Greenfield: How A Civil War Happens

Or, if you prefer, the written version.

H/t to the WRSA commenter who suggested this piece.

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    One thing Greenfield doesn’t talk about is the idea of secession, whether its of the Heart & Mind, By way of individualism and self/determinism/sufficiency. or war.
    Like The honorable resistance. Every day more people decide yes it gonna get that bad, and they choose to wage war by personal example, where it all begins, with ourselves, the ground below our feet. The foundational truth of it begins with ourselves, how we reject the statist-quo, personally, by choosing to act, by not being afraid to stand on our own and never quit, is secession itself. And when enough people join the honorable resistance it at a certain point becomes a movement of people so natural and primal, nothing can defeat it.
    Thats the revolution that matters now. All the other revolutions except one, aren’t representative or indicative of what I’m trying to say. Sure there’s quantitative and qualitative similarities, but they stop at being examples.
    The other revolution, the most successful and unique in all of human history, what this second revolution flying below even Daniel Greenfield’s radar is about, is a legacy even the pure hate and envy weaponized by a world spanning crime syndicate and ideology could not crush, is coming. Its here, most just haven’t recognized it as such.
    Its The Honorable Resistance, its from a pedigree that created this nation, you can join it too. Membership begins with yourself. Like Liberty. It begins with each of us.

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  3. Trump’s Draft Amnesty: Unlimited, Forever, and Before a Wall Is

    As if it were ever going to be.
    And now a nation full of stupid mutts
    are mewling for him to read the FISA memo
    at the SOTU ‘speech’ on Tuesday.
    As if it would make a difference.
    As if the sack of jingoistic shit would.

  4. Another one, exhorting people to “fight the good fight” … without ever stating how that fight is to be prosecuted … and exactly who are the enemies of whom.

    There’s a million blogs out there, all spouting much the same thing. All equally meaningless, really.

    • It starts between the ears…really.

      Get your mind right. The ‘prosecuted’ part will present itself when it does…or, hopefully, doesn’t.

      If you get the ‘between your ears stuff right, ‘ then the enemy will be evident…and all around you…really.

      All the prepping in the world will be of little use if your mind is not right. Really

      • You sir, win a Cohiba cigar. I shall alight it for you with my last C note. A nice long drag and then with which to ignite the cordite.

    • Consider a civil war a four quadrant box:
      High Patriot Numbers, Defensive Play
      High Patriot Numbers, Offensive Play
      Low Patriot Numbers, Defensive Play
      Low Patriot Numbers, Offensive Play

      On Defense, Patriots would maintain status quo. On Offensive they may have a 50/50 chance of a lose with high numbers. With Low numbers Patriots should do nothing and cede ground. Three out of four quadrants Patriots should be able to manage the situation.

      What Greenfield points out is that the Opposition has gamed this as well and does not like the odds. That is why they play the political game under cover of respectability. My gut says that the biggest fear of the current FBI scandal is not the matter of the scandal itself, but the uncovering of how extensive the plot is against the citizenry.

      They do not want Nunes to become the second coming of McCarthy with the evidence to back up the claims.

    • Notarealperson

      Civil Wars begin long before the first shot is fired. The fact is as Greenfield has pointed out the Democrats declared war on the American people many years ago – go back the 60’s to be precise.

      The culture war, feminism, homosexuality were battles on fought in society except we didn’t notice or care. We lost all of them. Then came the take overs of academia and the judiciary. Again we didn’t notice or care.

      Now it’s about replacing us with a another people. Trump is of no help there as evidenced by his betrayal.

      In terms of strategy. Working the system outside of the local and maybe state level is useless.

      Then there are the Grey Actions/Agit prop proposed by Aesop and George Hayduke. They don’t rise to the level that brings the cops or Feds in but they can cost the Democrats a lot of money and time to correct and totally disrupt their operations. This should be our primary MO for now.

