Finally, The Truth Comes Out: Whitey Did It

Paul Kersey explains about “Wakanda”.


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  1. We.

  2. Africa is still a shithole, Disney Studios as a life force died when animation moved to Japan, and this film should be called Wanker’s Wally.

    • European American

      Disney Studios died when Walt died and the Zionist Jews methodically took over the reins of his company and infected America’s once sacred and cherished realm of innocence, and the wonderful world of color. Walt was very aware of who wanted to rule Hollywood at the time and he fought them, that’s why the Vampires pounced when he died.

      • Mouseshwitz HQ is still trying to figure out why The Princess and the Frog flopped at the height of Barackomania.

        Call me when they open Disneyland-Zimbabwe, and nobody white comes back from the Jungle Cruise.

        Your first tip-off of inherent cultural inferiority is that none of your languages have ever been produced in written form, and no one can count to numbers past the number of their fingers and toes.
        In case huts made of straw and dung weren’t a more obvious giveaway.

        It’s called “pre-literate” for a reason.

      • lastmanstanding

        Word. For control of the children.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Man–over the years I sure am getting tired of this utter nonsense. Every decade or so we have the Negros seizing on some new revelation of their alleged superiority merely to support their non-existent or flagging self-pride.

    I’ve gotten a dose of “Black Power,” the Kwanzaa, and especially the “we wuz kings” drivel. Where has all this promo and sales pitch gotten you? Still are slaughtering your babies in utero and slaughtering each other wholesale in the inner-city dung-heaps you inhabit.

    Guess what? You cannot have nor build upon something you never had! RACISS, to be sure!

    Please, spare me the details of this recent “Second (or Third or Fourth, ad nauseum, Coming.”

  4. Try this one. It is alongside the old one about evolution. If Blacks are so smart and innovative, why in the hundreds of years since they’ve been in the West have they allowed themselves to be hamstrung by islam and whitey, and not developed this super civilization in Africa, along with the great natural resources there? Answer: It’s a lot of wishful thinking and bullshit. Like those flying negroes around the pyramids. Drive down what used to be Grand Avenue in St. Louis on a bright and sunny day (forget at night), take company to film it, then go home and watch. There’s your fantastic black civilization. They moved in, whitey moved out, they fucked it up. St. Louis cannot pay it’s bills, it reaches perpetually towards the suburbs where whitey went, to try and get some money from them, to help this black utopia. The Army Reserves still trains a lot of its people to use back-hoes to tear down burned houses and drug houses there. They don’t get re-built. Whitey did it alright. He turned them loose.

  5. Fly, Fly, Super Fly! Blacula, blaxploitation, if there is a market; then more “power” to them.

  6. A question I enjoy posing to the cosmic whites in my wife’s circle is “When all the deplorables like me are dead or otherwise eliminated, and people such as yourself are the only white people remaining, do you think your brothers and sisters of color are going to give you hugs? Or 2 behind the ear?”

  7. I am reminded of the (English?) academic in the early days of Whitey’s invasion of pristine Mother Africa. He was studying a tribe of “kangs” whose number system went all the way up to 3, which was followed by “many.” It’s hard to believe that a “civilization” with such advanced mathematics was on its way to the stars. It’s a safe bet that given sufficient time they would never invent calculus or fractal theory, but yup Whitey destroyed a scientifically advanced culture. Maybe they would have added balustrades to their wattle-and-daub huts.

    • Yes. But now Whites write dictionaries for Non-White languages, and in the process actually create words for concepts the original language simply didn’t have. It’s unbearable to them that People are unequal. So they remedy the situation (they think) without admitting that’s what they are doing.

  8. The Big Club

    this is pure fantasy and my bet is it bombs bigtime at the b o

    • For Real.

      My Ancestors are actually Heroes, Explorers, and Inventors.

      Africa can’t even feed themselves using modern tech.

      Tractors, fertilizer, planting, harvesting, and irrigation methods are fool proof.

      There is only one real flaw.

    • ….and then racist deplorables will get the blame for said bombing at the b o

  9. A race, that never even invented the Wheel…
    …to this day still has to squat in the feces dust, in front of his mud hut, protecting his meat, his wife and his personal #Shithole every day.

    Free shit niggers, after 54 years of well free shit, can’t get a clue the only “white priviledge” which exists is the “white” slave holders who are the “white” rich progs who created the government slave plantation for useful idiots like you, to use your nigger ass as a straw-man, your own race sold you out to get rich off your stupidity, kept you dumped down and satiated with free everything, until the time your final use is as cannon fodder in a manufactured class/race war.

    Its called divide and conquer.

