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  1. Hadenoughalready

    I laughed my ass off when I heard this. How can one argue with what Trump said? It’s the gospel truth!
    If these countries weren’t SHITHOLES, people wouldn’t be leaving them, now would they?
    Lighten up, lefty tight-asses! You’re making your neon hypocrisy warning lights shine like welding flashes…

  2. I know some who lives in a shithole. He said that Haiti is giving his place a bad name.

  3. Just for the entertainment, I’ve asked Sen. Durbin to answer the question.

  4. Shithole Truth Narrative: Trump owns the media cycle now. They will never crawl their way out of the shithole media they created. Completely. Not just owns them. They be his Bitchez now. Beautiful.
    They wanted to humiliate the guy, make him into a bumbling clown, in front of the entire world. Whose the bumbling fools now. He took the entire political left out with one Shitlord question…
    They walked right into it eyes wide open never saw it coming.

    • And next week, we should hear who specifically are members of the shithole media’s…

      Popcorn is inventoried and ready…extra, extra butter!!!

      • Never a dull moment with Trump.
        I get this warm pleasant feeling of gratification every time Trump states the plain obvious truth, the chattering marxists loose their collective minds.
        Some how they haven’t figured out what they intend as an attack narrative, they tell on themselves, which reinforces the truth they intended to distract us from.

        • The ususal suspects in the media fail to realize they are the reason Trump won the election. They pushed him to victory, falling for the exact thing he did yesterday. They fooled themselves into thinking they were way smarter than him and that there was no way in hell he would be elected. And that includes many who early on, chose to support him. No one expected him to pull it off. Add to that, the Dems pushing the one candidate that had no chance in hell of winning anyway, because America didn’t want the bitch to begin with.

          I think of Trump as a person with a laser pointer in a room full of cats. And he has extra batteries as backup.

  5. i was born and now have moved back to Houston(but am planning on moving back out). anyways, the part of Houston I grew up in was perfectly nice, middle class ‘burb. I would now call it a shithole and it ain’t because of the people that were there 40 years ago have gone to shit; others moved in largely from shithole countries and brought the shit with them.
    (btw, it’s early; but this is my recommendation for post of the year at wrsa; it’s awesome).

  6. Its not difficult:
    Shithole Country Illegals must go back
    Build The Beautiful Wall to keep the shitholers Out

  7. You’ll notice, none of the “celebrities” who promised to leave America after Trump won were headed for Haiti or el Salvador?…. Why is that? I’m betting it’s the same reason people from those SHITHOLES can’t get here fast enough…. It’s all just another example of the lefts intellectual dishonesty.

  8. Tellin’ it like it is.

  9. Giving a voice to flyover country is extremely powerful for us and dangerous for TPTB. They want us to feel isolated in our beliefs and sentiments. Trump blew that isolation out of the water amd the follow on comments from the media and people like el presidente de Mexico ‘nuked it from orbit’.

  10. 2017- The Media is Rogue and Is the Enemy of the People

    2018- #ShitHoleGate: The Media is Nothing. Trump is the New Media.

  11. As for poor Mexico, they turned into a shithole once they let shit revolutionaries rob and steal the white productive technocratic families into becoming Americans back in 1910-20. Fuck Me hi co Vicente Fuks, you and your peon inhabitants can wallow in your own shit. I say we invade and clear out the rats for never securing our border.

  12. He said it,Hahahahahaha!According to the article he got into it with the Black CONagressional Cockus too and it was heated with”salty”words on all sides.I guess they don’t remember how Shitlery ripped off Haiti for millions in EQ relief funds.

  13. Freeillinois

    I have been asking that question for 40 plus years! Its about time someone else has the balls to say it!

    Damn-it people we bring people into our country that cant even wipe their own ass.; never mind the fact they knowing nothing about washing their hands.. Look at Islam they have been marrying first cousins for 1000 years. Can we all say inbred losers. Change the 1965 immigration laws, NOW!

    Stop bringing in people from shithole nations

  14. Hahahaha.

    Just when I start to wonder where Trump’s head is at – he makes it crystal clear.

    I don’t love the guy – yet. But he’s making it hard not to.

    This one statement is going to completely reset the debate – which is exactly what needed to happen.

  15. Jeffery in Alabama

    Brilliant move on Trump’s part and the most relevant question asked by a “high-level” politico since the McCarthy era. Give ’em hell Donald!

