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How can you help today’s teenagers be better fighters?

For their freedom.

For their civilization…

Warszawskie Dzieci

No disaster can break free men
No bloody hardship frightens the bold
We’ll go together toward victory
Our people arm-in-arm.

(Refrain x2, after every verse)
Warsaw’s children, we go to fight
For your every cobblestone we give our blood
Warsaw children, we will go to fight
On your order we’ll bring wrath to the enemy!

Powiśle, Wola and Mokotów [districts]
On every street, in every house
When the first shot is fired, be ready
Like the golden thunderbolt in God’s hand.

Built with hammer, saw, chisel, trowel
Our capital city, proud of her sons
Who stand with her faithfully
To guard her iron laws.

Glory to the fallen, freedom to the living
May Heavens hear our song
We believe that righteous Almighty
Will repay for the blood that’s spilled.

36 responses to “Generations

  1. Gen Zyklon & X will unite.
    They need each other.
    Both are the lost tribes of America but in different ways for different reasons, the ends being both the same.
    Both have much to contribute to the other.
    There’s a large provincial self determinism element of X.
    Zyklon has not the base nor life experience.
    Zyklon has the motive power and youth X lacks.
    Audacity resides in each.
    A more contrasting pair of allies which compliment each other doesn’t exist.
    Both will rapidly trust each other politically and culturally.
    Both fly under the radar in different ways.
    Both have elements of self determinism to their advantage.
    Both are provincial in nature, if not both becoming it in practice and philosophically.
    Both got cold anger.
    Both coming of age in their unique styles.
    One Old
    One Young
    Both are natural to the precepts and virtues of Men of The West.
    Both are that remains of the Greco/Roman Christian Western Hemisphere.
    Where else will Crusaders, the courage of Men, the Virtue and power of individualism, the cultural memory of Liberty’s Foundation from an alliance arise?
    Where else does prudence and indomitable spirit exist?

    • Me and my similarly aged friends are on the very tail end of gen X. Helped a buddy move and conscripted a lil bro and some kids he plays football with. Everyone had a blast. They joked that everything was a lecture with us, but they seemed to completely understand what a travesty their public school education is and seemed glad for the info. Been teaching some of them basic mechanics, carpentry, and a little shooting here and there. From my one singular perspective out here, I think you’re right on the money. Those kids have the kind of audacity to make a free man proud.

      • Oh, and fighting. Kid does nothing but pump iron and he can probably push more weight than me with certain muscle groups, but holy shit is he easy to toss around. He needs wrestling and boxing, big time. Glad to have him and my family back around again. I should probably be a dad by now so big brothering should be easy.

      • Funny you say that. I’ve experienced the same thing. My best tribe friend, X, has a step daughter, Y, he jokes she’s sometimes the only adult around. And she listens to us, with her ears not her mouth to us X farts, she gets it consistently. I’m awed by it. Some Z’s are individualistic beyond their years, Focused too. They got this quiet kind of dignity almost.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      X and Z both follow much larger groups, therefore, their own impact is limited by their limited numbers, especially so with X, which is bookended by much larger groups (time will tell if Z ends up facing the same). Teaming up makes sense, since it is the only way they can effectively increase their numbers.

      • For all their faults the die hard component of X is comprised of a lot of self sufficient individuals, not in the physical but the mental sense too. Yes, any Liberty always begins with each of us, it has to, and there is where something tangible in regards to working in concert with others towards an overarching goal begins. It is a process. Zyklon has similar characteristics, just from another perspective, by different means.
        I call it The Honorable Resistance, it is the act of building tangible assets, the act itself is very important, nothing compares to action.
        These are people who whether they get “it” or not, they are motivated, and in turn their motive power, strive to self improvement. The practitioners of the Hearts & Minds equation. A common thread is building tangible wealth. Wealth not in money but in tangible products of action, like skills, knowledge, warrior spirit, sense of family, tribe and community. But still fiercely independent and self determining.
        These people disappear off the “grid”, they are no longer dependent on the grid, they want to be left alone from the grid in all its manifestations. But they also keep an ear to the ground as to what is happening with the grid. They have “unplugged” so to say.

