Bovard: Destroying, suppressing evidence is FBI standard procedure

Never forget.

The FBI exists to serve itself.


14 responses to “Bovard: Destroying, suppressing evidence is FBI standard procedure

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    There’s a building in my town that houses the Post Office. Among other things, it also houses local branches of the FBI and IRS 🙂 Target rich environment, that single building is.

  2. Which proves criminal conspiracy, as someone didn’t just decide o their own to delete the specific text messages from precisely the persons of interest; someone had to suggest it be done, and someone had to carry it out.

    Hence, they’re all crooks.

    Until someone comes forward with the heads of the guilty on poles, literally, they’re all guilty.

    Plan accordingly.

    • “…they’re all guilty.”
      Whether 10% have screwed things up for everyone else or some inverse number, the informal SOP of “Don’t Embarrass the Bureau” – “DEB” has become laughable. Now, their cute little badges don’t amount to squat.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Demographics are destiny.

  5. Nothing. Will. Happen.

  6. Badger is correct.

    They don’t call them “fibbies” for nothing. See “Black Mass” for an understanding of how things really work. Zip Connelly was unavailable for comment (’cause he took the fall).

    That pic is mayor Ray Flynn of Bostonstrongtown along with Billy Bulger.

  7. They have reached a stage where surviving the collapse of illusion of legitimacy becomes all consuming. Everything is geared towards that end.
    They long ago stopped being employees of the electorate and fundamentally transformed into a secret society of organized treason.
    Imagine the spread of that state of mind of treason. It became a free for all where you can get away with anything.
    Leadership starts at the top and shit rolls down hill.

    The question becomes how can you be sure you get everyone of the motherfuckers?

  8. Just another day, in DC Inc.


  9. Every Senator and Representative, every Federal prosecutor and judge, even the President is guilty of collusion and high crimes if the FBI isn’t purged from top to bottom or disbanded entirely. It is a criminal organization acting outside of constitutional restraints.
    Shut it down.

  10. Nooooo! Now I just don’t want to believe that!