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“At this point the only thing that can possibly improve CNN would be between ten and 15 targeted assassinations.”


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  1. “At this point the only thing that can possibly improve CNN would be between ten and 15 targeted assassinations.

    — GVDL”


    • 10 – 15???

      Ridiculously inadequate.

      • Exactly right 06.

        Even if the the whole damn crew of CNN was taken out it would still be light by at least 4 news agencies.

        Grey Ghost

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Kill one, terrify a thousand. If CNN were liquidated, the remaining news orgs would largely slaughter themselves in the fight to be the first to fellate the executioners. These aren’t exactly lionhearts.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. A deviant nigger faggot leftist believes he holds the high moral ground…. You can’t make this shit up, folks.


      In his own deviant mind, he does hold the high moral ground. The 800-lb gorilla in the living room which no one is talking about is AIDS/HIV. Back in the 1980’s before being a butt-pirate was really cool, legions of Amerikan peter-puffers would take junkets to the island to “party” with tender young Haitian males. Poverty-stricken and desperate people do desperate and degrading things just to exist.
      This is one of the theories concerning the spread of the disease among the faggot community in the USA. I am using the noun theory since I cannot reference any articles or monographs at the moment which would document this. It was explained to me during my advanced training as a Peace Officer in the late 1980’s-early 1990’s. The disease also made its way into the IV drug-user culture.
      This is what makes the whole lifestyle so insidious and sinful. It degrades human beings, promotes disease and moral debasement, and scandalizes innocent children. Since the LGBT Orcs cannot reproduce, they must seduce the confused and innocent. Sad and terrible.

      • Every single faggot I met came from a broken home, was a victim of abuse, or was a contrarian with some form of personality disorder.

        Look up “Queer Theory” its basically Gay Nationalism.

      • I don’t know about the Haiti HIV connection , but during the 80’s I was paying close attention to how the “gay community” reacted when AIDS started spreading.

        What I remember was the almost universal blame coming out of that “community” – for anybody but themselves.

        I remember saying then – and still say to people today the following:

        You know how you stop the spread of AIDS dead in it’s tracks?


        Period – end of fucking story.

        You can pretty quickly take the measure of a person’s mindset as soon as you get their answer to that proposal. I haven’t run across a homo yet , as well as quite a few other people – who didn’t go ballistic when I brought up that solution. Most of the time the answer along the lines of ” I can’t do that – it’s completely unreasonable!!”, or some other bit of utter stupidity.

        Retard: Hey – I’m bleeding profusely out of my stomach!!

        Me: Well stop stabbing yourself in the stomach you fucking dope!.

        Retard: I can’t do that!!

        And on and on the idiocy goes……………….

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The early days of AIDS were darkly comedic. The media kept breathlessly reporting that it was soon going to explode into the hetero population; 40 years on, and it still hasn’t. Almost all cases were directly traceable to homosexual activity or intravenous drug use. The few outliers were mostly tainted blood transfusions.

    • wendystringer48088

      “A deviant nigger faggot leftist believes he holds the high moral ground….”

      Trust me, all the lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Kinky and Transgender people (except me) really do believe they hold the moral high ground over all the straight white Christian folks. They really do believe they are better than normal folks.

      They are willfully blind to seeing what’s down the road when their lifestyles come into direct contact with more primitive islamic people from shithole countires in much larger numbers. I think they all believe that by that time they will be living in safe areas like West palm Beach Florida or some such.

      And… As to the current National trending conversation in the media…

      Trump’s detractors and critics can all say what they want about President Trump, butno matter what, we would for sure would not be having this stuff said out in the open if Hillary was President.
      The Left and (most) LGBT people really has their collective panties in a bunch over this guy, and every day Trump is President it is pure tortture for them.

      Go Trump! 🙂

    • wendystringer48088

      “The 800-lb gorilla in the living room which no one is talking about is AIDS/HIV.”

      Just as Thailand used to be (and maybe still is) a destination for both straight and gay “sex tourism” (especially for those you prefer them on the young side) Haiti was the closer and cheaper alternative for the gay guys who liked having anal sex with young black males and was the definite bridge between AIDS getting from Africa to North America.

