Buppert: Resistance Is Fertile

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

Form it.

Join it.

Support it.

Understand why it is inevitable.

Especially amongst the already-Deplorable.

44 responses to “Buppert: Resistance Is Fertile

  1. In order to win we would need to kill nearly every college professor in the country.

    We would also need to kill…

    -Former Frat Boys and Former Sorority Girls
    -Lots of Cops
    -Elderly Women working in HR departments
    -Nearly every Minority you come across
    -Lots of Military
    -All Muslims Purged
    -Most Black Athletes
    -Most Celebrities and Musicians
    -Every Retarded Faggot
    -All the Homeless and Junkies
    -Nearly All Local Politicians in Metropolitan Areas

    I just don’t see this happening.

    We lost because the Boomers sold us out.

    • Blazing Apostle

      …sounds like a busy few workdays, maybe some with overtime. We’re going to be bizzzzz zeee. ‘Bout time to punch that timecard, isn’t it?
      I know, I know… “waaaysist” “homophobe” “misogynist”. I’m an older white Christian gent, veteran and etc.
      Annnnnd… I don’t give a fuck. “They” have three choices: leave, get help for their mental illness, or we just add them to the pile.
      My kids and grandkids didn’t make this fuckin’ mess, it happened on our watch.
      Time to take out the trash.

      • I like that many whippersnappers underestimate mature folks. Knowledge,intelligence,life lessons,common sense,patience,training,,willing to do whatever is necessary to win, resources,trustworthy associates and able to spot a fucking poser a mile away. You do not attain those attributes by being an idiot and dying young.
        The most dangerous motherfuckers are DOG’s.Dangerous Old Guys.They have lived a good portion of their lives and are not intimidated by the great hereafter. I don’t feel defeated or beaten.I feel great.
        “We lost because the Boomers sold us out.” Speak for yourself motherfucker. You lost . That is what losers do. .Self-fulfilling prophesy.
        Winners win.That is they do.DOG.

        • I don’t underestimate the old guys.
          The old guys trained me.

          The problem with the old guys is that they live in the middle of Kentucky and Montana.

          Kentucky and Montana is too far to make a difference.

          It’s nice to have somewhere to fall back to, but I am outnumbered 100-1, so I don’t expect to live long.

          Especially considering half of my family are left wing traitors.

          My own sister is engaged to a Left Wing Commie Jew who gets paid to bring Chinese Immigrants into this country.

        • This old dog approves, knuck.

          “We lost because the Boomers sold us out.” Speak for yourself motherfucker. You lost . That is what losers do. .Self-fulfilling prophesy.


          • Are you serious?

            I (And the last two generations) would be less of a loser(s) if 25% of my future wasn’t sold off, and another 25% stolen due to Boomernomics.

            The Mortgage on a house in my area costs more than I make in a year.

            Not counting Utilities, Property Taxes, Insurance, and Dues/Fees such as plowing or leaves.

            Its hard to find a nice woman and have kids when every woman on the planet knows what the cost of living is.

            Women don’t even talk to me for more than a week, knowing I cant even afford a house.

            My retarded parents, and their brothers and sisters, are boomers.
            I am an Iraq Vet, and my entire extended family thinks I am a NeoNazi thanks to CNN.
            My parents and sisters think Islam is a religion of beauty.

            My mom even asked me if I was gonna shoot up the family on Christmas.

            This is All and Entirely thanks to Boomers and their “Post-Nazi” PTSD.

            Which resulted in the end of Rhodesia, South Africa, Europe, and America.

            I remember when I got off the plane coming home from Iraq. I expected crowds of family and friends, with groups of leftists spitting and yelling.

            Guess what? No-one was there. We came home and everyone treated us like nothing happened.

            • Sounds familiar

            • Randolph Scott

              R, Sometimes I shoot my mouth off to fast. I didn’t know about your situation.

              My suggestion is to move to a different area and defiantly a rural type of environment. Start looking… makeing your plans to move in the spring. Places you could move to and find work and affordable living is the Ozarks, Arkansas or Missouri, make sure you move to small rural areas. You will fit in. Oh yeah, they have women there too. NOTE: do not move to an area dependent upon chicken production/processing, the companies are importing Somalians for cheap labor these days.
              Good luck

            • FWIW, if you’re in an untenable position, you need to seriously consider unassing your AO to one with more potential, troop.

              Countless former GIs have done it, me included.

              Home is where you make it…. if you stay in a bad place, and you don’t make a viable plan to get out, you got no bitch coming.

              And that’s the plain truth.

