15 Minutes

WaPo coverage

Government SNAFU aside, play out the scenario.

You get a valid Presidential Alert indicating imminent nuclear attack in your area.

Now what?

No credit given for “kiss my ass goodbye” and all variants, “start singing ‘We’ll Meet Again'”, or “pray” (without more).


Maestro, if you would…

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  1. Receive the alert and assuming we are all home, family and I will be under the stairs in what we’ve stocked up as a sort of temporary bunker. Not really nuke proof if it’s too close, but is anything?

    Assuming we survive the blast and the fire (basically if it hits far enough away) I’m immediately grabbing the plastic sheeting rolls and duct tape, and taping windows and doors, and without going into detail, since I’m at work, yes I am aware of the need for ventilation.

    I have hazmat suits (Army surplus MOPP) for the family, though I’m guessing the kids’ suits might be big. Better than dying though.

    It’s a start.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    I was laughing my ass off watching all these snowlfakes scurrying for cover…. some were literally sitting on a curb, rocking back and forth weeping–waiting for the end to come.

    Too bad it didn’t.

  3. Government lies about everything else, why would I believe government about this? I would avoid the crazies on the roads, who do believe the government. Would be a good time to get off the road, fill up your gas tank, withdraw from the ATM, buy some snacks for the long drive home through the traffic jam of people who didn’t get incinerated.

    • Dude, you only have 20mins tops. Rare I see a gas station ‘off road’. Rare I see an ATM sitting under the palm trees even in Hawaii. Why bother and stop?

  4. Jim Rutherford

    On the off chance that “someone” may be monitoring, ah I mean, reading this….be thoughtful to your responses…..telling the entire wwwdotcom the whereabouts or existence of uncle bob’s underground concrete bunker, and about the stash of extra mylar wrapped deep freezer dehydrated porcupine meat, plus all the gallons of triple forward osmosis rain water stored in yer old woodshed may be jotted down by some someone that may use that tiny bit of information in the “possible” future circus. Just saying, that’s all. However! DO, PLEASE DO Discuss this with you and yours as its always good to go over your plans with those that will help you execute said plans. If no said plans exists, then get to work on making them, again just saying.

    • just plain todd

      jimmy rutherferd is a Flowers By Irene stooge! bwaaaaaa! tell those homos i laugh at them! stay low jimbo.

  5. Assuming it’s backtracked and the erroneous message is attributable to human error, the individual responsible should not be placed on administrative leave with pay. That person should have the living shit beat out of them by 2 or 3 husky Samoan boys.

  6. If in private dwelling : Basement
    If in large public building bottom floor of parking garage in a corner or behind a divider (parking garages are very strong)
    If in a private home w/o basement middle room away from windows.
    No matter where , get away from windows and move to interior.
    Modern American steel reinforced buildings are MUCH stronger than the cardboard houses everyone remembers from Hiroshima and can provide significant protection at all but the very closest distances from GZ.

  7. Patty o’furniture

    If it really
    Did happen I’m sure everyone would be instagramming it.

  8. Thought bubble……( I only have a half hour, where did I put that who to do list?)

    • The who to do list, gold, silver,cash etc. Will just go out the window in such an event. Same thing if it is a God sent emp from the sun.
      Perhaps many will then change their minds and hateful agendas? Can they then be roved from “our lists?”
      No i do not have a list. Yet i am aware of some i would keep an eye on after a life changing event such as this.

  9. According to this article it was sent out to “scores” of “residents and tourists” in Hawaii. There are literally thousands of people visiting HI this time of year so ask yourself why only “scores” received it. Smartphone glitch. Yeah, sure. I doubt the sample was random and was to see how people would react. “This is not a drill” was correct in its own way.

    My favorite sample mentioned was the group on a boat at sea. Perfect petri dish. I would love to see the passenger list to know who was also on board that day. In any case their response was to return to an island about to be nuked rather than wait it out at sea a few more hours to see what happened. In an actual attack where do you think they would’ve been safer?

    This data will be analyzed for the next few months, but the outcome will be that most sat on their asses and while kissing them goodbye.

    Like sheep to the slaughter.

    The elite love testing things on islands first. Bombs, viruses, and social programs.

    This one was easy. Got anything else this morning, CA?

    Here’s a potential scenario:

  10. PS: All that footage of destruction from US Nuclear tests: The distances involved were usually between 1.5-3 miles. Most Americans learn their Nuclear Weapons effects from Hollywood and so have very in accurate perceptions of the distances by which various effects hold for a given yield.
    For example most readers of this board would porbaly be surpised to learn that for but the largest yeilds 5 miles is about the maximum for significant blast effects and thermal effects (unless u r unlucky to look into the blast).
    At 10 miles even for larger calibers.. you would NOTICE the blast but even with some of the bigger yields ( excepting Tsar Bomba and the like) you may not even have cracked windows…
    Best reference is the book “Nuclear Weapons Effects” by Glassman…this is unclass and has all you ever need to know about these.BTW I have been in a building at a test site only 1.5 miles away from a test. It was smaller yield.. but the front of the house was charred a bit and the windows had broken but it remained standing w/o significant structural damage.
    Radiation at ground Zero of course is akiller.. but other than fallout thats mostly contained to the area withing alick of ground zero
    Fallout is a separate issue but a lot of things have to come together for you in a perfect storm to be affected by it.
    Obviously I am not saying these are trivial weapons they are not and they are very dangerous.
    But generally human beings are very bad at evaluating proportional risks .