  10. I’ll be staying far, far away from any theater running this drivel.

    • The hive dwellers, however, will eat it up. And your local school district will probably require all students to view it on a field trip.

  11. What’s 13% of $100mil?

    • thesouthwasrght

      That’s assuming 100% of blacks go to the theatre to pay to see it. Which they won’t. Lol

      As stated above, this thing will be a MOAB.

  12. Real photographs show what Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis and Chicago were before blacks destroyed them…

    First world, White American cities.

    • I restore houses in Baltimore.
      I also Demolish stuff in Baltimore.

      The levels of basic upkeep and neglect in Black Neighborhoods is staggering.

  13. This is the perfect time and place to say something about the future. Its hard to put in the exact words what I want to say here on WRSA.

    I believe as a matter of fact, no matter what goes down, in the final equation there is an entire flyover country who will completely blow everyones minds. Because it will rise up at the appropriate time and place and set things straight.
    There are millions of American’s like me who will be a part of a show of force who are going to decide in a confluence of solidarity originating out of a preference cascade. It will like I mentioned arise as a plurality of people who have had all they are willing to take of this race bullshit, the elites arrogance, the cultural marxists corruption of everything, and the fucking secret government of the corporate/crony Amerikan Nomenklaturer and their minions in the spy/intelligence permanent state.

    Whats going to be the last straw is if these scumbags who are still trying to pull off a counter coup on the peaceful legitimate color revolution on November 8th 2016, walk scott free. It will be the final event which proves beyond a shadow of doubt the lawless anarchy of the elites is indeed a indisputable act of lawlessness.
    That the only rule is there are no longer any rules, only threat of and use of violence as a means of power is the modus operandi, that Habeas Corpus no longer has any bearing on what was at a point long ago our government. Representative Government.
    Of course we all have some inkling of that truth in way or another.
    What I’m saying, unless your a total moron Boomer or Normie who has total normalcy bias, or box of rocks idiot stupid useful dupe, the only representative form of government which exists is a police state which represents only the special interests of its leadership and rank & file.

    Maybe I’m being too fancy with the words. While everyone I know personally, family friends, co-workers, everyone in the sphere of my life, and from everything I hear in their sphere’s, and so on, are very positive about how MAGA is working out. And that is predicated on the possibility, the distinct possibility, the elites or what ever the fuck you call the clowns and scumbags running things, are very capable, and seen as such, as going postal on the America we know as something good to each of us in our own individual way regardless the elites intentions and actions to steal or wreck everything including that perception of what is good and proper.

    And too many of us that is all the sonofabitches are good for. Everything they touch turns to shit, they make #Shitholes out of every country they meddle in, as they have meddled in ours.

    One day here, it will come out of seeming nowheres, a truly black swan, one guy is going to be standing there minding his own business, and it will be this epiphany, and this dude is going to say fuck this shit. I’m not putting up with this fucking crap no more. It will happen there’s this confluence of thought and perception, and it begins to grow, it increases on a logarithmic scale, has this energy all its own, and a nation wide dirt people revolt takes form, it becomes a plurality with a bone in its teeth that has the almost impossible collective epiphany it is a plurality which will not be denied.

    And all this bullshit, all the fabricated useful narratives as a means, the political power that herds and trespasses on peoples primal rights, individualism, self determinism, it all is seen for what it all is.
    Fucking lies.
    The withdrawal of consent for this socio/political manipulative social engineering crap is suddenly irrelevance writ huge.

    Every erg of political power across this land instantly is worthless. That “social Contract”, poof gone like a fart in a mitten in a hurricane. The police state, one and all will see it for exactly what it is, they are no longer relevant, their power only the power to physically hurt, that there aren’t enough of them to stop us.

    Its coming. If they don’t fucking stop this deep state/police state bullshit, prosecute these criminals and traitors, there will not be a government, America will cease to be their instrument of centralism and tyranny eating out the happiness of the people, its gonna be on like Donkey Kong.

    Its in the wind. That cold creeping anger. Us dirt people are the kind who once pushed past all tolerance, and our tolerance is like no other, become the most lethal determined relentless foe imaginable. We go from one extreme of tolerance and turning the other cheek, to indomitable warriors. just because it is the last thing most of us want.
    They only thing we ask for is to be left alone to pursue our humble ways of life in our humble homes and have the kind of happiness that smiles from our content souls.
    Take that away, and you free such men of their rational honorable inhibitions to wage vengeance. Just because we ain’t firing our muskets with unrestrained exuberance against our antagonists has no bearing on our courage and perseverance. It should be warning of what we are capable of doing to our enemies. Test us to our limits. There then are no limits for us but for the Grace of God we go.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

    • That plurality will require planning, finance and logistics to be sustained beyond its first whiff of grapeshot.

