From The Place Where Great Britain Used To Be

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Thankfully, such a thing could never happen in ‘Murika ‘cuz we got our Consteetooshun, our guns, and our front-mounted rucksacks…plus tactical wheelbarrows:

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  1. Brother Antony

    It’s even worse than that, they are seizing our children and brainwashing them. Have a look at this and then go down to the comments section which is even more informative:

  2. islam must be destroyed. Boss, must we constantly lampoon and degrade ourselves, pre-sporty times? I really did get enough of it in the Army, and TV is nothing but that now. Stupid ass married/unmarried man. Too fat, too dumb, too drunk, and always doing it wrong. Has no idea what to REALLY do, and if he did, he’d fuck it up. Yes, there are a lot of guys and girls like that, but why am I always lumped in with the trash, when I’m not? Confidence builders. Things that improve moral and inspire men and women to strive for the high things. Maybe we’re not the best, but we’re on our way there. We will never be perfect. And no one ever is. I used to take fifty scumbags and turn them into soldiers who were ready to eat nails just by getting them to believe in themselves. The only difference I’ve ever seen between heroes and cowards was about five minutes. Whatever brand X is, I’m not that. And where ever Flake City is, I don’t live there. A scumbag is a guy/girl who doesn’t think they can win. A winner is a guy/girl who knows they will win. Winners think like winners.

    • Will take under advisement. Thanks.

      • Respectfully, I gotta agree with Sean. Leave the drooling rhetoric and ignorant stereotypes to the leftist trash and guys like tfaggot.. You’re better than that, CA.

    • What you said, Top.

    • Chuck Bronson

      Excellent comment Sean. It gets old reading WRS’s constant publication of USA abusing articles – always talking about how we’re on the brink of total collapse because we’re all a bunch of spineless, dull witted losers who have no idea how crafty, skilled and highly trained our enemies are. Whenever I hear that kind of crap in/around the areas I frequent, I walk away – if not, I would end up knocking the crap out of a number of these fools. I just agreed that the Brits are indeed a bunch of pathetic pusswads, and we have a number of coastal city areas that resemble those surrender monkeys – but that doesn’t include ALL of the 330 million people in this nation. WSR needs to lighten up on the America bashing. This is still the greatest place on the planet to live – and will continue to be – for many decades to come.

  3. Funny how none of this SJW insanity happens where we live, in Southern AZ…something must be wrong.

    • It hasn’t happened (yet) in my AO of Western Arizona yet either…keeping eyes and ears open.

      As for our friends across the pond, this is a point that they really should have paid attention to:

      Bet that they’re also wishing that they also listened better to Enoch’s message…don’t think that they ever expected to get saddled with a bloody wog for the mayor of Londonistan..or mobile moslem pedo rape/grooming gangs…

      They’re really going to have to clear out the stables!

      Then again Twin Falls didn’t expect to have to sacrifice a innocent 5 year old girl for “social diversity/cultural enrichment”….think about that the next time you’re in a grocery store and one of your family or friends stats reaching for that container of creamy chobani….

      Sat islam!!
      Sat moslems and their enablers!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. They don’t even spell “you’re” correctly.

  5. unprofound. When the Judeo-globalist enforcers come “to catch you”,

    kill them first. When we kill enough of them,

    [[[they]]] will stop coming.

    in Scandi and western Europe, the Whites gave up their guns to the Jews in return for a debt-financed cradle-to-grave welfare state. Now, they get the grave.

    in ‘Murka, when the debtbuck dies, the Jews, their bought-and-paid for political class, and their hired orcs are in for a rough time.

    • The Walkin' Dude

      I love the defeatism some have here. I know I won’t be told what to do. Tell me I can’t talk about a certain group, and I’ll talk about em, and then go on to do worse. Just like the kikes. They will NEVER force Holohoax denial laws here. People like me would start gassing them for real tomorrow.

  6. Orwell alive and well in the U.K., what a bunch of slaves who deserve to be overrun by the mudslide hordes. Maybe they can sacrifice the pigs in blue as the front line cannon fodder for the aloha snack bars.
    This and a slew of other reasons is why we fought two wars with these sorry excuses for humans, kinfolk my ass. They may as well be an alien species.
    Aren’t the U.K. Pigs committing hate crimes by threatening others?

  7. Hitler & the SS are alive and well in the place where GB used to be. Even they wouldn’t believe how quickly & willingly the british empire slit it’s own throat. Who are the newest concentration camps & ovens being built for? Certainly not the invaders-they are the new Landed Gentry. God speed and a fast boat to all of the white people. I’d double down on an exit plan. Take your dogs with you, along with the grandparents. Matt Bracken can give water craft guidance, but I hear that catamarans do well on staying above the water. They also have the advantage of sails, along with an engine. Time is of the essence when it comes to escaping a shithole.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The SS were very much pro-honkey. They were willing to use Muslims – albeit sparingly, and even then only against partisans, and even then only under the designation “of the SS”. At the end of the day, they were working towards a lily-white future. There’s nothing in Britain, at least at an organized level, that remotely compares.

  8. GunKid and the Assault Wheelbarrow! Yeehawww!
    Who remembers that? Let’s see a show of hands …
    (Hint: 😀

    As far as curtailing speech here in the good ole FUSA, fuck ’em!
    I’d take it to the SCOTUS, and fuck them if they rule wrongly.
    That would be the time to start the fireworks.
    Not as if we had no reasons before …

  9. Venezuela is finished as a viable entity.Sweden is going to commit the military to regain musloid no-go areas.Brooklyn NY will convert buses to wash the some of the 80,000 shitbags living in NY city.Haitians are eating dirt.Puerto Rico is a ghetto. Hungary will soon put a bounty on Soros. North Korea has 60 A bombs. California has the most homeless and poor in the nation. The Mexican/US border has been taken over by drug cartels.Colorado Springs is overrun by aggressive homeless shitbags.Rich whiteys cannot get out of Connecticut and NY fast enough. Hepatitis,STD’S,Lyme disease,50% increase in death from alzheimers,heroin/meth addiction, 66 million boomers want their social security and medicare that they forcibly paid for the past fifty years.
    I don’t believe Trump only weighs 239 lbs. Nancy Pelosi’s, tits are sagging.How about those New England Patriots. Where is that fucking remote control?

