GoV: The West is Marching Right Into Ethnic Replacement Without Even Realizing It

Transcript here.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Freeillinois

    WOW; I wish the interview with the psychiatrist had been in English. Most people will not take the time to go through the interview.

  3. GOV will never load for me…

    • I had the same problem…
      initially I did a traceroute and the routers upstream of my ISP were routing me through Canada and some router in Canada was blacklisting/shitholing GoV. I think that problem got sorted out, but maybe not. Eventually I made an exception in my browser config to allow GoV to set cookies and it started loading. Good luck.

      Grey Ghost

  4. How Multiculturalism Works.

    Boomer 1- I bought this house but dont want to charge market value for rent.

    Boomer 2- If we import millions of retards from 3rd world shitholes, that will allow us to use rent controls on the white neighborhoods. Tripling the Value.

    Boomer 1- Genius! Bring in Millions.

    Boomer 2- What about the Future?

    Boomer 1- We will be dead by the time the Transgender Communists and Jihadis convert the African Blacks and Mexicans.

    Boomer 2- Ok Cool, that reminds me, I love Tacos.

    The End.

    • Matt Bracken

      That’s about it, in a nutshell.

      • no it isn’t.

        Boomers are no better or worse than any other “generation”.

        Boomer soldiers defeated the communists in Vietnam, while the war was lost by the “greatest generation” political class in Washington and Geneva. And Boomer voters elected Ronald Reagan, who liquidated the Soviet Union and Judeo-global communism with it.

        it’s the Jew billionaires/banksters and their shabbatz goy political class who’ve taken down the borders in order to drown the Whites in a raging sea of ethnic orcs. And it’s White generation X’rs and Millenials who have accepted racial-civilizational extinction in return for a cut of the Jewbuck.

        that’s the problem with cucks like Powell, Woodpile, and Bracken. They can describe the symptoms of the disease to a “T”…but can’t name the cause:

        organized Jewry.

  5. James W. King

    Groups sue over Confederate statues removal at Memphis parks
    Posted by James King—SCV Camp 141 Commander Albany Georgia. Those of us who value our Southern and Confederate history, heritage, and culture must join together to fight and defeat the Liberal Marxist Socialist Communist New World Order One World Government movement in America that is responsible for this atrocity.
    James King

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s family and the Sons of Confederate Veterans are challenging last month’s removal of Confederate statues from Memphis parks.
    According to The Commercial Appeal , the petition with the Tennessee Historical Commission claims Memphis and nonprofit Memphis Greenspace Inc. violated numerous state laws.
    The city sold the nonprofit two parks for $1,000 each last month. The nonprofit removed statues of Forrest, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and war correspondent and Capt. J. Harvey Mathes.
    Sons of Confederate Veterans lawyer Doug Jones says they removed the top of graves of Forrest and his wife. The city says the statues weren’t headstones. Markers with their names remain.
    City Attorney Bruce McMullen maintains the move was legal. Another Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter lawsuit seeks to keep the statues from being sold or harmed. Information from: The Commercial Appeal, The Commercial Appeal – Memphis Breaking News and Sports

    The Commercial Appeal – Memphis Breaking News and Sports

  6. James W. King

    Mark Vogl
    To James King Jan 12 at 10:42 PM
    When we lose in the Courts, maybe someone will consider we could have built a new statue on private property in a prominent place for the same amount of money we wasted in Court.
    Fighting in Court, unless it is to change an existing law, to something in our favor, is a defensive action You don’t win wars on the defense…
    We have done precisely what lost the war, we did the expected over and over again until we were exhausted…
    Mark Vogl.

  7. James W. King

    The Marxist Socialist Communist movement in America promoted by Democrats and America’s #1 hate group,
    the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the riots, demonstrations, and destruction by their “Useful Idiots” as defined
    by Communist Vladimir Lenin have demonstrated their intent to remove, destroy, and alter America’s history.
    Their intent to remove and destroy monuments and history is not limited to Southern and Confederate Monuments.
    They have demonstrated that they intend to extend their destruction to America’s founding fathers which include
    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson and others. They have also vandalized monuments to Christopher Columbus and Abraham Lincoln.
    Many Cities and towns all over America including some in Georgia are now controlled by Left Wing politicians whose actions
    place them in this Marxist Socialist Communist movement. Georgia needs Monument Protection Laws that prevent local politicians from
    removing, destroying, and altering monuments, statues, graves. Only the Georgia Legislature should that authority. Laws of this type have prevented local anti-gun politicians from banning guns.
    On the Federal level Confederate Veterans have the same rights as Union Veterans based on laws passed in 1906, 1929, and 1958 and the attacks on Confederate monuments, statues, graves, etc. should be considered an attack on American Veterans.
    James W. King
    SCV Commander Albany Georgia

    • Muslims have nothing to do with “post-modern”ism. The stupid goathumpers are just another invasive tool of the White-hating Jewdeo-globalists.

      PoMo was invented by Jew-communist inttelekshuls who, shocked by the collapse of their “inevitable” communism

      went from “scientific history”


      “it’s all just a story…there are no facts”

  8. Meanwhile that other branch of the Sunni Wahhabbist Royal Family (from Qatar) would like to thank Merikans (currently distracted by #shithole) for the great deal they received at the FUSA fire sale:

    When that hotel opens you won’t be able to afford to spend the night there. Try a room within your budget at the #shithole hotel instead.

  9. Enoch Powell,
    Very interesting story for those with the Gift of discernment. a few paragraphs i found interesting from Wikipedia. Yes, i know the warnings of wikipedia.
    In November 1968, Powell also suggested that the problems that would be caused if there were a large influx of Germans or Russians into Britain “would be as serious – and in some respects more serious – than could follow from the introduction of a similar number of West Indies or Pakistanis”.[96]

    Powell stated his views were neither genetic or eugenic and that he never arranged his fellow men on a merit according to their origins.[97]

    Powell stated in a 1972 speech:

    I have and always will set my face like flint against making any difference between one citizen of this country and another on grounds of his origins.[98]

    In March 2015, The Independent reported that Powell was one of the MPs whose activities had been investigated as part of Operation Fernbridge. His name had been passed to police by Paul Butler, the Bishop of Durham, after allegations of Powell’s involvement in historic child abuse had been made by one individual in the 1980s to the then Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker.[84] Simon Heffer who has published a biography of Powell has described the allegation as a “monstrous lie” and criticised the Church of England’s actions in “putting this smear into the public domain”, while the church stated that it had simply responded to an inquiry from the press and confirmed that allegations about Powell, which related to an alleged satanic cult rather than any criminal activity, had been passed to the police.[85] David Aaronovitch of The Times wrote in April 2015 that the 1980s claims about Powell originated from fabricated claims invented by a conman, Derry Mainwaring Knight, whose false assertions had become known to the clergy, but had been unwittingly conveyed to the police in good faith.[86]
    A few hours after his final admission to hospital, he asked where his lunch was. On being told that he was being fed intravenously, he remarked, “I don’t call that much of a lunch”. These were his last recorded words. On 8 February 1998 Powell died aged 85 at the King Edward VII Hospital for Officers in Westminster, London. His study of the Gospel of John remained unfinished.
    i find it very interesting at age 70 he seemed to find religion and was pursuing the gospel of John

  10. How do the treasonous “pass the buck” to their cling-ons
    while attempting to stay off the microscope and dilute truth
    with “tell my lies, tell me sweet little lies” to obscure and try
    to diffuse the light piercing through?

    It is all connected:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    “Without Even Realizing It”

    What? About half of the West’s population is openly cheering it on, and a good third or so are actively masturbating to it.