Aesop: This

On WMDs and their central importance in the Current Conflict.

Weapons of Mind Destruction.

Destroy people’s beliefs in the lies of their indoctrination.

Destroy their utility as cannon fodder for the Elites.

Hollywood gets it.

Do you?

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    I have never read so much truth in so little space.

    The right/FREEFOR/conservatives do not know how to push back effectively and in put the shuttle-cock of fear back into the laps of the “Radical Leftists” (please note that I do not call them “Democrats” or “Liberals” anymore–because this is part of seizing the language narrative back from the radical leftists).

    One opportunity comes to mind–a few years back, during the first term of the radical communist President, Obama… a group of individuals announced a 2nd Amendment open carry rally on the banks of the Potomac River, directly across from Washington DC. These guys huffed and puffed and promoted the shit out of this rally all through the “liberty movement” and conservative outlets at the time–and when push came to shove, only six individuals showed up.

    The rally was a monumental failure and ridicule point for the leftists.

    It was also the one of the greatest opportunities lost in defending and promoting 2nd Amendment rights this country has ever seen.

    The NRA completely ignored and in fact discouraged people from participating in this rally–and if they had done a 180 degree level of support if would have been the greatest publicity victory in the history of defending gun rights… let me explain.

    Imagine if a million or so (even several hundred thousand) open carrying individuals had shown up to this rally–directly across the river from Washington DC (District Of Corruption). Imagine if this rally has lasted a couple of days and nights–with 2nd Amendment supporters literally beating drums of discontent around bonfires on the Potomac River.

    This would have sent shock-waves through the minds of the leftists nut-jobs, because they would know there and then that there would be nothing stopping 2nd Amendment types from showing up anywhere at any time and using possible force to defend their rights.

    But noooooooooooo!

    This rally was “too radical”
    It was tooooo provocative!
    2nd Amendment supporters should send in checks and by shit from the NRA and let their suits do all the heavy lifting on this subject.

    This is just one example on how the pooch was screwed and a golden opportunity of big win was lost big time.

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  3. Largely agree. Skipped DC as it looked like a bloodbath invite. Went to CT at the capitol though and solidified my position on the kill list.

    Agree that the “kinetics stalemate” has been achieved for now. Also agree that the war for the space between ears has been like the Ardennes for freefor thus far.

    • Wish I had known you were there. Handshakes matter, plus you get to boost each other’s “domestic terrorist kill target” score just by doing so.

      Worst part of DC was as we were doing a walkthrough the day before w the community affairs sergeant of the USPP, my lawyer said, “Pete, keep your hands in the open and be cool.”

      He could see behind me that a bunch of marked cop cars had pulled up and the cops were scrambling to their trunks to get their rifles (a few of our guys had them slung).

      As I turned in the direction my lawyer was describing, I saw the USPP sergeant with her badge out in front of her charging the deploying coppers at a full gallop screaming “They’re with me! They’re with me!”.

      She was a complete professional. Absolute and complete both days during both the planning and execution phases.

      Everyone who was there shook her hand.

      Unlike a lot of cops, she took all the handshakes, too.

      Fun times.

  4. Harry Balzac

    Shinmen, I tend to agree and remember the thing as you do.
    But always remember, gun things with people you don’t know or have any experience with are always a hazard[Dead SEALs at the range]. Always told family/friends that when the guns come out better to get out if you don’t know ’em/haven’t shot with ’em before-and even then-better to put the guns up. Seen/heard too many negligent discharges, including a great white hunter who hit himself twice with the same shot, right leg left hand or vice versa, can’t remember-it was 40 years ago. We never could figure that one out. Remember that DEA guy that shot himself in the foot[hehe], that could’ve easily hit some kids head. It was a roomful of kids/students right? Was he prosecuted, disciplined? One of us, jail time…
    Back to your point, one gayfag homo dipshit in a hoodie poppin’ firecrackers thrown in that overnight crowd will have even disciplined guns doin’ who knows what. Odds that 1,000 RandomFudds[TM] are disciplined shooters? Priceless…Big gain for us becomes bigger loss for us. They’ve(whoever they are) already gamed this out, they didn’t get it from me. If one of these things gets that serious or possibly successful they(whoever they are)[TM] will plant it up.
    Every time some drugged up overweight or skinny white kid shoots up a school or church, whether it did or did not happen, anywhere in the US, we lose. Black guy shoots up a Texas church, well….you know….
    NRA, meh….nothing from me since the 70’s, but the sticker was in the back window of the garage Camaro ’til the nineties. Lotta mileage outta that $28USD.
    Y’all already thought all of this way before I did.
    Ca, thanks for the forum, best on the web right behind the Woodpile… and ZeroHedge…and…well

  5. Harry Balzac

    Mr. Takezo, didn’t mean to be argumentative or disrespectful. Just an alternate line of thought.
    I would also like to see this thing successful, it’s gonna take a lot.

  6. “Destroy people’s beliefs in the lies of their indoctrination.
    Destroy their utility as cannon fodder for the Elites.”

    This has been discussed many times before to varying degrees. It is the kind of thing you can do everyday with those you come in contact with – especially reinforcing with those young’uns close to you. Every. Day. It is possible that other people can be your force-multiplier.

  7. Fear and loathing comes with time. And repetition to infinity.

    Start simple, with ridicule.
    Helpfully, the other side left ridiculous in the rearview mirror decades ago, so that part is easy for us.

    And no one yet has ever been injured with a negligently-posted screed or meme, unless we want to count paper cuts.

    Why not have a few thousand gold stickers printed up an inch and a half in diameter that say “Certified Dumbass” or “100% Pure Bullshit”.
    Take a sheet with you when you visit the bookstore, or local newspaper rack.
    Let your imagination be your guide as you’re looking at the fake news headlines, or seeing the latest published hardcover twaddle and codswallop from The Usual Suspects.

    Print up any of CA’s “Banzai!” offerings as letter-sized posters. Put them up on bus benches and shelters, or anywhere else handbills are regularly deposited.
    Especially near the local high school: teenagers are a ready-made pro-subversive audience, and they’ll post that stuff on Facespace and Twiddler without even thinking about it.

    Try posting something like this everywhere within two blocks of the local CNN HQ:

    Reality broke Kathy Griffin and made her cry; make the whole Leftard world your Kathy Griffin bitch du jour.

    Imagine, for example, a bumper sticker that looked like this:

    Except the ones you had made (far away from home, and bought with cash) substituted “police brutality” and/or “killer cops” for “domestic violence”, with the exact same color and graphics scheme.
    How many days, d’ya think, before your version was noticed on top of the original after you were tying your shoes behind that marked black-and-white’s bumper? How much would pics of them on po-po vehicles be worth, when they go internet-viral?
    Or hit the local TV news?

    Remember these masterpieces?:

    And on the internet, they’ll live forever.

    You really want to re-fight the Revolution, or the Civil War?
    They both started with handbills, thoughtful screeds with incredible grammar that’d make millenials weep and logic that would melt iron, political cartoons, and withering satire, all about as subtle as a brick through a window.

    Beat the hell out of that idea, until the Left can’t run far enough or hide deep enough to get away from the ridicule.

    All I’m saying, is give free speech a chance.

  8. I open carried a rifle (loaded) in Atlanta and Temple, TX, watched by mostly cops and their minions, and with my disabilities, had things gotten sporty, I would have been toast. Missed DC because of my health. I’ll go again, health permitting, don’t much give a fuck about my survivability. I did a little trick in Atlanta to carry loaded, but with a flag in my chamber to look “clear”. I do what I can now, and harangue the youth every chance I get. I’m known in the circles I move in as the guy who says “nigger”, and “fucking communist motherfucker”, and that’s just too damn bad. I also remember trooping around in those places with CA and a guy who was dying of cancer, knew it, and drove all night and day to get there anyway. I still got a whoop or two in me yet. Ah loves fucking with leftists, their tears taste so good. Vandeboegh was not a saint. But he was a man.

  9. – world’s best easy meme maker. Load an image, apply text, lots of fun “stickers” of political and media figures included

    The best way to learn to meme is to observe skilled memers. Follow creators via social media. Another good approach is to share content with good memers and get their feedback. I engage with a number of these folks on Gab, where campaigns are run and coordinated for Twitter and the other big sites

    Additionally, A/B testing is extremely useful for identifying what works. Coordinating meme campaigns with others is the best way of getting them out there and seeing what works for different populations. I just started running coordinated campaigns with people and it’s both fun and interesting to see them spread

    Finally, tagging folks who led you to a site or article is not only a great way to develop a network for campaigns, but also to get more people to see them and boost the signal

  10. “I hear that laurel canyon is full of famous stars, I hate ’em worse than lepers, we should kill ’em in their cars”… A long long time ago 1972-ish, before he went full retard batshit leftist, Neil Young had figured out what’s required….. Ask me, his plan still holds merit….

  11. outlawpatriot

    Probably should take a tour of Facebook. All that ability? On display. Everyday. 🙂

    • The former Google-guy who is Fakebook’s current Marketing Mgr is leaving to help the OPFOR with their 2020 challenges.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Notarealperson

    Read George Hayduke for ideas that don’t involve kinetic action.

    The CIA used to call them Grey Actions IMS.

  14. Alright. In the spirit of Aesop’s write-up, I’m inspired to get on the wagon. But I have to make a confession….I can’t figure out how to most a meme here. I’m sure it isn’t hard. Maybe somebody could show me?

    I’ve got one I made a while back that I throw round whenever the subject of immigration comes up.

  15. Whatever it is that made this “universe” we live in, you aren’t communicating with it, you don’t know what it wants, and why should you necessarily give it what it wants anyway? Because it will torture you forever? All that’s just a myth government employees downloaded into you as children so you pay their salaries and obey their commands as an adult.