Blaxit: Why some African Americans are moving to Africa


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  1. Be still my heart…Blaxit has a web site.

    See, there is a God.

    • Scroll down on their website so you can see one place to move is Budapest. Not quite the ancestral homeland. But, yes, God is still listening to you it just may not be for what you’d expect.

      That one destination aside, if I was a world controller sitting in Basel, I might encourage the most disgruntled American black professionals (who are surely very tired of seeing posts from the LOtSers and the sanctimonious counter finger-pointing from the symbiotic SPLC) to move to African countries with growing Muslim populations for the express purpose of joining their managerial class. That might help stabilize those places in the medium term. In the long term those American blacks will be absorbed into that population or move again elsewhere, but either way the EU/MU is trying its best to encourage blacks to stay in Africa because the MU’s new labor class is to be made up of muslim Arabs. Less agitation by American blacks in FUSA will also benefit the NAU (where you now reside) since the labor class of the NAU is to be made up of Mexicans (later it will also include muslim Arabs).

      If your future progeny tires of mediocre living standards in the NAU and the calls to prayer from the local minaret, they can always get a STEM degree which will make them more valuable/portable for the world controllers and they can move back to the EU with its higher living standards/education/healthcare. They’ll still have to deal with listening to the minaret, but at least everyone in town will complain about “the jews” together.

      I know you can only dream about this today, but it will truly be One World by then. But rest assured the world controllers have this planned in advance so in a way you still kind of get an earthly worldly win out of it.

      • Budapest

        Victor Orban and the rest of my late Father’s people wouldn’t even give them the time of day!!

        They wouldn’t be let in!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • The inclusion of Hungary makes me thinks this is a hoax.

          • Or when they saw the name “Hungary” they thought it was about a gigantic SNAP/EBT program and said, “theys be askin if wez hungry?..they must gots da food there..we go der and git our eats fo free nigga..becuz wes entitled!! we no be hungry no mo!!”

            Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
            Northgunner III

      • The proper abbreviation for the League of the South is LS. Please make a note of that, and if you went past the 3rd grade in school, see about a financial refund for malfeasance.

        • LS members are LSers. Got it. How are your kids doing on passing their GEDs?

          • They’re probably great on their trigernometry skilks..apart from having very sore index fingers…

            Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
            Northgunner III

      • no, General Services,

        the World Controllers are not in “Basel”.

        (((They))) are on Wall Street, in DC, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Tel Aviv.

        And the Jews will not feel safe until

        the last White Man is Dead,

        and the last White Woman is dropping niglets.

        does being a shabbatz goy pay well?

        or do you have…other motives?

    • Freeillinois

      PLEASE remember Our Children Have Dreams too! The democrats want to put the Dreams of Our Children in the Toilet while Supporting the dreams of illegal invaders.

      The democrats are playing the game of demographic politics. They know the real number of so called dreamers is closer to 3 million. if they can get those people onto the voter rolls they can turn states like Florida and Texas blue.

      If you dont want to lose the gains that have been made under Trump you need to vote. Please remember Trump stopped the TPP, cut taxes and reduced regulations on small business. Whether you like Trump or hate Trump we have had some positive gains. Dont let the democrats take those gains away.

  2. Waiting in Idaho

    Well, bye.

  3. James W. King

    For Negroes here in America (they now prefer the hyphenated euphemism “African-American”), there is a good reason why there is no “back to Africa” movement. They know they’ll be trading “society” for “septic.” They’ll also have the tyranny of Islam, warlords, and pagan / idolatry far worse than is exercised here in America. They all know, despite their rhetoric and Marxist indoctrination, that life here is more civilized and secure than those other shitholes made desolate by tyranny, idolatry, AND SLAVERY that still exist. Just ask the Sudanese Christians who are still being enslaved by Muslims.
    Source of this quote unknown

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “there is a good reason why there is no “back to Africa” movement.”

      They tried it in the 70s and it didn’t work. Few takers to leave, and no African country bothered to roll out the welcome mats, either. Like a lot of things, what sounds good in theory doesn’t work so well in practice.

  4. James W. King


    Around 80% of South Africa’s 55 million inhabitants are black, while whites comprise a mere 8.1% of the total. The majority of the working population, however, is out of work. “The official unemployment figures—which are generally regarded as understated—are 38.1%,” explained Roche. “In fact, an international firm has just released [a report] in the past couple of days that alludes to an unemployment rate of something like . . . 56.3%. We have recently been downgraded, that is to say, South Africa’s sovereign bond rating, has been downgraded by Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s, to junk status.”