  11. But it was an accident!
    Right. OK. Suuuure.

    Smell a rat? Think grand fake narrative called Article 25.
    Spreading a little pure terror amongst the sheep in paradise goes a long way. Instant crisis as a means for the cost of an “accidental” text.
    Its quite brilliant.
    They are getting their deep state fake impeachment ducks in a row via phony defamation tactics. All the elements are there, though they are seen increasingly as the cheesy fake tactics they are and aren’t as plausible deniability proof as they where pre MAGA, its still pure Alynski. And that should be a warning in itself.
    Everyone keeps underestimating Trump to their peril. But Ol’ Trump better stop dicking around with the fancy showboating and take power sooner than later. Or break open those 7,000 sealed indictments and get busy in the high crimes and treason thing. Fed Crime Inc. is infested with the sonsofabitches, they have nothing to loose, they know the noose is around their necks.
    Its a race to see who can take full power.
    Neither side has full control of the political power that matters. And there is the sticky question of the real and only genuine power of the dirt people. And of course all those pesky guns.
    Will the dirt people realize the power in their hands before its too late to decide this issue of whose Boss without a sea of blood if the deep state manages to rid themselves of Trump? They realized some of their power of consent on 9/8/16, but have since been waiting for something.

    The deep state is pushing the issue of assuming power because they have no options left looks like to me.
    The Trump administration looks like it is Nibbling away around the edges of the deep state, plucking away in an appearing languid state at low hanging fruit, just enough to get the fuckers to stick a paw in the trap, like the pig then, committed the deep state head actors with their dicks in the trap, when they are far beyond a reasonable doubt among the electorate as to their crimes, the trap slams shut. Said actors get caught red handed committing their coup?
    If so its a dangerous game.

    Me, I think Trump is made crucial alliance with the sheetmetal chewing Patriot faction of the Military. As far as that is concerned, with covering his arse when the deep state/CIA takes measures to oust him, its an unexpected insurance policy the deep state must work around.
    With said CIA actors still active behind Trump’s and the .mil’s backs, which they have to know is going on, playing their regime change game, and make Putin pay in blood revenge for stopping their proxies in the Levant.
    Though there was the warning back on a November Sunday morning by the Marines when they buzzed Langley for half an hour with a display of a fully armed brigade of air assault troops with their legs hanging out the jump doors rifles in hand.
    Did the Military catch wind of a Langley directed coup, maybe JFK Trump’s ass? Or was it about their continued unsanctioned meddling in the Levant/Syria goings on?

    I’m only piecing together bits out in the public domain which seem to add up to a larger picture here.
    Maybe some of you guys have insights into this clusterfuck?

    Then the intriguing fact the red diaper baby’s are uncharacteristically quiet. The Clinton Crime Syndicate is especially absent from the public forum.
    Seems we are being thrown every shiny object and its raining squirrels to distract us from the mountain of Congressional and IG findings. As an example Durbin claims Trump guilty of the #Shithole comment. Trump paid 130 grand hush money to a porn star.
    Right on cue, within hours, a former Russia based and trained editor on his current news blog interviews Rep Giffords. It’s classic Bolshevik Agitprop:
    “After fake Hawaii alert of Ballistic Missile starts panic, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard points finger at Trump Finally,” http://www.bizpacreview.com/2018/01/13/fake-hawaii-alert-ballistic-missile-starts-panic-rep-tulsi-gabbard-points-finger-trump-588116

    Suddenly, in one monster Friday document dump, hundreds of thousands of long requested FBI and DOJ investigation documentation has been handed over on Friday to Congressman Nunes. In particular the backed burnered investigation into the Clintons Uranium One deal to sell mineral rights, on the same BLM controlled land. over which LeVoy Finnicum was executed, by Clinton personal FBI hit man squad members, because LeVoy and his fellow Patriots discovered the ugly truth on the Masher Wildlife Center BLM computers.
    Speaking of those Ranchers. Somebody gave Deep State Gestapo Judge Navaro orders she couldn’t refuse and cut the Bundy’s Free at last. Then Sessions announces an investigation into the BLM and the Fed Prosecutors running their precious political prisoner court.
    Julian Assange has received some sort of pardon and is now free after 7 years, with him broadcasting another set of “Chess Move” codes Friday.
    First charges brought in relation to Uranium One scandal have been handed over to the same Deep State Judge who has filed the stop & desist rulings on Trumps executive orders regarding immigration. Another Trump trap setting up this judge by putting him in a no win position? Thats classic Trump right there.

    I’d say there is a shitload going on we don’t see happening.
    No matter how I myself look at it, it sure has a myriad of interconnected related events. It all has an uninterrupted thread of Clinton Crime Inc influence and involvement running through it. It has all the classic elements of corruption, collusion of Clinton Regime influence as was typical of their political power during the 90’s. Very distinctive similarity’s.

    Or, its business as usual, a circus spectacle made to appear as something is finally being done about the dirty stinking crim’s and traitors of the Swamp. And eventually after a few sacrificial Lamb’s are prosecuted, it blows over once the publics interest fades away?

    Bottom line, we are witnessing a series of false narratives designed to create personal defamation, leading up to an illusion President Trump is unfit for duty as POTUS, upon which an Article 25 is called, and Trump removed from office.
    Funny how the motherfuckers run behind the Constitution every time they are threatened by the existential appearance of wrath of the dirt peoples withdrawal of consent.


    • Huma Abedin was :vacationing” there. Surely they
      have many allies there.

      Its like – “Lets change the subject shall we.”

      • I think your right about Hawaii.
        Seriously. Maybe, more than you realize??

