On “The Resistance”

“The Resistance”

To Whom Does The Resistance Answer?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. “To Whom Does The Resistance Answer?”

    God almighty.

  3. I see it the other way. The whining entitled brats claiming to be “the resistance” is worthy of reading the word out loud, much less owning it.

    It’s ridiculous for *us* to think of ourselves (Freefor / the remnant) as the “legitimate government” and viewing them like they are the Polish Underground.

    In fact, if the Trump era has demonstrated anything it is that winning an election (or even lots of them, including the Presidency) doesn’t mean you are running the government.

    The Deep State is the government, and therefore can’t also be the Resistance.

    It’s important for us, as the legitimate resistance, to keep our hard earned sense of alienation, dispossession, loathing of the state and hatred of the entire Leftist power structure intact.

    I note the author is a long-time US Military guy. In my experience they often remain particular tied to the oudated notion that it’s “our” government. (With many obvious exceptions among WRSA regulars, like Sgt. Barry & Bracken). Sadly, the US military has been run by the Deep State for so long it’s just impossible to think of them as anything except “the Empire’s Army”.


    • “On Aug 1,1944 they rose as a force and drove the Nazi’s out of central Warsaw. Fierce fighting continued, the allies of the Polish failed to come to their aid. The Russians sat across a river a few miles away and watched. ”

      The Soviet demobilization process. Much like the VC at Tet: Tell them to rise up, let your opposite number weaken its forces destroying them, then move in.