  16. As an Aryan/Celtic/Saxon whose ancestors were among the first to begin the conquer of America, before it even became a nation, I don’t want anyone, from anywhere, coming to America. No immigration from anywhere. And I don’t give a crap if you have a hard-on for “name your European country” girls.

    Oops, there I go, almost went back on the fake Trump train!

    • What we the US should be doing is cherry picking the best and brightest from around the planet along with the requirement of speaking/writing English.

      Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland are good examples of countries that require this to a greater extent than the US.

      I’m all for head hunting other countries’ best scientists, doctors, and engineers.

  17. That paragon of niggerness, the oldest nigger nation on the planet, is worse than a shithole.

  18. Thank God-Trump has now burned the media up. They will try but never recover from the Deep Shit. Could not happen to finer assholes.

  19. 173 Viet Vet

    Haiti and all of Africa (except some small parts of So Africa) are shithole countries.

    Go there. Smell the air. What scent do you get beyond rotting materials and raw open sewage ?

    Trump is right. We need immigration only from nations that will bring skilled people to our nation.

    Test of “shit-hole-ness”: How many Nobel Prizes have been awarded to their citizens ?

    None….definitely a shit-hole. One or two…perhaps a step up from shit-hole-ness.

  20. I’m still laughing but I think Trump just dropped a 500 pounder right smack down the middle of the smoke stack on the SS New World Order.

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  22. I was sitting at a bar in Clearwater,Florida.The Beach Bar,twenty five years ago. I said to the guy sitting next to me,”What a shithole!” He laughed and said,”This isn’t a shithole. This is the sump pump for all the shitholes!”
    That is what the USA is becoming . A sump pump for shitholes. Tell it exactly like it is.Diversity is a non-lube anal penetration of white America.

  23. CA, you have a pipeline to a senior WH advisor these days? Tell Stephen Miller that the dirt people like his bossman’s style when he calls a spade, a spade. And a third-world shithole, a third-world shithole.

  24. Its the most honest assessment of the situation we have seen a public figure deliver in decades. Its fact.
    They are leaving because the countries are shit holes. They want to come here and that will turn our country into a shit hole. Of course many of the people who come here are great people, however by and larger the ones coming here will follow human nature. That means they will continue to the things that they have always done. Poor people remain poor because they continue to do the things that keep them poor.

    When I saw the statements I laughed till I hurt. I cant get enough of this.

  25. Anon-E- mouse

    I bet a lot of South Afrikaners and former Rhodesian, currently trying to return to the EU would love to be given a chance to leave their current Shithole countries. They may not be from Norway but they could pass. Maybe the Donald could let them in before they are no longer.

  26. Holy Shit!

  27. “Mother beautiful baby!!..sounds righteous and beautiful to me!!”

    The collectivists – “It burnzz usss..the trooth burnzzz us!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Something tells me that ‘El Fred’ will soon be sprinting out of his me-hi-can coyote burrow to indignantly howl about this latest blast of verbal truth.

      (Viarigosa in mexifornia is propably ready to stroke out too…bet this sets off all the M.e.C.H.A. “azatlan” problem children)

      Be interesting to see how a coyote applies Prep. H for his burning butthurt….

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  28. YES Deplorables

    NO Shitholes

    Keep your powder dry, and your nation free of shitholes.

    Atlas Shrug

  29. thesouthwasrght

    There is a ray of hope herein. A hilarious ray, but a ray nonetheless.

  30. It is nice to have one person in DC – a shithole city full of shithole people – speaking for me. Go Trump!

    This was a fun post WRSA! Thanks for posting.

  31. Lol.

    Truth hurts, don’t it?

    Trump’s kind of a douche sometimes, but dammit, I’m diggin’ how he just says shit we all say every day, and how no fucks are given. It is especially gratifying to watch the resultant aneurysms from the media, SJWs, and virtue signalling a-holes.

    God love him. We should keep him around for comedic relief, if for nothing else. 🙂

  32. Like it or not, the media just opened the door on a whole bunch of questions on Reptillary and Haiti charity funds. Trump is playing with them like a Laser pointer and a Cat

  33. A stroke of genius from Trump.

    You know how the immigration system works … first you, then your wife, then your extended family … it’s the same in England. Very often, there are “marriages of convenience” which confer Citizenship. But, it’s weighted such that it’s quite difficult for Europeans to move to the States.