    The collapsing economy and the hate pouring from the lips of South Africa’s black “leaders” have
    created some horrendous fallout. “We have amongst the highest rates of murder and rape in the world generally, across the board,” said Roche. “And the murder of white farmers by black people in South Africa is the highest rate of murder of any city, anywhere in the world, by a country mile. The murder of whites generally by black people is also a phenomenally high figure.

    It’s something like 1,370% greater than the murder rate of all Americans, regardless of what race they
    are and by which race they are murdered. And these indicators, coming as they do, in tandem,
    with the promises that we’ve received from black leaders, particularly over the past year, of a race-based civil war to wipe out all whites, is fairly persuasive.”

    To highlight how stark the South African murder rate is, Roche provided a comparison. “To give you an idea, the murders of whites between the first and the 14th of February this year, inclusive, was greater than the number of murders committed in the Republic of Ireland—which has a population of a similar size to the white population in South Africa—over the past 30 years,” he said. “Over 74,000 white people have been murdered by black people since the beginning of this new South African ‘rainbow nation’ multiracial democracy.”

    Roche blames others—not just the blacks who have been incited to murder whites—for the damage done to his country.

    “We had a certain dialectic rammed down our throats by the international news media, the globalist news media, the liberal elites, and the academic elites, for about 40 years, who’ve said that apartheid is bad; those who support apartheid, the white South Africans, are bad people; that the blacks are innocent victims who can do no wrong; that the [ANC] is without peer; that Nelson Mandela was a pure soul,” he said. “Many white people, many conservative white people—I count some in my own family in that group—began to believe that everything that they thought, every commonsense conclusion that they’d drawn by themselves in their lives, was false, and that it was time to be harmonious and integrated.”

    Roche touched on some of the parallels between South Africa and the U.S.

    “We . . . have seen what happens when you put the liberals in charge,” he said. “You guys—with all due respect—should know this yourselves, because you have certain litmus tests. You’re able to see what happens when the liberals run a city like Chicago or Detroit or Baltimore or Atlanta into the ground for 40, 50, or 60 years.”

    “What happened in South Africa and what is happening in the U.S.A.,” he continued, “are, for all intents and purposes, identical. The media, the liberal elites, and the academic elites are persuading Americans to adopt their views, which are completely anti-American. They’ve taken the U.S.A. and sort of twisted it, by five degrees at a time, to adopt values which were never part of the core identity of America. And they persuaded you that this is how you always thought. It’s unbelievable.”

  5. -Lauren has at least 3 ways you can pay for her vacations prominently displayed on all her media.

    -Blaxit has no obvious way for me to financially support their ideas.

    This is why we’re losing.

  6. White Genocide is happening in SA, yet the crickets are heard from the UN and U.S.
    And American MSM is silent.

    • Mountain Cracker

      Yes indeed, Rhodesia and South Africa are the models for what they will do here. Someday soon there will be talk of the “white minority government” in the FUSA. We’re all Rhodesians now.

      • Yes one only need replace ANC with La Raza and you have it nailed. What can Brown do for you?

        • Viva la niggra!!..oh aiee!! lo siento mucho mi jeffe!!..Viva la raza!! Tu quires mas salsa y una cerveza con tu commida mi amigo? Donde esta El Fred, yo no miren esta aqui?

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • ” What can Brown do for you?”
          Depends on whether it’s on your hands on in your pants…

          TP isn’t a ‘luxury’…

          Actually it depends on the “Depends” in oblomo’s case as he’s always full of shit.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “What can Brown do for you?”
          Mow yards, clean homes, staff hotels and restaurants, etc. Lots of people out there like dirt-cheap and relatively reliable labor.

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    Fuck yeah!!! What a great idea this is (Blaxit)… and if you don’t think so, go to the Hollywood Park Casino and play poker with the “brotha’s and sista’s” (deep in the heart of Inglewood California) and listen to all their gripes and bitching about “whitey this” and “whitey that” –this will wake you the fuk up.

  8. Take all that black crime back to Africa….thanks.

  9. Garry F. Owen, Trooper

    What makes Budapest part of Africa? Last time I checked, it was in Europe. Mebbe, same difference.

  10. Africa will thrive like never before once all the whites are murdered I’m told. Back to baboon land with all its luxuries more likely. Stealth white genocide in slow motion is happening all over the world. Time to drive the duskies from our lives. I support blaxit and for good measure mestizoexit too. Damn the UN, MSM, the academia and any government that supports this genocide either through its actions or inactions.

  11. Mountain Cracker

    How can I help more nig…um…black people who “built this nation” leave?!? I want to do my part! In fact, I suggest we give them 2 trillion (over their alleged 1.4 trillion, a pittance really to be rid of them) to go! One last favor you poor “exploited” souls I ask you take a Jew with you under each arm. Goodbye and good luck!

    • Rent a carnival cruise ship, dress up like Colonel Sanders and offer a free watermelon with each 1 way passage… You’ll NEVER set sail without a full boat. 🙂

  12. This should be subsidized and pushed in lieu of welfare.

    Whatever country they go to in leaving the U.S., the mean IQ of both countries will increase.

    • Yes, indeed. By making a one time grant of, say, $100,000.00 (in whatever currency they need) give or take, we’d sent the nigger off with sufficient funds to have a great start in one of the English speaking African countries.

      I think there are a number of African countries offering grants to US trained nigger professionals, which would add to their starting out capital, aka “grubstake”.

      We Southern Nationalists will remove “them” all, one way or another. Blaxit will assist with that. Ending all welfare for non-whites will assist with that.

  13. They can return to Africa which I wholly endorse but they’ll never escape their race and its inherent flaws.

  14. Someone might want to tell them that Budapest isn’t located anywhere near their ancestral lands…

    • According to the BBC, negroes flourished in Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxon Britain and Norman Britain.

      For example … this is Robert De Beaumont … a Norman Nobleman who became the Earl of Leicester.

      According to the BBC.

      • “According to the BBC”

        That wouldn’t happen to stand for Black Bullshit Channel would it?….or maybe Bonbos Before Chimpouts?…

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • Americans kinda “shit” on titles like “Earl” or “Duckess” and doesn’t
        Leicester translate to “nigger” in that nonsense language the Welsh speak?
        Besides, wasn’t that picture taken around 1763 before cameras?

  15. The Asian. AND No one is trying to make you like them @Rockstar 22 but: They ARE intelligent ,hard working, innovative, and family oriented. The Indian is the same. Again I am not advocating that you love them. But they are hard workers with strong minds and rock solid family values. Africans are weak minded , lazy, violent, and have no values at all. At best they act like a group of children . At worst you get Detroit. Arabs are just scum , even god hates Arabs . If Asians move into your town all of them will have jobs in a week and most will have a business within a year. They pay there debts and if you see their kids outside they will most likely be setting on a blanket with open school books.– Indians will move in and get a job, while going to school and working night shift at 7-11. In a five years they will have 5 kids and all of them will go to university without government money. Both races are by and large clean, hard working. and really do make good citizens. You don’t have to like that but it IS the truth. Just look at Singapore. –Africans will move to the government housing project , demand free shit, Shit in public. Loot and burn the local stores and shops and if you see their kids in day light it will be when the cops arrest them for murder , rape or drug dealing. Or if they are gang banging La_a (the dash don’ be silen’) , in a vacant lot.– Moving the African back to Africa is the only solution. But it is one that will never be taken while the current corrupt and UN controlled government sets in the congress and the secret police.—– @ Rockstar 22; You are blinded by hate and envy. Mostly hate. That will make you do stupid shit and get you killed. All things of this earth must be judged by their ACTIONS. Not your hate. If the only things in your world view are hate . Then nothing will ever go your way and you will fail at your goal by your own hand. Asians and Indians are OF USE, by there own actions, and can be used to better society as a whole. You do not have to love them for that. But things that are of use should not be lightly thrown away. Africans on the other hand, are worthless, and if you want to be rid of them, then you need to pull your head out of your ass and think about the long game. You cannot do that until you tame you passions and control your emotions. Something that you have not learned yet. Fight One war at a time child–One war at a time. Or lose all.

    • Asians, including those we call Indians, need to be transported off the North American continent. If China won’t take them all, then Africa is there.

      We don’t need them.

      None of them are us.

      Not us, get on the boat.