        When you join the honorable resistance you become cognizant of other honorable resisters. There is a natural attraction at work. Provincial networking, even in metro suburban enclaves. It isn’t just for the rural dirt people.
        The numbers of this defiant and individualistic movement steadily increase, are as grass roots as it gets.
        Theres a lot we all have to figure out and learn. Its the only way it happens.
        this honorable resistance is the working functional physically existing Alt-America. Its not per say a political movement, more an anti-political movement of people who totally reject per say politics. The actual blood and flesh Secessionists and Abolitionists. Far past politics and political movements. Actualization is that the honorable resistance is the living breathing Alt-, the only movement which lives what it believes in, and rarely if ever has a dialog on the social media or blogsphere. Its too busy to use its valuable finite time on such social luxury.
        I think this is one of the aspects why X & Z are complimentary generations. Among a many complimentary characteristics. Theres a couple aspect those outside the movement don’t grok. One is these are the ones who have withdrawn their consent. Withdrawn it and live by that legitimacy of the sovereign. They are people who are willing and do things others aren’t, every day because they want liberty, and the only way is to do those things. All the fancy chin music in the world doesn’t get you it. But prudence and perseverance do. Its hard work, one can not put off things another day. Hard work is the only promise, and there are millions upon millions who will not can not do hard work. There’s nothing glamorous here. There’s only accomplishment appreciated by oneself and family. Those outside this demographic can not comprehend what is coming, which is the acme of un-preparedness. To the honorable resistance, every day is validation of their world view outside the resistance, because that world resists nothing but resisting itself. It couldn’t be any more obvious. And excises abound. See, prudence and absence of prudence is the conflict of our time. X & Y starts to look at prudence in context and it says to itself, yes things are going to get that bad, and every day more join the honorable resistance. It is a great epiphany. And Prudence is one of the 9 great Virtues, the one which is the lynch pin of self determinism.

        The honorable resistance has considered what is coming. It has prepared itself as much as can be prepared for.
        Years of desolation has enabled the resistance to build their life long survival skills, to make do with less, to build family, tribe, real community where trust of others is the form of species of value and exchange, what is of true intrinsic value, what needs to be saved, salvaged from society outside this demographic. To be the honorable resistance is to see those outside it are stark naked, vulnerable in ways they can not fathom.
        TINVOWOOT as events prove, there never was, In the honorable resistance it doesn’t matter, that is no different than other days, because when you rise up to be the man of the west your are born to be, you possess the resolve to live as a free man.
        There’s no jaw boning about it, its the act, the act that not just counts, it determines the difference between slave or free man.

        X & Y understand this where the other Gens do not. The marxists understand this. Very well they do. Its what they are after, to destroy it.
        There can be no withdrawal of consent in their long march. It is the only thing marxists fear. Withdrawal of consent, the men who have withdrawn it, is the honorable resistance. To withdraw consent is to act. Nobody or nothin’ can force you to consent to anything, you always have that choice. And nobody can keep you from withdrawing it also. It is the most powerful weapon ever devised. So if you can’t make someone consent, you kill them. Its the only way.
        X & Y inherently understands. Its one reason why it is honorable. X & Y are the lost generations. They are accustomed to being outcasts, in the shadow of the other Gens. The honorable resistance is natural to them. As the resistance grows it naturally blends and allies with itself, it has a manifest attractive force. I see it all the time. Its a pleasant discovery every time.

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  3. Before one goes blindly worshipping the Poles, one should remember the blood of German civilians on their hands. The Poles were committing atrocities against them BEFORE Germany invaded them.

    Polish Atrocities Against the German Minority in Poland

    The Unknown History of the 1939 German – Polish Conflict

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Your first link contains this nonsense:

      “the fact that these atrocities were one of the main causes for the German invasion of Poland, something that was meant by the Germans to be a local solution to a local problem.”

      By the time Hitler’s army invaded Poland they had already annexed Austria and, using the same pretext of “mistreatment of Germans” invaded Czechoslovakia. His actions already made clear what his goals were in the region: establishment of a greater Germany. The Nazi Party had long promoted increased Lebensraum (“living space”) for Germanic peoples.