    I was wondering whether it might be possible to create a sort of underground railroad that utilised the immigration rules to the advantage of White people.

    Let’s imagine that there was a distributed organisation which put White, European’ “refugees” in contact with ‘marriage partners’ in the US. That could be used to tweak the immigration demographic, effectively subverting political control. It would actually be very democratic.

    Like a global dating agency, configured for cultural preservation.

    Maybe other endangered species could be preserved … White South Africans, for instance. Tho, the traffic might easily be the other way, if they’ve a mind to increase their numbers and fight.

    Furthermore, the members of this distributed organisation would have the opportunity to vet the potential partners, to their own satisfaction … I mean, you wouldn’t want to be importing gun-grabbers or Dems, would you?

    This basic idea might be applied to the immigration system of any Country which is beleaguered. I suppose you could argue that you’d be facilitating ‘white flight’.

    I’m just rambling, off the top of my head. What do you think? Maybe there aren’t enough young Europeans who are worth saving.

  34. Thomas J Krumenacker

    WOW, If only that temperment could carry over to the Politico’s in power,
    maybe some thing will be done ! !! Monroe Doctrine , anyone ??
    Sorry folks I am 76 and still not wanting to “blend in” with the “Globals”
    Up their Irish Echoes !! Merrily I PROTEST , jail Shillary and her tribe of banditos , .We have numerous issues going on, all bad.
    Many of our most populated churches are still blinded to the actual significance of Islam and their agenda, wake up world you are being lulled into submission ! If that doesn’t work off with your heads.
    You have the right to remain SILENT and be a VICTIM

  35. Yippee-kay-ay! 🙂

  36. Hmm, some red meat for the base perhaps. Well Donny if you’re serious then do something about it besides flap your gums? He’s not folks. If he was there’d already be riots protesting the deportations. Squandered a chance at greatness or “planned controlled opposition all along. You decide.

  37. OH and I almost forgot, pay attention to our own nation. This invasion is also a distraction from this country and what it’s becoming.

    Hartford Ct is a shithole.
    Houston Tx is a shithole.
    Camden Nj is a shithole.
    Bridgeport Ct is a shithole.
    Chiraq is a shithole.
    Springfield Ma is a shithole.

    You get the picture.

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  40. The LGBTQHIOPDS’s are just upset that their favorite anatomical playground is being denigrated with something negative.

  41. If a first world country (Sweden) imports millions of third world settlers (muslims and others from shit hole countries) that have no intention of assimilating or becoming productive, then the first world country (Sweden) will become a third world country (shit hole). Inevitable.

  42. Whether or not Trump said that:

    I’ll believe that places like Africa, China, Haiti etc. are not “Shit Holes” when I can drive by their embassies and see Americans lined up to emigrate


  43. “why are we letting people from shithole countries come here, is probably the most important question I have heard a politician pose in my lifetime”. wild applause here. jail time in the e.u. have an answer ready for when your grand kids ask you that in 2040. “hey grandpa, what were you doing when they were letting all those people in from all those shithole countries?”

    • “Well, child, I was insisting that my age group had nothing to do with the civilizational crisis, we couldn’t possibly have known about it and its logical consequences, and we couldn’t have done anything about it even if we had. Now hesh up like a good girl and get ready to go to town. We have to go see Mullah Sharif for your FGM appointment.”

  44. Winning.

    Trump 2020. BFYTW.

  45. Why did amerika jump in bed with so many shithole countries and their leaders?
    Why did our leaders start selling off bits and pieces of america to these 3rd.
    world countries?
    How could we (nation)possibly be in debt to china?
    Payback is a mother.
    You see we should have maintained a set-apart status as a nation.

  46. My ,my, my……….The racial rhetoric is building ins’t it. More and more people are sounding like,……..well….Nazi’s. But this is all a logical response in reply to your planned extinction. You’ll find that as you rethink your survival against the game rigged against, you will gradually creep further and further right. Your numerous claims of how “Evil” the National Socialists were, are slowly vanishing. Your fight for your very survival, is mirroring the Nationalist Germans.

    • As if there’s no difference whatsoever between throwing them the fuck out, and marching them into gas chambers.

      Whatever helps you sleep at night, dude.

  47. Ya know whats worse than a shit hole country?……….A shit hole country with a plan. Meet your future masters. Unless of course you have you own plans.
    We look forward to working with you in the future in order to save our children and race.