        • RockTards got it right. While he still borrowing moms car to get to work, and lives in her basement, he is saving for a new air soft G36 and a plastic combat kit.

          Dam near shot his eye out recently with his BB gun. His moms a lovely lady , a boomer who was going to retire on the boomer gravy train, not so, now that rock tards home from the crusades.

          Poor lad picked up a bad case of the crabs,,said it was a toilet seat over in the box. Others think he got em from another sexy sheep, he’s had his eye on.

          Sadly that’s us boomers fault aswell.


    • mister-sigint

      Gotta start somewhere..

      • We have reached the point of cultural saturation.

        Thy only “start” is to continue on this path.

        It’s gotta get REAL DARK before people see the light.

    • Lead by example.

      You’ve regaled us with your war cred pretty thoroughly and, for the record, you do seem to know the material and have the experience.

      So, instead of wasting time blaming someone other than you,while trying to bait another boomer bashing, just get right to the killing.

      That list isn’t going to eliminate itself………….

    • You know RS22, you are starting to some across as a cointelpro op. On the one hand you seem to pass out or share information that can be viewed as having potential value for some, leading to sense of credibility for your nom de plume.

      Here and there you drop tidbits leading the reader to respect your insider knowledge that comes from having “really worked on the inside” and all the hints you can give us based on this.

      Then we have content from you that seems to be geared only towards fomenting division between factions here ex. “all the boomers are fucktards and traitors and we’ve been sold out”

      You also deliver content that, at least to me, seems to be designed to do nothing more than foster a sense of defeat ex “the problem is too big, the problem has been going on for too long, we’ll have to kill everyone and so on.

      About then we’ll get a few lines of commentary geared towards generating sympathy for you and the plight you find your life in. ex you can’t make any money, all the white chicks are only interested in banging blacks, you’re surrounded by left wing traitors even in your own family.

      We also get the obligatory “you’re really an outlaw at heart” by sharing the drugs you do and the hints at some other nefarious activities.

      About all that’s left for you to do is start urging everyone to start doing some, ahem, “illegal” actions or “stepping off the porch” as some refer to it. Are your dues all paid up by any chance?

      It really doesn’t matter to me if you are what you say you are or not as I only really trust about three people and two of them are dead. Further I only come here anymore for the entertainment value. This place is better than the soaps my mom used to watch when I was a kid.

      If I’m wrong about the above and you are for real, I have some really bad news for you. None of us are getting off this rock alive. Well there is one way for you to beat your mortal existence but you probably don’t want to hear about that right now.

      Anyway, you have a good night. It will be interesting to watch your online persona develop.


    • Bonaventure (fka Randall Flagg)

      Would that include the same college professors who taught the incorrect biology you were spouting a few days ago?

      Also, you forgot one group on your list: homos who are millenial-Iraq-vets who do nothing but talk stupid smack (but I’ll include that in the “Lots of Military” category).

      Can’t wait to read your obit. In fact… can’t believe no one fragged your ass when they could.

    • Lead on, show is how it’s done.

  2. You guys love to make Irregular Warfare Complicated…

    I have worked for Globalist Minions.

    They drive cars, have houses, and go out to dinner like everyone else.

    You don’t have to “Get Under Their Skin” or “Create the Illusion of Internal Disputes”

    Remember this.

    You are already under their skin, and they are always in the middle of an internal coup.

    • lastmanstanding

      Shhhhh. Come closer…Let me tell you a little secret.

      We’ve known that for years. The earth will let us know when its time.

      • I got news for you…

        Waiting to fight back while your country is invaded is a terrible plan.

        Every single day the Muslims and Commies gain ground.

        “The Earth” will give you permission? WTF

        I don’t even know where to start on that BS.

        You have my permission.

        You wanna see something interesting?

        Google Where all the Jewish Temples are in America.
        Then Google where all the Mosques are.

        Lemme know when you see it.

        • Should we also google where all the Catholic churches are?
          Should we also google where all the Masonic temples are?
          How about all churches in general?
          If we could see all these “Religious entities” on a map would it help to understand in this time of unrest and upheaval that not many people understand or know of the True Temple of God (Yahuah.)
          Nor do they seek nor do they strive to follow His ways, His path.
          The Hatred of people and each other is become so apparent in these last few years. People who want only to blame each other. People who do not listen. People who only see the negative. People who hate by race, by religion, by sex. People all in this great reality show of ‘ competition.’
          Yet this is all a positive when you can see the lies and the wrong of it. We were warned of all these things, we were warned of these times, and we can know the opposite.
          “After this I looked and saw a great throng which no one was able to count, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes and palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, saying,
          ” Deliverance belongs to our Yahuah who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”
          ” All nations, Tribes, and peoples and tongues.
          The world is dividing, by hate, fear and anger. There is also an opposite.
          This is not an isolated civil war, this seems to be world wide chaos. We all would do well to consider why.

