God Bless All Who Have

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  2. Why are they feeding the enemy in the second image?

    • Yup, all that grain is going to feed starving children in Africa and the Middle East. Literally feeding the next generation of foreign invaders.

      “It’s for the children” will be the dying words of White Christians around the world.

      • “It’s for the children”

        Yup, just like that deranged die gorilla janet reno said before she did her part to gas and burn said children at Waco.

        Too bad no one tear gassed and immolated her ugly ass in retaliation..or her bosses the clintons.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  3. The Truth-in both slides-in an easy to understand format. There is a reason so many marriages end up on the rocks; both partners must be committed to their respective roles. “Modern” thinking has destined entire countries to genocide. And no one, owes anyone, anything-because of some idea of injustice. Injustice is as old as Original Sin. Get over it and move on.

  4. Imagine that on a billboard….

  5. Amen.

    However, with the f.U.S.A. Protestant culture of abortion, divorce, so-called remarriage, so-called homosexual marriage, gender fluidity, etc., all done under the banner of ‘muh constitooshin…. yeah, good luck with that.

    • The poison is world wide.
      “all done under the banner of ‘muh constitooshin….
      Also done under the banner of ‘Love.’

      • More than 40 million abortions here in f.U.S.A. alone, a current failed marriage rate of 50% and so-called same-sex marriages recognized in just about every state, and that’s the best response you can come up with?


        • It’s not “just about every state” it is the entire USA, by virtue of a Supreme Court decision.

          Prior to that decision a series of votes were held in (from memory) about 34 states. Only two legalized gay marriage.

          We are ruled by a priestly class, just like Iran. Black robes and all.

        • 1881 mass immigration of Europe’s dregs whom most were Catholic enabled the political corporations (Democrat and GOP) to circumvent the Constitution using democratic methods. Abortion was championed by white supremacists such as Margaret Sanger and Teddy Roosevelt.

          “Protestants” are the ones arrested and incarcerated for abortion clinic protesting.

          • “…circumvent the Constitution….”

            If all it took was a bunch of “dregs” to apparently circumvent the constitution, you make a good case that the constitution was a P.O.S. document from the get-go.

            • It took the political corporations using voting numbers previously unavailable to do it. It took them 40 years because the post CIVIL War generation were apathetic.

              • Your response is a non sequitur. My point that your oh-so beloved constitution is, and always has been, a P.O.S. document from the get-go stands.

  6. I’m sure glad I grew up in the 50s…

    • StBernardnot

      Me, too!

    • And HOW did that work out to prevent the tsunami of shitholiness that we’re dealing with now?

      Not casting blame personally but the question remains.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Yes – otherwise if you were born a few decades before you would have been directly involved in blowing the shit out of the Western world.

      Pat Buchanan has pointed out frequently (apparently to blind eyes and deaf ears) – that the fall of the West began with WW1.

      Killing off an entire generation of the hardiest young men – and then taking a respite (just long enough to grow another generation) – before you do it again……. is not the best recipe for a long lasting healthy civilization.

      Killing off all your young men – and blowing the shit out of your entire country – is NOT a smart thing to do. It’s a complete and utter waste.

      I know the alt-right and GOV, and this blog are all focused on how the non-whites and our criminal political class (both here and in Europe) are all seemingly in cahoots to bring down Western civilization and the white man – but I think the beginnings of finding the solution to the problem – are going to have to include looking in the goddam mirror.

      I don’t see an awful lot of introspection amongst any of the conservative or alt-right people I know. Whenever the subject of war comes up – there is little to no opposition to it. I have spent my life building things. Cars, companies, houses – etc. Unlike it seems the vast majority of people I know – I know what a miserable shitfest it is to try and build a home – especially here in New England. I’m a good 16 years in – and still working on it.

      The opposite side of understanding what it takes to actually create something – is the understanding of what it takes to destroy it all into nothing. 16 years I’ve spent building my home – thousands of hours gone from my life. 100’s of thousands of dollars. What would it take to utterly destroy all that? About 15 minutes and a can of gasoline and a match.