      The fact that is was not some poorly designed police action to stop the slaughter of poor Germans in Poland is also indicated by the Hitler-Stalin secret agreement to split Poland in half. This is something, presumably, that the Poles were supposed to just accept and be used to. Once again the surrounding empires would conspire to remove Poland from the map, as they had done around 1800 with the “partitions”.

      In fact, if there was hatred and resistance to Germans, and even some atrocities against them in Poland, well that’s a foreseeable side effect of colonizing a proud nation and holding them in bondage for 100 years.

      BTW: what do you mean by “via anarchy” in your sig?
      Do you favor the Somalia-style of social organization?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Still trolling for your masters I see. Why don’t you go back to paying your taxes and STFU.
        By your reasoning, we should turn over the southern US to the brown people because we held them in bondage for over a 100 yrs also.

        My father grew up in East Prussia in the 1920’s-30’s, he said there was no love lost between the Germans and Poles, and just like most here at WRSA are advocating, when you’ve finally had enough of the atrocities committed against your people, you do something about it. Hitler acted and the Poles lost. Look at the pictures of the German farmers with their heads caved in, their women raped and murdered in front of them, anything look familiar today? Would most of you here do anything different against the perpetrators of these crimes?
        Everything the Germans have ever done has been labeled as War Crimes, and yet their neighbors have been nothing but Saintly Angels, victims over and over again.
        And who wrote the history books?

    • Notarealperson

      Nice that you advocate mass murder and anarchy. What Germany did to Poland was a war crime, they butchered men, women and kids and enslaved hundreds of thousands to work in their factories and farms. For many it was a death sentence.

      You don’t care of course. Your precious Nazis are more important. Ignore the fact your precious krauts gutted Europe in two senseless wars which was the cradle of Western civilization. Today your precious Krauts are hell bent on finishing Europe by importing millions of Muslims.

  4. Great video!

  5. All ages and no finger pointing,theres a lesson there…somewhere.

    • You mean they admire, respect and like their elders?
      Why is this?
      You should respect your elders. Unless of course it’s Dan Rather, or a politician. Or a professor.
      Or Walter Cronkite. How many of you respected him? Relax, we all did. Except I was a kid and respected Golan Globus films, too. And all that PBS shit that they fire hosed us with while you were at those Fleetwood Mac concerts.
      The answer to question two is because they deserve it. That and hardships shared. And some droning blather about tedious time wasted in meatspace.

      This is the dawning of the Age of The Redpill. See what I did there, boomers? Now you best help, otherwise your retirement is gonna end up looking like Botswana.
      Because if I get really despondent I will HELP make It Botswana, just for one last jolly big FU.

  6. That was crap, we got Lee Greenwood.

  7. I’d train some of them, right now, but they’re asleep or in school, and they’ll play video games all night anyway. Weekends are binge video game playing time. Believe it or not, I know snowflakes who want to train, and when I point our something like MVT or something, they say, Oh, and that’s the last I hear of them.

  8. This loop does not look good:

  9. TL:DR – teenagers aren’t interested in what I know and can do. There saved you a shit pot of time reading my drivel.

    I have really debated with myself over responding to this thread because – for the most part I’m afraid all it will generate is venom; it will be seen as bragging; all too many folks over look the surviving and living part of the “fighting and dying” meme that is so prevalent in these parts; I’ll do such a poor job of conveying my thoughts my intention will be completely missed or misread.

    I’m going to note I grew up poor. Not in a “gee we can’t go to Disneyland or Hawaii or (insert luxury destination here) for vacation this year, I’m talking beans and rice every night for weeks on end and there were times we didn’t even have that much.

    We didn’t have air conditioning, central heat, big screen tv’s, zombie phones, heck we didn’t even have a private line for many years – “Edna, if you don’t hang up the phone I’m going to start telling dirty jokes again”. Often times we didn’t even have that much because we usually we lived so far out in the boonies it cost twenty bucks to mail a penny postcard.

    New clothes were a once a year luxury at the start of the school year and they were acquired through picking berries seven days a week in the summer, or digging post holes until your blisters raised blisters to earn the money. The rest of the year you got mended hand me downs.

    You didn’t call in to work sick – for one there were a dozen guys or more looking to fill your position and two in my era ‘men’ would eschew going to a sawbones and drag themselves to the job even if they had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, it’s just what men did.

    We didn’t have a bazillion channels on the cable, instant entertainment from a thousand sources or the funds to go see a movie (even though it only cost .25 cents, a nickle for the Saturday matinee).

    We had to go down to the library and thumb through the World Encyclopedia if we want to find out some bit of intellectual knowledge. If we wanted to learn how to do something we went and found an old timer that was doing it and asked him to teach us “hey Mr. Gunderson” (it was always Mr. too, for all men and Ma’am for the ladies), he had the local welding shop, “could you show me how to fix the broken fork on this bike I found at the dump?” (yes dump diving was a big thing in those days). “Sure” was his reply, “as soon as you clean up all that junk out back for me and maybe give those windows in front a wipe down as well”, you see everything was quid pro quo but it was alright because it maintained the conventions of the time and everyone came out ahead. As a result I learned how to not burn through light tubular steel with an oxy acetalene outfit and I had a bike that summer that I would never have been able to acquire otherwise.

    What was happening at city hall, back east or down south was completely outside our sphere in awareness because most of our time was spent just trying to survive. Civil rights, hell we didn’t care what color your skin was (though I will admit there were very few non whites in my youthful world) or your ethnicity or your religion and so on as long as you carried your own weight. One of the gentlest men with animals I ever knew was Jacob, a black man, he didn’t talk much, just a doer. One of the strongest men, though dumber than a box of rocks, was a fellow that went by the name of Les Forsch if I recall correctly. Though he was dumb, he was solid as a rock and his handshake was his bond. He was ethiopian or yugoslavian or hell I don’t know, he was from over there somewhere. (I suppose I’ll get called a racist for this one but this was fifty years ago)

    When I got a little older if I wanted something I worked my ass off, saved like mad and then went down and bought it outright. Yep, I owned it, not the bank or someone else that loaned me the money. My first car, my guns, my fishing gear, everything down to the clothes on my back came through hard work. There was no time to spend sitting around for hours with a zombie phone stuck in my face. As a result I lived, many times in the here and now, but my life was one of doing, not talking about doing. Entertainment was grabbing a small kit of gear and hitting the outdoors. Ever sleep in the open, on top of the bed of a smothered fire, against a fallen tree in the middle of the winter with snow on the ground and temps hovering around ten degrees. The nearest sleeping bag miles away? How about making a chili dog by cutting the top off a can of chili and sticking a hot dog in it and then warming the whole thing up over the coals of a wood fire so deep in the wilds you thought you were the last person on earth? Ever have your cheeks pull back so far from the wind of doing a hundred sixty on a super bike that your ears were touching? Sorry, kinda got carried away for a second. The point is experience was a great teacher and I learned a lot.

    I could write pages on this but I won’t. I readily acknowledge there are folks out there that had/have it so bad that we would still have been viewed as being rich. Where I was going with the previous few paragraphs is I didn’t have the money to do much other than to just survive. I certainly didn’t have any financial advantage to help me become a boomer. I shared this to demonstrate a time, place, circumstance and perception that is far different from today and colors what I share next.

    Right off the bat I need to qualify this by stating it applies to the vast majority of teenagers I’ve met. I have made many, many offers to pass on my knowledge and skills, virtually all of them have been rebuked.


