gear, uniforms, or a fancy black rifle with the latest
      (overpriced) NOD’s and assorted accoutrements.
      I can’t.
      I don’t.
      Woe is me.
      What to do?

      • White Blue Collar Resneck

        Not all mercenaries are armed fighters using guns.
        The illegals are (mostly) an unarmed mass of mercenaries.
        And they have most certainly been paid to come to America, destroying it’s culture and sovereignty from within.

    • Randolph Scott

      Yes, a white riot is indeed needed. White Americans need to in no uncertain terms make this government clearly understand that we do not want a bunch of fucking illegal mexicans voting or getting free handouts.

  10. That post was/is a refreshingly accurate sitrep. Here we are. The Trump admin televised the recent “DACA” discussion. I’ve yet to watch it (sorry I was moving firewood during a precious thaw here) but I will. I suspect that the televised aspect was so that Trumpty could show how he’s been cornered by the Demoncraps and beaten about the head with a folding chair WWE style. He’s about to step through the final hoop where even his most ardent fuckwits will be unable to claim he’s full filling his mandate. I’ve said this before, if Trump went on National Media and announced he was asking Americans to begin defending the border and assisting ICE in repelling drug and human smuggling scum it would happen. He could have. He won’t.

    Instead he will reach a “compromise”. In the end this is best because folks need to understand that he was a mistake. Just like Barry. Just like Bushie. Just like Willy. Just like Ronny. And save me the Hillary would have been worse speech, yes she would have, but when your country is being invaded what difference does it now make who gets to decorate the tree at 1600? The house is on fire America and we continue to mow the lawn because………. taste great, less filling. Red State Blue State, I state you state.

    We need to stop the invasion and send the squatters home. Deportation is a start.

    • White Blue Collar Redneck

      I found the above posted c-span video this morning.
      I damn near passed out at work from laughing last night, when I started hearing the wailing slaughter of the sacred cows of ‘consevative’ talk radio and TV news.
      It was as if a knife slipped across their throat in mid-shill.


    So we have been sold down the river, again. What else is new? It has been the opinion of many who post here that the POTUS was just buying us time. True that. The sands are running out of the hourglass faster than I have anticipated
    I have snow to shovel and an eye doctor appointment today. After that I will stop by Black Sheep for some more CCI 115-gr. 9mm. It is dirt cheap now, and practice makes perfect. More range time, More PT. Bleib ubrig.

  12. stupid flyover hick

    “Uniparty Globohomoists” kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?
    Identity politics really was one of the most brilliant evil inventions of the 20th century. It achieved what no hater of the USA could have dreamed of: fracturing society into a million little mirror-shards that can never be reassembled, all of them ‘victims’ of the dominant culture that actually put a roof over their heads. And it is so much easier intellectually, like the ballots in old Mexico that were designed for illiterates: just a picture of a chicken, pig, or cow with a box for a checkmark. Vote for the candidate that LOOKS the most like you. Thus we had the apotheosis of the magical mysterious and SO groovy Obama. Every leftist’s taint tingled at the mere sight of his alien face, purple lips. And thus we see the Left twisted in a knot, like a snake having a seizure, trying to decide which potential presidential candidate most stimulates their diversity pudendal nerve; IT must be a ‘woman’ to avenge Hillary’s defeat, and IT must be ‘of color’ to bring back that sweet Obama magic. Right now that leaves Kamala and Oprah, maybe Pocahontas..

  13. The south is a nation. All southerners are white, without exception. A little over a week ago I was in an online “discussion” with someone who claimed to both be a Trump supporter and that Michael King, aka MLK, was just as southern as I am. I pointed out that he was wrong and why. He couldn’t shake his cuckservative view, while I pointed out that he was a fool and why.

    In 1900, “America” was still 90% white, the eastern European invasion was still not powerful or numerous enough to vote to change that. Extending the voting privilege to females was the first crack in the iron wall of whiteness, the change in how US senators are elected was the next. The US Supreme court’s decision to permit ballot access after only 60 days residency is another, lesser known problem. Any 18 year old college student from New York can vote in state and local elections here in the south just 60 days after they move here. Most of the negroes that hold state offices here do so because their district contains a college or university.

    We of the League of the South will remove the above legal barriers.

    1. No negro voters.
    2. No Jew voters.
    3. No female voters.
    4. Residency requirements will be fully restored for those that were born in a southern state, with extended voting residency requirements for those born outside the south. The extended period to be decided by native whites in each southern state.

    The above will eventually result in these things happening:
    a. Negroes will leave us, those that won’t will be transported to Africa.
    b. Jews will leave us, those that won’t will be put to hard labor until they become enlightened.
    c. Illegal immigrant hunting expeditions will be offered to those who always wanted to make positive changes and engage in shooting sports.

    I’m sure there are more things to do, those above are what just sprang to mind.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      So, the goal is to set up an international pariah state with no hope of trade, and openly committing genocide?

      • Yeah,sounds almost as bad as apartheid.

        At least South Africa got rid of that and their economy is booming, right?

        • You know it’s bad there when older blacks are wishing apartheid was back in force with the Afrikkaners running things again.

          So much for the “magic negro”…mandela (what, you were thinking I was about to say “ohomo”?).

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

      • All the above works for the Japanese, so I dare say we’ll have no problem with it.

        Getting rid of Apartheid was the worst thing South Africa has done in its entire history. They’ve already gone from a first world nation run by whites, to a nasty second world place, headed for the bottom of the pile in Africa. 45 million savage negroes running a country created for and by whites. The negro not only doesn’t know how to run a white created country and have no capability to learn to run it. Always keep in mind that when whites pioneered the nation of South Africa there were no negroes south of the Limpopo River.

        Finally, the UK prohibited Jews for over 360 years, before they mistakenly ended that great idea.

  14. I dont think of myself as a Trump guy although I do support him, mostly for the sheer fact that he drives the lefties raving mad, however I think you all are underestimating him on this matter.
    I did see some of the news conference yesterday. What I saw was the President putting the ball in the court of the congress and calling them out on National TV. He put the responsibility squarely in the hands of the Republicans in congress. He signaled he was willing to work with the Dems to keep them in the game.
    Now I can understand why some would see that as him being turned or softening his position on this matter, but I dont. What I saw was a tactic I have seen in meetings with vendors and suppliers many times in business. Trump is giving the supplier (congress) the indication that he has interests in what they are selling. This is so they will work to provide the “best” product offer they can. At that point he will tell them “well, I think you can do better” He will then give his stipulations and more clearly defined requirements. All the time he will be putting pressure on them by publicly ridiculing the product that they offered. Thats the Presidents version of Market pressure.
    I would not take anything said in the meeting as being 100% true on the part of any of the people there.

  15. “Be ready for a dumpster-fire 2018, and chuckle quietly if/when you are wrong.”

    2 words.

    cognitive dissonance

  16. Whatever happened with the Spic and Span project?

  17. Jeb! is not unique. Every one of the filthy God damned Shrubs is the same as this maggot. And so are the rest of the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill.

  18. Can you imagine the look on that Mexican “school teacher’s” face when this blob proposed marriage? JACKFUCKINGPOT!

  19. The BMW crowd are never happier than when they can Bitch, Moan, and Whine about what they imagine will happen, doubly so if it accords with their NeverTrump Derangement Syndrome.

    Learn a fucking lesson, jackasses: wait until you know what you’re talking about before you shoot yourselves in the foot. While your foot’s in your mouth. Otherwise, it’s gonna leave a mark.

    Trump gave the shitweasels in Congress, what, there, four, five bites at repealing Obozocare?
    And then, after they failed serially, it was undone by killing the individual mandate in the tax bill.

    I’m expecting the same sort of thing with DACA:
    “Well, they tried to rewrite it, but since they couldn’t, I killed it by executive order, and if they want something else, they’re going to have to give me everything I want on the border wall.” or words to that effect.

    When/If Trump shafts you, squeal good and loud, for all the good that’ll do.
    But so far, I haven’t seen him take it up the ass from Congress on anything, and he keeps shafting his enemies exquisitely.

    So maybe, cool your jets, and work on things you can affect, right on your own block. I’m spitballing, but I can’t recall a president back to Washington who ever kowtowed to whinging from the peanut gallery. You might be the first to change that, but the smart money says not so much.

    Try stocking your preps deeper, getting trained in things you’re still fuzzy on, and doing more PT, which is nobody’s problem but yours to fix.

  20. And in other news…

    And still… he turns them on.

    As for those who still believer that “their time is coming”, you have no clue to how truly you are going to get FUCKED. The vast majority of Americans, and that includes many :patriots”, are not as “woke” as they believe themselves to be. Technologically, you’re going to spend 99.9 percent of your time hiding, rather than fighting.

  21. Ames Friedman

    The image with the TRS reference, and ‘cuckservative’ which is so meaningless I’ve heard it on fox news, are both extremely triggering…

  22. Just remember that it was deliberate.

    On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 1:19 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Despicable hatespeech. Plus disrespectful of > elders. Criticize and then dismiss without reading.” >

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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    Frustrating. Technology gives me Tourettes!

  25. Hey, VoorTrekker! try using https:// in the URL, works for me.