      Destruction is easy. Creation is not. How many times do you think you can blow the shit out of Western civilization before the ability and will to rebuild it is lost forever?

      Seems like we might already be there. Maybe all that is really going on here in regards to the politics and the immigration – is a bone-picking exercise.

      And your 1950’s upbringing was just a nice little bubble in the long decline.

      Seems to me that if people REALLY want to fix this problem – they’re going to have to listen just a little bit to Albert Einstein:

      We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

      • Amen on that but most people aren’t Einstein and they aren’t smart enough to even pay attention to him…

      • “I don’t see an awful lot of introspection amongst any of the conservative or alt-right people I know. Whenever the subject of war comes up – there is little to no opposition to it. ”

        Dude – perhaps you should be the one to point out the obvious to your acquaintances. Or find a new set.

  7. A hand up is given to those I deem worthy.All others are on their own and may pound sand.

  8. So US farmers don’t get agricultural subsidies?

    • All don’t play that game…… it is a ball and chain for those who don’t play nice. You can see which of your neighbors are on the take at the dept of ag website. I am surrounded by gamers.

  9. “We don’t owe you anything.”
    Seems like a wake up call for those who assault ‘all’ Boomers.

    James | January 13, 2018 at 23:23 | Reply
    Why are they feeding the enemy in the second image?

    Mr. Frosty | January 14, 2018 at 00:34 | Reply
    Yup, all that grain is going to feed starving children in Africa and the Middle East. Literally feeding the next generation of foreign invaders.

    “It’s for the children” will be the dying words of White Christians around the world.

    Mercy, is not a weakness, Love is not a weakness. Those who turn it into personnel gain (Clintons) are those who are weak, Those who corrupt charity are those who are corrupt and weak.

    Start looking at individuals.

    • Mercy and love are a weakness if not reciprocated. This is the poisonous effect of post-Christian universalist theology. Muslims, for example, do not believe in mercy. If you show them mercy, they will use it against you. They will beg you to feed their children, then attack you once their children reach military age.

      Humans are a herd mammal, we have herd instincts. “Individualism” is toxic to social animals. It atomizes people and prevents them from acting as a group to further their interests. Wolves, for example, live much longer, healthier lives if they are part of a pack. Younger Whites are starting to realize this, but they have to fight against decades of boomer “it’s all about ME” propaganda.

  10. Now, a picture please of a power station on a cold night, with smiling and heavily dressed hardhat-wearing employees standing in front of it, arms folded, with the same phrase: “We don’t owe you anything”.

    Or linemen in front of a bucket truck, cold snowy night, a frozen rain-clad tree across downed lines dangling behind them.

    We have to stop helping people who hate us.

  11. That “We Don’t Owe You Anything” picture is nice –and has since passed into myth in FUSA like a Norman Rockwell painting. Don’t get me wrong since I actually miss it. I was the last generation from a family farm. Almost everyone now just leases out, lives in a condo, and gets a check like Europe’s landed gentry.

    What percentage of the FUSAn population currently resides on a multi-generational farm that is paid off and 100% of all its members’ income is from that farm’s operations? Do they own all of their machinery or is it leased from a corporation? Or is their farm on collateral at the bank for the $600K combine? In which case they do owe someone quite a lot.

    Sure, you can fudge this a bit if there’s only grandma and a new baby at home, but 3 generations of working adults 100% supported by farmland which is free and clear of any obligation is as rare as hens teeth.

  12. Not a good pic choice.

    Ag industry is heavily subsidized by the government.

  13. Anyone know if these guys are from fusa?
    I looked up the name and found somebody from S. Africa.

  14. Seems the circular firing squad is back in operation. When the Big Change comes, will you all be so willing to write each other off? I’ve written no one off, because I know this is a civilizational contest that hands no second place plaques out.

    • Wouldn’t it be fun to get all who comment here into a big room and hash out things…I’m going to bet people would be a lot more civilized when speaking to one another… JMHO

  15. Married 34 years next month, 1 child – married, 2 grandchildren, self employed 32 years, wife self employed 17 years, debt free 12 years. It’s doable, if you want it.