Gear For Spicy Times: Underground Partisan Chest Rig

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  1. 😉

  2. Cool, but where is the rifle?

    • Sure ain’t under that jacket….

      But that’s a good and useful rig. Already thought of lots of situations.

    • Looks like if a fellow wore a bit longer coat, that way could sling an AR pistol with a Shok Wave arm brace hanging on a quick sling up under your armpit, in .300 Blackout to reduce the vicious muzzle blast of 5.56. running a 7.5 inch barrel.

      I like their plain jane battle belt with the Cobra buckle. Really comfy, don’t hardly slide around. Top shelf and priced super reasonable. Found it a nice way to carry a big Ol’ camp knife, extra canteen, and a 1st level of absolute basic get back home gear. Had my wife sew up quick disconnects from the D rings to my combat vest. Sits just right.

  3. So that is what all the cool kid Palestinians are wearing down at checkpoint.

  4. I have one of his partisan rigs. It great gear for hiding mags under a sweatshirt or jacket.
    ..very well made too.

  5. lastmanstanding

    Thanks for this CA…I saw something, somewhere about this outfit from Ohio quite a while back…maybe here, maybe MG. Then disappeared from radar. Need some stuff. Thanks.

  6. How many people on here have the sewing skills?

    • I do.

      I also have the machine.

    • 1) Right here too. But my commercial machine is still wanting a larger brother made for canvas and tent repair, like the riggers use.
      2) Think outside the box: Shoe Goo and wood blocks in a C-clamp will give you a fabric bond that will typically outlast the fabric itself. Ask me how I know.
      3) You can also do the same thing with Barge, stitching, & rivets in leather. Any man who can’t make himself a belt, a holster, a knife sheath, and pouches out of leather with basic skills and minimal tools is short-changing himself. You can figure this stuff out on a Saturday, and spend a lifetime mastering it, but anything from Sunday on will last one helluva long time, if your IQ is higher than the temp on a late spring day.

  7. wendystringer48088

    Great video explaining the chest rig.

    “Cool, but where is the rifle?”

    In a bag in the trunk of the vehicle. This review explains the concepts of use and how it fits in with your normal everyday life and attire rather well I think.

    • Thanks for the vid. Yep, I keep my trunk AR in a softball bat bag. Pretty low key, only ish is that its broken down. Gets a lil clunky with the sling on it.

  8. I’m not a fan of chest rigs because if you have to go prone, they can become problems.

    • Probably not so much for a single-mag flat rig 1×4 like that.
      Go trying to wear 6-20 mags edgewise and you’ll definitely be hurting if you try flopping on it.
      The only improvement on that set up for 120 quick rounds would be two Surefire 60s moved around under each armpit.


      Agreed. Proper placement of mag pouches on the web belt will work just fine if you have to hit the dirt. Been there, done that.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Me likey big time.

  10. At least it appears they positioned the belt portion high enough to keep the mags from tipping forward. I have a much earlier version of something like this; still hanging now that I have an ALICE rig sorted to my liking. For under the coat (or extras) the old Chicom “bra” can be a comfortable & very close to the body thing, for the price of Suzy’s morning Starbucks if you shop it. At least someone was thinking about where the load needs to be borne from. I have found they patrol well in the woods; however, they dis-recommend themselves when prone IMO. Sample n=1.

  11. Virgil Caine

    Tools for the toolbox gentlemen. this is a good bit of kit for more clandestine approaches to contact. Where’s the rifle? In the tool box that goes along with your clandestine ensemble…your rugged, Carhartt type clothing, work boots…just a Joe headed to the job site. A reciprocating saw box can be re-purposed to carry a variety of carbines. Some tool boxes as well.
    As we’re all victims of our own experience I am not sure you’ll be firing from the prone all that much. Rice paddy prone, kneeling or variations thereof will be more common. Curbs, corners, common street debris, vehicles, etc all make for obstructions mostly negating the prone position. and how long would one be in the prone? fire, move…stay in one position too long and you may stay there forever or until the buzzards pick your bones or the locals eat you.

  12. Rocky Mtn Yankee

    I have one of their low-profile war belts and can’t recommend it highly enough. Exceptional quality and the price is very reasonable.