      Then there is direct action against the ruling and monied elites that is behind all of this. Leave this alone until the economy blows up and the police state is neck deep dealing with a 3rd world crime wave.

      • I see Mr. Greenfields essay as another exercise in mental masturbation of which liberal and leftist are so smug in their intelligence. Does this guy look like he has ever seen the elephant up close? Has he ever gotten his hands dirty? He doesn’t seem like the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-git-er-down type of guy.
        More warm fuzzy feel-good pulp. Just more academic drivel derived from questionable sources and synaptic function passing as intellect from a guy who seems to have never been out of country, let alone outside the wire.
        You want to know who the “enemy” is? Look around you. If someone is playing off key, they ain’t on your team. You may even find out you’re on your own after a while. Indeed…..”an army of one” that is so hooyaa, it gives me a tingle running up my leg.
        You will find that you will eventually have a very small team, provided no one has turned you in, in order to feed their starving child or medical attention.
        You are a militia, a guerilla, an insurgent, a saboteur, an irregular partisan “of one”. Begin an individual OODA and in time you may find others whose OODA is close to your own. What is the end-state you seek?
        Remember that all battle plans go to shit in the first five minutes.

        I am no expert. I just learn from observation. Just giving you shit to think about…..oh, wait…….curling events are on.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Who needs plans or organization? See, one day, some unspecified thing will happen that makes everyone realize that stuff just went too far, and they will all spontaneously rise up.

  5. wendystringer48088

    Thank you for posting the link to the video. It is a great video to go with the article.

  6. We no longer have a representative government. Wrap your mind around that and get moving. Time is short.

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    Excellent description of what is happening…

    • Good read. However, when I got to the part about Trump not being in the club I had to snort.

      Oh yeah, make no mistake about it, he’s IN the CLUB.

  8. Mountain Cracker

    I’ll pass, I don’t need the “help” or opinions of the very people that are architecting white genocide. Just another Jooo to me, you better believe in the wet-ass hour he’ll get in line with his ilk if it means he survives.

  9. Get a load if this SJW in cuck drag. He particularly has a hair across his vagina for everyone at WRSA, barely disguised as his so very humble concern and virtue for “race” relations, diversity, and lumps all the different kinds of patriotic beliefs and activity as white supremacy, and that is was such all along, we just didn’t know it.
    Mighty white of him.
    Maybe Aesop can do up one of his masterpiece rants on the guy.

    He also has a certain disdain for people who prepare, and because nothing has happened to justify our fanatical cries of wolf, for the constant value of always preparing, training, keeping our heads in the game, he misses the whole idea that preparing is exactly that, not some panacea where you are the chosen because you did so. Which is huge tell the guy is a fake, or really naive as any troll of SJW is.
    Really, its a masterpiece of bullshit, like “common sense gun laws”, really well constructed to disenchant and spread doubt, discontent, especially effective to the newly awoken who haven’t caught on to the culture and slang of the honorable resistance nor its constant state of evolution.

    His main complaint is because he views us here as disguised white nationalists, somehow we aren’t entitled to our opinions, the scrum, and our beliefs, but he is because he hasn’t lowered himself to the mouth breather level we occupy.
    But you got to read it because it is very instructional how SJW’s operate. No matter their disguise they do the same thing. Lie and double down. He even put Vox Day in the same basket of Deplorable’s which is a riot, because the guy is American Indian and don’t agree with the idea of the pure Ethno State. Which we all on WRSA are guilty of by association, and members of the secret society of white supremacy. He even gives us the benefit of the doubt its barely our fault we don’t know what a KKK member is or what the skin heads are about, we are confused. How sweet and caring. I was touched.
    He totally leaves out its ok to be white, to prefer and to discriminate for your own kind, and love your culture and its history. That somehow is the most sinister thing imaginable. A sure indication this is a work of propaganda by a crafty troll or agent provocateur. Even Detroit is more believable as who he claims he is his beliefs not withstanding. At least he is honest most of the time. And ain’t afraid of mixing it up. This nitwit don’t have the balls to put that whole comment on CA’s comment box and hit the send button.
    This nitwit wouldn’t last one post on WRSA of he did, so he did a drive by via another blog. I hope those guys over there aren’t the suckers and white trash stupid he thinks we are here. He probably got his ass handed to him when he tried to use his superior intellect on a WRSA post, and is all butt hurt.
    But what gives him away, he is afraid of the risk being directly offensive and taking his lumps. which a dead give away.
    Take a number of guys on here, we aren’t afraid to offend in order to make a point or bring up a different perspective. Thats the sure sign of someone being genuine, regardless of right or wrong, good or bad.
    My money is with anyone and everyone here. A great bunch who get into a good scrum, and don’t go away all pissed off butt hurt. he real thing is, mo matter our differences, its that we all can find the larger picture of solidarity, thats how we win. Just ask the Poles.

