Update Your Stylebooks: “Shitholia” & “Turd World”

Bracken above..

The Diplomad explains the other term.

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There’s more:

NatGeo: Nearly A Billion People Still Defecate Outdoors

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UPDATE 1255E 16JAN2018: By popular demand, the map of calls-to-311 human feces reports in San Francisco:

(Human) Wasteland

You’re welcome.

UPDATE 1635E 16JAN2018: Chateau Heartiste offers its advice on Classifying Shitholes.

37 responses to “Update Your Stylebooks: “Shitholia” & “Turd World”

  1. Matt’s on to something there. Shitholia. Think about it. Diversity is the Holy Grail of convergence. It is apostasy to speak the truth the third world is a #Shithole. So is it Shit-holia, or is Shit-holy-er, than thou, meaning us White Christian racists, must shut our mouths and bend over, take it up the ass, figuratively and literally, while a low IQ feral inbred inbred army is let through the wide open gates of Vienna?


    • We are marching to Shitholia!
      We are marching to Shitholia!
      Shitholia, hurrah!

      I’m with you
      And you’re with me
      And so we are all together
      So we are are all together
      So we are are all together
      I’m with you
      And you’re with me
      And so we are all together
      As we march along

      [repeat chorus]

      • LMAO!
        CA, I can hear that marching beat, and see you out front with the baton knees stepping high, your chin strap under your lip. Lord love a duck Funny!

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        Maestro CA! This is a CLASSIC! Let’s call it the Scheißhaus Symphony–with many “movements,” like BMs.

        P.S. the 1B folks voting for “Open Defecation” gives new meaning to “OD.”

  2. Trashcanistan and Shitholia accurately describes about 140 of the world’s 195 countries.

    Which makes their inhabitants Trashcanistanis and Shitholians.
    Auto-complete and spell-check functions updated.

    • Make a comprehensive list.
      You know they grab all that metadata off spell check.
      All they can censor is twitter & faceborg right now
      Google watches everything else. They will see the slightest trending because they are watching key words and phrases. Send them a message, make the truth about #Shithole great again!
      They are still pissed about Pepe being hijacked. i’m gonna try to make some #Shithole/Pepe alt-agitprop tonight.

      Remember your Alynski, rule about ridicule.
      Pepe’s rule about hijacking the meme.
      So far just on WRSA:
      Turd World
      low-IQ feral inbred barbarians
      What else?

    • Do not forget the Ballchinians.


    The bad news: They’re here. The good news: They’re infecting the Blue Hives. The not-so-good news: The Blue Hive of Spokane is not that far away from my A/O. They had a mumps outbreak in 2016 in the “Public Schools.” TPTB admitted to “over 30 cases”. This will be a gradual thing. But, it will increase.
    Back in 2014 when Butt-Pirate Barry admitted all of the “children” across our southern border, the “religious” NGO’s settled a bunch of the disease vectors in middle Amerika. There was an uptick in respiratory infections and at least one school-age white kid died from it. But hey, what’s one or two white boys or girls. Their parents are probably Trump supporters. Things will continue to ramp up. Get ready.

    • A search on Spokane craigslist jobs using “jannus” or “tuberculosis” reveals a bit about Who & What, dig deeper into the linked & referenced organizations therein.

  4. How come Nat Geo didn’t put a mark on San Francisco?

  5. OMG! And friends & neighbors wonder why, I CLEAN EVERYTHING that comes into my house. I can’t eat out anymore: I know that somewhere in the production line- be it MikeyD’s, a class A restaurant, or the local sandwhich joint- someone didn’t wash their hands. Or worse. It’s not like Trashcanistanis and Shitholians get sanitary training at home. I bought new undies, a sweat shirt, and socks the other day. Right into the front loader, on sanitary cycle! My neighbor goes, “Why? It’s brand new?” Well, as mother said, you don’t know the people who have touched that. I find myself wiping down newly purchased cosmetic packages with Clorox wipes. I wasn’t always this insane about cleanliness is next to Godliness, but times change. I have to give one to Tfat: there ARE too many people in this world! And mainly in those shithole countries.

    • Its okay for there to be a lot of people in this world, provided they stay in their shithole country.

      • And our stolen tax dollars arent subsidizing them…That’s the problem with all the shithole areas we pour money into them…

      • Amen! To paraohrase Le Pen, I have no problems with shitholians, in Shitholia.

    • I grew up in the 50’s when “soda” or “pop” or “cokes” to us was what children drank. There weren’t “throw-a-way” bottles in those days, everything came in glass bottles and had a pressed on bottle cap that had to be pried off. It did not “un-screw”. We were taught to always wipe the mouth of the bottle off, because “we didn’t know who drank from the bottle last time. It could have been a nigger”. And it well could have been. But we had wiped it down. I still wipe down anything that goes into my mouth. Ya never know who licked it last.

  6. Then there was the shithole White House. Does anybody remember it? OK, the president didn’t deficate outdoors – but he called aides and legislators in to confer with him while he was on the toilet. Let’s see – it was the Democrat, the beloved LBJ I think. Imagine if Trump tried it?

    • Hell, LBJ had a phone installed in the shitter, so he could get business done while taking care of business.

  7. My browser is autistic so it does not allow me to paste anything into here so I will describe it in hopes that CA can find the meme in question.

