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How’s that local associate/alliance-building going as well?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. On the local associate/alliance building thing right now, it’s in a weird stage. There are hundreds of fence sitters here, who don’t have the funds for either bunker building( kind of weird idea, except for the nuke/tornado thing) or bug out location, and stock of stuff. Definitely a lot of fear, and they’re in semi-panic mode about what to do. You try and approach them to talk about prepping and what not, and they act like a scalded dog. The thing I’ve figured is they’re afraid Big Brother will get mad at them if they take steps. So a lot of them will go that direction come Sportiness, natch. They’ll expect Big Bro to save and feed them, and they’ll gladly turn on anyone not in the program. Faced with their freedom, they clamor for their chains.


      Sean: They will also SNITCH for Big Bro to get their share of the MRE’s and bottled water.

    • Yes, there are those folks. They’re making their own beds, let them sleep in them.

      Identifying them and making dossiers on them is vitally important. Get busy.

      Do not allow them a pass.

  3. im in the same boat as sean. just as soon put most everyone around me down. theys like theys chains.

  4. Freeillinois

    Preparing may be the only thing that saves us as a people, especially if its along the lines of a 5-10 program. Sadly Most people where I live have gone back to sleep.

    Several years ago I printed out multiple copies of the 2011 LDS preparedness manuals and passed them out for free. I didn’t do it to promote a religion but to share information to help people prepare since the manual is a good Free online source for preparing, especially for beginners.

    I have always believed the reason the Founding Fathers wanted a citizen militia was based on logistics. By having private individuals supplying themselves with their own small arms and other supplies it allowed for a rapid deployment of people and/or it allowed the common man a chance to survive in times of strife.

    Its better to buy what you need now than to do without later!

    • Just a suggestion get out of that parasitic life sucking state and maybe just maybe you will find people that believe like you do… Probably too hard though huh…

    • “I have always believed the reason the Founding Fathers wanted a citizen militia was based on logistics. By having private individuals supplying themselves with their own small arms and other supplies it allowed for a rapid deployment of people and/or it allowed the common man a chance to survive in times of strife.”

      That was based on the circumstances of the agrarian life of the times…

      Jefferson said that a nation would be strong, and free, if 80% of its citizens were farmers/related, living upon their own land, who were, therefore, self sufficient, independent and ill disposed to centralized authority and manipulation. (That is all paraphrased from memory. I can’t find the original. If anyone can supply the actual, my thanks.)

      Unfortunately, as we are all too well aware, that is now very far from the case…

      The following is not aimed at you, personally, FreeIllinois, but addressed generally to the peanut gallery:

      The alternatives have been discussed ad tedium. We will have to implement the best of them, somehow.
      My suggestion is to FIND COMMON GROUND in the INTEREST of INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, and stop the pecking order dick estimates bullshit as to who has the mostest rightest answer/formula/ideology/paradigm prognostication.

      Turn down the fucking egonoise and concentrate on your/OUR survival!!!

      No better place to start than between your own ears, not someone else’s.

  5. HA.

    the peepul who are have jobs, families, mortgages, debt, etc… will not speak out or act out- PERIOD. they’re too cowardly and cuckolded to take any chances putting their cheesy little lives in jeopardy.


    • Is that Earnest T. Bass?

    • Ha indeed. And not a single notch was carved in tfaggots gunbutt this or any other day. Now, tfaggot, tell us all a little more about your imaginary surplus of courage. 🙂

      • face it. unless you carry no debt and you’re independently wealthy, you’re a slave.


        you won’t do shit as long as you need your J.O.B.

        • I rarely agree with Tfat, but his point here has validity.

          Debt is an unforgiving, harsh mistress.


    • “….the peepul who are have jobs, families,”

      Because…. Love and responsibilities.

      Of which you have absolutely none, the “glorious freedumb” of which you crow will gnaw your isolated, lonely, bitter soul to death, eventually.

  6. What do you mean, you still need to buy bullets.? UN fucking sat!


    • Dirk,
      You seem to have forgot rule #1: You can NEVER have too much ammo.

      I routinely ADD to my stash.

      Grey Ghost

      • I was trying to be funny. I to continue to stockpile aswell. If the ballon went up today, I’ve got between 40/70 k combined, my stocks are loading supplies, these days.

        Gray, I’m a lot of things, but my Family are Well prepared.


        • I have almost 10,000 rounds for various calibers and I know All that ammo could be depleted after one engagement.

          One time in Baghdad, another platoon fired 10,000 rounds in 20 minutes.

  7. The question I have posed since about 2007 or 08 is: fast roll out or slow (like in Venezuela)? No telling really but each presents its own set of problems with varying potential solutions. Me? Would rather see a quick collapse and deal with it – at least the initial ‘die off’ would solve many future problems. Of course, if we (the USA) goes belly up, the resent of the world as we know it will also probably go …….

  8. Dick Summers

    I’ve been thinking of a similar graphic, lots of cartridges, maybe in a circular pattern and with a tag line like “Celebrate Diversity” or “My Strength is in Diversity”. Just to rub it in. Would be great on a T shirt.

  9. Have moved on from trying to recruit those folks and am concentrating on rounding out preps with our existing group. Not that I don’t encourage and offer help, but it is to those who first show some interest, are vetted to best of ability and still want to prepare. Time is short imho, just sayin’…..

  10. The Walkin' Dude

    I am a grey man. I wouldn’t dare reveal myself to my local peers. When the time comes, that means no loose ends that can unravel everything. My mission isn’t to survive, though, when that time comes.

  11. Buy lots of ammo today, every day.
    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    Gathering allies is fun, but not something to rely on.
    Come the Day Of Sportiness, those who haven’t self-selected to be on your team, have self-selected to be on their own.
    Once again, no victims, just volunteers.

  12. When actually implementing the BLOAT principle, I recommend you check with:

    They have been my go to source for several years.

    (I have no financial interest, aside from sending them a non-trivial amount of money over time, as they sent back a commensurate non-trivial amount of ammo. A mutually beneficial arrangement.)

    Keep your powder dry, and keep stacking it deep,

    Atlas Shrug

  13. Bloat,I really like that term/phrase.Like I always said,can you see the ceiling in your closet/safe,you don’t have enuff ammo!Will your bumper not hit the ground you load all your ammo in a truck,you don’t have enuff ammo!There are many more phrases like that but those me two favorites.I do understand how some may feel better at moment about country but hope for the best while planning for the worst,best of luck to all of us.