    Its a beaut. As CA says RTWT:

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Could be labeled ‘ Politics for Dummies’, the readers
    here already know this but will argue forever the reasons,
    causes and effects, implementation, damage and damage

  11. “but that doesn’t even begin to capture what it is”

    that’s right, (((Grunfeld))). It’s the

    (((Jews)))…who own Trump same as they own the (((Deep State))):

    Hilary Clinton e-mail to (((Lynn Rothschild))):

    “…how can I do penance…?”

  12. Activist bitches, Hillary’s friends.

  13. Patty O’furniture

    When an illegal has more political clout then you, an American citizen has…. you really need to take stock in what’s going on.

    When they say “fight”, they mean vote and try and convince lifelong marxists that they’re way of thinking is wrong…. oh yeah, and take them on range trips.

  14. That was an excellent place-marker of where we are at. I’m glad he called it like it is…a civil war. It is…The important thing is for more and more people to be “red pilled” to use that terminology. It is about consciousness raising. If we cant ouster the Professional Political class, then it will go hot. The Prog Left has pretty much used every hateful manner of speech and looked the other way as Antifa engages in violence….so, there is nowhere left for them to go but hot war.

    And if Trump and the GOP cave on DACA? It’s guaranteed warfare.

  15. Just finished reading daniel’s take on the subject and I agree with mtnforge’s assessment in that greenfield didn’t even deign to mention secession as a possible solution.

    Sorry daniel, I think I’ll stay with Chittum’s assessment of the situation regarding a ‘Civil War’.

    Aside from being as verbally wordy as ‘joex’, greenfield has shown to me that he’s still very much invested in the myth of “gov/authority” and very much still drinking it’s kool-aid. The following quote by him clinched it for me:

    “Freedom can only exist under a volunteer government. Because everyone is in charge. Power belongs to the people.”
    -daniel greenfield

    A “volunteer government” is by it’s very definition, a total oxymoron as “government” NEVER does anything by voluntary consent or voluntary doesn’t ask nicely or make polite suggestions..the parasite class doesn’t make a selection of “opt out” in its menu of choices – only awake individuals can do do by first mentally becoming aware of the indoctrinated slavery and choosing to mentally and then physically secede as much as possible from the parasite class’s ‘sheep pen’.
    Also Freedom and “gov” are by their very natures polar opposites and permanently inimical to each other..just as Freedom and slavery can never be considered exchangeable elements composed of the same item or derived from each other with equal inherent linked properties.

    Also when individuals choose to go about their daily lives operating and interacting with each other in a peaceful voluntary manner, that’s NOT “government”, nor is such peaceful interaction happening because of the myth of “government”…it’s happening because that’s how people ethically and morally choose to act with each other (yes, some individuals [about 4%] choose to act in a violent and pathological manner to others; to say that we however need a ‘ruling class’ that is intentionally and purposely composed of pathological narcissistic sociopaths with klepto tendencies as a ‘solution’ to dealing with the abreant 4% is utter insanity).

    The other indoctrinated bromide in daniel’s statement above is that ‘everyone’s in charge’ – this is a very cleverly crafted mental mirage and concocted lie that the parasite class employs to provide the illusion that those outside the parasite class oligarchy “have a say/have a control input” in the day to day running of things. This may exist only with a very thin veneer in only the most local of dealings (town and maybe county); it’s a total fabricated mirage beyond that level.

    This leads into the last indoctrinated lie, that “power belongs to the people”. The parasite class is quite happy to facilitate the mental anesthetics of “consent of the governed” and “power via voting” (hence ‘power to the people’) yet on any truly serious inspection with critical thinking, these mirages simultaneously evaporate back into nothingness. The true nature of the “power” possessed by the parasite class is nothing more than the power to commit murder, theft and slavery in the name of the parasite class without any meaningful repercussions, personal or otherwise (ask Daniel Shaver, Justine Damond, Lavoy Finicum or Jack Yantis how this works) and this is very jealously doled out to its enforcement minions.

    It doesn’t share power with anything not of it or its creation.
    Or to quote from L.O.T.R. –The Two Towers:
    “There is only ONE ‘Master of the Ring’ and He does not SHARE power!”.

    Rather than a ‘Civil War’ what we’re observing is the parasite class lashing out on itself in an a cannibalistic orgy of suicide…the ‘snake attempting to consume it’s own tail’.

    The hard part will be staying clear of it so as to not be crushed by it during its final death spasms.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • it’s happening because that’s how people ethically and morally choose to act with each other (yes, some individuals [about 4%] choose to act in a violent and pathological manner to others;
      You might want to check your math Brother or did you just forget that 20% of the world are Moslems…
      I would say you have it backwards and 4% of the population would act decent without any laws… Also my guessing is based on reality looking at how many places without rule of law are shitholes compared with how many countries that have that rule of law that are prosperous…Do I agree that this government is out of control and needs reined in Hell Yes but to say that we don’t need any rule of law and everything will be peachy or better than what we have right now is laughable…I hope your well Brother and maybe one of these days I will make it down to AZ to have a cup of Joe…

      • “You might want to check your math Brother or did you just forget that 20% of the world are Moslems…”

        Nope didn’t forget the death cult child raping mohhamedean inbred goatfuckers that drink camel piss as a curitave.

        And that ‘billion and a half’ moslems due to demographics will rise far above 20% just like the shithole africans except for one critical thing they overlooked.

        Food, or to be exact it’s upcoming critical shortage.

        Breeding out of all control is one thing, feeding them is quite another…
        I think there’s going to be a very massive die off that hits both the moslems and the africans with a total fury as neither have the capability or intelligence to produce high protein food that they’ll require in greater and greater amount..let alone the clean drinking water they’ll need.

        Nor am I required to do ANYTHING TO help them in either regard as by their actions and cult belief they’ve identified themselves as my mortal enemies.

        Let them eat haitian mud pies and drink from open sewers – fuck them all!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  16. Steady as she goes….

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  17. I forget who not long ago said we are already in a low intensity civil war. Bam.

  18. By the opening credits being read at the beginning of the video, it sounds like an “Israel First” rally, including clapping “cowboy”………….LOL! “Tea Party” , thats your first give away of who they are……… sad, bye America.

  19. “When [liberals are] taking back the country, it’s always for professional government. It’s never for the people.

    When conservatives fight to take back the country, it’s for the people. It’s for volunteer government the way that the Founding Fathers wanted it to be.”

    What a joke. Who are these “conservatives” and what have they conserved? Political groups NEVER do anything “for the people.” They do it for the perceived benefit to their own leadership. See EVERY SINGLE THING THE GOVERNMENT HAS EVER DONE.

    Whatever the outcome, those left at the end will be governed. The question is whether they will be tread upon lightly, or by a boot stamping on a human face.

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