    • Mountain Cracker

      Ray you speak with the sanctimony of the baby boomer. The Indian and the Asian did not create western civilization. The Indian is clean? Have you ever even seen pictures of India? Have you ever lost and IT job to a smelly H1-B? The Asian and the Indian, will fuck over white people and their children to get ahead. The will take advantage of every program our treacherous white women have put in place for them. Easy access to capital by virtue of their race, and service upon service the liberal has set up at the expense of our white children. You can idealize them all you like. They are neither noble nor have they contributed the the betterment of the world. You live in a fantasy, and I for one would appreciate it if you would either get on the right side of things, or remain silent, my children, and my civilization itself are at stake. If you don’t hate our enemies (and they ARE our enemies,) you are missing the big picture.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The Asian and the Indian, will fuck over white people and their children to get ahead.”

        EVERY group will fuck over non-members to get ahead.

  16. At this stage, they have to go back. Maybe in the end a little Western Whiteness has rubbed off onto these African expatriates, and they can help bring Africa out of the shithole it is.
    They got themselves in a real pickle with all that victim status thing, they let themselves become slaves of the marxist government plantation, willing useful dupes, everything is not their fault, can’t for a second accept any blame for any actions, their cognitive sense of time & unintended consequences will bite them on the arse no matter where they go. Time for this race grow up or get gone where they are in good company.

    • Agreed!

      They can either learn to straighten themselves out and fly right or face the consequences.

      Francis Porretto wrote this a while back as saw where this was all going.

      Two Doors

      PDF download file and other formats of the story here:

      This will NOT end well….not that it could as its played out.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • The probable reality is only a relative few will repatriate to their legacy homelands. Its too easy living off the prosperity and protections of the very thing they whine piss and moan about.
        It is hard work to relocate to another country, put down roots, deal with the shithole basis of totally corrupt political class running Africa than stick with the corrupt gerrymandering of the political class here in the US who use them, and them us to live what is really a life with no responsibilities because everything as a race they do is justified by the race card.

  17. Must be a really really small percentage. .0000001%.

  18. Blaxit to Budapest? Lol.

  19. Funny, Budapest is in Hungary, in Europe.

    Niggers can’t geography.

    • They’d tell you that. “Gea gafy be racisss!”

      You CAN’T fix stupid!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  20. There is an old joke about a negroe going back to Africa; end with, “here’s a quarter.”

  21. wendystringer48088

    It may be a racist thing to say, but some would say that the 10.7 million black Africans being taken out of Arica on slave ships and brought to North America, although not not a pleasant experience for the slaves (to say the least) made for a much better life for their African-American descendants than they would have experienced on the African continent.

    Though if they want to go back…

    • Randolph Scott

      And I would say bullshit to the 10.7 million Africans taken as slaves. first… look at the fucking boats they used to bring the slaves to America. Using that transportation method they would still be bringing that 10.7 million to America today.

      • James W. King

        Of the nearly 11 million slaves brought from Africa only about 500,000 were brought to North America. 1 million went to Cuba and 4 million to Brazil. The rest to European possessions like the Barbados etc.

        From 1440 to 1870 there were 54,200 ship voyages to and from Africa for slaves. The Muslims have always been slave traders. The ones brought to
        North and South America and the Islands were brought by Spain, Portugal, England, France, and the Dutch
        When America got involved the colonies later states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York were the slave traders. The 1st slave ship in America “The Desire” was fitted out in Marblehead Massachusetts in 1637 and that colony was the 1st to legalize slavery by statute in 1641.
        No slave ship ever flew the flag of any Southern colony or state or the Confederate flag. A lot of the ships flew the U.S. flag

        • The African slave trade was almost entirely a Jewish operation.

          • And moslem run too…

            Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
            Northgunner III

          • James W. King

            You are correct that the slave trade was primarily a Jewish business. I have all the facts and information but it is far too much to post here.

            Here are a few paragraphs from a long article naming names and dates that prove that the slave business was primarily operated by Jews.

            An authentic, contemporary report, based on authority, indicates that of 128 Slave ships, for instance, unloaded in Charleston, within one year, their “Cargo,” 120 of these were undersigned by Jews from Newport and Charleston by their own name. About the rest of them, one can surmise, although they were entered as Boston (1), Norfolk (2), and Baltimore (4), their real owners were similarly the Jewish slave dealers from Newport and Charleston.

            One is able to assess the Jewish share in the entire dealings of the Newport, if one considers the undertaking of a lone Jew, the Portuguese, Aaron Lopez, who plays an important part in the over-all story of the Jews and Slavery.

            Concerning the entire commerce of the Colonies, and the later State of Rhode Island, (which included Newport) bills of lading, concessions, receipts, and port clearances carried the signature name of the Jew Aaron Lopez. This all took place during the years 1726 to 1774. He had therefore more than 50% of all dealings under his personal control for almost fifty years. Aside from that there were other ships which he owned, but sailed under other names.

            Aaron Lopez and his family arrived in Newport around 1750 from New York via Lisbon, Portugal. Lopez arrived in the new world as a member of a “Marrano” family with the Christian name of “Don Duarte Lopez.” Lopez immediately dropped his Christian name and took the Hebrew name of Aaron and submitted to ritual circumcision. Within twenty years, Lopez owned or had interests in over 80 sailing vessels. Lopez was also one of the original founders and contributors of Touro Synagogue and by the end of his life was recognized as one of the “Merchant Princes” of early America. His merchant trading interests included rum, molasses, dry goods and African slaves.
            When one considers that the Jews of Newport owned about 300 slave-transporting ships, active without interruption, docking at Newport-Africa, Charleston, (or Virginia), one can approximate the tremendous earnings which made their way to Jew ship owners. Indeed, the Jews admit, that of the 600 ships, leaving Newport harbor into all the world, “at least half of them” went their way to Africa, and we know what these ships going to Africa “were seeking.”
            If anyone wants the complete long article documenting that the slave trade was primarily a Jewish business contact me I will e-mail it to you.
            James King

    • Walter Williams makes that very point … that for him, and millions of other blacks … Slavery was like winning life’s lottery.

      Instead of being born into affluence in the USA, he would have been condemned to a life of squalor in Africa.

      His opinion was not well-received when he voiced it a job-interview, for a position at some University.

  22. Those shit stains will be back before long. Ain’t nothing free over their. The real jungle bunnies are a lot tougher then the average American porch monkeys are.

    The concept of blacks back to,Africa, Mexicans back to their countries fascinates me.

    End of the day, nothing changes. DCInc, still runs the show, still manages to screw the pooch.


  23. oldanddecrepit

    More. Faster.

  24. To hope-perchance to dream…….could it be? That after having black “emancipation” shoved down our throats since about 1856, we will now be free of all the slave “repatriations”? You know, let unqualified Blacks into colleges, send them free money (welfare) every month, provide free healthcare for them & their 20 multi-daddy kids? Will the yoke of fairness finally be removed in a back~to~my~hut movement?
    This is a joke, right?


    To paraphrase Oliver Cromwell: “…you have sat(lived) here far too long. Depart from here and let us be done with you. In the Name of God, go.” While you may get a handful of the “educated” negroes to subscribe to this untenable fantasy, the vast majority of negro tax termites and college hoop-shooters and not going to forsake white money, white infrastructure and white p***y to return to their roots. This will die on the vine.

  26. “You might not have electricity, but you won’t get killed by the police either.”
    -Muhammida el-Muhajir

    What a deluded fool!! She’s obviously not heard about the black on black state sponsored murders and worse…nor would she believe it.

    Hope that she learns about the ‘cultural enrichment’ that al-jizzshit’s sponsors are famous for…slavery, rape jihad, pussy mutilation and being beheaded by inbred child molesters who coyote howl allah akbar during it.

    It’s what she and her ilk signed up for…even if it wasn’t listed in the brochure.

    You CAN’T fix stupid..but they can self-deport…

    Sat islam and it’s enablers and supporters!
    Sat moslems!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • The first questions that Muhammida el-Muhajir and her fellow blaxshits will be asked are:
      Who’s your Headman?
      What tribe are you of?

      They’ll fail because they can’t answer either.
      To the native africans, blacks from America or Europe are seen (and treated) as “black white men”.

      This will NOT end well for her or the rest of them there…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  27. “You hear stories about the richest black people, like Oprah Winfrey, getting shut out of a store”

    That’s because she is an asshole, not because she’s black.

    To me there is something to be said for living with your own kind, even if I am not really a “white nationalist”, or not very much anyway. So, I hope blaxit folks do well. No snarky comments will be coming from me, about them.

