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Laughing is better than gagging in disgust.


6 responses to “Stilton’s Place

  1. God bless President Trump and piss on his shit-hole detractors.

  2. Flayed and Splayed

    Trump tweeted last night that this was not the language he used. Shit Hole is Fake News!

  3. I’m a baaaaaaaad boy.

  4. The answer is so simple even a moron can grasp it. They’re importing VOTES. Nothing more, nothing less. Democrats and RINOs deserve nothing less than a rope and a lamp post for their efforts to steal elections and corrupt our republic. The “local list” is making more sense every day. What’s the old saw about “many hands make short work”?…. Worry about the people who claim to represent you and let others do the same. Might end bloody but it’ll damn sure end quickly.