      I would say that another elephant in the room is that LGBT people are far more likely to be victims of Intimate partner violence – violence from someone they have had sex with – than from a random straight guy or guys who don’t like gay people.

      When I first saw this story about the founder of the Miss Trans America pageant Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslienon being killed on some Facebook feeds I was shocked and saddened. Then when I saw who was responsible (this person’s partner) I was angry because obviously the headlines about “Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslienon believed to be 2018’s first known victim of deadly violence against a member of the transgender community” were intentionally very misleading, implying that transgender person are in danger from straighht people who don’t approve of their lifestyle when in fact they are in far more danger from the people they go to bed and have sex with.



  4. lastmanstanding

    That was the best news segment that I have ever watched at CNN…still laughing my ass off!!!…and what’s up the that newscaster dude…Why would a grown man let himself be used as a pathetic media tool?

    Ok, call me a waccccisssst.

  5. lastmanstanding

    I went to the range today and punched a bunch of shitholes on paper and most of them were touching just like GDVL’s map.

  6. Countries filled with shitskins invariably are shitholes.
    Piss ’em off let them start killing the cat women who might grudgingly love us when we mop the shitskin bastards up.
    I’ve known all the shitskins hated me since 1968 when I had to fight them every damned day in school..
    I can almost look at one an tell if he is a disciple of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
    A Hatian type revolution here is unavoidable.
    Blacks have been warning us for 200+ years.
    What do you think they mean when they say, “Your time is over!” as the magnificent Oprah did just the other day at the Golden Globes.
    Trump is a very to decent man who is more than not racist, he has found out how loyal the shitskins are.
    If you are White, shitskins will not be happy till they throw dirt on you.
    I’ve been waiting for them to make their move all my life.
    I got a few somethings for them.
    When I used to draw one in the full contact tournaments, I’d call them the magic blessed N word and put them away while they were puffed up in crazy blind in righteous rage.
    My favorite question for blacks in full righteous rage is, “Kill any White babies lately?”
    Most of the time you can see on their faces they didn’t know you knew.
    I got shadow banned from Twitter today, sock it to me WRS’s.
    PC talk is worthless as painting over rust.

    • accurate symptomology, wrong cause.

      Blacks, like Muslims, are what the Jews have made of them. At one time, as recently as the early 1950’s, Blacks in ‘Murka had (relatively) civilized values, stable families, and coherent communities. Then, with the waxing of the Jew-power, all that was destroyed by “slum-clearance”, the welfare-illfare state, drug culture, and crime-lobby Jewdicial system.

      and now, with their 24/7 hate on YT (((MSM))) barrage, the Jews have formatted the Blacks as an anti-White einsatzgruppe.

  7. On occasion,when warranted,re-boot.Turn off everything.Go out in the woods by yourself. Dogs are acceptable.Eliminate the noise and bullshit. If you never return ,the world keeps on turning.
    Do not compromise on true morals or values.The best thing you can be is a good man.Or woman.US media is of little consequence because it has no base point grounded in verifiable fact. Enjoy a day without noise.

    • Good advice but, pretty difficult to do that in Kentucky Tennessee area. Almost all private land and a bunch of no tresspassing signs. Also if one gets out in the sticks too far, one starts to see a bunch of weird shit, eg piles of trash, people in rags, friendly but weird people that look derelict, some one dumping a couch in the river, people littering while driving, strays cats, maybe the odd faint banjo, smell plastic or tires burning, trailer that was tornadoed 20 years ago, etc. No wonder these people do nothing but sit on the porch.

      Basically have to go to gov parks to have a decent and clean area to hangout, but then there are typically people.

      Much of private property in the eastern usa should restored back to public lands. These shitholes are terrible.

      • Well maybe its time to pack up and get out of there…Ahh but that’s to hard for most people but once it all falls apart then they are going to be Rambo and take out all the trash they have let accumulate in their area…Sad That…

      • He’s right. Even in the SW desert I’ve begun seeing tattered mattresses and used hypodermic needles in what used to be beautiful isolated (no roads) canyons. I damn sure don’t carry because of bears and cats out there, those are the “good” neighbors compared to the two-legged varmints slithering about, nowadays.

    • Right on man. Kinda sounds like you’ve been to Alaska. Your description is a way of life for so many up here. I “tune out” almost always.