        From what I personally have been able to ascertain, Hawaii is the geographic focal point in history where an entire cast of red diaper babies and communist party movers and shakers of the time, dating at the theoretical point of nine months before his birth, all gathered. It is very difficult to find such history on the internet now that the 5th column revisionists have scrubbed the historical record.
        In 1958, Fidel Castro, Che’, Malcolm X, The Dunham’s, Frank Marshall Davis along with a number of others, couple of which I suspect was Willian Ayers, and A member of the Jarret family, held a two week conference at an Hawaiian hotel.
        At the time in 2007 it seemed to me quite possible Malcolm X and Lee Ann Dunham had an affair which produced a little psychopath named Barry. Which jives with further history, Obama is a dead ringer for Malcolm X, the timing is spot on if 58 is indeed his true birth date, his BC resides on the Island, he has roots there and has spent time there as POTUS under clouded circumstances. A number of people associated with his BC have ended up dead. The anecdotal evidence adds up if Malcolm X is his biological father, and further on his associations from childhood to today with a number of top members of the US Socialist party. Frank Marshal Davis, Vallery Jarret, Cass Sustein, Bill Ayers, Rahm Amanual, Holder, just about everyone key to his whitehouse regime. Even HRC, she being a disciple of Saul Alynski and Alumni of Wellessly College, the breeding grounds of late history militant extremists in the Feminist movement.
        Every threads back to that point in time in Hawaii.
        I believe if I understand Malcolm X’s political strategy, (everyone should read Malcolm X’s writings. Extremely intelligent fellow his viewpoints not withstanding, he was correct on almost every how you peacefully overthrow this Republic via the top down-inside out, and the ballot box, astute insights into history of insurgent political movements), Having a son, who would become a literal Manchurian Candidate progeny, everything meshes together.

    • This Wednesday is the day of the “Fake News Awards”…

      Methinks there will be other revelations to bring forward either during that time, well into the next following weeks…baring any delays that occur based on other circumstances forcing info to be on hold.

      I believe you are correct on your assessment how the criminals are in desperation mode and will do whatever it takes to prevent POTUS from exposing their treason. Shocking the nation seems to be a major concern but with anticipation already in the air amongst the dirt people, the time may need to be now to bring forth charges accordingly and get these investigations active, exposing the names of treasonous individuals.

      Time is indeed short and something that can’t afford wasting.

      • It might not even be “desperation”, more a matter of a level of arrogance and Hubris of a high level, that it is born from the minds of these sociopaths and psychopaths doubling down as they are famous for.
        Once and awhile I wonder if they are so removed socially and culturally, having an incredible sense of superiority, they can not imagine us subject Basket of Deplorable’s are capable of effectively and decisively defying and resisting them if they ousted Pres Trump and installed a puppet regime in his place.

    • “…because LeVoy and his fellow Patriots discovered the ugly truth on the Masher Wildlife Center BLM computers…”

      Unlikely, but makes for a cool made to be streamed story where the patriot underdogs storm the empire’s outpost, access the computer, and decrypt a damning email to a local low level BLM employee.

      Rogue One, anyone?

      The more likely scenario is a permanent federal employee or contractor bypassed their supervisors (and appointed overseers in the Special Executive Service), printed off some emails and snail-mailed or hand-delivered them to a congressman who now has to go through some motions in public while the real deal between the chess pieces is cut in the backroom.

      The end result will be all low level employees and contractors (pawns) will get another round of insider threat training and printer logs will be screened more closely while their bosses run multiple email accounts on their phones and let corporations manage the SCIFs.

      • If that wasn’t the pitch perfect comment coming from a US government agent provocateur or rah column troll, intended to detract from the comment I wrote, I’ll eat my hat.

        Absolutely, in no uncertain terms, do I agree what you have written here in response.

        It’s outright bullshist.

        Your biggest mistake was to jump in with a crafty false positive right out of your disinformation handbook.

        You said absolutely nothing with a lot of fancy wording. Its a resistance is futile piece of dissimulation, to discourage lesser informed genuine readers and commenters from realizing the truth is the dirt people have the power of withdrawal of consent, that you and those of your type only have power as long as the dirt people think you all have power over them.

  12. Follow plan “Oh Shit.”

    Best available cover
    Rally point
    Try to re-establish comms

  13. Northern gunner

    My spidey sence tells me this was more than just some mouth breathing fat fingered .gov employee making a mistake.

    Side note. It was a balmy -24F at sunrise yesterday morning. Today its a heat wave at -15F 😂😂😂

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Hear ya, Bro, No.gunner! Same here–cold as a witch’s tit. Just make sure all your semi-auto (or full auto if you’re lucky enough) actions are lubed for the cold.

      • Northern gunner

        Funny you say that. I went out for a long walk on my 200 acres yesterday with the BRO Topped w/ACOG checking tracks and snares. Came back into a nice warm cabin with a round still in the chamber. Went to clear my weapon and the chammered round contracted and then expanded to the point the bullet was unseated from the brass. Never seen such a thing.

        • In sub weather, we leave the “outside gun” in the arctic entryway. Warming and cooling will jam up a gun (auto-loaders mostly) as well as condensate water. Also, go light on the lube as it can congeal (thicken,) thus gumming up the works in sub-zero weather. Teflon is the best IMO. Some say graphite; don’t know about graphite….maybe full synthetic oil, which I have never tried. Cheap gun oil will congeal.

          Also, never walk around in battery. Cock-n-lock for combat only. When you need to shoot, jack in the round.

