The Eternal Question

At least where demonstrations are planned…

Via Twitter.

11 responses to “The Eternal Question

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  2. Beware of those authoritah types who Crisco not light poles, but their own.

  3. Crisco nyet, pig fat, da.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Why would anyone grease a light pole???

  6. Film of the Viking fans being pelted with cans,bottles,batteries,cups of piss and physical harm.Philadelphia,”City of brotherly love.” Clogged toilet.I spent ten years in NYC area working on a billion dollar project.Business required trips to Philadelphia. In the 80’s,large portions were a no-go zone without a hogs leg. Business partners and contacts in the Mainline/Villanova region have all re-located.I doubt it has gotten better.
    How about those Eagles!

  7. Crisco is a poor choice anyways. Its only benefit is that it’s biodegradable.
    But if you mean business, you want some serious axle grease.

    It also works on border fence, to keep people from climbing back over to lead another group north, too.
    I’ve heard.