    • lastmanstanding

      She’s just a token…and boy would I love to say that to her fat ass.

      All the money in the world and can’t control the size of it. Fucking pathetic.

      • “…She’s just a token…and boy would I love to say that to her fat ass..”

        Count me in on that Brother!!

        You can add Whoopi (cushion) Fartberg to that list too!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • You should consider becoming “really a white nationalist” because that’s the only hope Western Civilization has.

      I was not always one to put echo parentheses around names either. But at some point you realize your treatment of everyone on an individual basis is not being reciprocated, and is in fact becoming a fatal weakness in the face of foreign collectives.

      • That is ever more apparent, and was always the heavily camouflaged and denied case any way.

  28. James W. King

    Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s Sept. 18, 1858 speech specifically stated he was opposed to racial intermarriage:
    “I will say, then, that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races: that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of _____, (blacks) nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will for ever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

  29. James W. King

    On August 14, 1862 Abraham Lincoln told a delegation of free black Americans, “There is an unwillingness on the part of our people (Northern whites) for you free colored people to remain with us. It is better for us both, therefore, to be separated.”
    Whereupon, Lincoln ordered hundreds of free Northern blacks shipped down to poverty-stricken Haiti, after requesting and receiving the money from the U.S. Congress to deport free black Americans to foreign countries.
    Abraham Lincoln was the most racist U.S. President ever. “Free State” meant “free of blacks and Indians” and abolition meant abolish blacks from America.
    Abe Lincoln was a tyrant,despot, and dictator that caused and allowed tremendous atrocities to be committed against the South.
    BUT he had the right idea about blacks. He was a member of a colonization society originally started by Henry Clay that wanted to send all the blacks to Africa, South America, or Haiti.

  30. James W. King

    “I am not in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office… I am not in favor of Negro citizenship.”
    — Abraham Lincoln
    But after he was assassinated that is exactly what the Radical Republicans did.

    • probably not taught in public school anymore (if indeed they teach anything). lincoln said in his october ’54 speech that his gut reaction was to relocate the slaves to liberia, although he knew it would take a lot of boats running round the clock to do that. same thing they say now about relocating illegal immigrants from south of the boarder back to the other side. would take a lot of buses and trucks to move 40 million people. takes a lot of effort sometimes, to do what you know is the right thing in the long run. just think of government investments in greyhound as improvements to infrastructure. hope the govt shutdown last till the fall election cycle. hard to campaign on a bad platform while it’s in everyone’s face.

  31. Bets on how long it’d be before she’s some moslem’s slave concubine?…

    She mentioned that she was good in track…guess she’ll get to see how fast she can really run when it counts for something really important…or given her name, she’ll readily submit as one of ‘mo’s’ believers (even though no arab would ever accept her as a fellow moslem).

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  32. We wuz kangz!
    I have been encouraging this as much as I can on social media. The idea needs to be spread. In fact it may even need to be really actively done by a stealth online ad campaign.
    “Live like a king ,in the land of your fathers!”

  33. Full circle.
    Local,Local,Local.It has always been about family,clan,tribe,neighborhood,town,village. The Doodahs and Mombacks don’t seem to mind living in squalor and crime.When a few enlightened brothers choose to break out of the cycle of violence,slovenly behavior and crime, they are ostracized and ridiculed by the nigger. The black man vs the nigger is not a new concept.The nigger is the largest looming threat to the black man.They do not share virtues which many “normal” people take for granted. Whitey is not the primary threat.
    The answer is segregation.Integration does not work when there is no common goal shared by all parties.The swirly is nearing the bottom of the vortex.Velocity is increasing.These centripetal forces are responding to stimuli.Create your own stimuli on a local level.When enough squared away locals respond in mass, the dialectic will change.Until that occurs continue living and loving life. You don’t have enough ammo.

    • Deep down, they are all niggers, even Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

      They all need to be transported until there’s no niggers on the North American continent.

      • “Deep down, they are all niggers, even Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.”

        On that statement Pat you just mentally shot your own balls off where I’m concerned.

        Where men like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell are concerned, I respect them for their intelligence, achievements and dedication to personal responsibility and honor. The same goes for Dr. Ben Carson, the world famous neurosurgeon.