        • Also, you may find this interesting, there are reasons in the Bible for foreign invaders. 1973 was key in this, i believe the sacrifice of children is in at least part of our downfall.

        • lastmanstanding

          First question young man…WTF are you still in Baltimore? You have more than stated enough reasons to get out of there. Sorry that your family has issues. I have family in that area and they just seem to thing that life is fucking wonderful. I have a nephew that I am trying like hell to get out of there. I used to frequent that area 30 years ago and it was fubar then.

          Since you are single, get out of there. I left the east coast 25 years ago (when I was your age) and if was the best thing I ever did. I took a job, moved 2k miles by myself and made a great life in a place where I didn’t know one single person. I left because there was nothing left for me. I was all used up.

          Listen, I don’t like what is going on any more than you do…haven’t for years. Those that you speak of are everywhere, not just in your backyard. We have them here…and more.

          Don’t need your permission…and who says I’m waiting to fight back…I have a plan and am implementing it. It is peaceful plan. The earth that healed me for having the balls to get out of a fucked up situation will let me know other-wise.

          You have plenty of experience in the real world. You have seen how the gub works first hand. Time for you to take care of yourself, move ahead to a place that may/will make you productive and happy.

          GTF out of Baltimore while you can.

          • lastmanstanding

            PS…you are at the fork in the road. 2 choices.

            One looks familiar. Eq…You have had your ass handed to you a couple of times but you believe, that with that experience, you can make a few changes to next said dilemma. That you can deal with said dilemma a bit differently and have a better out come this time. Because your smarter this time. Your not going to make the same mistakes this time. Doesn’t work that way. You’ll get the same lesson every time until you get it driven into your thick fucking head that there is a different path for you. I went that path several times before I finally got smart.

            The other is the path of unknowns…the “scary” path. Long story short…take it every fucking time or get your ass handed to you over and over until you realize you need to make changes to you life.

            That young man “is how the earth or planet works.” You can do it.


  3. Great links, but for a semi-Anglophile, he left out the most obvious reference:


    The Official Handbook For Boys from the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

    CA: Maybe call 144:1, I think I see a future morale rocker.

    BTW, Q Branch called: if there’s a shortage of helicopters, the top floor of urban multilevel parking garages are authorized substitutes.
    Because gravity works.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. In Baltimore, We plan to just feed them to the Crabs.

    Bottom Feeders…


      The crabs would spit them out! Seriously young man, re-order your priorities. It is a lot easier when you have no wife and kids to consider. Abandon the Baltimore area. It is circling the bowl, as are just about all Blue Hives. Create your own personal and economic liberty. Bleib ubrig.

  6. “You can’t just throw 25 million commies out of helicopters.” – CA Yea… maybe not but it sure would be fun trying, especially if live commies start dropping in the middle of the blue hives like shit through a goose. Creating fear in your enemy is a desired outcome.

    Grey Ghost

    • Randolph Scott

      That would be a sight to see. Drop these commies in places like Chicongo, Hollywierd, San Francisco at the 9th Circuit fucking Court!

  7. CA (and Buppert),

    For one year everyone should divert 10% of their income into gold/silver. Get firearm vendors/manufacturers on board doing the same and also accepting gold/silver in payment for their goods. Follow that year by using gold/silver for ALL exchanges among freefor individuals and patriotic companies.

    Remember when Barrett refused doing business with California gov’t agencies? Can you imagine full page ads in all gun magazines to the effect of “Get your 50 cal Barrett for 3 Gold Eagles”?

    Which is more likely at this point? That ad or organized armed resistance in FUSA? More importantly which would be more successful in actually changing anything FUSA?

  8. Lot of salty talk here but I wonder if some old guys started pulling the trigger on this treason would you guys jump in. Or would you avoid the draft because you have a family, job seniority, it’s not time, a medical condition etc, etc,.

    And by the way RockStar22 I know a homeless guy that would eat your guts for lunch when you decide to cleanse him from this life. Don’t send someone else to do the deed punk; you come. Lets see your warrior creds, hard man.

  9. Marlo Stanfield

    AR pistols for show and tell now. In the future, full size rifles with very nice variable power scopes. Jed Clampett action when one can see. AR pistols replace teddy  bears at night. (half the adults supposedly sleep with stuffed animals)

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