#Shithole Walkback

ZH: Trump Denies “Shithole” Comment – “Never Said Anything Derogatory About Haitians”


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  1. Randolph Scott

    I don’t care if he said it or not, it is true that we are only importing people from shithole countries. I will also state that we do not need to import any more niggers because we have enough niggers here already. We should try exporting some of them.

    • Bonaventure (fka Randall Flagg)

      “I don’t care if he said it or not, it is true that we are only importing people from shithole countries.” <—That's all that needs to be said; and apparently, the truth hurts to some. All of this fake hand-wringing from the media pols, while nauseating, shows their true colors.

      • Nothing (((they))) do is fake. Everything (((they))) do is a purposeful attack on white babies.

      • Randall,
        i do not believe you were very honest on your earlier response to me.
        Hey but you got a couple of jabs and names thrown at me, and i suppose that is all that counts.

    • Now i am not a huge fan of Elon Musk but do ya know where he was born and raised?

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    …27,…28,…29…30. next–carry in split wood for stove, check water well and pipes, check vents in battery shed, re-zero bolt gun for winter, check “use by” dates on stored grub….could give a rodent’s arse what MSM says…got more important stuff to do:

  3. The Democrats (commies, MSM, snowflakes, etc.) need to understand something about me and many of the Trump supporters: We embrace both the real Trump, and the lib-imagined Trump.

    He can grab pussy as he lowers our taxes.

    He can alienate the world as he builds a wall.

    He can accept Russia’s help in an election as he deletes thousands of regulations.

    “Shithole” is humorous, and it sticks, because there is truth to it. It is now a permanent phrase in my vocabulary, right next to Covfefe.

    • Patty o’furniture

      FYI – the amount of theft in my paycheck hasn’t dropped at all as of today.

      • Last I heard, you’ll see a difference in mid-February. The updated withholding tables have to be created and distributed.

  4. I’d like to say I’m shocked at him playing politics, or that he’s suddenly worried about press treatment, but I’m not.
    He seems to want to run the swamp, not drain it.

    • So…you’re OK with shithole Columbus, Ohio, made that way by Somalis from shithole Somalia?

      You’re shocked that Trump is playing politics? Really?

      Go pound sand antifa puke.


      • Randolph Scott

        Ab-So-Lute-Ly, If a city in the US is over run by Somalians, Muslims, illegal fucking mexicans of any kind etc, fuck YES they are shithole cities and I will refer to the shitholes as shitholes. Only if the elected city council and mayor will get rid of the scum imported son of bitches will I change my verbage of these currently shithole cities.

        Minneapolis you are the next place to be called a shithole. do something about it.

        • Twin Falls, Idaho (firmly in ‘Rawlesland’) is a perfect example. The “menfolk” can’t or won’t even protect their women and children from the ‘cultural enrichers’…the parasite class there has to keep ulukaya the moslem/chobani yogurt on their good side….

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

    • Ya gotta run something before you know where to pull the plug. Trumps doing great so far. 28 years of filling the swamp might take some time to drain it.


    If he indeed said it, then he needs to stand by it. Truth is its own defense.

  6. Well fuckola. Just about time things were starting to get fun.

    Big Indy gun show this weekend guys. I highly recommend it. Be sure to make fun of the “ban the U.N. “ petition people if you go. If you happen to catch me doing it please say hi.

    • So digging around a bit more on this and looking to make lemonade …

      Did the elite throw out a mis-attributed quote thinking that it would damage the President? They’re disconnected enough to not realize they just handed out free steak dinners.

      Or, did the President say it then not say it. Kind of like how you snap a metal fence post, you bend it one way hard, then the other. Exhaust these cocksuckers while real work gets completed right under their noses.

    • Ban the U.N. petition. Have not heard of this.
      Why make fun of them?

      • Because it’s useless. Signing a piece of paper isn’t real work and it means nothing to the parasites in DC or the U.N.
        Also, the fuckers just get your contact info and then you’ll get all sorts of offers on your phone and email account. Not sure if they sell them he info, or run the drawings and shit themselves

  7. Freaking classic.

    These media nitwits are completely clueless to this mans ability to drive the narrative and manipulate their actions.
    The social media buzz about this latest round is pegging the needle.
    I saw the message on the news crawler around 8 or 830 Eastern time last night. I logged onto social media and there were already memes and dozens of posts from people I know who are fairly apolitical.
    People are having the conversations he wants them to have because he makes a tweet or there is a controversial quote like this. Its amazing.

  8. lastmanstanding

    When I read the “shithole” post last night, I just couldn’t believe that drump said it and refrained from commenting…and here we are.

    He is letting these degenerates into the US just like the rest.

    No one is going/coming to save you. Local brothers.

  9. lastmanstanding

    The masthead today sums up the whole problem very simply.

    Look at who really controls the banking system. Ignore it at your own peril.

  10. there’s trump’s apology….
    answer the question why are we importing illiterate, unskilled people who can add little if anything to society and little to nothing to the economy?

    I will get called every name in the book, and not get an answer

  11. Ann Coulter said Trumpenthal was trying to win her back with his earlier comment, his walk-back will disappoint her I’m sure.

    • Chuck Bronson

      Please, don’t bring up Ms Manhands – the stork that dresses as a woman but has an Adam’s apple bigger than most men. Not to mention, dates Jimmy Walker of “Dyn-O-mite” fame. Whatcha all think – did she/he get the draw string surgically implanted in the old rectal ring muscle to keep things closed up after taking it in the keister for several years with Jimmy boy? Arghhhhh

  12. This type discussion and languange is required by world leaders. Literal and logical. Someone should plant a front end solution in his mind.