      • Wrong.
        The collapse of the oligarchy will happen so fast it will stun you. You miss the whole thing buddy. Because it will be grass roots, it is self sustaining, its not about logistics to supply boolits & beans, its about legitimacy of dirt people, because it is a grass roots thing support is built in, as spontaneous solidarity.
        So large a part of this country has no idea of the motive power, what can be accomplished, what provincial and moral support is. Most of all it is the mandarins outside this demographic, they have no idea people are capable of great things they deem impossible.

        Your despair and discontent plays right into the underlying purpose of the narratives used against us, your being used as a sucker, your unwillingness to look outside your point of view blinds you, it is a poison, you do our enemies a service with your doubts it can’t happen.
        And don’t parse words with me making excuses or attacking me. Its cheap.
        Resistance, withdrawing consent is never futile. It is the most powerful weapon ever devised. When it comes to fighting these scum, resistance and defiance is the most legitimate thing imaginable.

  14. Time was, in the past, when I would have spent the coin to see this, but with BLM and the demonization of my race and sex, I’ll pass.

  15. Ooga booga Wakanda!Boogabooga Kangs!Bunga bunga Bwanna!

  16. Google american inventors.Holy blue blazes fuck,Batman!

  17. hopefully, everyone lining up for “blaxit” has seen this movie and absolutely believe it to be the honest to god reality. everyone wants to live in a country rich with a thousand years of culture and tradition. a country of immeasurable riches. technologically extremely advanced. where everyone is healthy, wealthy and wise. equality for all in power and stature. and no crime.

    and so at the end of their first day in this enchanted land, we wish they had the cell coverage to send us the selfies of their facepalms when finally figure it out.

    “holy crap! you mean that was all just based on a comic book?”

    and somehow, it will still be all my fault.

  18. Waiting in Idaho

    Kunta Kinte go home.

  19. Mountain Cracker

    To quote Uncle Ruckus: “LOL…niggers.”


    This will probably bomb. I remember when the Josef Goebbels of “Black Cinema”, Spike Lee tried to get everyone to boycott Mel Gibson’s epic work: THE PATRIOT. How did that go for ya, Spike? Also, I believe he was quoted as saying anyone who did not see his Malcom X movie was racist.
    We dirt people will never know how much this film makes or loses. It will all be spun positively and the Weinstein clone-Hollywood controllers will still turn out super-hero drivel, X-Men drivel and other assorted politically correct propaganda for the dumbed-down sheeple. I do not do to movies.

    • How’s that working out for you overall, DtW?
      Just wondering.


        Point taken, Aesop. It was working out fine for me when I controlled the narrative. When I taught at the Christian School and tutored home-schooled kids, they read John Locke, Ayn Rand, Richard Maybury and studied from the ABEKA curriculum. That was when I lived in a rather conservative, patriotic SW corner of the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon.
        Up here in Rawles Land, it is a horse of a different color. Since I was reprimanded for referring to Mohammedans as Muzzies, while subbing at a local high school, and then canned for carrying concealed, it is now apparent that I am living in occupied territory. You may want to refer to my post today in response to the article on class and race.
        Since liberty ultimately starts between my ears, I have to first realize the nature of the immediate threat to my life and the welfare of my tribe. Then, I can figure out how to fight back. I think night letters, Pet Milk posters, and other minor monkeywrenching are the flavors of the month right now. And I still do not attend or rent movies. .

  21. One simple question:
    If dem kangs and kwangs was so fly, how’d dem dumb stupid ass crackas who couldn’t do shit by themselves overrun and steal all dat superior excellent black African space flying teknowlogee from all dem great kangs and kwangs?

  22. Louie Pheeters

    Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the Continent of Africa—rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrow-head worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail! He lives as his fathers lived—stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!
    T. Dixon

  23. In the real “Wakanda”, they eat albinos and rape babies because they think it cures AIDS……

  24. A thoroughly entertaining book – “Negros in Negroland”
    Published in the mid 1800s by an abolitionist, drawing on varied accounts from those who had been there – missionaries, business men, adventurers and so on.
    ALL the regrettable characteristics to be identified within that race are enumerated in the book – available as a scanned PDF from the wayback machine – get it while you can.

  25. Terry in Dayton,TN.

    Some get it, some don’t. Read the masthead again. “You are being replaced”. Ponder that a while, it’s a psyop to keep our minds off the bigger picture. TPTB don’t care at all about anyone but themselves.To them we are ants, to mindlessly do battle against each other. We are being played. We are amusement to them, that’s all… ‘Skynet’, ‘A I’, that’s our replacement. When it become operational, we will be decommissioned. Until then we shall play the game.

