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  1. DuckFuck

  2. I’ve been looking for that very pic as it EXACTLY describes the ‘uniparty’ as the parasite class’s public face for how they bedazzled and bamboozle the sleeple.

    republofuckers?…democrappers?…no difference at all…same members of the narcissistic sociopathic gang that turn EVERYTHING to shit that they touch and gleefully transplant shithole people from their shitholes here.

    flake, finestein, mcconnel, reid, grahm, pelosi,…all 535 are dirty rat bastards with drumpf playing king rat with 9 more black robed rats for ‘extra’ legitimacy….

    Fuck all of them and their eastern rat nest!!
    Don’t forget the most important ones..the rats scurrying to and fro in our local AO’s…they’re the ones that can REALLY attempt to screw us up close and personal via their enforcement rats.

    Best option – live as free as one can daily.
    If that fails because of their interference, prepare to go rat hunting as necessary.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  3. I love that comic. So many layers of truth. Cheap labor. Votes. They’re both right.

    The bishop (♗,♝) on the chessboard is now the healthcare industry rather than the religious institutions of old. He’s the one sitting behind the desk in the comic.

    Back in the 90s I saw hospital security getting handguns in cities that had the worst restrictions on civilian ownership of handguns. The armed “special police” who guard institutions around DC now outnumber the DC city gov’t police force. Today more and more hospitals around the FUSA have their own security forces with arrest and detention powers granted to them by the city/state. This is just like the religious institutions of old. It would be fair to say colleges/universities are also part of the Bishop’s domain (and also have “special police”).

    BTW, this is the 1993 order in DC that established the arming of “special police”:

    (On a side note the police chief who signed that order has done well for himself since then). Bottom line: The Bishop has his privilege and immunity of old.

    Michigan will be the next state to increase its “special police”:

    “…the bills would give private companies immunity to Freedom of Information Act requests.”

    This will be so other private corporations can get their own police forces. The Rook (♖,♜) also wants what the Bishop has.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    I used to shoot rats at the dump as a child, no hunting involved.
    They ran, I fired, you learn to lead.
    A skill set that should come in handy.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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