    Start within. How about them Appalachian welfare rednecks?

    The discourse required is unethical and inhumane.

    • “Start within. How about them Appalachian welfare rednecks?”

      One doesn’t ask that question here. It still won’t get asked here after my fellow white crashes her car into some militia’s hasty checkpoint because she was looking down at her cellphone. As long as no one’s budget AR15 got broken by her car she’ll still be allowed to pass through. Free pass. Because she’s white.

  13. That ain’t the walkback you imagine.

    He’s gotten yuuuuuuuge credit for saying it, and the question is now out here everywhere, and now he gets to dish the Dumbocrats for lying about it.


    The Chuck Norris line comes to mind:
    “I’m gonna give you so many rights, you’ll beg for a left.”

    • Just for the Special Snowflakes out there:

      Oh, and for the terminally butthurt NeverTrumpers all chapped over the White House immigration meeting a few days back:
      Trump shitcans Shithole DACA plan

  14. White Blue Collar Redneck

    This is being ginned up for a bipartisan (Uniparty) impeachment.

    • White Blue Collar Redneck

      Not that it changes anything about
      the dire status of our culture and communities.

    • They keep saying that word but don’t know what it means. High crimes and misdemeanors. Calling shithole countries the shitholes they are is not a crime. Only thing that fits is “RUSSIA!” which is falling apart. Fusion GPS won’t even name their sources, how could they swear under oath?

      I want them to do it. If they fail it will be entertaining. If they succeed we can get the party started.

    • Democrats have as much chance to impeach Trumpenthal as the proverbial Chinaman’s chance running the blasting crew for the railroad.

  15. With all the evidence being dug up, minute by minute,
    day by day, of the SHITHOLE RATlines moving dark
    weapons, life threatening drugs, child and adult sex
    harvesting, rampant espionage, hostile takeovers via
    their SHITHOLE Fusion Crap, etc.etc.etc. You bet
    they are going to PARROT anything is said to keep
    peoples eyes & ears off the very SHITHOLES in collusion
    from top down committing treason for years now.

  16. The walkback does not matter. This is just a classic case of Trump muddying the waters and turning into a he-said she-said. The important thing is that we are having one of those “national discussions” about the basic premise of our (((immigration system))).

  17. This small theatre kinda plays into a theory I have. Maybe, just maybe, these seemingly damaging comments and leaks are orchestrated to be picked up on by the media to come back and bite them in the ass. That would take some thought and a little cunning. Then again, I could be wrong.

  18. Reblogged this on Deplorables Seeking Justice-DSJ and commented:
    Bring on the “Walkback”. Knew this was a BS story to start with.

  19. Evidently these media types have not been exposed to such indelicate language. If indeed Trump is guilty of such an ill-advised term, perhaps he should apologize and say, “I should have said deplorable countries”.

  20. Congrats on all those deportations and shutting down the border Don! MAGA! <——

    Bullshit! <——-


  21. Saw this on another thread…

    The day that Trump made the left spend 24 hours saying how beautiful and successful the shithole countries are, thus negating their argument that illegals can’t go home because their home country is a shithole…

  22. robohobo2014

    Shithole is an upgrade for lots of the world.

  23. “Shithole” is the polite way of saying your white, 18 year-old daughter can’t walk down the street safely.

    Baltimore is a shithole…

  24. God, I do love it here onWRSA, nothing nor anybody is above getting shredded.

    The playing field is equal for all. Pete I’ve thought this for awhile dude your a genius!


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  26. Has anyone noticed this is a full court press to get Trump. They are trying to discredit him. All this stuff going on is a false flag operation. It is going to escalate, each act to politically assassinate Trump on the public eye more outrageous than the last, each claim of “over the top” behavior and comments modeled to mimic Trumps character, just they are all false.
    The idea is to bombard the population with lies so outrageous enough people believe it is true, then they have “popular” support and a plausible narrative to get Trump on an article 25.

    Another aspect of this marxist publicity circus is to draw our eyes away from growing legitimate criminal investigations of the Clinton crime syndicate, the obama regime, and the deep states guilt weaponizing the FBI & DOJ & CIA to rig the 2016 election, the whole Russian fake dossier operation and the Clintons decades of organized corruption and their various acts of outright treason for profit.
    This is big stuff. Gargantuan. An entire shadow government of crooks & traitors are about to become declared criminals. Talking thousands of government actors here. Its a criminal culture, they are terribly arrogant, accustomed to an unaccountable untouchable status. They are trying to survive their illegitimacy, and nothing is beyond the pale at this point.
    I think there’s a chance there is a couple of particularly cold blooded psychopaths who could try to kill Trump. After all, these actors have nothing to loose here. They are screwed. The cats out of the bag. Even the Normie’s see these bums for what they are.
    Assassinating Trump will not save their precious deep state.
    This country would become ungovernable by authorities.
    Its a serious pickle.

    Somebody sharp and cunning has set this get Trump by media. The media is doing what it does all the time, make a false narrative or meme have an illusion of legitimacy. But they have upped their game. Twitter and Faceborg are on the brink of blocking Trump from using their platform. Its got to be killing them a White wealthy self made man is using them as his far right wing bully pulpit.

    Everything is coming to a point. We are about to go thru a pivotal turning.

    Trump has to take power. At some point here he has to write indictments on the actors running this coup and arrest these ring leaders on charges of high crimes and treason.