    • Goodness, all ya’ll have your panties in a twist about nothing more than Vern Miyagi telling it like it happened. There is only one person manning the alert Button. That person, if he/she/it pushes the “Alert” button, then they must also push the “Confirm” or “Deny” or “Test” button to cancel the “Alert”.

      The person on duty was practicing his “Wax-on / Wax-off” routine when all of a sudden the alarm went off. In trying to wax-on / wax-off the Deny button, the “Confirm” button was pressed and the alarm went out to everyone.

      Mr. Miyagi stated that after everyone is back on duty from marching in the MLK walks Monday, the “Wax-on /Wax – off” practices will be doubled until everyone is ready for the real nuclear attack.

  14. Anyone truly interested in surviving to see the aftermath of such an event, should have already perused publicly available information in dozens of places like nps.gov, nrc.gov, etc. and planned accordingly for home, work and travel. A working knowledge of strahnet may also be helpful.

    Just to fun… http://www.nuclearsecrecy.com

  15. The pandemonium would have been a lot worse if it hadn’t been early Saturday morning when large numbers of people were still in bed. Just imagine if it had occurred around 0800 on a Tuesday, with kids just being dropped off at school and rush hour ongoing.
    What follows assumes that everyone reading this will have at least some level of prepping so we don’t need to talk about water purification, learning 1st aid, having emergency food on hand, etc.
    Step 1: This occurs before the event, namely preplanned routes (primary and contingency) to a prearranged safe point, complete with travelling the routes enough to know them well. If for some reason only one route is a viable option, go with it but be prepared to make detours along the way. A map of the area should also be carried in the event that all of the preplanned routes are blocked.
    Step 2: This also occurs before the event. Set up an alternative commo system. See Brushbeater or Sparks31 for details.
    Step 3: This is, once again, a pre event task. This one is the most difficult, namely doing PT so you are fit enough to make it to the safe point without auto transport. If you are close enough, that means jogging/walking. if you are further away, that means bicycle. That’s right. Get, learn to ride, and CARRY the bicycle with you on the back of your car. It won’t look out of place as loads of people do it these days. You will also discover that your chosen PT regime is fun once you get past the initial month or two of pain resulting from being a couch potato if you aren’t already doing this one.
    Step 4: This will be done prior the event as well. At this stage a “get home” kit will be prepared. This can range from a full bugout bag all the way down to nothing but a radio and some water if you live close enough to your safe point.
    Step 5: This is, as usual, a pre event task. Look around your safe point, travel routes, and your work area and determine where the safest area to shelter would be. You have to assume that the device(s) will land before you get to your safe point.
    Step 6: Once again this is, you guessed it, yet another pre event task. Learn all of the traffic patterns of your routes, especially afternoon rush hour traffic and getting off of school traffic. Also learn which intersections are most prone to wrecks during these times. These are the problems that you will see x 5000.
    Step 7: Write this check list down without specific route and commo details. These you will commit to memory or place on separate pieces of paper, preferably in a manner which is hard to decipher. If something goes wrong in one of the following steps and you die or lose control of the information, you don’t want this information to be used so the local street thugs roll up on your safe point, wipe out your family and tribe, and take your shit.
    Step 8: OH SHIT!!! Some dumbass decided that they wanted to do a real life remake of Dr. Strangelove. It is now time to execute. At this stage, take a few deep breaths, calm the fuck down as best you can, and get past the initial panic that you are very likely to feel. (Personally, I’m going to take the time to change to some clean underwear and pants because the ones that I have been wearing will be both very wet and very soiled.) Start monitoring your commo system for the latest news.
    Step 9: Pull out your list and review it. Determine quickly if you can make it to your safe point before impact. In your planning, you have to assume that everyone else will be doing the same so the roads will be a complete mess. If you can get to your safe area, do so. If there are any doubts however, shelter in place.
    Step 10: Once the event has occurred, determine if atmospheric conditions safely allow you to get to your safe point. If they do, execute Step 3. If not, stay in place until you can execute it. If circumstances permit, try to reach others using your alternative commo plan, particularly if they are at the safe point already. Try to drive as much of your route as you can, but be prepared to leave your vehicle and complete your route on foot or by bicycle.
    Step 11: Upon arrival at the safe point, there should already be some sort of defensive plan in place and either in the process of execution or ready to be executed upon your arrival.
    Step 12: Sit tight in a defensive posture until more information is available. Once it is react accordingly. Options will range from an angry call to “responsible authorities” for harshing your mellow with a false alarm to setting up a new civilization because all of the old infrastructure and institutions are too damaged to continue on.
    Step 13: Pray and good luck.

    • Increment everything on your list by 1. Step 0 is to ascertain where you are likely to be in relation to GZ strike zones. If you were sitting on Ford Island that day might as well step outside, raise the middle finger to the sky and scream whatever you want. It will be over soon as your ability to egress the zone is limited. If however you are on the shadow side of Diamond Head you have better options. As any Realtor will tell you — Location, Location, Location is important.

  16. Hey… accidents happen.

    • This is an excellent doc. I watched it on Netflics.
      TL:DR version
      Little Rock was almost completely destroyed by a nuke accident. According to this doc. the missile had an effective blast zone of over 50 miles. This was a city killer.
      The other take away was that there have been several dozen accidents over the decades that each could have resulted in an accidental detonation.

      The fact that we have not had an explosion speaks to the professionalism of the men who manned the Nuclear forces of NATO and the USSR.

      • Yeah, not really. You can see what a 9MT device would do on a variety of online tools like this one http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/

        And that requires that everything in the warhead work correctly. Since one of (many) safety devices is one that required the warhead to sense decreasing altitude from space, there was no way it was going high-order.

        The US has had more than a few nuclear weapons accidents. There has never been a high-order nuclear detonation, because the damned things are more designed to not work, than work,

  17. Situation normal, AFU, pay particular attention to the FU part. Round up the usual suspects and ship them off to Uranus one, the only planet where north is south the perfect place for a Lie Berry, the butt hole of the universe. The butt hole bunch was in on the take and of course, let them eat yell O cake. Well of course the Russians did it, with the help of the dummy crats, and re-Pubs that Lie, it is called flex ability, ya know after the election? $60,469.77 is what every American would have to pay to pay off the national debt in 2016. Put another way, the average family of four owed (4 X$60,469.77=$242,003.08) almost 250 thousand dollars in 2016 on top of whatever taxes paid Fed a SaLT. Let US just say the average taxed for all taxed for a life time on about 50,000.00 average income X 25% all taxes ($12,500.00 per year) X 40 years = $500,000.00. on top of the debt. Put another way, if not for war and the money laundering of the US government Washington machine could have given every family (of 4) in the good old USA, three quarters of a million dollars! Where is my cut? Where did the money go? Do you feel cheated, Lied to and sold out? You should!
    Rumors of war, while the well FED US gov. plays DACA doodle, hack a mole and generally decides the best cover for the bet is genocide, nuke um the only option? There may be another option but, a hole lot of people are going to be very UN happy and we do not have enough jails for the too big to jail, ya know? Then you may ask why the mock mark market is pretty good, the short sell answer is it is not, it is just doing laundry!
    Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die (1C15:32), which has nothing to do with a 501 c whatever, charity, non=profit for profit like the Clinton… money machine, except perhaps the Lie Berry and those hiding in the Bushes, clean green and long. The biggest lie ever sold and you bought it hook, lie, line and stinker, the really big lie of socialist “Just US”, or perhaps it is just them. The imposter, perhaps poster boy for the great deception I term Berry Stiletto aka, Barry, B-Rack Insane, Hu-IS insane Soetoro, O bomb O, perhaps Little X, Pot US leader of the free stuff world, mostly for them laundry in the clean green money washing machine. The mixture of black and white lies and lives that really don’t matter that much, black is white, is the Fundamental Transformation, the UN Sustainable Development Community of insanity in the global geopolitical divided real estate between ruled and rulers worldly possessions. Climate Money Changer deniers and the laws of the thermodynamic processes of overheated eco-no money that defy gravity, UN fortunately what goes up must come down! Or, perhaps blown up with some sort of thermonuclear device, possibly multi-national warheads of state button happy Carnot Cycle of little steam engines the entropy that could? That is the applied Scientific Method of settled sciences, which is UN settling.
    To some degree, pun certainly intended, what the Carnot Cycle X Plained was, in a confined space as volume decreases, pressure increases, and temperature increase. The reverse process is as volume increases, pressure decreases, and temperature decreases , somewhat explains the entropy theory of the thermodynamic system which is our weather as well and our entire climatic system we call our atmosphere of which rules our energy concerns, Carbon Cycle re-cycling in the form of constant phase transition, too include the Sun as the energy sorcery of plasma, gas, liquid and solids of our little particles in the geopolitical energy system, UN like the actual atmosphere which is about as close to equilibrium as it gets. Is that clear? I thought not. So, I X plain further the actual sciences which has no relationship to our previous foolish leadership climate denier’s change, which happens to cash in! Or, in our case crash! And, evolution to the socialist ghetto culture of anti Americanism.
    It appears to me we know a lot about what we don’t know. A popular term today is Climate and yes even weather that changes, hence the term climate change, but nobody knows why we have either. Look up carbon cycle and you get the following from (WP). The carbon cycle is the biogeochemical cycle by which carbon is exchanged among the biosphere, pedosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere of the Earth. Carbon is the main component of biological compounds as well as a major component of many minerals such as limestone. Along with the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle, the carbon cycle comprises a sequence of events that are key to make Earth capable of sustaining life. It describes the movement of carbon as it is recycled and reused throughout the biosphere, as well as long-term processes of carbon sequestration to and release from carbon sinks. OK, so what is carbon? There are many answers and range from coal mining to diamonds mining and even CO2 too dry ICE.
    Before we get too far along the road to insurrection and reconciliation of the ills of the world, let US just look at a few of our own it legacy of our X part ta, X Pot US that should be put into the Berry Stiletto Lie Berry, shall we? OK, WE the People will! From my fav O right, Zero Hedge bets that Dr, Paul lists in “What has QE Wrought? ”. But, before we get to that, let me X plain the thermodynamic process of the Central Planers Energy System of ECO-NO-money of the Federal Reserve Fraud, which is as the gods of the money printing presses and of course your debt, that them intend to extract from you in metric tons of flesh. As money is printed that is backed by absolutely nothing, not even thin air, value decreases, inflation increases and temperature of blood increases to the point of PLASMA, Sun Tzu! The Art of War, 200 Trillion degrees of who shall have what, the short question is, who is going to pay it, that them have created? The short sold answer is you. Need I say payback?
    Many of the central planners in charge reassure us that the concern for a dangerous bubble existing is completely unfounded since the CPI is barely rising. Two points: 1) The CPI is rising faster than they will admit and 2) The CPI is not the tell-tale sign of a serious bubble forming. Many other bubbles and dislocations can exist as a consequence of creating trillions of dollars out of thin air. And there are quite a few:
    • The housing bubble is back along with subprime loans.
    • There’s an auto financing bubble encouraged by subprime loans for many customers.
    • The stock market is in a bubble waiting to be pricked.
    • The bond market is in a huge bubble as a result low or negative interest rates.
    • Wall Street has inflated expectations that America is quickly being “Made great again.”
    • Exaggerated trust exists in the dollar maintaining its reserve status for the foreseeable future.
    • The unwinding of the Fed’s balance sheet and a move toward market rates of interest is a long way off.
    • Deficit financing for the Military Industrial Complex will not be challenged before the QE bubble bursts.
    • Saving for a rainy day or to make a future purchase is not considered sound policy. Unlimited borrowing is.
    • Credit card debt is in a bubble.
    • Student loan debt is in a bubble.
    • Transfer payments to the dependent poor will never be cut. Instead, when the big bubble bursts these payments will skyrocket since the process will generate more poor.
    • The medical care spending bubble has created a huge mess with misallocation of resources, runaway cost, and poor care. Corporate medicine must end and be replaced by a free market.
    • Cultural Marxism’s influence on American college campuses is a dangerous “bubble.”
    • The dollar is in a bubble.
    • The unpayable pension systems: federal, state, county, city, involves trillions of dollars.

    The unpayable debt bubble can only be held together by accelerating inflation and the liquidation of debt by currency debasement. This is a very dangerous economic and political solution that seems inevitable. The problem describes what happens to a bankrupt country refusing to live within its means. Instead of being reassured that things are going well because Wall Street is booming, it should be a warning sign that danger lies ahead and reveals the growing imbalance between rich and poor.
    Now you may ask what that has to do with Entropy and the less scientific eco-no-money climate short changed deniers. More on than you might think, if you would care to CO2, which is a gas, O=C=O think about it, that is life. Carbon and Oxygen that is the Carbon cycle of life, photosynthesis uses light creates Oxygen for cellular respiration with which causes heat and bi-products of CO2 and water, isn’t that fun? Even more on so, humans exhale CO2 too, which pretty much repeats the carbon cycle, Carnot or not. It appears we can somewhat explain how things work but nobody, but nobody can X plain who invented that! And, if you spout off about some sort of Evolutionary process involving the big bang and primordial soup bullshit, you may also consider the ability to be intelligent, which nobody, but nobody can X-plain either, neither and not, is it chemical, biological, or just another mystery in human creativeness? What we can explain is what caused our eco-no money policy of less than thin air expansion of governments bloat, deceptions and debit system of paycheck protectionism, ATRSP. All the really smart people caused party time of our democratic process that nickel and dime US to death and then tax when dead!
    Entropy of the “economic” system, statistical mechanics, I suspect is very similar to the thermodynamic system first developed by the Carnot Cycle, or heat engine, steam engine as is the ancient art of boiling water. Some say it is the order and disorder of an energy system. However, you might consider what is left after the process is completed, which is equilibrium and the whole point to theory as well, well, well the laws of thermodynamics which are also related to Carbon Cycle that is the human experience of life, living, breathing and thinking and all of that the economics is.
    The only thing left after the collapse is of course the second amendment, which was not just about guns, but was about war and all the weapon of war. That meaning the weapons of war, to include but, certainly not limited to small arms and means of not only self defense but, the defense of the US as well, so that would appear to include all currently available weapons of war, like A-10 Warthogs, Bradley fighting Vehicles and perhaps tactical thermo-nuclear, too which are all arms being Constitutionally required. That may seem like a broad interpretation of the amendment, yet if the “General Welfare” being so broadly interpolated as being the “Welfare State” I don’t see at this point, what difference does it make if the bunch of terrorists, Federal Reserve by way public private enterprise the Federal Government wants kill off the a bunch of American, previously known as the MIDDLE CLASS? So, you can take your Constitutional Carry you’re A-10 Warthog, or any other weapon of war you may have, all the way to the bank, on that!
    So, I ask you, if the Federal Reserve fell off the face of the earth today, what difference would it make? The short answer is no difference. Then, what if the entire Federal Fraud of government were to do the same, what difference would it make, none?
    What was not on Dr. Paul’s list was of course the COST of Climate Change defunct green energy companies and who made off with piles of cash, that is the HOAX and the motive and was the set up to bail out and bank up banks and insurance companies with bonuses from debt and the money taken from the middle Class. As much as I hate the term middle class, it works here to put a name on the difference between criminals in government, banking, education and business and poor, what happened way back in 2008 that was the climate change and Fundamental Transformation. Or, how do you suck the equity of out of the nations which was ownership of property, deplete savings while increasing unemployment? The short sell answer is, by bidding it up and then sucking it dry mostly because of banking and bank regulators short sell, need I say derivatives packaging the so called sub slime prime rainbow pushed by politician’s extortion? What a pile of bullshit! Correction, how the people that causes the sub-prime get paid off and bailed out by printing a bunch of money that never makes it to the market but, sits in bank reserves for increase salaries, benefits and bonuses of politicians and bankers. You may think I have that backwards, that the Sub-Prime caused the Climate Change, or was it the Hoax of the climate change caused the sub-prime, it really makes no difference at this point. The point is the Scientific Method in applied economic fraud, Berry Stiletto being the front man for the agendas of the UN! UN seal his records and do a criminal background check, a pee test, psychological evaluations and a DNA test and you will see the biggest lie ever told and sold to you, as hope and change. Carbon credits that to your no account X pot us and put that in his Lie Berry and perhaps smoke it!!!!!!!
    And another thing, WE don’t need any stinking Climate Change, what WE need is a Diaper Change, governmentally Speaking! Speaking of the turd world country that we have become, send them Pampers! Baby ass wipes, too. Deliver them by the truck load to your favor right politician, now damn it! There now, doesn’t that feel better? Even better, send them used ones, for their disposal of course. Butt wipes, not to limit them to just politicians, butt bankers and lawyers and your favor right insurance agent, perhaps judges, or maybe even your political party leaders, newsy news papers and special TV anchors, perhaps the Clinton foundation, and or Lie Berry’s of the gigantic Titanic ship of fools, just US a suggestion.
    But seriously, two things the “T” man was voted in for was the WALL and You Are FIRED! Or, at the very least fried, like a French Fry. The swamp thing was turd, I think. And, how many of those do we have? None? But, the Mock Market is doing pretty good in electronic money, the crypto, isn’t it time to crash out? I suppose one could consider the electrification of the issue and re volt? Perhaps you should get plugged in now while you can still charge you cell phone. Oh, almost forgot, you might want to prepare to pay $100 for gallon of gas and that box of .22 LF about the sane. And the insanity, nowhere to run, or hide that you and your stash can’t be found and looted, just sayin, there is a lot of technology out there, metal detectors, night vision, cameras, thermal imaging, drones and the likes of GPS on star, cell phone and AOD-YMH and things like that, ya know? Or, perhaps the now so obvious of the forward observer making notes for later references for some unknown reason as may need be your location. It’s only a matter of time if you don’t have walls and mote around you COMMUNITY organizer. Obviously the dangers in all of this are the dishonesty of men and yes you girls too, but how is that different than what we have now? The most obvious was yesterday main scream media meltdown, it will only get worse.
    The up and coming budget battle, continuing resolution and sky rocketing debt ceiling added too, too much debt to add to 22,000,000,000,000.00 + the off books and UN funded Lie Abilities that are another 200,000,000,000,000.00.
    The vision, the first thing we do, is kill all the lawyers and those left would be banned from any political office. Then we dismantle and abolish the political parties buy means of abolishing the IRS and too da FED. An understanding needs to be had concerning two completely separate elements of government whichever it is, local, state or federal, first is law making and secondly who will pay for it. Never should the two be combined, however, laws have cost and no law should be ever considered without a complete cost analysis. Then and only then can any law be considered for payment and only if it is benefit all concerns, (all concerned are the population or all 50 states) which just happen to be the states where people live. In other words, without the IRS, the only authority to tax are the states and only a majority of the states could elect to pay for said law, those not in the majority could elect to not pay for said law and as well not benefit, if there were any benefit. All subsidies and entitlements would end. And any politician would be paid for by those that elected them. I AM pretty sure that if there is a need for medical service and or charity, people would be allowed and often to give out of the kindness of their heats and out of their own pockets there would be more than enough to cover the truly needy, if they were not taxed to death. The end result is to take the social programs out of government. Only then could we discuss, military requirement, roads and bridges and common things between states such as security. Two term max on any elected no exceptions. You could even envision privatized retirement plans instead of SS. Long story short. Take the money out of government and there would be a lot less government, ya know? As an added benefit, there would be less need of lawyers and courts, even if we had killed all of them and less need for police too. Pretty tall order but, I suspect that is the way it was intended, way back when it was a Constitutional Republic, or at least the vision.
    Perhaps it is all just a bad dreamer and when you wake up everything will be back to normal, if you remember what that was like. What to do about the Russians and the Chinese the French, the Germans and those other English Speaking people, we have an agreement, a competition, you take care of your own and we will do the same, the first ones that have all of their people happy productive and well compensated wins, with the highest living standards, the best educated and the most creative, winner winner chicken dinner, no if’s and’s, or butts about it. Then we can sell military arms and trade the best war fighters for a price to each other, no spy games that is so Boris and Natasha, get over it, just to keep up with the Jones and keep honest people honest, the dishonest… . Perhasps, swift and severe ? Trade freely among your selves, no tax or tariff except duty to your country and people, only winners win the game of life. As far as you are concerned, the farther the better, light years away but first we have to split up the moon, OK? Then I think Saturn is one big gas bag full of energy, gold rush, which there could be, or perhaps even better something more useful, until we find it, we could cooperate till then, ya know? Travel speed, light and more on really fast with bacon, that fast. My imaginary girl friend travels ten times the speed of light, I’ll bet we could do 20, or a hundred. She is from planet X, as you may know. Don’t expect a flying saucer she travels by thought, think it. do it, it is done, it is that simple, or so she says? I have no idea what she is talking about time is not travel, time is to laugh at, I know how she shave time, save time, buy time, I think? We don’t speak, we do thought to thought communication, why write, everything is known. Except, I still cannot figure her out, she is mystery. She was twenty five when she left and traveled one hundred light years from her home to our/ her ancestor’s home, she was home, here and was 125 years old and didn’t look a day over 25, imagine that? We were not just seed thrown to the space winds, we have history, a lineage that planted us, need I say created?
    That tree of liberty needs refreshing. Who will pay? X, obviously the UN known … — …
    Public Service Announcement: You may be right
    I may be crazy
    But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for
    Turn out the light
    Don’t try to save me
    You may be wrong for all I know
    But you may be right
    You may be wrong but you may be right
    BJL a to z lyrics.
    Degrees 360.

  18. This “mistake” was not caused by someone mistakenly pushing a button.
    The alert message that was sent out in “error” had to be constructed (typed) and uploaded to a messaging system; that system then had to be updated/refreshed, after which the message can be sent out live on the alert ststem page. This is exactly the same way blogs and social media pages/accounts are edited and updated to reflect inputed changes.
    There is no single button, that when pushed and released, sends out the message, “BALLASTIC MISSLE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

    • Quit LYING Hawaii:
      There wasn’t one false alarm.
      There were two false alarms, according to reports now from the ground, about a half-hour apart.
      They were not false alarms due to a mistake.


      • How does one defeat an alarm system? Keep tripping a false alarm until the sentries ignore the alarm. Next actual launch will be ignored and oops!

    • That is absolutely not the facts.
      About 5 years ago the company I work for contracted with a security alert company (yeah there are people who do this as a business). They had multiple systems that can be put into place and they all allowed for preloaded messages and alerts. Some of them even used large LED display boards to display the messages like the roadside LED signs. I got a friend that works for one of the companies that manufacture the roadside signs and they also have a system that allows messages to be sent to them remotely for display. Those can be preloaded as well.

      I am not saying that this was done in error, but the fact is that the system is as simple as click a button and the message goes out.

      • I do know.
        Emergency alert messages cannot
        be sent out by simply pushing one “button,” and then, Whoops, oh shit, we scared lots of people!

  19. wendystringer48088

    Cannot improve upon what others have already said, other than in addition to being in the basement I would throw the main breaker as there might be a big electrical spike coming along the electical power grid into the house. Then I would turn on a portable AM radio tuned to the local news station and wait and mentally go over all my “what if” plans…

  20. By posting this, I am in no way claiming this is the reason why a false alarm of imminent attack to Hawaii took place. But I do know we are getting closer to sunlight shining on the cabal. So, see this as you will, with a trust but verify eye.


  21. During the Cuban missile crisis we were taught to ‘ duck and cover’ in school. That way, we could survive when the 5,000 degree fireball hits our classroom window traveling at 2,000 mph.
    Rain man……..

    • Seriously though, somebody should clue RocketBoy in on what happened to the last Asian country that f**ked with Hawaii.

      Seeing the unprepared little snowflakes scamper was rather entertaining, though.

      Sh*t got real, eh bradduh?

  22. There will be no Nuclear attack. But there will be a financial attack brought on the U.S.
    This is whats really going on behind the scenes while they keep the nuclear bogey man in the forefront. …………
    We Are Now Heading Into The Economic Reset, Everything Is About To Change:London Paul

  23. We can’t all have a “wine cellar,” but we can have a poor mans’ bomb and fallout shelter. Several private firms have built vaults and sold them to private people over the years.

    Assuming we have already prepared as best we could and avoiding being amused by everyone rushing to stock up on bottled water and ramen noodles; attempt to verify said alert and ascertain its validity.

    Follow one’s nuclear war plan for civil defense for individuals, using ZDoom’s outline is a fair plan and everyone here can improve upon it.

    Contact all network people and verify they are ready to shelter in place, select a battle plan and recovery procedures binder.

    Remain calm and stoic, wait for it. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, good battle drills make good performances.

    The three events phases are: preparations before the event, duration and enduring the event (surviving), aftermath and recovery plans and operations on the local level first then regional.

    I am not as prepared as I want to be, my revised plan includes third party survivors whom are viable for recovery (children, orphans, etc.).

    I am an interstate freight relocation engineer 😎 so I don’t know where I will be when the “big one” strikes or the nukes hit. I will have to play it by ear.

  24. everlastingphelps

    Fill the tub.

    Wrap the radios and laptops in foil, bubble wrap, and then into ammo cans.

    Foam insulation can all around garage door including floor

    Unplug everything

    Plastic sheeting and duct tape for all the windows.

    Breakers off

    BOBs and water jugs and honey bucket into the interior hall, doors closed and taped.

    Sacrificial am/fm radio on.

  25. Those living near relatively confined bodies of water which host large numbers of naval assets and/or stored nuclear weapons (e.g. Puget Sound), must consider the “nuclear tsunami”.

    Someone might be living twenty-plus miles from Naval Station Kitsap, utterly unaffected by direct blast effects, but still be inundated by walls of water. I’m making the (safe) assumption that nukes exploding in water will make big waves.


    “…it was like, wow, man. who do we sue?” Typical Amerikan Sheeple reaction. Let’s all grab some (((bottom-feeding))) ambulance chaser and head to court. The bigger question, which like a lot of other questions throughout modern USA history is this: Was it simple human error, or are darker forces with a hidden agenda at work? Stay tuned.

  27. Move fresh food from kitchen, to basement shelter (PF >1,000,000). Turn off mains power (disconnect from long lines, to minimize EMP).

    Get dogs into basement. Lock doors.

    Put batteries in RADEF equipment and establish baseline count. Disconnect all radio antennas and ground the cables, except for one cheap scanner.

    Grab a book and start reading.

  28. The back yard faces west towards Atlanta (likely spot of an attack)
    Given 20 to 30 minutes There is an 8 foot berm that runs the length of the yard. I have time to dig a slit trench at that base of that berm. After the initial blast we have supplies to deal with the fallout. Thats assuming we are at home.

  29. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  30. “Well shit. This ain’t gonna end well”
    Depending on where I am, seek shelter as deep underground as I can get. Maybe the middle of a parking garage. I’d try to think of which way the blast and fallout is gonna go and maybe put the bulk of a building between me and the blast if I can’t get underground. I try to stay away from cities and other trouble spots. But guidance systems aren’t perfect and neither is bomb building. After the blast, well that depends where I’m at when it hits the fan.