  10. oh it will happen here.

    the murkins are numb and dumb.

    they care only about their next meal, entertainment in all its forms, and fucking… most don’t even give a shit that they don’t own their homes, cars, or have any wealth stored out of the hands of the criminals. i can’t even relate to anyone in this country anymore. they’re too fucking stupid.

    what’s it like to owe on everything and own nothing? sheesh

    i just wish the weather would warm up in a deep south state. there’s only so much ice fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing one can take, i need a vacation from being on a 13 year vacation. 🙂

    if only there was a goD to sweep away all the useless masses of disgusting flesh who over-populate the still warm areas in Fusa… i still have faith in SMOD.

  11. Shinmen Takezo

    I would suggest signing up for social media sites and newspaper commentary sections in the UK using Tor… and then leaving all kinds of “true” comments about Mu-Slimes.

    Wouldn’t that be a hoot!?

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. If the cuck-Brit coppers want to arrest him, the corpse of Sir Winston lies in the graveyard of St. Martin’s Church, Bladon, in Oxfordshire.

    Ask the Britistanis if it’s still hate speech when it’s a matter of historical record.

    Bunch of pussified wankers.

    Orwell would have been slitting their throats by now, but clearly his line has been bred out, and the best part of their country ran down the crack of their women’s asses decades ago.

    Nothing short of heads on poles will avail now.

  14. What must the citizens of Wiltshire and Cheshire think upon reading such “official announcements”? Have they finally realized that their very own government and institutions have, in fact, turned against them and become collaborators with the enemy?

    During the Second World War, the term “Quisling” was coined to describe an especially traitorous individual, one who helped the invading Nazis against his own nation and people. The term itself comes from the real-life example of Vidkun Quisling, a native Norwegian who turned against his own people in favor of the National Socialists when Germany invaded and occupied Norway in 1940. Since that time, a “Quisling” has come to be a form of linguistic shorthand for someone who sides with an enemy against his own kind.

    What are the police in Wiltshire and Cheshire, if not 21st-century Quislings?
    What are the politicians and bureaucrats above them in the hierarchy, issuing such orders, if not Quislings?

    It is now “old news” and established fact that the authorities in Rotherham looked away for years as “grooming gangs” of Muslim youths terrorized local young boys and girls alike, as they kidnapped them and forced them into sexual slavery, often by addicting them to narcotics first. Others they simply gang-raped, beat or murdered as they saw fit.

    It is bad-enough that the “authorities” did nothing to stop these predators, but it is an affront to everything they once swore an oath to protect when they actually aid-and-abet the enemy and turn upon those Englishmen who try to warn others of the danger.

    When the wolf gets in and amongst the fold and terrorizes the sheep, who is more to blame – the wolf or the shepherd who was supposed to be keeping watch and protecting them but failed to do so? As blood-thirsty as he is, the wolf is only being himself, a predator. But the shepherd is another matter; he has a much more-serious charge for which to answer, for he has betrayed those he swore to protect.

    • True story, Georgiaboy. The coppers there are ball-less scum. Bad enough that they won’t deal with the Pakis and other muslim scum, but instead of ignoring the insane laws against speaking the truth, they threaten and arrest their fellow Brits. They should be cracking muslim heads.

      Any caught in the act of raping/drugging/molesting/or trafficking young girls and boys (the Afghans are the worst about young boys) should be nailed to a wall and have their “package” removed with sheep shears, and left there as a warning to any who would continue to prey upon the children of Britain. It’s hard to understand why SAS (or former SAS who are retired) aren’t cleaning up their neighborhoods, one or two muslims at a time.

  15. Well, we aint’ got guns.

    What’s your excuse?

  16. The Walkin' Dude

    Sucks to be a Britcuck. It CAN’T happen here, because it would upset the order so much, we would genocide Muslims, ALA Kosovo. I guarantee that, because I would be the soldier kicking the mudslime on the ground in that famous pic, and I KNOW there are plenty like me in this country.

  17. CA,

    The official British army ads for 2018:

  18. Chuck Bronson

    The Brits have become panty waisted cucks since the 70s – hell, even the 60s when they exported those pathetic wankers, the Beatles. Coastal cities and much of the coastal populations are that way..spineless pole smokers. Look at our large coastal cities – disgusting examples of urban blight, overrun by third world rat bastids, crime,and run by limp wristed milktoast metromales or bulldyke lesbo queens. Must be the Sea Air that surrounds GB and blows into our Coastal cities here. Yeah, I’m really worried about being censored from Social Media sites on the threat of incarceration..keeps me up at night….NOT. I’d love for our Local Cops to announce that – see how long their houses and police stations would stay standing. How many of them would be out patrolling after more than a few were found with a large caliber 3d eye.

  19. Send this to the cucked brutish orcs and orcettes…with any luck they’ll piss,and shit themselves on apoplexy.

    Murdoch Murdoch Episode 10 – When My Brothers Finally Wake Up

    Sat islam!!
    Sat moslems and their enablers!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  20. Indeed, Northgunner III I have almost died for it, and more than a few times. islam must be destroyed. I pray that Deus Vult.