    Right after the comments came out from Trump there was a meme that appeared that showed the global map with “Shit hole countries” and “Non shit hole countries”.

  8. i live in semishithole country ma ma always wiped the public toilet seat but now i wont even sit on it .wash new chlothing, used to think that was only for paranoid people dont even travel on minibus taxis tb is rife in africa

  9. Here’s about as vivid a picture of a #Shithole, Haiti today. A picture is worth a thousand reasons why turd world feral low IQ barbarians have to stay in their shitholes.
    They obviously like them.
    What possible “cultural enrichment” have they got we need?
    And they have to go back.
    Is that so hard to understand?


    • If you want to see some real contrast, find a pic of the entire island. Haiti is almost bare whereas the Dominican Republic still has jungles and stuff growing. The Haitians have eaten or burned everything in their shithole. Now they all need to just die.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. By far the most excellent explanations of the lefts need for 8 million DACA illegals.
    Along with this choice warm considerate quote from our next marxist regime dear leader, phat oprah;
    “As long as people can be judged by the color of their skin, the problem is not solved,” she said, adding,“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it – in that prejudice and racism – and they just have to die.”

    Oh goody, black wymins feels and SJW virtues in decades long dream of a barren vagina matriarchal menopause driven madness of a ovary office.

    It dovetails so well with my red neck racist farmers garden, my red meat eating bambi killin’ environmental White privilege of chopping and burning tree murderer Co2 pallutin’ of 8 cords of wood each winter, and my “arsenal” of white supremacist assault weapons.


  12. It’s why so many shithole country flakes come here in the first place. They’ve heard of our legendary sanitary infrastructure, and want to experience it first shitty hand. Then it’s back to shitting in the streets, OUR streets, and seeing how many can be killed off with Hep, cholera, typhus, diarrhea, etc, but especially how many whiteys can be killed off this way. You see, they know we haven’t got much resistance to those things, and vaccination rates are way down. Aesop? Please instruct me if I’m right or wrong about the resistance and vaccination things. I think I’m right, but I want to hear from a pro.

    • Nobody has much resistance to bacteriological pathogens, and vaccination resistance for viruses has a half-life (usually about ten years). That’s why they’ve been throwing pertussis and diphtheria back into everyone’s tetanus vaccination, so when you get one, you get boosters for all three.

      The problem of importing the (literally) unwashed hand-ass-wipers is that they infect populations who generally didn’t need herd immunity to a host of other critters once leaving the pestilential petrie dishes that are public schools, and so become later day Typhoid Marias and Mohameds everywhere from McAwfuls all the way to ChinaMart. They also bring in diseases formerly seen only by tropical medicine specialists doing study abroad in Shitholias and Trashcanistans, but now rampant in both major metropolii, and the rural hinterlands.

      This is why, even at the height of Ellis Island immigration, we quarantined suspect folks before allowing entry.

      It breaks down to simply this: you want people who use towels to wipe their hands and asses, not those who wrap them around their heads or wear them as loincloths. The former is why we weren’t a Turd World country, and importing the later is why we’re becoming one. Witness the shitting-in-public Hep A outbreaks in Califrutopia, OR, and WA. We knew what caused that nearly two centuries ago, and it’s why shitting on a sidewalk should be a shooting offense, on sight. Called it late-term illegal immigration abortion, the Leftards will embrace it.


      San Diego is still dealing with a Hep-A epidemic caused by the “homeless” defecating in the streets. Keep in mind, however, that SFO has had this situation going on for years. It has not changed the Cosmic White Marxist mindset one iota. SFO is actually a Sanctuary Shithole!

  13. Jimmy the Saint

    Dear Mr. Bracken:

    I actually *liked* Norway. I simply wanted to rule it, not destroy it, and especially not by importing hordes of non-Nordic types.
    – Zombie Vidkun Quisling.

    • I haff improved on zat clever plan, und vish to rule over der Vaterland as der Qveen of Shitholia. – Angela Merkel

    • True dat, but be that as it may, Quisling has a very gut-churning weasly and disreputable sound to it, and it stand in very well for a particular type of traitor, the type that assists the invaders of his country, in return for favors and power given to him by the victorious invaders at the expense of his countrymen. That’s also why I often say “Quisling traitor,” to make the two words roll of the tongue in tandem with a reinforced meaning that is viscerally descriptive.

      • Here Henry is informed there are traitors among his knights. Henry sets them up by calling a meeting to discuss with his knight what punishment should be dealt to a traitor he has discovered in his rank. The knights declare, by the LAW they should be punished. Henry says, very well then, I charge thee with Treason. …Shakespeare is timeless.
        Henry V – Treason

        This then is what a Traitor sells out his Nation for. Money, material pleasure, instant gratification and self worship. While the Mothers and children weep and betrayed, wallow in the blood of fallen Hero’s.
        I Want It All

    • They hung the bastard, used a hefty big old 13 wraps which snapped his neck like a tooth pic.
      Nothing like a few punitive public hangings to prove a point about traitors.
      There’s so many of them in the swamp and so called “NGO’s” Patriots are the minority. Not a one of them suffer consequences for murder and mayhem of Americans their agenda foreign invasion has wrought.
      Like they say about treason, if none dare call it treason treason will prosper.