Save For Future Use

You know you’ll need it.

11 responses to “Save For Future Use

  1. If I have learned any thing from leftists, it’s that they always accuse others of what they’re actually doing themselves.

    • With collectivists it’s a given that they’ll always do that.

      They’re also the first ones to psychologically project their own faults and ill will and desire to hurt people on everyone else.

      As for the book, well there’s always the need for emergency tp or fire starting material.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Why would you say that? We’re not being defensive; YOU’RE being defensive!
      – Leftists


  3. Wait, wait, wait. I thought we were fascists and neo-nazis.

  4. Outstanding video explanation of the Russia/Russian deep state conspiracy.
    The Clintons and all involved are facing serious criminal indictments unless they kill a lot of people.
    This guy is candid and forthright. Not to mention visibly reigning in his anger and disgust. He puts all the ducks in a row.

    “Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova outlines the majority of the events behind the unlawful surveillance of Donald Trump and each of the participating members within the FBI and DOJ corruption…”

  5. the Jews’ hatred of Putin’s Russia is boundless; they hate White Russia even more than they hate White ‘Murka. On the one hand,

    Russia sloughed off Judeo-communism. On the other,

    Russia refuses to submit to open-borders Judeo-globalization.

    • Right. They just absorbed millions of muzzies directly, by annexing all the ‘stans over the years right into multicultural Mother Russia.


  6. Conspirators. Rope. Scaffold.
    Assembly required.

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