  26. “Whitey Did It”
    Well yes, of course. Just look around, nobody else is getting anything done and never has. Whitey’s done it all, and the best anyone else can do is piss and moan. That’s gratitude for ya. Off with their nutz!

  27. Wonder if any of them have wings?

    Somalia was such a shithole even the Italians improved it. Give whites bricks and you get cities. Give blacks cities and you get bricks.

    When blacks riot, cities burn. When white men run riot, continents burn. Find an old Japanese and ask him what a day with two sunrises looks like.

  28. thesouthwasrght

    Can we imagine them releasing a flick entitled “White Knight”, even if it had a phillippino lead actor?

  29. James W. King

    I encourage everyone on this forum to open the link. The Jews are fake jews. They are Russian Khazars who in the 700 AD era converted to Jews for financial gain. This article claims they are responsible for wars from the time of Napoleon to the present. This article refers to them as the Jewish Mafia. It claims they are responsible for the 9-11 World Trade Center destruction and they have “city buster nuclear bombs planted in many of Americas cities. They control all the worlds banks except a few countries.
    I would like to know the opinions of people on this forum after reading this article.

    • There is a group who incessantly peddle the hebes as the root of all evil.. The simplified concept intellectually and philosophically insults people who believe evil resides in all men. Yetzer hara,Satan,Jinn. Nephilim ,evil inclination,fallen angels,agha and bad ju-ju.No boundaries or limitations on evil.
      Hebes(5.7 million) 1.7% of the population of the USA.Based on 321 million total americans.
      The hebes control the world. 13.3 million jews, based on a worldwide population of 7.6 billion. Folks smarter than the other 7.587 billion lame spineless sheep are piloting this rock! We are hurtling through space at 67,000 miles an hour powered by jew warp drive. Bullshit! I don’t buy that fucking drivel.
      Question 1)How are you going to identify and remove all hebes from any position of control and responsibility?
      Question 2)Who is the charismatic, enlightened leader/group that will administer and orchestrate the final solution?
      Question 3)What will success look like?

    • Just spent the better part of an hour reading it.

      Long on claims and accusations but incredibly short on facts. In fact, there was no documentation for any of the statements or claims made.

      If one is going to make such statements, then one MUST back up such with incontrovertible proof in the form of actual documentation and factual evidence..otherwise such an article is nothing more than sensationalistic tabloid fare.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • James W. King

        “Northgunner | January 24, 2018 at 04:44 | Reply
        Just spent the better part of an hour reading it.

        Long on claims and accusations but incredibly short on facts. In fact, there was no documentation for any of the statements or claims made.

        If one is going to make such statements, then one MUST back up such with incontrovertible proof in the form of actual documentation and factual evidence..otherwise such an article is nothing more than sensationalistic tabloid fare.Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!Northgunner III ”

        Thanks for reading the article and posting your opinion.
        It seems beyond incredible that any group could control and accomplish what this article claims.
        James King

  30. Alfred E. Neuman

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  31. Not at all surprised that both disney and marvel have sunk neck deep into the pool of pc shitholia.

    Knowing how duped that their target audience is (inner city negros and their spineless white cosmic sjw cucks), they could have saved themselves a mountain of money and just stole the below video, re-labeled it and achieved the same brainwashing goal.

    Murdoch Murdoch – A Kangz Carol

    Heres a great red pill to enjoy as an antidote to such obvious politically correct sjw horseshit:

    Metamorphosis – Murdoch Murdoch

    Fuck marvel and disney!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  32. ‘Generation Zyklon Goes International’

    “…A Dutch kid with impeccable shitlord physiognomy trolled a news reporter in the field with the OK sign which, if you hadn’t known, is now the internationally recognized symbol of not hating your White heritage. (According to CNN sources, the OK sign is three fingers for the letter ‘W’ and the thumb and forefinger in a circle to make the letter ‘P’, giving us “W”hite “P”ower. I shit you not, I first heard this explanation from CNN.)…”

    as they say RTWT

  33. ‘wakanda’ the fictional negro utopia…
    Nah man, that shits not real…get ready to “take a wakanda real side”….
    Let the chimpouts begin!!

    Detroit City Council Chimpout

    Sheboon chimpout at McDonalds

    Chimpout at Pizza Pizza

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  34. Sad state when you have to bolster your people’s pride and self esteem with fantasy comic book characters…

  35. O-K!

    15 yers ago, I worked with a man who was already pretty ‘woke’ insofar as niggers are concerned.

    He told me that first thing in the morning he said “Nigger!” ten times as fast and loud as he could just because it was the truth and flew in the face of the lies of society.

    I was appalled at the time but no longer.

    In his honor then:

    nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger!