A bas l’hérésie égalitaire!

Democracy Dies In (Democratic) Darkness

I know!

I know!

Let’s do it harder and better!

With a different womyn!

Who’s brownish and everything!

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  1. When a problem shows itself, it should be dealt with quickly and with focus

  2. another obscure essay by some cuck who takes Trumpenthal’s tweetstorms seriously.

    [[[Trumpenthal]]] vs. the (((Deep State))):

  3. “The Left, as usual, brings anarchy. They have a particular variety they like which is sort of like anarchy with babysitters. They want police, military, and laws — lots of laws and regulations — to protect them from themselves and all the scary stuff in life.”

    Nope, not even close.

    What he’s describing here is statism, which whether it’s inflicted on people as dumb-ocracy, fascism, communism (same murderous shit, just different packaging and different ads with actors sporting different bad moustaches) or cult leader worship ala ‘Heaven’s Gate’, the bagwhan or the Moonies, it is damnably predictable in its desire to both strip the individual for anything of worth (ala the ‘Borg’) while also primed to destroy the individual as soon as the screed of ‘altruism’ demands it to protect the collective (especially if the individual wakes up and can ‘see’ ala “They Live”).

    anarchy as I and others live it are none of those things. It acknowledges that each individual owns themselves and that we live by and employ the Zero Aggression Principle, that we interact in a voluntary manner with others with truth and honor.

    Some would say that “without gov” there would be widespread theft, murder and chaos yet that is EXACTLY what people always get with “gov” because “gov” is nothing more than an engine that generates those things on purpose. Everything it ever touches ALWAYS turns to shit because it only functions via coercion and theft, never by voluntary interaction. It’s “laws” are nothing more than a thugs mouthed threats, whole without any legitimacy or morality no matter what finely attired narcissistic sociopaths penned it after doing their psudeo religious rituals together in a thieves den called a ‘legislature’ and the ‘holy blessing’ delivered by equally depraved group of cross,dressing sociopaths called “judges”.

    People still imagine that both of these parasites ‘work for them’ and can’t understand that the parasite class is casting them aside for new resources that are being shipped in round the clock.

    There are however a growing contingent that does ‘see’ and will not go quietly into the night.

    And the parasite class is seriously starting to have reoccurring nightmares.

    Anarchy/Voluntarism is definitely something that’s giving them nightmares..

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Spot on! If I ever get to meet you sir, lunch is on me.

      • I am glad that you enjoyed my thoughts expressed above sir, the honor and privilege to share them with you is humbly mine.

        If you’re ever in extreme Western Arizona I will happily take you up on your offer.

        Again, many thanks and may you and yours enjoy the best of health and happiness.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • You know there is the honorable resistance political theory? I think a lot of us are heading that way, without knowing that it is a political theory, or that it is something with a tried and true history, other than a grass roots movement.

      William S. Lind has a great tale about it.
      ‘His Majesty’s Birthday’

      • Thank you for sharing that mtnforge. I just finished reading it and thoroughly enjoyed the story..made me wonder if Sir Thomas Moore would be seen there helping to adjudicate cases as a favor in respect to ‘Ol Scratch (remember the scene in the film, “A Man for All Seasons” where Sir Thomas declared to a younger in law, “and when you tore down the final law between you and the Devil and he turned to face you..how would you survive the whirlwind that would come?! No, I would give the Devil every benefit of the law, for my own safety, if not for his!”.

        Yes, except for the imps impertenence in asking the question that gored all of ‘Ol Scratch’s well laid plans, a daily practice of honorable resistance is exactly what is called for, for living by ignoring the parasite class’s directives and promulgated horseswill on a daily basis is not what they envisioned or even know how to process..they have no concept of how to function when they’re ignored and rendered impotent by cheerful if not outright humorous non-compliance.

        They can’t survive when the host says,

        • Continued from the above:

          They can’t survive when the host says, “Nope, don’t need you ticks and fleas!!”..shakes them loose then wanders off never to return.

          The parasite class have no idea how to function when people render them impotent by declaring them irrelevant and then go on to lead their lives successfully without them on a daily basis.

          Maybe that’s why the parasite class and it’s oligarchy hates the film “V for Vendetta” so much..especially the character Evie’s awakening and utter transformation into a honorable resistor.

          As her and V’s characters showed people, yes we can be murdered but they can NEVER take our Free Will!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  4. “Do you think zombies are as dumb as buffalo?”

  5. Well written, which is to say with the appropriate measure of upside-the-head sarcasm blended in. Thanks for sharing that here. Another stripper clip in the messaging ammo box.

  6. Sorry I reject the two party bullshit in all it’s forms. Republicants are just as guilty. This two party horse shit needs to stop. Yes the Dims are left of Lenin but the Repubes are standing right next to them. They climbed through the Overton window a long long time ago and have been remodeling the house with the Dems ever since. None of them represent me. Not one.

    Watch what happens with the “path to citizenship” for the DACA invaders. It’s coming. And you Trumptards should all celebrate MAMA on the day he signs it. Make America Mexican Again.

    No One 2020 cause No One Cares!

    Can Anything Stop the Good Times?

    • reality?


      What goes up, must come down. The Market is way over-valued and inflated. The correction will be unpleasant. Like the Talking Gremlin in GREMLINS II, I am advising my tribe to invest in canned goods and shotguns.

      • The stock market has NO logical reason for the current high state..it’s an utterly inflated false bubble fueled by rampant speculation and easy fed $$$/interest rates.

        Canned goods and shotguns and plenty of ammo yes!!

        Tulip bulbs and spinning idiot hand widgets – fuggedabout it and gettouttahere you jerk!!

        Read Maccaully to fully understand what’s happening here…

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  8. Media darling Kamala Harris(The Female Obama), who is slightly to the left of Angela Davis, represents the American future – One-Party Fascist Rule as it exists today in Kalifornia. Harris will finish the job started by Obama and expected to be finished by Hillary but interrupted by Trump.

    BTW, Harris rose to power the old-fashioned way – she f’ked her way to the top. Ask corrupt, former Kalifornia political powerhouse Willie Brown about it.

    • Willie played “hide the pickle” with his willy via Kamala the Carmel coated rotten harpy!?!?..

      Eeeeeeewwwww…gross beyond a sun blanched expanding dead heifer in a feedlot doesn’t even begin to cover it!!!

      Wonder if he turned up at the ‘free clinic’ with a case of penile botulinum enteritis from that bit of ‘dalliance’?….or termites?….

      Methinks she should have been holding the “My pussy is your worst nightmare!!” sign…

      Like common sense says…never stick it in crazy!!
      Or as Confucious say, “Hard up dope who flick his Bic in psycobitch receive volcanic shitstorn surprise!!!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  9. The communist are waging war on you. With the lawmakers. In the court. In the street. By importing solders. You are bitching in WRSA —and losing. You AR15. Your vote. Your military background. is useless if you won’t use it.

  10. wendystringer48088

    Saw this in the comments – found the blog post – too good not to share.
    I think this says it exactly…

    How a Civil War Happens
    By Daniel Greenfield

  11. Kamala Harris is literally a political prostitute. She jump started her career by becoming Willie Brown’s (then Kalifornia’s speaker of the house) live in girlfriend. She was a nobody lawyer in her mid twenties and Brown was in his mid 50’s. Willie got her a very high paying no show job and Willie was only accepting applications from girls sharing his bed. It violated all the strict nepotism laws Kalifornia once had.
    Kamala Harris literally fucked her way to the top. And you’ll notice she never cried “Me too”.

  12. Great read by Bret Stevens
    Awesome gif/graphic, where is it from?
    Who is the shrugger?

  13. Nigger tries to act out at a South Carolina car dealership. Oops, two armed men interdict him. Now he has a broken leg, cuts and contusions, and will stand trial.


  14. One hell of a piece by Brett Stevens. One of his best. Love the guys style. Takes a 20lb sledge to the marxists.
    And there’s Pizzagate waiting in the wings. The Clinton crime syndicate got to be sweating bullets that their international child abduction/sex/slave/snuff film ring will out at some point. Like she said:
    “If that bastard wins. we’re all going to hang from nooses! You better fix this shit”

    Like Steven’s says too, the whole dirty stinking foul construct the sonofabitches have sowed id beginning to implode. I keep waiting for that critical mass event where it really gets a head of steam and a cascade effect takes over and the whole thing goes into self perpetuating annihilation.
    There’s already a cascade preference spreading out from the Deplorable’s onto Normie land the fake media Twatter & Faceborg are helpless to control never mind stop.

    Adults like Brett Steven’s are almost at the point of taking power, the cucks are toast, another echo chamber thats burned the entire provincial flyover & Normie Nation right without fail and now burning its bridges.

    The inflection point is almost upon us. Relevance and Legitimacy of the entire political class is about to be destroyed. Already you can see signs they are now jockeying for positions of survival. How the so called centrists and non ideological actors in both houses are defying each parties power elites,. Its a big sucking vacuum of existential crisis of legitimacy the preference cascade of the dirt people has created exactly because it has nuked the motherfuckers with a 65 million political doomsday device called withdrawal of consent.

    There’s a couple of things we can’t loose sight of or ignore here, as always, as in the good old days of the pre-converged Boy Scouts always hammered into us in that day when it was an integral component of being a red blooded American boy, “Always Be prepared”.
    There’s a doomsday device in the form of the financial Ragnorak, and the marxists are still very very dangerous, they could pull a real dandy of trying to take everyone with them, what do we have to loose final act of ultimate resentment and loathing, and just have one of their FBI/CIA legbreakers put a 7.62mm hole in Trumps head, as a final gesture of world level destruction as is their innate want. If Pakistan implodes there’s a good chance musloids could get their meathooks on a nuclear device or two. And the Neo-Cons might see this opportunity to pull one of their spectacular cold war mongering stunts and it really backfires in all our faces. Russia & China just want that cesspool on the potomac to go away and leave them alone. If they see a strategic threat because they are very different governments than the old Soviet days, they might see a crippled political class thats earned a bit of payback for relentless fucking with them.
    The point is like always us dirt people don’t matter, us dirt people are at the bottom of all the food chains, political, economic, and cultural as far as the political/corporate whores are concerned, and its us who always end up having to set things right thru our history. There is no one else. Its always us dirt people who ever effect positive change unselfishly.
    To not be prepared is an act of Normie stupid gets you killed.
    If there has been anytime as dangerous? Not in my lifetime. Us dirt people aren’t out of the woods, which being dirt people, verses the nature of the dark side of humanity, when are we or ever been out of the woods?
    Its not gloom & doom, its being prepared is the true act of positive attitude and action. Look at all the woke up people, and how joining the Honorable Resistance is an admired way of life. Great things came from that beginning approximately 300 hundred years ago.
    It makes sense this all is just the next stage in that process of enlightenment. Our legacy on the path to Liberty by dirt people self determination.

  15. Also, that high yellow, Kamala Harris, is still a nigger to her core.

    Niggers are a different species than whites.

    • What you fail to acknowledge is niggers come in all colors all sizes and in both sexes.

  16. Let’s see if the “long knives” carry through. Give the right a sense of hope with the swamp draining. I won’t be satisfied until all these bastards are doing the perp walk, or hung, or shot. Then I will proclaim the swamp is drained. This is a very tall order for one man and hopefully he has the right people working with him. Unless this is just a ruse of hope, then we are truly screwed.
    There are two ways to unravel the Gordian Knot. I’d prefer Alexander’s way, but perhaps Trump has the right idea. I think perhaps the dark side is too smug and smart to feel the noose tightening. As one said: give them enough rope to hang themselves with.
    When the evidence in incontrovertible and overwhelming, then they have no other option than to please nolo contendre, res ipsa loquitor.
    Getting rid of Bannon was a great move (but why did he put him in, in the first place? smoke screen? Now he needs to ice his SIL)
    These damn rabbit holes are convoluted and run deep and intersect in so many ways. Like a hydra, cut off a head and two more grow in its place.
    I believe Trump is moving at the right pace….if this is his intention…..to clean house, and senate, and the rest of the .gov. Damn! at that rate we could get rid of most of the .gov and then get rid of all the dead-wood! About 90% of the .gov you think?
    He has pumped up the volume on our overseas military adventures, and not a peep from the media…..perhaps they approve. Perhaps this is only a temporary ploy to appease the MIC and the MSM?
    Once the garbage has been taken out and incinerated and buried, perhaps then, Trump may turn off our military escapades and protecting Israel and really turn on the steam to MAGA.
    A civil war at any point will be a disaster. Be careful what you wish for.

  17. I like how we’re asked to “fight the good fight. And fight to win” with no definition if how to “fight”.

    Is he recommending we fight by voting, which is doing the same thing as the last 100 years?

    Fight in the courts, which FedGov wins 95+% of the time?

    Fight in the media, where 6 (((tribal))) companies own 90+% of the media consumed by the masses?

    Or is he SIEGE posting?

    • Some people who frequent these posts and websites such as WRSA, know what type of “warfare” MIGHT occur. However, IMHO, I sincerely believe that the type of “fighting” that will take place will be hybrid and practically rewrite everything we have known, from the phalanx to the Napoleonic line, to guerilla, to G4 warfare. It will be first day at school boys and girls.
      As I have mentioned before, the permutations will take a calculus of their own. I can’t even begin to extract what is in my mind on how this might evolve, but I see a vague pattern that the OODA loop will be organic and fluid, tactics and strategy will be non-linear and multidimensional. Alliances will not be along any lines or groups we know of.
      I hope others may be able to get an idea into my mindset. I’m looking at a blank sheet of music and no idea how many instruments are involved.
      For one, I don’t think anyone….and it would be a fools venture, worthy of being pelted with rotten tomatoes……to pronounce how the next domestic or even global conflict will play out. (Enter Henry III, V, and Hamlet)
      I do not recall who said something to the effect that “……I don’t know how WWIII will be fought, but I can tell you that WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones….”
      I know what my “strategy” will be…… here, don’t eat all my popcorn, I’ll be right back.

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  19. ” In the American caste system, upper half of middle class Western European descended people were traditionally on top. We now see that they did a better job than the Irish, African, Mexican, Asian, Jewish, Greek, Italian, and Slavic immigrants who followed and elbowed their way to the top, as well.”

    The Old WASP aristocracy has failed over and over again. The Civil War where brother fought brother over negro slavery was the triumphant culmination of the First White Republic.

    It wasn’t a fluke, either. Look at the blonde Protestant super European Nations, they are competing to see who can import more third worlders faster. England, vs. France vs. Netherlands vs. Sweden.

    Meanwhile the WASP elite surrendered the commanding heights of our society to the most self-interested, and corrupt ethnic group available, the Jews.

    The word “cuck” perfectly describes our natural elite.

    Hahaha, that was really funny.

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