      My environment holds at bay, most of the moral pollutants that plague most of y’all on the outside. Granted, we have our own degenerates, mostly in Anchorage and starring in reality television, but on balance, most of us are tough, hardworking individualists.

      No noise…except the occasional howl of distant wolves. And that could have several meanings, yes?

      • Like Boston T. Party said in his novel, “Molon Labbe!”; cold environments deter roaches, whether they have two legs or six.

        Now there are exceptions to that in Wyoming..Rock Springs has it’s share of “gibberish me dats” crybabies as does a few other areas but it’s much less than say, Phoenix or Tucson, Az. (helps that Wyoming is MUCH less populated as a state)

        I’ve heard the the moslems are trying to settle there though, especially in the Gillette area among others.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • “gib me dats”

          Damn, pc autofill!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  8. “A deviant nigger faggot leftist believes he holds the high moral ground…”

    Those are the people that are running things in Government, Media, Education, and Sports and Entertainment these days. Everyone is forced to knuckle-under to these degenerates in the name of “equality.”

    The West, rotten to the core, has had its day. Now comes the fall…..

    • They ain’t runnin shit if you simply ignore them. Barring that, ridicule is a weapon they’re incapable of coping with. Added bonus? It inflames their impotent rage and usually, provokes a tantrum worth watching.

  9. Some might define “shithole country” as one that constantly conducts multi-faceted suicidal behaviors and among such is allowing unchecked immigration, or setting up mass domestic surveillance systems under the excuse of fighting terrorism and reauthorizing such with the inclusion of permission to prosecute the mostly trivial ‘crimes’ [gun ‘crimes’, cannabis ‘crimes’, and the like] committed by the rabble, revealed while purportedly chasing down the terrorists…most of, or all of which behavior is patently in violation of the Bill of Rights…all the while finger-pointing at other countries as being the shitholes…

    Happy Interesting New Year!

  10. This topic has done a great job diverting attention in both the massive sheepherd (aka the US public) and the sheep-with-claws-strapped-on (aka freefor) from:

    1. The so-called muslim ban that really didn’t ban any muslims from coming here (especially those from the Sunni Wahhabist stronghold of Saudi Arabia).

    2, That oppressed Christians whether from the African “shithole” countries or those from Arab/Muslim countries have not been granted any kind of expedited refugee/asylum status by the US gov’t. They have been both abandoned by the US gov’t and by their fellow Christians here (where’s the underground railroad or calls ((especially from the pulpit)) for sanctuary cities for them?)

    (The senior executive service Obama era leftovers at the US State Dept must have been high-fiving/fist-bumping each other continuously this past week in between praying to mecca 5 times per day and laughing about the goldfish attention span of Merikans.)

    Now keep in mind, fellow WRSAers, that the black and brown people are just going to be competing with your kids (who didn’t bother going to college for a STEM degree) for those low end hourly wage jobs in fast food, cleaning, meat/food processing, and factory production that really doesn’t produce anything of strategic importance.

    3. In the meantime immigration from *China* has been steadily/stealthily growing. They are the true cui bono of your distraction –and the communists in FUSA are greatly appreciative of how well this has worked.

    There are some great points worth noting from:


    “The number of immigrants from mainland China in the United States nearly doubled from 299,000 in 1980 to 536,000 in 1990, and again to 989,000 in 2000, reaching 2.1 million in 2016.”

    (On a related side note: How long does it take to reach “replacement” at 2.1 million per year while Merikans also have 1.6 million abortions per year?)

    “Chinese immigrants arriving post-1965 are predominantly skilled: China is now the principal source of foreign students enrolled in U.S. higher education, and its nationals receive the second-largest number of employer-sponsored H-1B temporary visas”

    (Again, is YOUR kid getting a STEM degree?)

    “Chinese nationals are also overrepresented in applications for the EB-5 investor visa program, accounting for 90 percent of applicants in fiscal year (FY) 2015”

    “The United States is the top destination for Chinese immigrants, accounting for 22 percent of the nearly 11 million Chinese living outside of China”

    “Compared to the overall foreign- and native-born populations in the United States, Chinese immigrants on average are significantly better educated and are more likely to be employed in management positions. Thirty percent of Chinese immigrants who obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States (also known as getting a green card) do so through employment-based routes. The remainder qualify through family ties or as asylees.”

    (Keep in mind the manager of the hog farm actually owned by a Chinese corporation is still more likely to reside in NY, CA, or Chicago.)

    “Chinese immigrants were less likely to be proficient in English and speak English at home than the overall U.S. foreign-born population.”

    (Who says you need English to be successful in FUSA!)

    “Chinese immigrants have much higher levels of educational attainment compared to the overall foreign- and U.S.-born populations.”

    (And the US-born population going to college right now is working on a gender studies degree.)

    “Slightly more than half of Chinese immigrants were employed in management, business, science, and arts occupations, versus 32 percent of the overall foreign-born and 39 percent of the native-born population.”

    (Meet your new boss.)

    “Despite a slight drop in remittance inflow between 2015 and 2016, China remains the second largest recipient of remittances in the world (after India), taking in an estimated $61 billion in remittances via formal channels in 2016. Remittances represented less than 1 percent of China’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2015.”

    (That’s $61 billion leaving this country in addition to the billions you and your neighbors spend at Chinamart buying goods produced in Chinese factories.)

    Did anyone make it this far or did your eyes glaze over? Do you understand yet?

  11. Denver is first to legalize street-shitting, Jew York decriminalized pissing, Detroit has no nog enforcement, watch the stream of diverse cities jump on the pile!

  12. Anderson Cooper seems to be fixated on “shitholes”. Shocking I know.

    • Anderson Cooper is a cia trained weebo faggot..that should explain his obsession with shitholes.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  13. My 2 cents worth regarding the shit holes. Seems we have LOTS of shithole immigrants, that drain our resources. I’m wondering and suspect the FUSA also send mucho support $s to those same shithole nations. So we, the dirt people, get double penetration. I’m tried of this shit, time to get this party started!

  14. “oughtsix | January 12, 2018 at 23:53 | Reply
    10 – 15???

    Ridiculously inadequate.”

    Now now. Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Well begun is half done.

  15. The term “shithole” was totally unnecessary. “Cesspool” would have been so much more cultured.

    • Trump should’ve chosen deplorable, a “much more cultured” term previously sanctioned by the Queen. The media would have been forced into silence.

    • Fuck “cultured” sometimes the shock value of profanity is necessary.

  16. Hey “@ Good advice” If you hate Kentucky so much, you can stay up in whatever part of North Buttfuckastan you live in now. We really don’t give a fuck what you think of us, our life style and our ancestry. ESAD. Bring your smarmy Yank ass down hear and try it. This IS the land where we keep backhoe’s and quicklime just for assholes like you.” Shoot, Shovel, and shut up.” Those are more than words in much of Appalachia. We never needed or wanted you fucking “buggout” idiots to begin with. Y’all best keep your smartass yank bullshit up north. ‘Cause those “porch sitters” will smile and wave. Right up to the point where they shoot you.

  17. LOL.

    If you listen closely Anderson Cooper admits that at least some of the countries if Africa are shitholes.

    Wonder if he meant to do that…………


  18. Here’s Stefan Molyneux’s take:

    S**those Countries

    (You can fast forward to the 0:930 mark if you wish for convienence)

    For those from shitholes who self-righteously whine about how unfair it is to call their shitholes exactly that…and they STILL blame whites for their shitholes being shitholes so whites better give them “gibs” to ‘make amends/reparations’ to them (if you’ve ever been in/near an American Concentration Camp aka ‘Reservation’ [‘da rez] you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about…) here’s my answer:

    Eagles – Get Over It! (with lyrics)

    You CAN’T fix supid, or shitholes!!!
    Only ones who can are those who’re there..if they desire to and work at it.
    And it’s obvious that the majority in shitholes like it as it is just fine…meaning their parasite class plus those who enable/support them.

    Examples: mexico/south america [exception, chile], haiti, africa and the middle east to name a few.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  19. I just took a huge Kwanzaa into a shithole!
    At least it flushed….
    Does that count?

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  20. Nope Shit Hole is to the point, cesspool, leaves wiggle room. The truths not up for debate.


  21. “The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy but where are they.”
    ― Plutarch

    so few watch cnn these days. half their on-air faces could go missing for quite a while until anybody noticed. just saying…..