    Teenagers of today

    Interested In

    zombie phones
    social media
    free – drugs, sex, education, food, everything
    blaming someone else for their life circumstance

    Not interested In
    (this is a true partial list of my real world skill set) Those that share these skills will recognize any listing of this type will leave out or skip over much subsidiary knowledge and many sub skills.

    micro circuitry
    open center
    closed center
    image editing
    firearm cleaning/maintenance/repair
    food growing
    animal husbandry
    sustainable gardening
    management and maintenance
    butter/cheese/cottage cheese/sour cream/whipped cream etc.
    eggs (don’t wash them cackleberries if you want them to last)
    food storage
    animal/game processing
    vegetable tanning
    brain tanning
    leather working
    wood structure
    outdoor skills
    wilderness survival
    foraging/wild edibles
    routing finding
    modern firearm
    dead fall
    bait fishing
    gear fishing
    fly fishing
    fly tying
    lake fishing
    stream/river fishing
    reading the water
    species identification
    behavioral characteristics
    general self sufficiency
    wood working
    repair it
    make it/build it
    re-purpose it

    In closing
    These skills were acquired over a lifetime of doing and seeking. My very person as a Boomer is held in disdain and the resource I represent is lost as all too many are waiting and hoping for me to “take the final exam”.

    Thread question “How can you help today’s teenagers be better fighters?”

    Better question “how can you help today’s teenagers desire to learn any practical skills?”

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    Germane to this discussion
    You can offer a teenager (or any other person) knowledge but you can’t make them learn.

    let the flaming and smack talking commence

    • the young are fucking too stupid to learn.

      the very old are too fucking stupid to learn- that’s why gadflies like loser oughta suck my dick is suck an asshole.

      there. that’s everything anyone needs to know.

      that’s why it is no use in trying to save anything other than yourself.

      fuck everyone else.

      let the whole thing collapse and burn.

      let the survivors crawl from the wreckage and start over.

    • lastmanstanding

      No smack from me. Well done.

      Growing up we had the necessities at that time that would be considered lower middle class. Strong family, shelter, food that we grew/acquired locally, clean clothes and a childhood/teen years of freedom in the outdoors.

      It shaped who I am today. Very thankful for it. We don’t go on vacation. We live it.

    • The shift from a industrial based society to a service and retail based economy had serious consequences.

      You rode a wave that was so large you didn’t even know you were on top of it.

      My generation got a job for $15.50 since 2005 with a side of hardcore gangster rap music, Freedom Fires, Pop, and nike shoes.

      • All
        About my post, that was supposed to be a formatted list but I was rushing during lunch when I decided to write it. Sorry about that.

        I’m sorry, I didn’t ride any wave anywhere. The year I got married I was earning $4 buck an hour. That year I worked 360 days out of the year and on the other 5 days I either worked in the morning or the evening. I’ve worked at jobs so tough the slightest inattention would eat your ass for lunch. I’ve worked so many hours in a row I fell asleep standing up with a wrench in my hands only to wake up after a bit and keep going. I’ve been burned, frozen, crushed, eaten shit, handled stuff so foul a maggot would puke. Life was root hog or die and I never had the luxury of blaming anyone else for how rough I had it. The other thing is my situation wasn’t all that unique, most every man I knew was doing the same thing.

        15.50 * 40 * 52 exceeds our annual income for the last ten years and I support a family of 6, scratch that 5 (the oldest daughter moved into her own place) on that.

        Sure it can be tough but I don’t have to purchase dope or smokes, don’t need to drink the latest starbucks offering, don’t eat out much, hardly ever eat fast or processed foods, don’t have to have the latest or greatest of anything, don’t carry any debt so I don’t have any expense in servicing that debt, don’t have a mortgage, don’t have car or truck loans, don’t even have any credit cards. We don’t have TV in the house so don’t have a cable, netflix, etc bill. Our cell phones are cheap $25 dollar pay as you go ones that hardly ever get used, golly I just saved at least $4000 a year on cell phones for a family of 5 (estimated cost of phones + service plan)

        We grow or raise the vast majority of our food and our entertainment and recreation usually revolves around something outdoors.

        A pretty smart person once told me people always find the time to do what they want to do. I’ll modify that to state people usually find the money to get what they want. I further state it’s not necessarily how much you earn, it’s how you decide to spend it that makes the difference.

        I realize not everyone can live the way we do but don’t ever make the mistake of telling me how I had it so good and I didn’t even know it.

        You have your future in your control, start doing something with yourself besides pissing an moaning about how bad you have it. Give up some of the dope and whoring around, stop blowing your money on toys and fast cars, you show potential, stop fucking off and do something with your life.


