MVT: Warrior Mindset & The American Firearms Culture


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  1. “Teamwork.
    Leadership Qualities.”

    Often gets a 404 error in Freefor mindset.

  2. Better, FAR better, than what I have seen locals doing around here, and more on point. His blog today hits it right on the head. Warrior mindset, means Warrior Mindset, and not Warrior Bullshit. You won’t have a million rounds to shoot, or the best food, health, or equipment in a combat situation. You will have your own problems, your peoples problems (not being well trained being the worst one) and you’ll have to shoot, move, and communicate to get ‘er done. And it takes a lot of GOOD training to produce a seasoned soldier who can fight and win. If they ain’t physically fit, they will fail, and probably die, and possibly get others killed. Think fatty will follow orders when he is winded (after having to run 100 meters), low on ammo, got a minor flesh wound( his 3-5 second rushes were more like 10 second waddles), and didn’t get chow last meal time? Don’t kid yourself, and take Max’s advice. Discipline especially means doing your job when it’s hard.

  3. White Blue Collar Redneck

    GOP Sen. Jeff Flake says bipartisan group of senators has reached immigration deal
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    On Thursday, Flake said the physical structure Trump has called for does not need to be a “wall” but “more of a fence.” He stressed the need for “surveillance” and “manpower” in tandem with that.

  4. robroysimmons

    Honestly it would be a chore to get FreeFor together in meat space to discuss conspiracy bull much less something difficult.

  5. Your a good man Pete…

  6. Max’s essay is spot-on as usual.

  7. wendystringer48088

    I was at the MVT Defensive Concealed Handgun class last year. I consider it well worth the money spent and the trip to and from Romney WV. Very professional and high quality serious instruction.

    Booking training via credit card is painless using the new system, but you do have to be paid in full 30 days ahead of the class or pay in full when you register if class is closer than 30 days away.

    Max or 1ST SGT and good at getting back to you via e-mail. You will get VERY detailed instructions to the actual MVT training property a week before the class. He does request you don’t share the exact location with others for privacy reasons, and I don’t blame him.

    A lesson I learned – make hotel reservations and plan your trip to arrive at the Koolwink motel in Romney WV no later than late afternoon the day before the trip so you will have time to rest from the drive and prepare for the training early the next day. (Try not to drive through the hills of WV at night and finally arrive late at night the day before the class like I did).

    Another lesson I learned – Don’t be a drama queen and always be asking a bunch of questions like me. Max knows what he is doing and has everything well planned out and will take good care of you.

    Asside from checking out the MVT site (, going to the MVT Forums and checking out the forum categories available to all visitors is a good idea.

    – News & Training Updates –

    – Training: Preparation and Answers –

    – Class Reviews –

    In my opinion you don’t need to join his paid forum unless you plan to attend his training, as it is mostly specific to his training and definitely not general bs, but if you do plan to attend his training then it would be a good idea to pay the 25 to join because you will then be able to ask Max or others specific questions.

    The training might not be cheap (Max has to pay his bills and his instructors) but in my opinion is well worth the money for what you will get.

  8. WELL….I’m so glad the Max fan club has sounded off about their favorite sales man. Because that is what “Max” is. He SELLS. His gear. His school. His books. His web sight. His training. HIS is always better than yours. HIS choice of weapons is always right, yours is stupid and banned. HIS gear is the best. Yours is stupid and banned. In fact ,according to Super Britt. HE is always right, and bugger off if you don’t like it. He was Kerodin’s boy WHEN IT HAD MONEY IN IT, and that was the end of his bullshit for me. I really don’t care how “good” the fan club thinks he is. He has fucked up way to often for my taste. So I think I’ll put MY money where it will do the most good. In my pocket and not Max’s.

    • Ray, if you send me fifteen bucks of that money you just saved I’ll send you a card telling how much we missed you. A really nice one, with glitter and maybe one of those little Muzak things that play when you open it.

    • wendystringer48088

      Well, I am not a member of the Max fan club. In fact I was kicked off his paid forum after too many off topic posts and in his opinion causing too much drama on his forum.
      I have never met the man in person but he certainly does strike me as the type of trainer / leader that brooks no dissent.
      So what. You or I don’t have to like someone for his way of doing things to be valid.
      I paid for and attended one of his Defense Concealed Handgun class last year and in my not so humble opinion it was very much worth it.
      His way, his school, his books, his weapons, his gear is the best.
      Yep that’s the way it works when you train with him in his training space. And if you want his advice. So what. He has chosen to go with what in his experience works. YMMV.
      Any type of Martial Arts training is the same way. Whatever style or belt rank you have in your system or style you leave at the door to the place and walk into their training space with an “empty your cup” attitude ready to learn new things.
      If you think it’s all bs, fine, disregard it afterwards. But usually you can take something useful away from what someone is teaching even if you don’t buy into their own system.
      So Max is selling something. So what. We all are selling something. I sell my labor to my employer.
      And… If you are going to accuse Max of whatever you mean by what you said in your third to the last sentence you need to be more specific, or STFU.

    • Going way back, I generally agree with most everything you write. But I still don’t understand this. It looks like you’re saying that selling something for profit is on its own a bad deed. Nothing could be further from the truth…”profit” in the business context is fully synonymous with “benefit” in the personal one. And benefit is good. Hell, there’s a strong case to be made that benefit IS the good.

      So what gives? Why are so you against Max’s benefit? You say he has fucked up…maybe if you’d share how, it would make more sense. But if “He benefits as well as his customers” is all you got, then that’s the OPPOSITE of fucking up. It’s called “success” or “WINNING.”

      Besides…you know something of the warrior mindset. If you ignore who wrote it, would you not agree that this was one of the best pieces ever written on the point?