        Now let me pose a question directly to you. If you had a loved one who had just suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident, and Dr. Carson was the ONLY neurosurgeon available in the hospital that you went to, and immediate treatment was critically necessary, would you allow Dr. Carson to save your loved one or would you forsake your loved one to an untimely death merely on the basis of his skin color and your overriding dogma/ego?

        You don’t need to answer here…but I do ask that you consider such things before making such blanket judgements.

        Yes the South WILL rise again but will it be a beacon of Liberty or a shithole of unimaginable tyranny?

        Thats up to folks like you.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  34. Randolph Scott

    All lllll Aboarrrrrrd. Next stop the African paradise.

  35. James W. King

    Of the nearly 11 million slaves brought from Africa only about 500,000 were brought to North America. 1 million went to Cuba and 4 million to Brazil. The rest to European possessions like the Barbados etc.

    From 1440 to 1870 there were 54,200 ship voyages to and from Africa for slaves. The Muslims have always been slave traders. The ones brought to
    North and South America and the Islands were brought by Spain, Portugal, England, France, and the Dutch
    When America got involved the colonies later states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New York were the slave traders. The 1st slave ship in America “The Desire” was fitted out in Marblehead Massachusetts in 1637 and that colony was the 1st to legalize slavery by statute in 1641.
    No slave ship ever flew the flag of any Southern colony or state or the Confederate flag. A lot of the ships flew the U.S. flag

  36. WTF is the gofundme for tickets?
    And take 1.2T with you? 1.2T in deficit spending, maybe. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

  37. Freeillinois

    The American Dream; A liberal Democrat Swimming to the pit of hell with an illegal under each arm.
    Whats the old saying “Reparations with Repatriation”

  38. I’d say they have to pay an exit fee in the form of taking at least a dozen ghetto boys with them and agree to never, ever come back. But there aren’t any white folks to carjack or collect EBT from in West Africa.

  39. Two thoughts.

    First, can we trade some of these for the white SA farmers in the video below, and, second, is there some way to make sure these Blaxiteers can’t come back?

    PS: Budapest? Since when is that a “black homeland”?

  40. wealthy farmer

    Dang-she is some SWEET lookin’ chocolate! I’m glad she’s happier over in d’afrique, sorry for the pervasive racism. 😦
    This is such a great idea, how about MEXIT, MUSLEXIT, FILIPEXIT…..

  41. All I saw, lacking, is one critical point. They should be required to renounce their American citizenship upon departure. No reason to make it easier for them to return when they discover how few white folk are there to protect them from machete attacks and “necklacing”. Get gone, STAY gone.
    Seriously, do these parasitic fucks honestly believe leaving America is a threat to us?!

  42. Bye…bye… now…

  43. “Dang-she is some SWEET lookin’ chocolate!”

    Eh, she’s not a bad looker.
    My taste in chocolate runs more to Azizi Johari
    and my taste in vanilla is for Marilyn Lange (they were featured in the same 1974 Playboy issue).

    Definitely had a lot of teenage fantasies of being the whip cream dispenser between those two delectable scoops of ice cream, let me tell ya!

    Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder…and I would have loved to beholden the both of them!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III


    Donchu be runnin’ off to no afreeka – we whities jus’ can’ stand even de thought!

    We be needin’ yous rite cher to be servin us and whatnot.


  45. “In America AFRICA every man one is free
    To take care of his home and his family
    You’ll be as happy as a monkey in a monkey tree
    You’re all gonna be an
    American African

  46. Honey no one’s stopping ya!
    Granted you won’t have to set foot in ‘de dark continent’ to leave because as soon as you walk out the door of your ‘crib’ here and walk down the street, that funky assed hoopajoop mandala you’re sporting around your neck will attract the attention of the closest Arcturian Reptilian crewed ufo overhead and they’ll be beaming your juicyfruit ass aboard before they head back home with you kept in their alien ‘crib’ for the alien ‘brothas’ enjoyment….

    Once you go alien…you ain’t coming back…


    Because every alien knows that black earth girls ‘be easy’!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • wendystringer48088

      She is a beautiful black woman To be fair however she has some help from Western technology and makeup to enhance her best features.
      Doing a Google image search I think it is from this photo entitled “African Beauty”
      african beauty
      And then someone added the captions using a Meme generator website.
      Bet the photographer and model hate that. But that is what happens when your iage is out there.
      I just did one of this photo as an example: