Bloomberg: What If Everyone Got a Monthly Check From the Government?

Going full Bolshie.

What could possibly go wrong?

25 responses to “Bloomberg: What If Everyone Got a Monthly Check From the Government?

  1. Better dead than red.

    • I go with that myself, but how many here would (or do) actually refuse the loot? Not many at all and the reason is because the penalties are extreme, sometimes as extreme as death.

      Courage takes many forms and being willing to drop an attacker isn’t a very tough one. But hey, it’s all some guys got.

  2. Get a check from the Gov just like TeeFatt does? Well, duh, we’d be awesome just like him!

    • You are aware that the Government does owe money to some people?

      The problem lately is that they give it away to invaders.

      • Yes, quite aware and not a dig at those that deserve and earned

        TeeFat serves to amuse me and it was a handy stick for me to prod him into action wth. Perhaps another stripe will get him to move.

        A dark deep suspicion keeps coming back to me. That you’re one of TeeFats sock puppets. Your writing styles seem close. It’s just a hunch and I hope it’s incorrect, totherwise would make it more likely that teefatt is CA and that’s just paranoia. Well, not really. Thinking Kerodin is CA would be paranoid, so I’m fine.

        • you’re not only paranoid.

          you’re full of shit. 🙂

          i get a laugh at you.

          what’s it like having someone better than you live rent-free inside your minuscule brain?

          bah hahahahahahaha

  3. Bucking frilliant. I can hardly wait until all the world is one big, happy reservation and we’re all “good indians”. (Which of two possible types “good indians” likely doesn’t matter to the people running the reservation.)

  4. Rule #1 NEVER go full bolshie retard!
    Rule #2 NEVER let your kith and kin go full bolshie retard!
    Rule#3 See Rules #’s 1 & 2

    Sat bolshie’s!!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! Northgunner III

  5. I like money.

  6. The Great American Gibs Me Dat.

  7. No and Heck No to all of this group think socialist/communist garbage. Followed with why do they compare a country with a smaller population than the state of New Jersey and think it will work on the scale of the United States. It’s not even apple to oranges.. It’s apples to bricks.

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    Should UBI ever get installed, expect governments to start culling headcount in very short order thereafter.

  9. Deplorable B Woodman

    If the inevitable came, yes, I’m afraid I would take the money. But I would use it to accelerate paying down my house mortgage, and invest in “durable goods”, maybe throw a little into an overseas stock fund (if I found one that I liked), possibly buy some land outside the city where I live. All this while I continue to work while there’s work still available. Save any? HA! Why? In a short time it would be inflated into worthlessness. Can you say “Zimbabwe”? I knew you could.

  10. Where do I sign up? But let’s say I get my check on the first and on the second I get a hot tip on a horse that can’t miss so I put all the money I got in the first on it. But it misses. Will I get some more money on the third or will I turn to crime? We’ll know soon enough I bet.


    If Bernie had beaten the Hildabeast and The Donald, we would have this system. The sheeple would demand it. And, since you have generations of ignorant, foolish Eloi who, since the days of Frank the Cripple have drunk the FEDGOV Kool Aid; you could not convince them otherwise. Venezuela here we come!

  12. Make no mistake. Bloomberg and his pro-commie goon squad have no plans to implement this agenda.

    The plan is to start a war between the “classes” over implementing this agenda.

    The classes are now Neo-Fuedal-Collective and Islam Vs. FreeForce and Crusaders.

    If we can draw those lines, and hold to them, then we have a chance.
    We need to clean up the Churches.

    Islamic Preachers AKA Imams have lots of kids and lots of wives.

    Our fucking preachers are losers by design.

  13. Bloomberg is a gun grabbing little commie cunt. Fuck you Mikey.

  14. The check in question isn’t based on services rendered to the Finnish government, it’s based on the woman’s breathing air and nothing more.

    It will, if expanded, completely destroy any work ethic that remains in Finland.

  15. “what if”?……………..its called welfare, food stamps, free medical care!
    Here’s a better question…… What if workers were NOT taxed so Gobermint could hand over their money to non-workers?

  16. The fact that this stuff is being thought about and considered, Screams Volumes.
    Like Zombies, USSA is very real.

  17. The ONLY advantage to everyone getting a check that I can see is that it WILL facilitate an economic collapse quicker and we can then get this party started. Sorta like BB’s idea of getting rid of the 2A in order to get the party started. Additionally, I don’t think the Central Banks will like the idea very much since they have to cover the “spending” deficit with their bond purchase and sale to wall street banks ponzi scheme.

    Grey Ghost

  18. I started reading Heinlein when I was a kid. He taught that There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. In my experience, this has proven to be correct.

  19. Well, we tried Universal Obamacare and that was a frigging disaster. What could possibly go wrong with a universal income? I say we all just stay home, refuse to pay ANY taxes, and enjoy the sunshine. If we need food, just rob some farmer. If you need medical help, threaten a physician. If the car won’t run, just take a lug wrench to the mechanic. Seems like paradise to me. But fair warning: veterinarians take their career choice seriously. He or she will have a full grown Neopolitan Mastiff in the back, on speed dial. And those dogs know where their kibble comes from. Just sayin’.

  20. I had cancer twice. The second time they told my wife that she should “start planning my funeral” . That was 8 years ago . I never took a penny from the federal thieves then..and I never will. I’d rather die in a shit filled ditch , out of ammo, and alone, than legitimize those cock sucking, communist, sons of bitches in DC. They are the lowest scum in human history , ALL OF THEM, and I’ll be damned to the pit of hell before I give that trash an inch. Or take a penny in stolen goods. Better DEAD Than Red.