    • There are a ton of kids that have hardly even had the opportunity to realize that they’d love to know about that stuff. NONE of that shit is taught in schools, and the vast, VAST majority of parents are lazy fucks with hardly two real skills to call their own. And people out there blame children for this. It’s shameful.

      Every person reading this should be taking it upon themselves to fix this. It’s probably only a million times more important than blogs, for those of you that are so totally square away, i mean.

      • I went to fourteen different schools by the time I was finished with high school. There wasn’t much continuity of learning bouncing around that much, and most of what I learned, I learned on my own hook, through the school of hard knocks or I took the initiative to seek out specialized training.

        At some point the individual needs to take responsibility for making something of their life. I will give you that most kids today are not aware of how much there is out there in the world to learn, explore and enjoy – but they’ve got their 63 gender identities, triggers, safe places and zombie phones.

        Trying to break through the noise is an almost impossible task.


  10. Among white males only? WTF?? Squared.

    And, after four years of college indoctrination, all of that will be meaningless, and will flip the other way decisively.

    Also, the 18 year olds coming out of high school are also about the least likely voters in the country.

    That’s why this is only slightly less newsworthy than polling left-handed red-headed 8-year-olds.

    It’s also the exact sort of mental masturbation that’s left Shrillary wondering What Happened? Twice now.

    The Polish example mainly shows that you can get your freedom, eventually.
    All it takes is a 50 year wait, and Reagan.

    No word yet from the still-enslaved Chinese, who waited 50 years, and got Clinton.

  11. You know what this is? It’s an exercise in passing the buck… and hoping it sticks. As always.

    Better yet: Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You traverse land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

    Oorah… Gen Z! We’re going to play the flute for you, and hope you dance. If that doesn’t work, we’ll play the dirge and hope you mourn… by our example, and by our standards.

    Pro-White statesmen like Trump? Now that is a serious case of cognitive dissonance. Just like that map is. I mean, seriously… WTF does “red” represent anyhow?

    I’ve been noticing this trend, since the beginning of the election fiasco. Less chest pounding, more passing the buck and hoping it sticks. Because, the “God Emperor” gave us a “breather”.

    While there is some truth to what the author has to say, what exactly is this “patriot” and “freedumb” movement going to teach the Gen Z, when itself is, “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”… like so much “intellectual” schizophrenia?

    What, exactly, is this generation of “patriot” and freedumb” fakes going to “teach” Gen Z? To pound their chests until they are geriatric, then pass the buck?

    Good luck Gen Z. The older the “patriot” and “freedumb” movement gets, the lamer it gets.

    • Notarealperson

      Spot on. There is no real “patriot” and “freedumb” movement. It’s just a bunch of cranky. old anti-social white guys who couldn’t organize a pot luck without it turning into a brawl. They don’t even have a mutual aid society to look after one another or even a dues paying club resembling the NRA. No organizational ability whatsoever.

      They are like the alt-right in general. Totally disorganized and irrelevant. But serve as a boogeyman for the left.

      Reaching the younger generation? Ain’t gonna happen with this lot. Reaching the young is the duty of concerned parents and relatives, not a bunch of loners. The smarter parents already realize the system is rotting and will poison their kids and they are working around it and have been.

  12. The mistake was labeling the only Americans with balls as the enemy for 50 years.

    Every white guy that ever lived in the last 70 years taught about serving because their Grandfathers Served

    You cannot market someone’s hero as the enemy.

    The hate directed at white males globally and socially became singular.

    The internet exposed that.


    Buckle Up.

  13. Point made Wes. That’s an impressive skill set you have. I, like you, am afraid it all ends with me. I spread it around though, whenever possible.

    T-bag, WTF fucking J Geils Band ??!?!
    Now that I think about it……
    You’re the only one here talking about sucking dicks..
    Stay outta my spider hole peder puffer… or we gonna have a friendly fire accident…..

  14. J.Geils sucked then and sux worse now,next he will post disco.Stayin alive anyone?

  15. Do the best we can, plus some…